Made this for a friend who never does anything wrong. I'm guessing some of you can relate.

Made this for a friend who never does anything wrong. I'm guessing some of you can relate.


That’s why I always cherish the casual lobby with just a bunch of players having a silly goose good time


This is exactly why I main casual now. Way more fun to just have a few beers and go for stupid shit and goof around. Plus there’s a pretty small group of us who play late night west coast casuals at my MMR level and we all (most of us, anyway) get along pretty well. There’s definitely a few assholes but I feel like that’s kind of a given with any online game.


Yeah. I play on Oceania and I often match up with players I recognize in casual now. It is pretty good because we are all chill.


I'm an Oceania player too. Some people panic over fucks ups and I just laugh it off. As soon as I give anyone grief for doing something silly, I'm gonna repeat the same mistake immediately.


Yeah I'm OCE and I'll play casual when I'm tired/ just wanna relax and have a couple of drinks and it makes me laugh when someone's going nuts in chat.


C2 chiming in. If you get in a lobby where your teammate/opponent doesn't leave at the slightest chance of loss, casual games can be some of the best. Winning a game of ranked is fun. But have you ever came back from a 0-3 to win 6-5, then everyone in the lobby says "Well played." and votes to rematch?


Total noob here. What does MMR mean?


MMR is the point system that's behind the ranks.


How would one go about checking their MMR score?


It depends, are you on PC or console? For consoles just Google rocket league tracker On PC you can do it with bakkesmod which can show you the MMR in-game


If you have a buddy on PC as well, they can load bakkes or alpha with you in the party and tell you your MMR :). I only suggest this as I find the tracker website incredibly convoluted to use.


Match making rating


I recently started to play casual because I want to get more consistent before going back to climb in ranked... Turns out I like casual the most. People are really cool, I rarely see flamers. In only one day I met 3 persons who are really good at the game and seem to be really nice persons, we became rocket league friends and we play together now. Also, the games are really fun and tbh it has been the best experience I've ever had in RL


What mmr are you at in casual? I haven’t played too much casual but I always play late night west servers so I would be down to get in the giddy groove.


Oh I answered the other guy first oops. Generally somewhere between 2300-2600


I'm also curious what MMR you're at in cas. I might switch over to start maining casual (few games off GC rewards this season so will probably get them first). I'm getting sick of competitive, especially as I start to coach some higher rank teams and learn how I should be playing (as far as positioning, rotations, etc), actually playing is starting to tilt me.


Right now not sure but I’m almost always somewhere between 2300 and 2600. Depends on how I’m playing and I usually drop a couple hundred on the weekends cuz I’m usually playing drunk haha.


BLYAN!! My west coast brotha


Would be nice to play casual with my current friends. But everyone is like "I gotta queue ranked. Can't get better playing normals." Sad times


Yeah that isn't true at all. Last time I got ranked, I was gold 1-2. I stuck to free play, training packs, and casuals for a few months and now I'm plat 2-3. Getting better is really about practice, and pushing yourself out of your comfort zone. I imagine most of my improvement is from training and free play, not so much gameplay, although obviously that is important too.


Yea casual is good for working mechanics that you normally wouldnt in ranked. Tell your friends they’re being very closed minded :P


I played casual for 2 years straight in college because my internet would randomly spike on wifi and I didn't want to lose a ranked game because of internet. I went from gold ranking to about GC by playing only unranked. Just started to play ranked again this season because the GC decal seems cool.


I have my late night East Coast crew :) I get sad when I join lobbies and don’t see people I usually play with at night lol


Late night west coast gang.


Oh man. There’s a name I recognize since back when I was a console pleb. I’ll be fully honest, I used to hate you because you and your buddies would destroy me every time lol. Now I actually really enjoy playing you because I feel like we always have fun/competitive games.


Someone understands!


Blyan you smell like butts


I’m glad that this dumb phrase is the thing I’m known for lmao


See this sounds like a blast! But for some reason my casual MMR is like 400 points higher than my ranked MMR and I have no idea why. I grab a few beers looking to just goof around and have a good time, but end up running into the next squishy muffinz and jstn in casual and find myself getting clipped on and down 4-0 before the first minute is over haha anyone else's casual MMR unusually high for no particular reason? lol


Your casual mmr will almost always be higher than your ranked. That’s just kinda the nature of casual. I play against better people in casual than I do in ranked (I regularly run into pros, including tonight) but it’s still just more fun to me.


