Tired of all these posts. Expectations were way too high coming into this season. We were below 0.500 from 2017-2020 and I see last year as more of an anomaly then anything. If we’re still bad in 2024, that’s where I’ll be concerned


LOL. You would have loved the late Bonds / post Bonds years. Now batting cleanup…Bengie Molina


Hey, those nights where Benji got a break and Pablo was catching... 🤣


That never happened lol, it was like Eli whiteside or hector Sanchez or something. The post bonds pain years were like the Rowand and zito signings




Okay you’re right, he had like 15 games as catcher, must have selectively erased those games lol


I had to look it up myself to make sure it wasn't some strange hallucination.


Those years after Nen but before Brian Willson. Someone on the old sfgiants forum had the username Purges4Herges and that’s what those years were.


i named my dog Bengie after him, people always wonder why i spell it like that


We won 3 World Series last decade. I know sports is very much what have you done for me lately, but some of us never thought it would happen once. We are nowhere close to those franchises.


It could be decades before we see our guys win again. But we saw them win THREE times. As fans we are set for life honestly


Thank you. That’s how I feel.


Agree wholeheartedly. A lot of people don't realize that we are still living with the hangover of those championship years. Sabean emptied the farm system, held it upside down and shook everything out of its pockets, so we could win those championships. I can't be too angry at him because it brought us a dynasty. The farm system is just coming out of it now, and it's going to take time to build up it up again. Patience is the key for Giants fans for a few years. That's what Farhan is doing, his mission isn't about winning right now, his mission is to put us in a place to be successful in three or four years.


We've won the most WS this millennia, yet people are somehow so done this season. I'm excited to see what comes of this season--even if it's just September callups and offseason signings--and the one after that, and after that, etc. A baseball team is an ever-evolving thing, and all aspects of it are exciting and interesting even if there are some duds along the way.


well said


You haven’t been a Giants fan very long I see.


“Oh you sweet, sweet child of summer.” - everyone to OP


In the 20 years that followed the departure of Barry Bonds , the Pittsburgh Pirates finished every season under .500. From 1992 to 2012, consistently mediocre to bad squads. So yeah, it could be worse.


But they would still sweep the Giants at the most in opportune time


I like to think Crawford got back at the Pirates for all those years in one swing :)


but any decent player who played a part in the sweep would be a Yankee the following season...


Lol.... the Giants have never had more than 5 losing seasons in a row. Ever. In history. You will never know what it's like to be a fan of those other teams.


Counting this season, 5 out of our last 6 seasons were losing seasons That’s pretty bad by any measure


True. However, as far as winning records go: The Pirates have 4 in the Last 20, the Rockies have 5 in 20 and the Marlins have 6 winning seasons in their entire franchise history.


Wow the Marlins’ conversion rate of winning seasons to championships is truly astounding.


Lol…seriously dude. 3 titles in the past ~10 years and One year after a playoff run and you feel like the Marlins, pirates and Rockies…get outta here man


People would chew off their left pinkie for a title in the last decade, let alone 3. It’s one thing I think fans constantly forget. That’s not to say we shouldn’t expect better, but it’s all about perspective


kings fan here, trust me it’s better to give up hope lmaoo


I have more hope in the Kings rn than the Giants lol


At least the Giants have championships. I remember thinking during 2010-2014 “We’re living in a golden age of the Giants right now. We’re going to look back and think ‘Man, those were the good ol’ days’” With the Kings, I’m looking back over 20 years and they don’t even have a championship to show for it.


Uhh didn’t kings beat the rangers for a cup 2013-2014?


I assume he means the Sacramento Kings who own the record for most consecutive losing seasons in NBA history. The Los Angeles Kings had two Stanley Cup championships in three years, defeating the Devils in 2012 and the Rangers in 2014.


What? 2013 sucked ass. 2000 fuckin' 17 sucked ass. You're delusional.


First time?


This is what it feels like to be a *Giants* fan. 2010ers don't know the struggle.


