That's people who use RLTracker


It's crazy how many people see that and still think the average player is in high diamond to champ. I tried explaining to someone that season 6 rank distribution posted BY psyonix shows average rank is around gold to low plat lol


I swear a lot of people seem to think the average rocket league player has logged about 1000 hours


Bro I see SOO many GCs and high champs saying d3-champ3 is the new gold. And that it's the average rank and doesn't mean shit anymore lol. If the avg player is playing at champ pace then holy shit the RL community has gotten better as a whole


I roll my eyes every time I see someone say something like that. By the time you’re gold you’ve gotten the hang of the game pretty well, and by platinum you’ve gotten pretty good. Yes you’d get absolutely stomped by the average player on this subreddit, but not the average player as a whole. The “average” player is not knocking in aerials with consistency lol.


Lmao I feel you. The last time someone tried telling me that I literally sent them to link to the post of the pysonix mod posting the ranked distribution and he still was trying to deny it 🙄


Those ppl have lost all perspective, it’s honestly sad to see.


If the average rank is champ 1 then how do I regularly match against the same players in champ? Lol it’s pretty obvious champ is a decently small portion of the player base


I have 3000 hours and had someone the other night rip on me for being stuck in Champ 1. Like I’m pretty happy with that, and I’m 31 and getting old, I just play to have fun. Some people think everyone’s supposed to make it to GC after a certain amount of time or they suck.


It all comes down to what you practice. If you're playing with friends or just for the fun then you can end up anywhere. If you hard sweat training freeplay for 1500 hours you'd expect to be probably higher ranked just with how much more consistent you'd expect to be. But people who are like that aren't worth talking to. I hit C1 at 500 hours and didn't climb past it till 1000. I hit GC1 at 1500 and I haven't climbed past it and I'm at 1900. People who look at hours as context for learning retention and skill forget that some people don't give a fuck.


Yeah it doesn t even make sense, like even if everyone played better not everyone can be champ or higher, someone has to be in the lower ranks too and there will always be more people there


Well if my sample size is just my household ... seems about right. lol.


I and my friend have about 250 hours each and we are d3 in 2s. All you need is know how to hit the ball hard and have some common sense. And maybe the most basic aerial skills.


honestly "hit the ball when trying to hit the ball" was like my main objective for improvement all the way through silver, gold, and a bit of plat. Now that I've more or less gotten that down, "hit ball in desired direction" is the task, and it's doing pretty well for me in plat/diamond. Of course the bigger thing is that I have literally any sense of where the ball and the other players are, and try to maintain a reasonable position rather than constantly ball-chase or triple-commit. I can't double-flip-reset-half-musty-noscope-backboard-pinch, but I can see when we're about to lose possession and head back to our goal to block the incoming shot, so I sometimes win games.


This. to elaborate: it only uses the data from accounts that have been searched for. it's more common for players more serious about ranks to have looked up their account so the results are skewed. actual average is usually around P3 I think.


Lower, according to the official S6 distributions (found in the sidebar), it's around G2-P1, depending on the playlist >!this is the most populous rank, not the average rank!<


most populous/average is probably more or less the same no? not that it matters, just interested. whats the side bar? in rl tracker?


> most populous/average is probably more or less the same no? They can be different on some cases, but with large samples they tend to be the same, especially with a [Gaussian distribution](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Normal_distribution) of data. However, in games with a ranking system, the "entry" tiers can be more populated than the previous and the following tier, because some players stop playing after achieving a certain rank or getting a certain reward, forming little peaks in the distribution.


This guy statistics


it's the difference of asking: "what's the average rank" vs "what's the rank of the average player"


What about median rank?


Median is the one right in the middle. With grouped data, it's the group that contains the middle vale. In Rocket League's case, that would be Plat 1 or 2 I think, I don’t have the data at hand.


To he more precise it would be also important to include the activities of each player, since most lower ranked accounts have very low activity-rates. So the average player actually playing the game at any certain moment might be way higher than the average player registered in the game.