Casual rank is higher because there are no seasonal rank resets in casual.


So maybe I don't understand it, but I'm at my highest ranked MMR ever right now. I guess i just don't understand how I ever got that high in the first place. Because I assure you I don't belong where I'm at lol.


Been maining casuals for about a year now. It’s so wholesome and fun, how rocket league is meant to be played. I’ve met a lot of great people. Plus quick chat isn’t instantly assumed to be toxic and sarcastic. When I hit a nutty own goal, I say great pass and the opponent isn’t afraid to hit me with a “nice shot,” because we’re all just having a good time.


I find casuals pretty annoying. Wo many leavers


Especially in higher mmrs, you can't finish a game without someone leaving




In my experience, every goal that gets scored someone leaves.




I do not know what you consider high MMR, but I am Champion 3 and I rarely ever play ranked because it is just too toxic, I always play unranked.


I get my champ rewards and go back to snow/rumble or casual


You seee maaaann,you’ve got the wrong attitude, a leaver is just another opportunity to see if boomer can live up to his name :’) But yeah I feel you it can take a few games to get into a groove. But there’s nothing better than rocking a server with the same people rotating teams for 2 hours.


Those lobbies man... So rare but so gold.


Yep, I dunno how it is in GC since I've never been there, but even at my rank it's annoying. Solo Standard is my casual now. I mean, it's *not* casual, but I care so little about my Solo Standard rank that I can brush off the toxicity and play it as if it *were* casual.


Honestly, this is a great way to do it if you don't immediately have a teammate


This is what I do to warm up for ranked but honestly solo standard has such low quality games it's insane. I'll never understand why that playlist is so much different from standard or casual.


How are you not getting matched with the salty edge lords that I always get matched with!


And then you reply back with Thanks!


Damn right ;)


Am I silly for wanting a quick chat LOL option for exactly this scenario?


I still think that there should be a casual rumble lobby


So much this. On several occasions, eventually a toxic guy would join the lobby and start spamming Wow or whatever and typing bs in chat. Every time without fail, the chill lobby has managed to tell the guy to calm tf down and have a laugh. Toxic guy then proceeds to join in the lols and just have a good time. Hope in humanity +1




I’m down for a silly goose time and that’s it


Always great having a silly goose good time. Nosotros papaya


Dude. Silly goose time always


I always just focus on having a good time. That's the real Rocket League.


I just practice doing crazy stuff on duos/standard casual


Thats why im glad to be bronze 1 lol


my crew ended up playing Chaos with this other same group of four for like an hour and a half a couple weeks ago. We had one dude who literally just picked up RL for the first time. They had one dude who was on his 2nd or 3rd session ever. Here's the rest of us, all Champ+ level dudes and two others who we're all just cheering any time they ever touch the ball. After 2-3 games in the same casual lobby, we shifted into a private match because we were all drunk and having fun. This went on for a solid 90 minutes before they had to leave. That's what RL should be about.


Where do i find These lobbies, almost every casual match people are just toxic. I just wanna have fun :(


This is my friend to me in casual...


Yeah I’d stop playing with him then. Or at least call him out every time


I've played for.the past 4 years and never ever played casual. I've never taken the game seriously enough to care about competitive points, unlike I have with Overwatch the past 4 years.


Can I tweet this and credit you?


Yeah go for it! Edit: Holy crap is that really Sunlesskhan? Yes you can tweet it!


What will you do with this new fame


Well one things for sure, it's going straight to my head.


"Worse! Itll go straight to your thighs.....and THEN you'll blow up!"


I wish I had the monetary situation to give you Platinum for this comment. That made me laugh so hard. Edit: Well someone's trying to keep me honest lol thanks for the gold kind stranger. It's going directly to the guy with the joke.


OG Spongebob does have a lot of really good jokes.


Which head?


Yes :)


I like your username :D


A wild Khan appeared :D


[Wild? I was...](https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=beCYGm1vMJ0)


still champ 1 eh?


lol no I just forgot to change it


yeah i thought so lol


I think you can request a verified tick now, just search for the posts about Esports flairs.


