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SCJerk continues to influence the world.


*points to the “HIDDEN GEM” sign while nodding in agreement*


Jerk the world!


Who would’ve thought goof? Who would’ve thought.


Does this mean we get to stay up late?


Always have been, uce


Meltzer incessantly trying to make it seem like Cody ain't that popular or over is really making me doubt his "unbiased" credentials (Not really). It's almost like the guy is trying real hard to push a narrative so that the IWC begins turning on him ala Cena.


Meltysuckoff is a smark in his own mind. His useless awards and ratings mean nothing in the grand scheme of things.


It’s weird because Meltzer is both a huge Cody hater and a Cody fanboy, he was weird with Dusty too


Meltzer's relationship with the Rhodes family is very hit or miss. He also had beef with Dustin when Dustin was Goldust.


Didn’t he name his kid Cody??


They say it's one man's opinions and it is but they take his word like gospel (only when it fits their narrative tho they got mad at him for saying Mercedes wasnt going to AEW lol).


Meltzer really is doing no favors for wrestling at all. He’s trying to create a false narrative to get people to hate Cody while using Sami Zayn to get that point across which is stupid and disgusting. Why can’t we like both? Why can’t it be okay that Cody is the guy right now, but hey maybe Sami will be in a year or whatever. (They’re literally about the same age.) Why can’t we just enjoy stuff and not be riled up by hating someone to prop someone else up? Oh my bad. Fed bad.


Best thing AEW did was get the the “let’s chant for CM Punk and boo Roman” crowd to stop going to shows. Hope AEW keeps them away forever. Wrestling is better when the crowd doesn’t think they are the show


The WWE seems to be much better without them as well. Look at how many 35K-70K stadium shows they’ve done over the past year and a half vs 2012-14 when those toxic fans hijack the shows.


I am so happy AEW removed most of those fans.


one more reason I don't want AEW to **fail** Christ I wish it was good, it just isn't


I’m not afraid to admit that I booed Roman back then when he turned face after the Shield broke up because I didn’t want him as top guy. He didn’t look like he deserved that massive of a push. Hated Punk tho. Couldn’t stand him. Nowadays, I absolutely love Reigns


Agreed. And this is why they should put the belt on Cody and not Sami.


Can we get them out of nxt?


Its almost like when Cody is booked well he is a killer Baby face and was right to not let Tony turn him heel. Side rant: Its funny people started to turn on Cody when Tony took booking from the EVPs. Like literally look back. People blame the "Codyverse" but that was all Tony.


Cody being booked well by evil fed? Who would have thunk that.


They are just doing it to fuck with Tony. Putting on a entertaining show and making a superstar. Tony angerly knows he might have more money then crocket but still fails to do those two things.


If it is. its working so well that Tony better hope another wrestler kick the bucket tomorrow for another tribute show. Im making a sarcastic remark. I don't really want another wrestler to die


Tony is booking Matt Hardy in a best of seven series vs sammy and letting nature take its course.


Throw in Luchasaurus™ and then you got a stew going.


It wont even last half a match before mother nature says enough!


What you said was pretty edgy, but you're right. AEW does two things big: debuts and tribute shows.


They 100% believe Cody is being booked like this to entice other AEW Megastars to jump ship to the evil Fed.


Man. Said this all along. The "disjointed" Cody-verse only stood out because people actually deeply *cared* about Cody the character. They failed to recognize that the shitty booking was because of the same place where all the shitty booking over the last 2 years has come from and blamed Cody for ruining his character. lol


If one wrestler you are pushing fails its on them. If every face wrestler you push falls on their face its clearly the fault of the booker of the year.


Wasn't watching then but assuming its anything like now, I'd have to assume there were so many layers of "haha wrestling is fake, laugh" irony on everything else and cody was the only one trying to do it normally so it made him stand out since he wasn't trying to spend all his time being smark magnet #1 which makes you a heel to aew fans


While the Sami story is obviously great, its not like Cody doesnt have a great story on his own as well, and thats why he's still popular.


