To be honest, this shoe requires strong ankles to stabilize. Personally I find it very bouncy and fun to run in but I can't run in them for too long at a time without fear of rolling my ankles or developing a mild shin pain. A great shoe! ...Just may not be for everyone.




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I just bought my second pair since I liked my first so much, but there are definitely tradeoffs. You will likely enjoy the softness of the shoe and the bounce you get out of them. They definitely feel like you have springs under your feet. What you may not like as a self-proclaimed bad runner is that, like others have said, they don't have a very stable base. They squish wherever your foot lands, so if you don't have your footing very secure or flatter on the ground, it could lead to some ankle or other pain. I initially didn't like them once I first got them, but after a few runs and getting used to the feel underfoot I started to love them.


Running is all about self-discovery and adapting. You'll definitely run through some issues, but don't let that discourage you. It's a fun journey learning about yourself and trying to find solutions. Shin splints can be sorted out with stretching (before and after), wearing compression or investing in a good shoe. Also, it's good to work on your core muscles, they help with your stamina, endurance and speed.


Sounds like you’re a beginner - embrace it! Run short distances but often. This will strengthen your muscles and eventually your shin splints (which are a sign of weak running muscles and tendons) will go away. The rebel v2 is an excellent choice


These are not good shoes for beginners given their stability.


I hated them. Too soft and unstable.


You just need to keep running in them and you'll eventually be fine. I bought a pair of these and Nike Vaporfly to run in, those were the two most talked-about / recommended shoes on the sub over the last year. I did get some pains at first, but I just stuck with it and broke them in walking around the mall.


You will love them. You will be able to run 3k with no pain at 3min pace.


Love these for picking up the pace. You may be better off with something like the Nike Invincible or NB More V3, a recovery run shoe