I love when fundies ascribe more power to the devil than God. If God gave her her baby but the devil was able to take it away by causing her to lose the pregnancy, that would mean that the devil can directly override "God's plans." Talk about blasphemy.


maybe it’s because i’m a heathen but i don’t understand why god would give you a baby and take it away again ? what is he trying to teach in that moment? if we are working on the premise that god is real then the only options are that jillpm’s god is a cruel god, OR, as you mentioned, the devil has more power out of the two.


Theologically speaking, the Christian god isn't 1/10th the micromanager that fundies and, frankly, a lot of mainstream Christians try to paint them as. If you look into scripture really well you find that the only people God is *super duper* into the business of are hand chosen, prophet, type folks. The one of thr best explanations I've ever seen is that God may be the architect, but he's not in there choosing what people put on their cubicle walls. In extra-scriptural fundie world, the idea that "God works in mysterious ways" does *a lot* of heavy lifting. They believe that God has some huge plan that involves micromanaging every aspect of their lives but also requires the devil to have a huge amount of power and be trying to medel in these plans constantly. The idea of humans being unable to fully understand these plans (which does actually have scriptural support but shouldn't be applied to every damn thing) also does a huge amount of heavy lifting to explain the inherent paradoxes in this way of thinking. Basically, in fundie world it's all a part of God's unknowable plan...except when it's not...but then it still is because it's all in God's hands anyway...except the devil can do things...except God has it under control anyway...uhhh...just don't think too hard about it or actually go looking in the scriptures with full context and understanding of the content therein.


It’s also about straying from the path in some ways, people will use the whole bad things happening to you as an example of straying from God’s hands/Light


If either god or the devil has so much power and is so interested in making a mess out of the ladies retreat, why didn’t either of them use their power to provide electricity for the event when the electricity failed? I guess they both got distracted using their powers for other things. Or maybe neither exists and that’s why the power went out and we rely on humans to repair it.


Let's be honest - God in the bible is a major dick. People attribute more power to the devil when things aren't going their way - it's just another confirmation bias type of thing. Like "SEE! God is real! The devil is working SO HARD against us over \_\_\_\_\_\_\_!" (the incident is anything that could happen and probably very trivial). Or they attribute it also to "God's timing" Jesus was pretty cool though. Way better than his "dad".


And why does it always have to be the devil? Shit happens. If you think there is some malevolent force out to get you, as opposed to just realizing that shit happens, you’re not going to have a good time of it, I don’t think.


Half the things on this list are actually just her bad planning! Machines break down when they aren't maintained well. That's why cars break down, why computers crash, etc. It's not "the devil" it's "poor maintenance." Did the devil cause her to fail to maintain all of her vehicles? Did the devil cause her to neglect important updates for her computer and neglect to back up her work? *Really?*


Thinking people are actively out to get you: Mental illness and bad Thinking the Devil is actively out to get you: Fundamentalism and okay /wtf


🫣 hadn’t thought about it like that. But in their minds they are probably cosplaying as Job and the at God is allowing them to be tested and attacked because they are so devout.


I really want to upvote but it's at 420.....I just can't 😂


Jill says she doesn't often come to FB asking for prayers, but fails to mention that she does come often to brag or to ask for money!


True that!


I’m Jill’s world prayers=money


She took this post off her Facebook but it’s still on instagram. I wonder why.


I just saw it on Facebook


That’s weird. I just checked again and it wasn’t there; the post from the first day was on top.


I dunno Jill, sounds to me like God didn’t particularly care for your retreat and you ignored every single sign he sent to that effect


One time a two co workers were getting married. He was mentally ill but charming. Similar things happened leading up to their wedding. The cake shop burned down, the bridal shop lost her order. We all said it was the universe telling her not to marry him.


What does him being mentally Ill have to do with this? Especially acting like mentally I’ll people can’t be charming.


I never finished answering this but I want to. I was trying to paint a picture with as few words as possible so that his behavior didn't distract from the point. I failed but, I can't think of how else to say it without making the post about his issues instead of the very obvious signs the universe gave her. I truly hope no one was offended by my word choices. As someone who suffers from anxiety and depression I'm fully aware that mental illness does not mean that someone is a horrible partner.


The entire situation reminds me of the old man by the river story. Old man hears the town is going to flood but he’s going to stay because he loves God and prays and so he will be protected. A boat and helicopter both come to try and get him to leave and he refuses because God will protect him. He dies and goes to heaven and asks God why he let him die when he was so faithful and God said that he sent him a radio report, a boat, and a helicopter. Maybe God was trying to save you from your own retreat Jill.