This 100%. We’re back to normal now


I’m 38. I’ve been watching since I was, 8? They’ve had a lot of bad years. The team got old this year after playing well beyond expectations. It’ll happen, at least football is back


I’m sorry. Fucking deal with it. The Giants eventually need to enter a rebuilding timeframe. We don’t have the money to be the dodgers and so we have to be mid to shit for a bit while we build our farm team. Last year was a fluke, enjoy the wins when we get then and take the Ls with pride.


We may not have the money to be the Dodgers but we have the money to be the Padres. Honestly after the Dodgers and Yankees, we have just as much money as any other franchise. The Mets may be an outlier right now with Cohen but we should be #4/5/6 with the Red Sox and the Cubs


Aren’t the padres losing money?


This guy fucks


Honestly feels like 2007/2008. Next wave of prospects are “due” 2023. Hopefully add 1-2 free agents and next year should be more interesting. 2008 was actually fun because Lincecum. 2009 was a new hope. Hopefully the young guns can bring a similar energy. I just don’t even care to watch any of the Giants players currently. Even if I have 2-3 guys who are interesting I can watch. Don’t let the boring team occupy all your thoughts imo. Go do something else, I am, and a lot happier for it.


could be worse. we could have had the best record in the MLB at the AllStar break and then have an epically bad 2nd half and limp into a WC spot


Get this stupid shit off my sub


did these people start last year or something? edit: reminder that its easy to root for big perennial teams like dodgers, yankees, lakers. takes a real fan to weather the storm of the bad years.


You have to wonder sometimes. The last three years under Bochy were horrific, the early 1990s were so bad the owner tried to sell the team so it could be moved to Florida, 2005-2009 was another dumpster fire. This season really stinks, but there are some awfully theatrical takes being posted too.


It’s the whiplash.


No its not.


Yes it is.


tell me you’re a spoiled brat without telling me you’re a spoiled brat


Tell me you have nothing to contribute to society without telling me you have nothing to contribute to society


It’s gonna be okay bud


Come on. We have a long way to go before feeling like Pirates fans


This doesn’t hurt as bad as 1989, 1993, 1994, 1997, 2000, 2002, and last year for that matter (no way that was a check swing)! Having a bad year like this one doesn’t hurt as much as being so good that they almost taste glory before it gets ripped away by some outside force like Loma Prieta with the Bash Brothers, the Rally Monkey, or the Fighting Jim Leylands (with three future Giants). The Giants will recover because there is no way to go but up and they’re still better than the 12 other teams record-wise and have a burgeoning farm system. This just isn’t the year.


Can we ban these posts?


Oh brother.


The giants worst years are the years I learned the most about baseball (even though this year isn’t even that bad) Also as kruk and kuip say, something new happened every time you watch a game. Winning isn’t the only way to enjoy the game!


One bad year every now and then is not what fans of the Pirates or Rockies go through. Those franchises would be thrilled to have the last 20-30 years the Giants have had. We will take this year on the chin, learn from it and get better.


Last year set our expectations too high. I've been through some rough patches as a Giants fan in the mid- to late 70s.


I’m new to baseball but just under .500 and you’re crying about it? I’m pretty sure it could be much worse.


People on this sub are reactionary as fuck. We literally had bad seasons between World Series years. A bad year is nothing. We aren’t even that bad. Some fans are just spoiled or they are bandwagoners from last year.


The problem is that we've seen so much better. So yeah, we're spoiled. We know what's possible, so when you see everything fall to pieces, it gets upsetting. OTOH mournthewolf is right: during the dynasty years 2010-2014, we didn't even go to the playoffs in the odd years. So even years: win the World Series. Odd years: couldn't even get to the postseason. Ultimately things will turn around, but it's disturbing to see the team fall this hard.


You must not have been watching during the fred lewis days :-)


I would kill for Fred Lewis to be on this team. Didn’t he hit for the cycle?


Yeah - he was part of the early 2010 team also but I think he got traded


Pirates fan here. Quit it.


lmfao try ten straight years of this and then get back to me


I’m a Sacramento kings fan, 16 straight year sweetheart…💁🏼‍♀️


Then how the hell are you complaining about the Giants???