Not to mention Sami’s story is entrenched with the entire bloodline not just Roman. It boggles my mind the same people who bitch about the tag titles not being respected for years in WWE now think it’s a demotion to have them be featured and unified by an unstoppable tag team linked to the most powerful faction. The fact that Dave and his minions can’t see how compelling that is is weird.


It's because they don't care about tag team wrestling. Even in AEW they only care about it cuz WWE "doesn't". AEW itself is smark loved because it's an "alternative". All roads eventually lead back to Fed Bad


Dubbalos are literally the family guy dog in that episode where he becomes a Republican because he reads a Rush Limbaugh book and then at the end of the episode, Rush tells him that the dog has no political convictions and just hates whatever is popular/whoever is in power hardcore dubbalos have no convictions, opinions or beliefs outside of "fed bad upvotes to the left"


Exactly! The Usos losing their tag titles will be a huge moment. Maybe not as big as Roman, but definitely massive.


You know, I'm starting to come around on the neck tattoo


I still think its hideous, but I do admit he rocks it.


I'm not sure if I'm quite there yet, but I initially thought it was the dumbest move because I presumed he still had acting aspirations and what casting director was going to be impressed by that! But, no, his aspiration was to become this huge wrestling star, and he's doing it.


It would go over more with me if he had some other tattoo on the other side of his neck to even it out.


Facts, plus like Cody’s whole thing since coming back has been about winning the title. Sami’s storyline has never been about the the belt and just cause he’s more over than ever as a face doesn’t automatically mean they need to “Daniel Bryan” the situation. Sami costing Roman or winning the tag titles with Kevin is equally as satisfying.


Teflon Tony never takes the blame for anything. It’s always someone else’s fault


Worst part is, Tiny won’t ever learn from his mistakes. Papa Shahid has more money than ol’ Jimothy Crockett and has to have realized how much better the Jags have gotten (excluding Urban Meyer) since his idiot kid has something to keep him occupied. No incentive for Daddy to cut it off and the incels stroking his ego will leave AEW in the mud and Tiny deflecting blame in every direction besides his own.


The Codyverse was Khan's failings as a manager/leader to not sort out the Elite and friends not wanting to let Cody play with them He was left facing the dregs of the roster Your got one of your main guys feuding with the Nightmare Factory, ffs That's all on Khan not sorting what's best for business


We're jerking so hard now that folks are actually saying that Cody not turning heel was a good idea. I know he's great now and it all comes down to presentation but he was god awful in AEW.


Who cares lmao who the fuck watches AEW


Cody would have done anything for AEW. Look at the flaming table and insane ladder spots when he didnt even have a contract. But Tony booked him terribly. Like how many cases of Booking misconduct does Tony have to commit to lose booker of the year.


I don't think Mr. Khan has much influence on any of the EVPs. I doubt it was Tony who was giving Cody the elaborate entrances for random TV matches, the gender reveal parties, the defeating racism promos. Cody was involved in all of those. (All of this is pure speculation)


Yea no way I want AEW to go under. Keep all these doofuses away so the crowds are actually decent.


Can't wait to watch these morons waste 2 more months trying to convince everyone to boo Cody at Mania, only for that to fail miserably as well.


Starting out, Cody was the only star AEW had. They should been booking around Cody, obviously as WWE has shown, but their fans can't stand not hijacking the show. Which is super easy for them to do in such small crowds and belonging to all the same echo chambers. CM Punk and DB *should have* been able to help correct this problem, but even they couldn't. But Hangnail will *any day now.*


Jericho was by far the biggest star when AEW started (and still is), and AEW did the right thing focusing on him. Where they wrong was that Cody should’ve been the second champion. Not Moxley. Then it all went down hill from there


Shit you're right, I forgot about Jericho. My brain just trying to remember better days when he was actually funny and entertaining.


Jericho was brilliant right up until the pandemic hit


Moxley was a good choice it’s just that he needs someone to write his character for him because Mox is just too cringey and try hard


Moxley is fine for that audience but Cody would’ve been a far better choice for growing their audience. Which at that point would have been possible


CM Punk vs Hangman should have been the feud that *made* Hangman's career. He couldn't realize that. And I'm not talking just the one match. They could have milked it on and off for years.