I wonder if it even crossed Jill’s mind that this could read like there’s trouble between her and Shrek? Maybe life isn’t so great with her hunk? 🤔


This is what I was wondering


She would NEVER let the news out!!


And Kaylee. Maybe Timcel. This post screams not getting enough attention.


Especially with Heidi's Mom at the retreat. I can see Timcel working overtime to impress her (Mom Coverett(, and not kissing Jill's ring. Heidi was probably doing the same with Jill, but Jill can only see slights. I also wonder if Pa Noyes was singing (and Kaylee) and Jonathan's praises for all of their help during the Rodyssey, and Jill can't be having that.


Jill's the sort who would view her daughter-in-law as competition.


I definitely get these vibes. She fawns and coos whenever Nathan or Jonathan breathe. Heidi will constantly be judged because she's expected to be at a different standard than the men, especially if Tim allows her to continue reading books like Harry Potter and Twilight.


I recently started watching The Sopranos for the first time, and Jill is reminding me a lot of Livia with how she is constantly doing a hysterical “poor me” routine, but really she is a stone cold thug at heart.


Oh my gosh, Carmela would eviscerate Jill's decor, food, manners, and outfits! You're absolutely right about being cold hearted, Jill's persecution fetish is wielded like a weapon in order to extract maximum attention and sympathy. She's a real energy vampire.


Yes!! We are watching that too and I thought of Jill right away!


This is really strange. My husband and I are watching it for the first time too. We just started season 2. Must have been a subliminal snarker message.


I bet kaylee and Jon aren’t letting Jill steamroll the pregnancy. Especially since Jill had the “SEVERE” miscarriage and kaylee is probably trying to enjoy her first pregnancy without bowing down to mama and being on call as a grief counselor (or letting Jill name the baby bc she lost hers or whatever crazy thing Jill wants)


I severely love this! Fuck it up, and Kaylee!


I am sure satan has better things to do than mess with Jill. The cars broke down cause these idiots don’t maintain them properly l, it’s not satan pouring sugar into the gas tank. The power went out cause of the storm, not satan cutting the power. Sometimes crappy things happen. You will not always be severely blessed.


Do-it-all Dave is in charge of their vehicle repairs......botched and badly.


I wonder if her sisters are not on board with their mother’s care. Maybe they are thrilled or relieved, but they might also have been steamrolled by Jill.


I think Jill posted something about her parents leaving soon, so maybe 1 or more relatives are ready for Ma and Pa Turtleneck to return to normalcy in their own home?


Hopefully they have fixed the doorway that Shrek fucked up


Anyone else notice that her paraplegic sister gets very little mention anymore? I wonder if she set boundaries? We all know how people like Jill do with boundaries.




I wondered if Jill was guilted into taking in Ma & Pa as the other sisters and Aunt seem to have been doing a lot. Jill setting up the GofundMe in Pa's name and a bit of tacky landscaping hardly counts. Jill was missing on vacations, doing wedding stuff or travelling on 'missions' for most of Ma's illnesses so maybe the family insisted she did more to help. In typical fashion, Jill installed Ma and Pa in the barndo then bailed out to Florida, dumping everything on Kayjon


Who is feeling poorly due to morning sickness.


I thought the same thing. Not seeing many pie or bread making contests or parades lately.


Didn’t Jill post a go fund me for her mom? Maybe her sisters didn’t like that, or Jill helped herself to the money and it pissed them off.


Apparently one of her sisters did attend and I'm really hoping she finally spoke frankly to Jildo


Surely our dear sweet precious mahmo will accept and respect any healthy boundaries set by loved ones. ![gif](giphy|3osxYk9qClrQVXVfiw)


Maybe Jonathan (and Kaylee) told JillPM to duck off?


One can hope! Maybe Kayjon redecorated their bedroom after redoing the dining room without Mahmo’s tacky influence


That would pierce her heart!




Jill’s mad andKaylee didn’t rush to her side the second she miscarried. That’s why she was posting ab how great Nuhree and Renee are. Kaylee and Jonathan probably set a boundary and Jill hasn’t recovered yet


The way Kaylee reacted during the video, when Jill announced she was pregnant, she could barely hide it. You could tell she wasn't happy. Who can blame her? This is her special time. Or it should be.


It’s hard hearing “no” for the first time in your life. I wonder what Jill was told “no” for.


I wonder if it was Tim. Maybe being around Heidi's family will mature him a little and help him set boundaries with his overbearing mom.


I really hope so. He’s so weird and creepy. I think he just spouts off stuff to get his mom’s approval and affection not really thinking about it. If he’s allowed to be himself maybe he will be less creepy.