I mean being in the same division as the dodgers and padres and being this bad is not fun to watch. Especially after how good last season was. I understand there will be bad years, but I didn’t see this coming


21 in a certain PNW city


Yeah it's the same with the Sharks right now also. The Sharks had a really good run for years and years but with no championship to show from it and only one Finals appearance. I've been very lucky to have watched three Giants world series championship wins in my lifetime. Some of my most cherished memories are from those playoff runs and World series wins. #SFGiantsforever!


It's not depressing exactly. There are still moments where something cool happens. This is not like the early 00s was as a Warriors fan. Also the teams in the division are all really good while the Warriors only really had the Lakers (and Kings for a bit.)


Well I’m a kings fan too, so I know you warriors/ giants are still riding high, but not me


I think people are dumping on Farhan way too much. I think last year was a fluke, with all these old guys (who are now playing like…old guys) having record years. I’d point to the team losing its heart and soul in Posey as the big factor that’s causing this hard-to-watch season. Two wildly different years don’t tell us anything about what he’s doing. How many years did the Astros lose 100 games, even with Altuve on the team? Not that we are tanking like they did, but I bring up the point to illustrate that it takes time. If we’re playing like this 2-3 years from now, sure. But I think those raising their pitchforks were spoiled by last years once-in-a-franchise season. I trust Farhan, but I know it’ll take some time. It’s baseball. Things move slowly. This is no different.


It’s actually even harder and less Farhans problem because he isn’t allowed to tank. Ownership wants him to still compete through rebuild years. He’s doing what he can and doing a great job considering.


It’s ONE bad season don’t be a little bitch


It's not the record, IMO. To me it's the notion that the front office seems to be OK with mediocrity and that a team that's easily in the top 10 in MLB revenues isn't willing to spend like it. I can easily accept a bad team if there seems to be a purpose. Either blow it all up and tank for a couple years, or start spending on some quality FAs. The Giants braintrust is doing neither. It feels like 2019 all over again.


The difference is that in 2019, we had two-to-three years before we would be out from the large contracts for Posey, Belt, Crawford, Cueto, Longoria, Samardzija, all while having a piss poor farm. If you had a crystal ball in 2019 and said the 2022 Giants had improved their minor league system, were largely untethered to big salaries for veterans, and floating around .500 for most of the season — you probably would be feeling pretty good about their direction. I get that it’s disappointing to go from 107 wins to this, but they chose to ride the fountain of youth wave one more time without sacrificing their long term goals or payroll flexibility. When they start producing more talent from the minors in the next year or two, their spending on marquee talent will almost certainly increase in tandem. Plus, ticket sales are down and this ownership has thrown money at the roster many times since moving to 24 Willie Mays Plaza. If the 2024-25 rosters look like 2022, then we’ve got a fundamental problem with how this front office is constructing their team.


Thank you for having some common sense. The team has an unbelievable 107 win season, the front office logically tries to replicate that, it doesn't work, and everyone goes "hurr durr front office bad". If our roster still looks this old in a couple years, THAT's when to start complaining.


I think if the roster looks this old next year you have the right to start complaining. I get this year but if there is no progress seen next year and the roster still has the same boring make-up, I think the fans have a right to complain and there probably would be some changes in the front office (prob not Farhan but below him).


Were you not around for 2017-2019?


Dude blacked out from 2014 and just woke up. I blacked out in 2014, don’t hate on my guy


This year is fine. Many many years prior that were worse.


You have no idea. The Pirates for example have an owner that isn't remotely interested in winning. The Rockies and Marlins have sorry ass jerseys, almost no history, and can't get anyone to their park. Also, it's baseball. There are always going to be disappointing years. There is still plenty to be happy about with this team


Imagine Cubs fans enduring a drought that lasted for 108 years. This is bad, but it could be way worse, like 2017 worse.


Fair enough. That said, I think many Cubs fans can die happy now since the 108 year drought ended. If the Giants emerge with a great plan in 2-3 years, I will eat my words and admit I was wrong. But right now (like in 2019 when they were in a similar situation -- marginally in playoff contention before swooning in August and September) it just feels like this front office is OK with a mediocre team held together by a bunch of veteran journeymen and the occasional non-spectacular youth. This team is easily in the top 10 for revenues but spends like they are in the bottom half.


