I hoped he’s booed relentlessly and heckled within reason but it should stop there.


Can't make any promises. Sitting within the first six rows tomorrow


We all know there's a decent chance someone(s) will take things too far, and that's why it's good for Joc to say something like this. Just don't throw shit. Ever. It's never a good look for a "fan" and it's pretty much never justified. I'm not gonna limit it to "at the players/onto the field" either. Don't throw shit onto the field, at the players, at other fans, at stadium staff, at *anyone*.


Good luck with this. lol


I can already hear the "What's the matter with Pham? ... He's a Bum!" chants from a mile away


I plan on following it with "he sucks at fantasy football" inatead of "he's a bum" tonight


I was about to get left field bleacher seats and absolutely go in, I still am but good to hear Joc is taking the high road lol


Hasn’t Tommy Pham been stabbed multiple times lol


Once in a fight outside a strip club, and once in a fight with his stepfather. TBF, Pham had a hellish childhood, with a 17-year-old mother and a father in prison. But millions of people had it tough as kids and still managed to become rational adults. Pham has clearly failed that test. Once the baseball money stops flowing he's going to gamble his way through his money and end up tending bar in some low-rent stripper joint in Laughlin.


I would’ve considered it had the Giants beat the Braves in this last series… but here we are.


Can someone summarize the whole Pham thing. Kinda missed it all and don’t want to figure it all out.


It is a bit baffling how you know how to be on Reddit, know how to add Flair, yet don't have a clue what happened between Pham and Pederson. But assuming you actually do need a summary, even 14 hours after you asked the question, here you go: 1. When Giants were in Cincinnati, Tommy Pham walked up to Joc Pederson before the game and slapped him on the face. No further fighting or violence ensued. Pham suspended 3 games for the slap (all 3 of that series against the Giants). 2. Both Pederson and Pham explained to the media that Pham did this in retaliation for something Pederson did during a Fantasy Football league they were both in, which Pham considered to be "cheating". The details of that are boring. I would call it gray area at worst. As Pham's money was on the line, he took it very personal. Yup. that's it. pretty dumb story.


You forgot the most important fact - that Mike Trout is the Worst Commissioner in Fantasy Football History.


Dang it. I knew I'd forget a key detail


I fervently hope that the fans are clean (and clever), in their heckling/signmaking, but that Pham nevertheless takes offense and says something stupid, so that this whole sideshow can keep on going for at least another couple weeks. It's the best entertainment since season 4 of Game of Thrones.


Yeah me too. Dude seems to take offense super easy, so that's always fun. I was kind of in dread mode and not feeling much like Giants baseball after this Road Trip, but realizing a Villain is coming to town is getting me back into it.


Pham has somehow only been stabbed twice, that’s about all you need to know


Can one just *summarize* Anna Karenina? Can one just *summarize* the Iliad? Either embrace the epic story of Joc n' Tommy, or stay away entirely. If you choose to dive in, I would suggest the annotated Baggerly translations. And while the errata reading list is formidable, it is well worth the effort.


> Can one just summarize the Iliad? Trojan prince kidnaps Greek queen. Greek king rallies all of the rest of the Greek city states to go kick his ass. They succeed, but their greatest hero is killed in the process. Also they hide in a big wooden horse for a bit. Also also the Gods are taking sides and fucking with the mortals through all of it.


H… he does? I wouldn’t. But ok.


Everyone saying “no” or acting confused didn’t read the article. He’s talking specifically about throwing things. Boo all you like.


Nah Pham


Sorry bruh it’s not. We got you


It takes a big man to turn the other cheek like that. I am not a big man.


No, but thank you for asking joc


Respectfully, fuck no


talk all the shit you want just DO NOT THROW SHIT ​ it's embarrassing. ​ >**"I think our fans are classy and respectful,"** Pederson told reporters, according to the San Francisco Chronicle. "There's a respect level that needs to be held up, and when you see games in New York or wherever they **were where they start throwing stuff on the field that is not OK and doesn't help any situation. It makes it so much worse. So just keep it respectful."**


I was at the game when fans in the bleachers started throwing shit at Jurickson Profar. I had no clue what was happening lol


Agreed. Bring your best fantasy football and Neanderthal material but throwing shit is bush league


Yes im okay with palatable, no holds barred heckling but for everyone’s sake do not throw shit on the field. It will look bad on us in the long run injuring players and looking like drunk angry fans (which is reserved for based Dodger fans)


Don't kid yourself, SF has its share of knucklehead drunken fans. There has been more than one case of idiots throwing stuff onto the field, Dave Fleming commented on that in disgust at a game last year. Other cities are worse, and I think LA's huge security staff highlights that. But it's not like the Giants don't have their share of boozed-up morons in the bleachers.