Maybe Jill was trying to get a free meal from Heidi’s mom, or tried to join T&H on a date lol.


She forgets the fact that pregnant Kaylee who,is also experiencing Morning sickness was taking care of Patricia while Jill was on yet another vacation so it would have been hard for Kaylee to rush to Jill's side


I'm stuck at "thank God for the generator". The storm, created by God, took the power out. It would have stayed out if HUMANS at the hotel hadn't bought generators.🙄


Fundie logic!


Yes, Jill, of course the Devil really decided that upsetting you was the most evil of all the evil things he could do. Because you really, really, are Jesauce's best person. Plague, pestilence, war, famine .....no, Jill's hokey Retreat needs all of the Devil's attention! The woman is a delusional.


Boy, that Satan is a real multitasker!




He took a break from torturing the liberals to torment Jill.


Maybe he had a bit of free time and was bored?


According to the st Peter the devil is always prowling about like a roaring lion looking for people to devour. Jill is obviously top of the menu 😂


He'll have to line up behind the leopards to eat her face then


Maybe she had a falling out with the Dingus clan. I don’t hear much about them anymore. Maybe Nathan and Nurie have a strained relationship with Anna Duggar because of the wedding dress comment and Jill is inserting herself in the middle. Who knows with this crazy woman.


Remind me, what was the wedding dress comment?


Anna reportedly made fun of Nurie’s wedding dress and was allegedly told off by the head pastor’s wife.


Anna seems like she could have a stuck-up attitude since she married into "fundie royalty". I can actually hear her doing this, considering she couldn't be bothered to wear more than a potato sack to her brother's wedding. For being loving Christians, these Fundies sure are giant assholes to each other 🤣


And look at the dress Anna married sex pest in. I’d take Nurie’s dress over Anna’s in a hot second!


Same. I thought Nurie looked beautiful in her dress even though it was dated. Same with Kaylee, though hers looked more modern.


Right? She got married in a dress that looked like a nightgown


I’ve seen on a few threads that Anna isn’t as meek and soft as she portrays herself to be, like she’s actually meaner than snot sometimes and I couldn’t believe it as much as I could, she seemed fake but then again being married so young I figured submission and all of the Duggar expectations were drilled into her head before her brain was fully developed and that’s exactly what she essentially grew up to be


At least Nurie had her own wedding dress and didn’t have to share what looked like a long rayon gym t-shirt.


Oooh. Do you know exactly what Anna said and what the wife said? 🍵


Wait! I missed her getting a book about boundaries. I’ve been searching, where is this? Please do tell.


Someone gave her a book on boundaries for Christmas. And her being an idiot, posted a selfie with the book not knowing it’s kind of an insult….


Jill wouldn't know a boundary if it bit her.


Who gave her the book? Was it Jonathan andKaylee?


Million dollar question!


IIRC, she was given a Lysa TerKeurst book about boundaries at Christmas.


She's ALWAYS asking for prayers...relationship wounds means her precious TiMaY is being taken away from her. Or she's trolling for a new car and or someone to cook for them since their electric is always out. It's called a bill Jill....pay it....


Jill does strike me as the type of person that once someone helps them once, they expect it. So she’s bummed her church isn’t showering them with free meals and new cars. Or I could see her offering her parents a place to stay “out of the her love for them and the kindness of her heart” then demanding them and her family support them monetarily for doing so. I would suspect her family or her church told her no this time and that means they’re heartless evil people who don’t appreciate all “she does for them” It definitely couldn’t be that her and her hardest working husband are lazy grifters who just take take take without giving anything in return.


All of these things good or bad are the result of living in an imperfect world. Neither God nor the devil causes them.


I think it’s with at least one of her sisters. She rarely talks about Lisa and her posts about Angie and Amy have significantly decreased. Ma and Pa Noyes moved a house onto Amy’s property right before Ma’s stroke. Suddenly, after her last hospital stay, Ma and Pa are staying with Jill and Co, rather than in their own home. That’s a bit odd to me, as Amy’s family is right there to help with care and they have at least some experience in caring for someone who uses a wheelchair. Plus, I follow the Praying for Amy Foster fb page and Jill hasn’t commented on her recent post. She ALWAYS posts on them. Alternate ideas in my head include Nathan FINALLY having enough of her or Jonathan having bigger cojones than expected and keeping her out of their home constantly. I truly think it’s with her sisters, though.


I wonder if any of her favorite ladies backed out of taking a selfie with her? *Smeagol-Jill voice/* "*It stings us!"*


I thought she miscarried six weeks ago, not three.