You just don't get it. He's depressed, Uce. *That's* the beauty of it all.


He's unctuous.


CM Punk was dogshit and a shell of himself though, no one’s getting over beating a washed up fragile body guy who’s only there for the money.


DAE old gunslinger??


Typical fed shill. They were clearly saying Booooo-deserve it


That's not even the worstb of it. On wankcuckture, the people were pretty adamant that a portion of the crowd wanted number 30 to be Sami and were disappointed.


Those wankers wanks Wank Meltzer's every wank its no surprise they thinks the same. They made 4 something videos of WWE being bought by Saudi even said its confirmed but doesn't even apologized when it turned out false




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Real word reacting differently than smark bubble? Outrageous!


Meltzer predicted Edge was going to be booed at Wrestlemania 2 years ago, too. It’s really weird what he tries to wish into existence.


He thinks the casual wrestling fan thinks the same way as he and his smark incel readers do. He’s a fucking moron.


He's a big Edge fan too that was so weird


I’m sure Helmsley is devastated that he has 2 super over baby faces. One of them is a John Cena-like hero to kids, and the other is Daniel Bryan-like loveable underdog. How will he ever deal with this smh my head


But WAIT, there's more: - An over "working class" brawler in Kevin Owens - An over "Monster" in Braun Strowman - Two over hard hitting power guys in Sheamus and Drew - Two over "legitimate athlete" babyfaces in Brock, and Bobby - An over anti-hero, shit talking babyface in Seth - Grizzeld, veteran. "One More Run" babyfaces in Edge, and Randy That Helmsley is a witch-doctor, it's the voodoo, he's not placating the internet whiners when they throw their little tantrums, but has a bunch of guys he can slot into the main event babyface role, he's cheating somehow...


I’m so sad Orton still haven’t gotten booked under Hunter yet. I hope he comes back by Summerslam this year


Also thats forgetting Bray "My masks make more money than anything you'll ever do" Wyatt, Alexa "Lilly makes more money than anything you'll ever do" Bliss and pretty much just girl cena Bianca Belair too


And with Alexa, and Bianca, you've got Becky, and Asuka who shift merch, and actual mainstream star Ronda Rousey. For a company that "can't produce stars", they've got a fair few stars at their disposal.


They're both super over, indeed. It goes both ways, we're not hearing anyone chanting "we want Cody" whenever Sami Zayn is on. Whatever shall Haitch do to resolve this? 😱


My favorite part about Cody being over is the basement trying to will it out of existence.


Guys, something’s telling me that Cody Luther King might not be getting booed at Wrestlemania.


Sami said in that Helwani interview he doesn’t really feel that animosity from the crowd anymore - likes it’s their way or nothing, and they’ll hijack the show if they have to. Know why? Cause they all fucked off to watch the Dub. Thank god.


Cody is going to walk back into AEW with the WWE Championship, this is all a work, AEW is in his **soul**. No I'm not seething!!! You're seething fed shill!!!


Dude literally had the 2nd biggest pop of Rumble. And a huge pop on Raw. These dudes just want Cody to fail. Fun fact is the company he started will fall first


This person is clearly a piped in Fed Shill. M’Sami MUST main event Mania, and NOT in Montreal, his hometown by the way. I never get worked.


The good thing about le Dub, all the smarkass fans have migrated there. The Fed won't have fear for any hijacked segment or bad body odor (maybe there's still some).




Sami is over but not like people think. He is over because he is rubbing shoulders with Roman Reigns. Reigns is the one who is really over. Rub shoulders with him and you get over by default. Cody is over though on his own.


Ive always said Cody was a generational talent who singlehandedly changed prifessionsl wrestlimg with innovative and groundbreaking promos and in-ring performances. Also, his neck tattoo is peak fashion and a refreshing re-imagining of What is Art! Any contradiction you might find in my comment history is the result of my account being hacked.


I'm so happy. I'm a legit Cody mark and have never liked Zayn, so this is music to my ears, friend.