SCP-4666: The Yule Man

SCP-4666: The Yule Man


One very strong example of horror to me that you didn't mention is how the 40 degree north parallel is used. I don't know the readership stats, but a large (enough) portion of the readerbase lives above that mark. The normal reaction is to check what that actually indicates, and then see that you're a potential target: the "Oh fuck, that could be *me*" moment. This invites the reader into the horror, and makes them picture the events happening to them. Of course, this doesn't work if you live below the parallel, but if you do...


Id say the teleporting thing covers it for everyone, but yeah, bonus points if you are in the parallel


Speaking for myself, who lives above the 40° mark, it really made me think, fuck, that could happen to me, and I live on the outskirts of a small town too. And I’m still scared af by this article. No other scp has made me as afraid as this one


Is there someone below eight at your house?


Was when I first read it, but not now. But still, I’m scared


I am 11 and nobody in my house is under 8 I am still scary pls tell me he is not real, am I safe?


Hey, don't worry. All SCPs are just stories. They're fun to read, but that's it. They can't hurt you


That sounds a lot like Foundation Misinformation material! /s But to bounce back to u/The_Real_Chill_man, these are just internet stories people wrote for all kinds of reasons. Some are to scare the reader, others make the readers think, some write it for the "What if" factor.


it ain't real, it can't hurt u


*meanwhile 4666 stares through your window*


You’re okay man, it’s all fiction don’t worry


Its just scary stories made up for fun, its ok. None of the SCP stuff is real, its all just pretend.


\*mad 4666 noises\*


The teleportation doesn't do it. The trick to the horror is establishing a simple criterion and letting the reader figure out if it effects them. If they are, then they've been caught in the trap. It doesn't work if it's too general -- then it's not personal enough. A good example of this elsewhere is from the same contest, with 4000. In 4000, there are three types of responses, based on whether you are an oldest/middle/youngest child. The average reader reaction is to therefore self assign themselves into the appropriate group, and from there, pretend they are on the path. It doesn't work it it's too general, and it doesn't work if the article explicitly tells you that you're in danger: you have to figure it out yourself.


Oh okay, thank you for your input! I personally don’t live in the parallel, so id say the intended effect wasn’t really experienced by me. Interesting to see that there is this effect on people living in the parallel though!


Heheh barely dodged that bullet


Equator gang where you at


I'm on the Tropic of Cancer. Safe from the scip here.


There ought to be at least one scary SCP by now that specifically targets the equator area.


No thanks, we’ve already got malaria & dengue


What’s the name of the scp


stupid question but yule man


Caribbean gangbanger here so wooo


Ayo, I know this is late but the reason this is my favorite SCP is the fact that the first time I read this, it happened to be the dead of night. During the Christmas season. At my cousins cottage, in Northern Ontario. With his 7 y/o sister sleeping in the next room. I read through it once, then read through it one more time. Apparently one of the Weissnacht events occured in 1605 in Ruperts Land. I look up. There’s an old timey map of the region, indicating that we are... In Ruperts Land. Legit one of the most fucked SCPs on the wiki


Me: \*laughs from Australia where Christmas happens in summer\*


Ah fuck, I just checked the map. I'm barely above it. Good thing I don't have and never plan on having kids.


Yeah, I read it recently and while it was incredibly fucked up and it caused a lasting impression on me, the "Oh fuck, that could be me" part didn't work with me because I don't check any of the factors, I live below 40 degrees south, the youngest member of my family is 12 and it hasn't snowed in my country in a couple thousand years when the smallish hills we have were colossal mountains


Me who lives 40 up but has no snow all year round


Okay that got me good, why the fuck should every contest article have different formats and complicated plotpoints, when they can just be so gruesome you remember it until you die. Nice declass.


In my opinion, it takes more writing skills to make something this deeply terrifying from a simple cliché concept. Lots of 'deep' articles just rely on either a super convoluted plot, or vague cryptic writing


The author is dyslexic and wrote about satan and not santa in his scp


S a n t a S a t a n You see it


Its even creepier when you read about the real life murders that inspired this particular SCP. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hinterkaifeck_murders


so it may is real?


If it was, the site would've been taken down before it was even made.


Northern hemisphere kids: ***OH GOD OH FUCK-*** Equator Gang: *\*dab on em\**


Weird how you haven't even mentioned the absolutely chilling part about the "doll"


I’d say it’s covered under the third part, I just happened to not use it as an example


Oh yeah...


> Should a Weissnacht Event be suspected to be in progress, the nearest Containment Task Force is to be dispatched to attempt containment of SCP-4666. I would have liked to read a log of a containment attempt. The families won't know to keep an eye out for 4666 and to contact the Foundation, but 11 nights is plenty of time to notice it and prepare and surely there were a few direct encouters of it against the Task Force. What happens if they move the family out, if the Task Force is waiting in the house ready for combat etc?


The writer actually didn't include any containment attempts/procedures in the article itself. I suppose it would have ruined the "helplessness" mood though?


I meant imaginging it was a part of the SCP. But I also do understand that's not the tone of the article the author was going for.