Where is Shrek in all of this? Can he repair any of the ‘broken down’ cars? Can he do anything with the crashes ‘pooters? Is he there for Jillpm emotionally, having lost a baby three weeks ago?


Pardon me, but did she just compare her SEVERE miscarriage, which in her belief system is the death of a literal baby, with the power going off for a few minutes while someone was speaking at an event? And the power went right back on? Am I hearing this right?


"We don't have power waaaah.". Ma'am, our power was out for weeks after a major hurricane almost took us out. We were displaced and our home almost looted during that time. But do go on about how the devil is keeping you from curling your hair or whatever minor inconvenience you're experiencing because it's definitely an evil force picking on God's Chosen One Jill Rodrigues.


THeir RV, where they spend 9 months out of the year, also has a generator in it ... and wasn't she JUST bragging about how Shrek single-handedly repaired one of their vehicles (with the assistance of a Rodlet or two)?


Sounds like she and Mother Nature are having relationship issues. We did have a line of super bad thunderstorms roll through the state yesterday and where I live we are still under high wind warnings and tons of people are without power. (Not me so MN and I are good 😂). Oh and bold of you to assume Jill would ever read a book let alone learn something from it. I think she is just throwing around buzz words she picked up on her church travelings for her retreat.


No Jill. It’s not the devil. It’s normal things that happen to people. Jesus. She thinks she should be untouchable. Nothing bad should ever happen to jeebus’s right hand man.


🎵It’s me Hi, I’m the problem, It’s me 🎵


Her new season of life is not what she wanted. No more babies. And honestly, looking at Shrek, they probably aren't together enough to make one. The older girls have their own families and husbands who may have grown more of a backbone. Nathan's facial expressions add to that. Timcel getting married. Heidi's mother probably isn't going to let Jill plan one of her god awful weddings.


JillPM- I’m not asking for prayers. I’m asking for money. The biblical grift is strong in the Rod family.


Maybe it God telling her to STOP her grifting manure and start participating in the Work of Daily Living?


Sounds like God hates her and her retreat


Maybe someone complained about the rotten bananas in the cellophane covered baskets and she had to cut them out of her life


Yessss 🍌


But yellow foods are her specialty!!


Was it really only three weeks ago that she miscarried? Surely it was longer than that?


Her entire post was an effort to warm up people for what comes next - she'll ask for $$. It's so predictable that she never takes responsibility for anything.


Sounds like god is trying to STOP the retreat….


So what exactly is the theology here? Did the devil literally cause all those things to happen? Or is she talking about the devil working internally to discourage her after they happened? Which one does Jill mean?


I’m guessing Jill’s sister(s) or someone we don’t know. I doubt it’s about Kaylee or Timmy, considering she’s posted photos with them very recently, and this description seems pretty serious.


So 2/20- 2/21 she posted about her miscarriage, and that she’d made a YouTube for it, so she must have been doing all the writing a week before, the retreat was 3/20 something, ain’t no way she lost a baby 3 weeks before the retreat the days don’t add up


Anyone can fake a pregnancy too


The test was positive, idk whos it could’ve been besides her own unless she did some creepy stuff 😅


Could it have been an old one? Might be weird, but I kept mine and put them in my kids’ baby books.


Well, she should be grateful she wasn’t SEVERELY attacked by a can of green beans this time! 🤣


Their vehicles seem to always be broken down 🙄 A thinly veiled plea for grifting more money or new cars 🙄


Don't believe the devil. Things happen for a reason. I don't question why they happen. I just say. What is this trying to teach me?


Yes! This is what logical Christians say. God gives a life to live as we please, and life’s ups and downs are going to happen to everyone, regardless of righteousness or lack thereof. To believe that the devil is omniscient and omnipresent (which is the allusion Jill has set for the reader) is to say that he has control over people and just throws his hands up and causes havoc all around the world all at the same time to people everywhere. Jill, the rain falls on the just and the unjust, remember? Like trashpicker57 said, what lessons can you learn from what you’re experiencing?


Thank you!


I wonder if Heidi turned down Timmays marriage proposal, if he did actually propose? Or has her hunky David has said no more babies? I don’t wish I’ll on her kids but as for Jill, she deserves all the bad luck that she gets!


David wasn't shown in any of the Retreat photos (yet). Maybe Jill was worried the ladies might be tempted by his hunkiness and his ability for hard work. Who am I kidding? They just want poorly written, ugly "tracks" printed on a budget.




Her children are breaking her heart by moving out


This is not relevant to any of that but can I just say...I freaking HATE her endless and unnecessary parentheticals.


I would hope it meant they were cutting ties with J'Pest once and for all.


Oh no, looks likes trouble in paradise!