I'd be surprised if the 2 are very close, but I cba to do the math right now Sidebar of this subreddit, under helpful links, but [here it is](https://www.reddit.com/r/RocketLeague/comments/vwnbx7/season_6_rank_distribution/)


yerp after more thought on it, turns out I'm way to math dumb to even work out an average. thanks for the link/info though 👍


I did actually work it out (pretty easy with a weighted average, for simplicity's sake), and it's at most 1 rank difference, so good hypothesis! I guess?


Median vs mean They're usually similar, but rarely exactly the same


Thats actually mode vs mean


True, but mode is a mostly useless metric


It was still mode


Median is a mean mode. Worse than chaos.


Presumably there are millions of accounts that were started but dropped the game before reaching addiction status... probably tons and tons of G's laying around unused.


Only the ones that played all of their placement matches during that season would be accounted for.


Every new account starts with 600 mmr in ranked, which is around Gold 3. A lot of the new playerbase hesitate to play ranked and main casuals, due to which their rank remains Gold 3. I feel like if all of these players played ranked the average rank could be higher.


I would suspect lower, since many players probably quit before reaching a gold 3 skill level, especially considering the game is now free.


didn't know about this, thanks


actually when i played on a high school esports team we used rl tracker to look up our opponents rank and their stats so that we could have the upper hand. it didnt work tho considering i was a d3 and the other 2 players were g3


What kind of highschool Esports team lineup is that..


Trust me, you’d be lucky if you had a hs esports team that that has a full roster of higher ranked players.


i was on my highschool team. we were all gc1


Why start one in the first place if you let 2 golds play, lose guaranteed imo.


my teacher really wanted to make an esports team and the only games we could play in georgia at the time were league, smite, and rocket league. the teacher hated league and found put that smite is very similar to league so he started a rocket league team. we took the people we could for the team. now i dont think there is a rocket league team anymore because I graduated and no one else wanted to play, but now they are doing smash and there is like 20 people in smash which is a lot of people in my town.


Its highschool. It doesnt have to about winning. I played highschool sports to make friends, have a hobby, and have competition. Our school has 1200 people compared to every other school in the counties 5000 people average, we lost in every sport, should we have just not played? I had a blast at practices and traveling with my teammates, even in games we would constantly lose be cause it was still fun to compete.


Sounds like you were on my baseball team with me.


This. In reality I believe gold-plat is the most populated rn, which makes sense. But lower ranked people aren’t normally going to use RLTracked as they aren’t taking the game super seriously, and RLTracked in general is not advertised to lower ranked players.


I’ve always heard Plats are most common. I feel like it’s prob be high gold to low plat


Each new player starts with 600 MMR, so the average MMR should always be close to 600 as that's the total rating available in the pool. There are things that distort it, as the exchange of rating isn't always zero sum, e.g. if a high rated player creates an alt account, they gain a lot of rating from the starting point of 600 in their early games without opponents losing an equal amount of rating. But genuinely new players who are initially worse than 600 will lose a lot of rating in the early games, so for the most part it averages out and the average should remain around 600.


Just look up, “Rocket League rank distribution Reddit.” Psyonix posts rank distributions on Reddit after every season. In reality, if you’re Champ I in 3s, you’re in the top 5% of the player base


Almost in the top 5% and I'm trash, I fucking love this game


Compared to silvers, you are next to god.


Recently someone in one of my lobbies was upset about a teammate whiffing. I tried to defuse the situation by stating that if we'd never whiff we wouldn't be trash GCs. And he was like "Bruh, that's like top 0.6%" or whatever it is, and I couldn't stop but admire how no matter how high you get you'll just suck less.


This game is hard


I mean, you can say that about any competitive game or sport. I see people say that a lot about specifically Rocket League but it’s just weird. You’re not ever gonna be perfect in any sport you play, or video game.