I mean I thought the idea was to show that no one was safe from it and you can't escape from it, but having a containment attempt (where the family gets evacuated) would kind of ruin that idea


Decent chance any family that tried would find phone lines cut and wireless signals garbled. In the middle of winter, it might be weeks until someone gets around to fixing the substation...


The first time I read SCP-4666, it kept me awake; the first and, so far only, skip that has ever done this, even when other skips have murder, gore and body horror akin to it. Why? I think it's because it's, at its heart, a comedy trope played deadly serious. The "bad Santa" trope is so often played for humour (think Robot Santa from Futurama), because there's something twistedly hilarious about a man dressed as Santa Claus killing people. It's difficult to take seriously; even when it's not meant to be funny, it comes off as unintentionally hillarious. The Yule Man, on the other hand, is most emphatically Not Funny. At All. He is portrayed totally seriously and the brutality that must be inherent in the ways he tortures, enslaves and mutilates people is portrayed as utterly horrific. There's no Freddy Kreuger quips or Hannibal Lecter theatrics to mildly lighten the mood; instead he's portrayed as a visceral, horrific entity that combines both mythic undertones, cold savagery and a sadistic streak a mile wide. However, I didn't get child abuse vibes at all - the analogy doesn't work, since most children are abused by family members. As well as this, the Yule Man's height and gaunt appearance are pretty inhuman - he doesn't look "normal" at all. What I think the whole "living doll" part reveals is there's a human side to him, and that's what makes him scary; he conducts his murders like a serial killer and enslaves and tortures children for seemingly no other reason than "because he can". Ritually murdering people is standard for a demon. Enslaving, torturing and mutilating children, under threat of violence? That's human.


You’re actually absolutely spot on, what the Yule man done here can actually all be carried out by a human serial killer, and that is what makes it so terrifying. In fact, the author actually said this was what he intended when I was having an exchange with him a while back (might do a part two declass which includes this if I can find enough stuff to talk about) Now that I look back, I also agree that “child abuse” wasn’t exactly the most accurate choice of words I could have used, it was really more along the lines of “family murders” which to be fair, sort of overlaps with child abuse. Definitely not the same thing though.


I think, when people read it, they react more viscerally to the fate of poor Ekaterina Morozova and the Yule Man's treatment of the children he imprisons, than they do the actual murders. We, the readers of the SCP Foundation, are almost desensitized to monsters and demons ritually murdering people in horrible ways. We even parody it - SCPs like 106, Able and 682 have become jokey characters over time, with their atrocities played for humour. The brutality the Yule Man subjects his child slaves to, on the other hand, is what horrifies us. He works abducted children, some as young as three, to death, killing, torturing and mutilating them when they can't.


I appreciate the in-depth analysis on how the writer managed to take and improve upon the "Series 1 feel". I think my only criticism of this analysis is you use "his or her" a lot where you could just say "their".


You mean my reference to the SCP right? I started with referring to 4666 as "he/him" at first, but I decided "it" would probably be a better term halfway through. I'll recheck again and correct the parts I missed out. Thanks!


Oh no, that was fine, just the parts like "his or her family" and "his or her family members".


Oh okay, will look into that


the yule man is so much more terrifying then the yule lads. if you don't know what those are, they are 13 lads, usually small and consist of: Door way sniffer, door slammer, spoon licker, bowl licker, skyr gobbler (old timey yogurt), sheep cote clod (sheep cote is a pen), candle stealer, gully gawk (something to do with milking cows), Stubby (he stole pies of window sills), Pot scraper, sausage swiper, window peeper, and Meat hook. although their mother ate babies so maybe its her, they also had a cat who ate babies... also their dad ate babies.


Lot of baby eating there. Can’t be good for your intestines.


cant be good for the babies either


Nah, they’ll be fine.


Dont swipe my sausage, anything but that ;)


4666 is one of my favorites. It has the right combo of gruesome events, mysterious entity, and helpless terror.


I hate it, because I don’t like being scared, and I’m terrified of this scp. Although I know it’s fake, I my inner caveman is scared shitless


Thanks to Modulum for guiding me through this one! ~~Literary declass gay~~


>full boomer english teacher mode today > >Part I: where da goosebumps coming from?


theyre not canon


I'm gonna upvote just for the first two lines of this declass lol


Cool article but have anyone noticed the authors name is the most badass name ever


4666 is def an underrated SCP. There should be more tales about the yule man.


Is SCP-4666 resistant to damage or somehow able to anomalously immobilize its victims? Otherwise, you'd think someone would have shot it already.


Who the fuck gave this the wholesome award?


He is much closer to santa claus than people would think. Finnish santa that is. Santa used to be a being of horror and evil in finland. Atleast with some families. Children were scared that Santa was gonna come because that meant that the children will be kidnapped and the parents will do nothing about it, or even worse, be killed. Obviously it was a story parents told kids to make them behave but still it was a part of our culture for a good bit.


Very well said. I agree with you completely about how a lot of the newer articles. They seem to try to hard to be mind blowing but always end up being too long and too confusing for me. I really enjoy these simpler scps because they are the always the ones I can remember.


And is VA 40 degrees south below