By that same logic, Giants fans can die extremely happy with 3 titles in 5 years.


> This team is easily in the top 10 for revenues but spends like they are in the bottom half. If they're still not spending when the farm is delivering and the aging vets are all gone, that will be different. But this year wasn't the time to throw money around. You don't put thousand-dollar wheels on a car that won't start, first you fix the motor.


This year is what last year was supposed to be. I’m just annoyed they ddin’t move rodon at the deadline… is what it is now..


We've sucked for a while minus last year wtf LOL. It was always expected that we wouldn't have a good roster for another year or two.


Rockies fan here. You’ll be fine. You won 100 games last year. Rockies have 5 playoff appearances in 29 years and we only have made it out of the first round once.


Not even close. In the past 20 years the Pirates have had a better winning percentage than the 2022 Giants in just six seasons (and that includes that 3 year stretch where they were actually good). Our current winning percentage is higher than both the Rockies and Marlins franchise rates which means this would be an above average season in those years. Also none of those franchises have ever had a payroll as high as the 2022 Giants


It’s probably gonna take a few seasons, all in for Luciano baby let’s go


More like a Rays fan without the winning.


Sorry but no, we’ve had a pretty decent past 2 decades. Other teams would be thrilled to have what we’ve had. This year everything that could have gone wrong just did.


tbh I saw this coming, it's not depressing when you just dont watch. dont keep hopes up for next season either unlesss......... hot take: tank 4 judge.


Andy KH Liu said it best. those three rings dont count for bragging or being calm anymore. it's as pointless as dumbass yankee fans that go 27 rings bro. yankees suck lets go mets. Aaron judge get so upset with getting swept in the playoffs that he considers leaving and someone blackmails the FO into getting him.


And not only this year. We've dug ourselves into a deep deep rut by being so cheap and holding onto all these old guys. We're never going to land the big fish if we can't show those guys we will 1) pay the stud 2) make a worthwhile trade 3) surround said stud with valuable hitters so that they actually want to come and know we can be a winning team. Farhan really fucked this whole situation up. We're doomed for a solid 3-4 years in my opinion


> by being so cheap Being cheap has not been the problem. Letting the farm rot, and signing some aging players to long contracts, and trading good young players for rentals--those things have been problems. Most of that belongs to the old FO, the current FO has dragged the farm from bottom five to the middle of the pack, for example. > We're doomed for a solid 3-4 years in my opinion You could be right, but I'll be a little surprised if they don't field a way more enjoyable team in 2024.


We've definitely been cheap lol. If we put up a solid contract that was competitive we could have actually landed Harper or Soto. Agreed the rentals and signing off guys part. But you don't need to do that if you actually land the big fish by not being cheap On our farm, it still sucks either way you look at it. Farm used to be top tier.


It's actually WORSE in some respects, since you know this team has the financial resources to be competitive but they refuse to do it. Not to finish ahead of the Dodgers (last year was a fluke), but to be a solid playoff contender.


> this team has the financial resources to be competitive but they refuse to do it. There is a smart time to spend and a dumb time to spend. A team with broken down vets and a farm system that has just barely begun to deliver would be a dumb time to spend. If they're still not spending in 2024, then it will be a problem.


Name me two players on the 2008 team?


As if I would forget legendary, forever Giant, short stop Ivan Ochoa.


Seriously, those were dark times. Manny Burris hitting leadoff and Bengie at cleanup Don't forget 9 figure ace Barry Zito. At least we had Timmy and Cain. This year tho? Joey Bart for a month. Some.mercenaries who will be gone after one year. A few flashes from AAAA all stars. The likely farewell tour of the Brandons. And our new Matt Cain, Logan Webb. And a lot of the guys to give a glimmer.of hope taking .big steps back: Sammy Long, Heliot Ramos, LWJ. Yazzy has had a.couple of bad seasons in a row. Even Camilo's shakiness. Pretty bleak. There is something to say about the abysmal defense this year tho. It's just ugly and hard to watch. Even beyond the errors, just so many infield hits that should have been outs or double plays. If I had to watch Donovan Walton drop back and take another true hop on the edge of the outfield grass and miss ha catcher legging one out I was gonna lose it. And if LuGo is in, throw in some horrific base running. The bullpen is just the cherry on top I'd say vastly different teams but comparably painful.