1 division off top 5% and I want to die :)


It makes me feel a lot better realizing that I’m in the top 1%l lol


And then you realized that it means even top1% suck at this game


Try being allegedly top 0.01% and realising you still suck lmao. Bear in mind all these players probably didn't check their own MMR on the tracker site, it's likely that in-game MMR checkers like the tracker app & bakkesmod have checked these for all players in the lobby who end up appearing in these stats. You've then got a ton of players below D1 that most likely don't use a checker or don't know they exist, then after that you've got console players who can't use them. High population with not many people tracking will skew the data towards the higher end where the info is being reported from.


Yeah, you don’t get better at rl. You just suck a bit less


I'm a console player and am able to use RL tracker to see my mmr and current rank %. Is the tracker I look up different/seperate from your in-game tracker? Genuinely curious why you say that console players can't check/aren't tracked.


Nah the tracker is the same, I just mean that you can't have bakkesmod or the tracker overlay do that for you automatically. As a result, most people below D1's ranks aren't checked nearly as often because they're mostly just playing to enjoy the game. When I play, bakkesmod automatically checks the ranks of everyone in my match and displays them for me so that's potentially 6 rank checks made per game. Above a certain level it's fair to assume at least one person in each match is using something like this, thus the majority of games every player is checked and will show on the tracker. Below D1 that one person per game will drop significantly because the player base in lower ranks is more typically on console & cannot check every player in the match every time automatically as a result.


Oof don’t say this. I had hope it would eventually get better.


Don’t worry I have plenty of solo queue teammates that remind me how bad I am


Watching worlds recently, watching some of the wildcard play-in games, I realize that even at the most elite level, there are still a fair number of astoundingly bad whiffs, players completely out of position, and just generally dumb plays.


Yeah, and it’s even more easier to realize when you are spectating a game. Take your own game for example, watch them after you played it and you’ll see how ridiculous it can get some time


Oh, I'm well aware of all my colossal fuckups as they happen in realtime. I'm just incapable of preventing them all the same :) I'm not the sort of person to think "I'd be SSL if I had some decent teammates", I'm the sort of person that exclusively plays 1v1 because I don't want to inflict my bad play on other people.


Oh I wasn’t saying that. Just that we all look way dumber when we are just spectating and not playing (and it’s the same for basically all the other games)


I feel like this is the pervasive issue with skill based mm in every single game that has it. You never feel like you've gotten better because ur opponents are also getting better. It only feels like you get better if you can compare urself to both better and worse players as you progress. Played 3s again after not for a while and I actually got a sense of how much better I'd gotten in the last few months.


I dunno about that. I guess it is partially true, but on rl the thing is even the basics are hard to master. Take shooting for example. Hitting a shot with the right power, in the right position to land it in the right place. Something as simple as that is in reality extremely hard. And I’m only talking about a simple shot. Now consider ceiling shot, flick shot, shots from the wall… and you’ll see how complex rl is. For example, if you are part of the top 1% on a fps game, I’ll assume you have mastered all the basics stuff and you are indeed quite good. But if I take the example of my experience on rl, I’m gc which is like below top 1% I believe, and I still make mistakes a champ would make. I don’t know if you get my point, but I guess what you said is also true with the fact everyone is getting better as you are grinding


I think we’re in the top 2-3% as a champ 3 haha but still


For 1v1 you'd probably be around top 0.3 or 0.4 %, or something near there.


Hell yeah, I used to think the same thing about the RL Tracker Network


Lmao same here but I’m still GARBAGE compared to SSL’s and high GC players.


oh wow, being in the D3-C1 limbo I change between being top 16-10% lol


Bro get out of that hell you'll feel so much better


I go between champ one and two but in duo, I suck at 3s


What would Diamond 1 players be percentage wise?


Top 35%


The 4.99999999 percent of players that are 1,000x better than me is really sad lol


RL tracker only collects data from people that have been looked up. High ranked people that play this game seriously are more likely to look themselves up. So the stats on RL tracker are skewed towards the higher ranks. For accurate data use the official rank distribution sheet that is released here on Reddit every season: https://www.reddit.com/r/RocketLeague/comments/vwnbx7/season_6_rank_distribution/?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share


Thanks! Makes me feel a lot better about myself for some reason.