True but I hope it’s only isolated incidents (one person/group n a specific section) not like a whole section


Tommy Pham sign time? Tommy Pham like to eat soup with a spork


Tommy Pham tells people that he's a “a big dog in Vegas” and “a high roller at many casinos.” He doesn't care that they didn't want to know that.


Tommy Pham drafts 12 kickers.


Tommy Pham drafts kickers in the 2nd round.


And the 1st. And the 3rd. And the 4th. And the rest of them. Just kickers all the way down.


Perfect! 😂


I got another one: Tommy Pham doesn’t say thank you to his Uber drivers.


How about he gives 3 stars to his Uber driver because he did his job


I'll be there on Saturday. Was thinking something like "I understand fantasy football rules, if you need help, I got you Pham."


Tommy Pham asks for extra lettuce in a burrito


Tommy Pham puts his socks on after the shower without drying his feet


Tommy Pham sleeps with his feet hanging off the bed


Tommy Pham doesn't let someone with one item go ahead of him in the grocery store line.


Tommy Pham used the Netflix shuffle feature his first time watching Breaking Bad.


Tommy Pham leaves his mom on “read”


Tommy Pham breeds tribbles.


Tommy Pham stands in the middle of the doorway oblivious to people trying to get around him


Said like an adult who is married with a kid. Not a child who hits people because of fantasy football.


*kids plural


wink wink


This is a funny post, when have giants fan been rude or obnoxious to the opposing player that’s not wearing dodger blue. If anything they’ll be more worried being the anti-wave police telling a little kid to knock it off.




Who hurt you?


Lol all because giants fans are anti wave. Only fan base in baseball that hates doing the wave.


Well yeah, the wave is for cretins that don't watch baseball and just want to spend a day taking selfies to pretend they witnessed a baseball game. We're just the only fanbase with good fans.


That’s funny that you say because I’ve been to many mlb ballparks and they do the wave. A couple of fan bases are shown in the ESPN and mlb network tv promos. Giants fans just hate fun.


That's funny that you say because I've been to many mlb ball parks and can't remember seeing a wave. But I addressed that in the post you responded to. We're just the only good fans in baseball. If they get their rocks off standing up like a buffoon every minute or so instead of watching the game more power to them but it seems like something they could do at a park instead of paying for a ticket. Personally I find watching a baseball game to be fun.


If you have a problem with the wave because people “aren’t” watching baseball. What about the folks that go there to talk, to just eat stadium food, families that get up and down a lot to grab food or use the restroom. The group of friends that just go to get drinks, schools and summer camps that go there just for the kids to gain experience being at a baseball game. Are you going to tell them, no that they need to stop getting off their seats, to watch the game and tell them that they are not real baseball fans. Some do go for the game but others go for the experience. The wave is part of experience just like I witness at yankee stadium, citi field, citizen park, T-Mobile park, petco, angel stadium and dodger stadium and a couple of others.


The wave sucks, and garlic fries are awesome. Have fun doing the wave at all those other MLB parks.




Very big of Joc but nah fuck that.


Big cock Joc is nice but yeah fuck Tommy Pham


All my homies hate Tommy Pham


If you read the article he is specifically talking about throwing stuff at him and the like. I do hope fans stop well short of that. I'll be there Sunday and I'll definitely let him hear it though!


So Fantasy Football puns are fair game.


Throwing shit: *drakenolikey.meme* Signs shitting on his Phamtasy Football skills: *drakelikey.meme*


Honestly, I think the bleachers being filled with signs would be the best possible fan reaction to the whole thing.


Ah yeah I agree with that


Yeah throwing shit is just unacceptable.