You really captured a major difference between last season and this one (besides the fact that the Giants led the NL in home runs, which seems like a hallucination now). Last year, we just didn't make mistakes. Defense, base running, everything just happened like clockwork, while other teams were just doing their usual bumbling. This season has been just bad baseball.


Maybe we just saved 2 years worth of fuck uos for one season Another issue with this team is that they do not punish mistakes at the plate. So many foul balls and takes on fat.pitches. My wife got hooked on Giants baseball last season and she summed it up last night: it just doesn't seem like they show up to play this year.


> two players on the 2008 team Dave Roberts and Keiichi Yabu.


I mean Timmy won a cy young


the *true* giants experience


I’m also a Jets fan so, this doesn’t bother me that much.


I caught a game in Colorado last weekend and it's tough to believe that the Rockies are as bad as they are. They have a ton of talent with great hitting and decent pitching but just can't ever put it together. It seems like if it was the front office, their wouldn't be talent on the roster. I guess it means that it's the coaches but man it doesn't seem to add up. It is a perfect mirror of how I feel about the giants this year. They got rid of key personalities and specific talents (and lost the best catcher to retirement) for what seems like no reason and now it just doesn't seem cohesive in the slightest. It's sad to watch these games lately.


> It seems like if it was the front office, their wouldn't be talent on the roster. The Rockies FO is so bad their biggest stars couldn't wait to get off the team.


To see the amount of talent that has been through there its amazing they havent been contenders anytime recently.


There’s gonna be a huge reboot next season, in terms of fan product. The Giants know this is unacceptable and they cannot fill a ballpark and charge those prices with a bunch of past-their-prime players and fringe contributors who caught lightning in a bottle for once out of the last six seasons. Roster overhaul, and probably some shakeups in the announcer’s booth (apparently, management isn’t happy with the constant unavailability of the core four announcers, and Bob Costas has been spotted talking with Giants brass, for whatever that it worth). I think they are learning that the “five year window” of a team’s fans relishing their last title without qualms has expired and attendance like today’s will become the norm if something isn’t done for 2023.


If they replace our beloved announcers, they will just have us quit paying attention.


If they do anything to Kruk kuip or Miller they will lose me as a fan. They are the Giants. That would signal that the higher ups have completely lost touch with the fan base. I’d also like to see a source with this reference. Seems asinine for this to even be considered.


I would have listening to Bob Costas on broadcasts. Actually, ai wouldn’t listen at all…


> I’d also like to see a source with this reference. His "source" is a trashy gossip blogger who spends much of his time trying to insult or smear local media figures he dislikes, and that seems to be most of them.


Miller: “on assignment” several times each year Flemming: “on assignment” multiple times for his ESPN gigs Kruk and Kuip: only broadcast home games (mostly) They’ve been replacing the announcing team all season long already. Fill ins like Estes, Lopez, Pence, etc. No consistency in the booth. Baer ain’t happy about it. Hell, last week I flipped on KNBR and the play by play announcer was somebody I had never heard before. I don’t think it was Greenwald’s kid. There may be a voluntary retirement (or two) in the booth, but I think the team is trying to add rather than subtract so they can ease workloads and get some stability without playing musical chairs. They know we all love our core four announcers and they are a significant asset, but they simply aren’t available 100 percent of the time and need something to bolster the broadcast lineup. At this point, on any given road trip, does anybody know who will be on the call when they flip on the radio or tv? Source for broadcast shakeup (for the past couple of years) is Rich Lieberman’s 415 Media blog. And he’s usually correct and dialed in on this type of stuff (although a lot of the blog is opinion). Source for the roster shakeup: pretty much every interview with Giant front office folks since the trade deadline. And attendance figures. And expiring contracts/on-field production.


That makes sense- but if any of the core 4 are forced out before they are ready to leave, they should expect a negative reaction. Many times they are the reason I keep watching/listening despite the score or standings.