Yeah I will not forget the day that one of my friends told me that C3 is actually top 1.2%


My friend tried to argue that D1 was top 5% at the game... lmao


Technically I don't think they're THAT far off. If the whole data includes every single account created (including those who don't play anymore) lol




when my teammates or the other team start trashing each other, I like to compliment them and remind everyone that we are competing in the top 1-2% in the world, just take a breath enjoy that you have made it this far and play the next game.


For some reason?


You're telling me I'm in the top 0.9% of players? I can't even hit the damn ball off the wall


Its been 81 years and I still don't know how to handle corners


You: Does 99/100 skills better than 99.1% of players. Also You: Does 1/100 skills worse than 95% of players. Butterfly meme: Does this mean I suck? lol.


Lmao so true though




You are the 1%


Top 0.17%


Most of the people I look up on RL Tracker are people I suspect of being smurfs, so they'll often be like gold ranked (at least for some playlists).


Because that’s where dreams go to die.


Can confirm, D3/C1 and my dreams if anything more are dead.


I guess that‘s the level where most players reach their plateau


Can confirm. Am plateaued. Hover between diamond II and III and don’t really have any motivation to put the work in to break into champ reliably.


Sorry, very long message explaining my favorite workshop maps and how to train in them. If you‘re on pc and interested in ranking up, I have some favorite workshop maps that I still do today as my training routine to get to GC (currently c3div4, I was plateau-ing at c2 for months before doing this warmup routine a couple of weeks ago). So the maps: ••• Leth ice rings. 10 min. Don‘t try to be as fast as possible, but rather get as uncomfortable as you can in the air to train your aerial control and recoveries. What I do is 5 min of always spinning around, both left and right; 5 min of reverse (the underside of the car facing you). ••• Hornest nest. 10 min. Great to train recoveries, powerslide, jumping off walls. ••• Aim training map. 5-10 min. Great to improve on accuracy and power shots / air roll shots. ••• Air dribble challenge map (what‘s good is that you can easily skip/go back to levels). 10-15 min. This will for sure boost your ability to bring the ball in the air, improve your first touches, and improve your ball control in the air.


Just wanted to add: [Dribble 2 Overhaul.](https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1694288506) This map is 100% what got me from D3 to C2 and is technically the 2nd highest rated workshop map of all time. When I first started it, I couldn't even beat the simple first level reliably. Now, I'm able to beat the whole course in under 10 minutes. I feel so much more comfortable catching and keeping the ball close, and my flicks and dribbles have improved a ridiculous amount (backflip flick passes are so much fun). Side note, I'd say anyone can get into C1 with pretty bare bones mechanics, if their position and rotation are very solid.


I'm trying get to champ then I can finally stop playing


Yeah, not going to happen. You'll keep grinding for gc afterwards. And then you'll just keep playing because "that shiny title every season". Trust me. ;D


I had given up on ever reaching champ, until a drunk Friday win streak put me up to champ 1 briefly (instead of the normal dive to low diamond). Now I really want those last few games to get the rewards. Infuriating


GL on that!


I managed to find my way back to champ today and find the last few wins I needed!


Congrats, welcome to the start of the top! :)


I hate ranked but I’m probably gonna play to get my rewards at some point.


i can confirm this has just happened to me as I reached GC1 a few nights ago, I have my rewards and I can finally go back to my freeplay / training packs.


I just got to C1 in 2s. And the skillgap between D3 and C1 is starting to show. Hanging on to C1 by a thread lol


I am lower diamond and often get Champs in my casual lobbies. The skill gap between d2 and c1 is unreal. Like, the difference between silver and Plat 3


Was down in D2 in 3s back in November of 2021, but I had hardly played any ranked. When I started playing ranked again, holy shit it felt BAD. Had to learn how to carry at that rank. Now I'm almost C3 in 2s and 3s.