> Source for broadcast shakeup (for the past couple of years) is Rich Lieberman’s 415 Media blog. You have got to be kidding. The guy is little more than a gossip columnist who posts some of the most unverifiable tripe imaginable, often in attempts to skewer people he doesn't like in local media (mostly everyone). I suppose if being told some newscaster cheats on his wife is what you're looking for, then he's great. If this is your source, no wonder your post above reads like something out a tabloid. > Baer ain’t happy about it. It is a very safe bet you have little to no idea what Larry Baer is thinking about any issue aside from the Giants being disappointing this year. He's the same guy who said the Giants would do whatever it took to accommodate Mike Krukow's health issues, and who extended Kruk's contract after it was announced he wouldn't be able to travel anymore. To quote the man: *"Baer has known for a few years that the Giants might have to go in this direction, and he said the plan is to keep the duo together as long as possible. It becomes clear how important that is every time Baer makes a lap of the ballpark, where fans regularly stop him to show appreciation for the broadcast team.* *"You have two beloved figures for the Giants in Kruk and Kuip, and we have a rare thing where they really are inextricably linked," Baer said. "When you walk down the street people say 'We love Kruk and Kuip!' They love Kruk and they love Kuip, but they love Kruk and Kuip. We wanted to keep that link as strong and as present as possible for our fans. Doing this gives the fans games that are going to be largely against our division rivals, including the Dodgers. We want to give them as much Kruk and Kuip as we can."* https://www.nbcsports.com/bayarea/giants/mike-krukow-signs-contract-extension-will-broadcast-22-giants-games-remotely BTW, that's what a source look like.


Sources on all this?


Do the marlins actually have fans


This year I cheer for the jersey not the players.


At least they've always had good young talent to get excited over(before they're traded of course).


Rockies fans are oblivious. As long as the home runs keep coming, the sun keeps shining, and the vape pens are full, the people in that stadium will swallow whatever garbage Monfort puts out there.




We can recover next year. We're the Giants dammit!!


No clue why you’re getting downvoted lol


Being a Yankee fan since the All Star break is no fun either


I had VERY high hopes for Farhan based on his track record but he is looking more and more like a one hit wonder. Would not be surprised if he is gone after next year's sub .350 PCT finish.


It’s even worse because at least those teams have young talent to be excited about. The giants have none. Based on what I’ve seen from Farhan, I don’t expect it to get better either.


We have several top 100 prospects in our system.


Well we only have two. Luciano is at least 2 years away and Harrison has a lot of question marks. On the big league roster and at triple A, there’s nothing.


Based on Crawford and Longoria this year, Luciano is starting next year.


Umm what? Luciano is in high A if you weren’t aware. He won’t be here until the second half of 2024 at the EARLIEST.


I'm being hyperbolic, but our current starter is hitting .226..... I'd rather risk it.


Bart and Webb count as young talent you can be excited about, but the exciting prospects won't be up in 2023, so I get the sentiment.


If you'd prefer to be a Pirates fan then you clearly know absolutely nothing about them


And 90% of this sub still trusts in Farhan “TrUsT tHe PrOcEsS”


nah even farhan realized he fucked up. and his reasoning makes sense he literally said “it’s hard to take apart or add to a team coming off a 107 win season.”


Yup, he was put in a lose lose situation. Take apart the roster and the Giants don't do great, it's his fault for tearing apart the core of the 107 win team. Keep everyone together and the Giants don't do great, it's his fault for not doing anything to change the team


Yeah i mean come on. Lets not forget how impressive 107 wins was last year. That should earn him like 2 years of leeway. Give him a chance to test out free agency this year and next. He took on a lot of bad contracts just a few years ago. Pretty much everyone is off the books this year, so over the next 2 off seasons we will get a good feel of how he wants to build the team. That being said, i really wish the Giants had overpaid for Bryce Harper


> Lets not forget how impressive 107 wins was last year. Let's also not forget how pissed off Dodgers fans were when Zaidi signed with SF, they know all too well what he did helping to build that Dodgers machine. These fans who revel in negativity and are always looking for someone to blame whether it's their fault or not are really weird. Maybe Zaidi got this guy's sister pregnant or something.