You'll take a small break and realize that even with all the BS, you genuinely love this game. Then you'll be back to playing for fun for a month or two, get tired of being the same rank, and before you know it, you're in free play trying to master air roll left.




I did exactly that lol, reached champ 1 and haven’t played anymore for 3-4 months lol


Is life better now? Lol


Yess huge relief 😮‍💨


Because that’s about the ceiling for most players. The ones who love the game and play it but don’t put in hours everyday to get better


I really wish TRN would be more clear about the fact that these statistics are representative of their user base and not the playerbase. I see this misconception pop up everywhere, including by popular YouTubers (most recent example is CBell stating that GC is top 2%)


RL tracker only has data based on the users that use its platform. It’s skewed because typically higher rank players care more about their rank.


I'm stuck between Diamond III and Champ I. It's difficult to progress to Champ when you play with randoms, which is what I do 99% of the time. Stats tell a story tough: **Time played:** 38 days 22h **Wins:** 48,924 **MVP:** 3,395 **Goals:** 22,124 **Shots:** 23,636 **Saves:** 13,037


Stats don’t tell the full story, but tbh it seems like you are where you are for a reason. 3,395 MVPs is considerably low for almost 50k wins, as an average player in their respective rank would get MVP around 33% of the time, but you get it less than 7% of the time. You don’t need more MVPs to deserve a higher rank, as oftentimes people with lower MVP amounts are more conservative and play more of a defensive role, to cover for ball chasing randoms. But, you average 1 save every 3.75 games you win (not considering games you’ve lost) and most defensive players are likely to have an average of at least 2-3 saves every win. Finally, you have 22,124 goals from 23,636 shots. This is a very impressive goal-to-shot ratio, however that’s less than a single shot and less than a single goal for every 2 games you win (again not even adding losses), and most players in their respective rank average more shots than that in their rank. Don’t get me wrong, your probably miles better than me (and most of the playerbase) and stats don’t tell the full story but you also are probably in your rank for a reason. Keep grinding and I’m sure you’ll get out of there in no time :)


Take a look at his RLTracker stats (commented above). The numbers make a lot more sense there: 2,500 wins; 6,700 goals; 6,200 saves; 1,200 MVPs. Based on my own stats, I’d say those are pretty typical D III - Champ I stats.


Wow dude! Amazing DD! Thank you very much!!


Np hope that helps :)


Wow man that is some dedication. Are you top 100 in matches played on RL tracker?


Don't think so: ref. https://rocketleague.tracker.network/rocket-league/profile/xbl/GeneralDan29/overview


Oh your good dude you’ve only got like 2500 wins. Don’t go off those other stats they are bugged. I’ve got 4 times the matches you have and I’m champ so you’ll be out of champ eventually.


honestly i found out it's almost all about adapting. If you can adapt well to the teammates at your rank and also work on your overall game on the side you can rank up pretty fast. i got from gold 2 in 2s in season 2 (f2p) to gc2 in s7 with about 600-800 hours in game. D3 to C1 was a breeze once i realized that at that point, you can get out of those ranks with mechanical ability and letting your teammates do their thing while making up for their mistakes.


I strictly play with randoms. The d3 to c1 mental barrier is one of the hardest hurtles I've had to jump in a game before. Youll get there. I also have like 4700 wins, so you're kinda ahead of schedule a little


Ooehh I’m diamond 3, still looking for a mate?


Yeah dude! What platform you on?


Xbox and pc, but I prefer pc hahaha.


Alright, send me your epic user on a DM


48k wins in 950 hours I smell something insanely off


934 actually. It’s straight from my Xbox gamer profile so…


Sorry if I came off rude, I’m not sure what supplies that info but the rocket league tracker you posted is the real information with numbers much more on par. If you played on another account with more hours it might make more sense but playing almost 100k games would take like 350 days haha


Microsoft are liars then, but what’s new.


Usually people get stuck at the bottom tier of a new rank because if you are good enough to make it past the first tier the competition is around the same the way up so you can generally make it to the next rank with enough play time. But once you hit that new rank the competition is harder and you get hard stuck until you get good enough then you can make it through the tiers again. That is why the ranks usually populate like that


Because the majority of the player base is not good at rocket league


Because most of the player base has been around long enough to hit their ceiling.


Cause that is my rank, and everyone wants to be where I am hanging cause I'm cool ![gif](emote|free_emotes_pack|sunglasses)


Bro how did y’all have high school teams wtf


That’s why I stay in Gold. I’m a trendsetter.


Because really bad players enter diamond, making it hard to get out of.


It is not, this is only Rocket Tracker data, which is used by people caring about their rank, the true distribution sits around low plat https://www.reddit.com/r/RocketLeague/comments/vwnbx7/season_6_rank_distribution/


Bell distribution?


Because diamond became the new platinum




Atm everytime I hit c2 I get shoved back to c1 div 2 but I'll get there


Same, getting from D3 to C1 is almost as hard as getting from C1 to C2


It’s actually not. The majority is gold-Diamond. Look up “rank distribution” in RL’s sub and you’ll find the post from about 29 days ago. It’ll tell you the majority of players. It’s pretty even between gold and play especially so most players are in that range. What you’re looking at is RLtracker and only a fraction of people use it, and it’s usually the higher end of the player base


Have you ever tried to get out of champ 1? Skill gap gets crazy from there


Because the majority of people still playing rocket league have been playing for 5+ years. I mean how bad can you be after 5 years doing something?


There's this thing called normal (Guassian) distribution; ie a bell curve.


We all out here learning !!!


It should be saying "accounts", not players.


Cause no life


They post the breakdown after each season. Most look to be plat to champ, little wider distribution.


I think it is the easiest place to get stuck


Because they can't get out of it


Bell Curve? It's a pretty standard distribution of player skill.




c1 is like 1000-1100 can’t remember exactly tbh


Hey look it’s me


Because my bitchass has been stuck d2 since quarantine started and I’d say I relate to a lot of people


I didn’t play for 2 years, got placed in d2. Take from that what you will.


Because like me the majority of rocket league players suck


You've passively insulted me with your numbers. We normie pleebs chill in low Gold. Lolol


Its an easy place to get stuck lol


you need to review your definition of majority


It's because of our teammates


There are dozens of us.


Nothing like being hardstuck in the top 3% 🥹


Can you please send me the full list? Thanks!


Hacks bro, must be.


One of us !


I see myself in this and I hate it.


It’s kinda like the middle ground,


I think low diamond to high plat is the area in which the game is competitive enough to keep playing but also not competitive enough to go in „deeper“, meaning you would have to invest a really big Amount of time in the game compared to before. So most players will just shimmy around these leagues once they have acquired enough „skill“ and won’t decrease, but also not increase their level. Kinda like going from hobby sports to a more „professional“ or serious setting, it is cool, but also takes away a lot of fun if you don’t fully commit.


I'm been in champ 1.5 for nearly 2 years now bc I only play once every few months. Good to see I can help create an above average average.


Sounds about right, but it's for players that actually using the rocket league tracker site which tend be committed "sweatier" players. But the distribution of all players and their ranks show that the most people are within the platinum to high gold rank


They have to be somewhere


Because every Bad Player is gonna get stuck there some day


Smurfs are all in diamond😀


Games been out 5 years


So they feel good :)




2020 free to play. Natural progression of hours played corresponding with respective ranks.


I think that D3\~C1 is the first proper barrier most people face and will face, and end up needing some external help and training to pass through.


I grinded rocket league real hard for a few months when I first got it, now I don’t play ranked. Tourneys and casual only.


personally I'm just toooo lazy to put in more work than I already did


I will say this..All my Plat friends moved up to Champ about a year ago but their skill only partially improved. I would say the devs might be able to explain better


Because those are the based ones


Because I’ve played casually for 6 years and don’t feel like grinding past champ


Technically that is a super minority, not a majority


I'm wrong... Math