I'm a gold I/II. My little brother is the same and my older brother is like a champ I/II. We play casual 3s and my older brother just loses his shit sometimes. I'm a few beers in and this man is playing to save his pride. I just dont understand him sometimes. We blow, but its casual so it's not really a problem




My older brother is really competitive with Rocket League so I get where he's coming from, but me and my younger brother play to have fun. He may not admit it, but we have so much fun. We just fuck up, so he gets frustrated. I do find it amusing when he gets pissed off though lol. I'm glad other people have a similar situation


I'm the older brother in my situation. I'm in-between C1 and C2 and I've been trying to play with my younger brothers. There's a point in the game where it's hard to get others into the game to play with after you've invested a good amount of playtime into getting better. And sometimes it's easy to forget that all the mistakes that are being made by them are the same mistakes that you yourself once made. That's how it was for me once I started playing last year (my buds were D1 while I was Bronze). It's a circle, but given time as long as you keep having fun eventually you'll both be on the same level of play and will be meshing better.


I should have included that it's only occasionally when he gets mad. For some of the stuff I can't even blame him. I bump him all the time and we have thrown games where he had giant leads in the last minute or two by missing hits golds could easily make. But I mean that's just how he is and I personally find it very amusing. We have slowly been getting better lol




Please read rule 3 of the subreddit.


I seriously try to push having fun with friends of mine. They’re Gold 2/3 and I’m Diamond 3, they seem to get so frustrated with themselves on misses and poor hits. I think they have fun most of the time, but seem to get mad at the game eventually. I have to remind them that I just play this game too much, mechanics come with time.


We have a lot of fun purely because we're idiots. He only gets mad at stuff like us not rotating at all, misses balls bouncing on the ground, missing open nets. So it's not constantly and it's only on stuff he would expect golds to do at least most of the time


If you get mad in casual, you need to take a step back and reevaluate your life. imho.


To be fair, I should have only said sometimes/ occasionally when we don't do things golds should be able to do. We may or may not have thrown games in the last minute where we were up by 3 by just missing easy hits on the ball


That's frustrating for sure.


Well let me tell you he's not my friend anymore now.


I did the same lol. I had this guy who was always super toxic in any game. Always screaming at everyone and losing his mind. And he was always shitting on me for what I like, so at some point I just blocked him everywhere and muted him on discord. Problem solved.


Ya played a game with a guy and had 4 goals, he partied up, I obviously didn’t get 4 goals again, we lost, he blamed me after begging to play with me in the first place...some people smh


For a friend...


This is how it be with 2s teams in a 3s gamemode. You miss and they say "what the fuck is your problem" when you're 5 goals up.


Oops! My bad... Great pass!


I have a lower rank friend that “coaches” me because he’s watched YouTube videos.


There's nothing wrong in doing that, unless they're being rude and condescending about it.


To be fair I've met high champ players that have never heard of an esport and don't know about the left goes first rule that could use coaching by lower ranks that know some shit despite being unable to act on it


That rule is so dumb imho. Pros dont even follow it


Yeah because they communicate it. The point of the rule is to establish a default among players, especially solo qs, to avoid double committing. You can still communicate that someone else goes first, it's just for if no one says "I got it!"


When pros play together the more aggressive player goes


That's true, but in ranked you have quick chat options that allows the one who's more confident in their kickoff to go as well.


The left goes first rule?


If you both start in an identical position for kick off the person on the left takes it


Idk when that started being a rule, but I tend to not follow it because it's incredibly dumb.


Why is it a dumb rule? It's just an unspoken rule so everybody knows who is going.




Or if you follow that rule, you literally don't have to do anything


It also creates predictability on every kickoff. If I'm on the right on a diagonal, and the other team is using that stupid rule, I can beat them to the ball 90% of the time with a fast kickoff. I'm genuinely curious when that rule started becoming a thing, and since no one seems to know I've just assumed it was another one of those dumb things Fluump came up with


That's the weirdest fucking rule, how the fuck are you supposed to know that? You just use your wheels to indicate if you're going for the kickoff or not, no need for quick chat...


What if you're on diagonal kickoffs? Or if both people don't move their wheels? Then no one goes or both go I know there's quick chat but that doesn't happen all the time, it's just a general rule in higher ranks that unless someone calls it then left goes


Some people have quick chat turned off, too. The unspoken code (except when you get yelled at for not following it) is just easier.


If you’re above D3 you know xd


I'm 1640 something, bullshit..


Who's looking at teammate's wheels every kickoff? Easier to just have that code in place. If you're new, someone eventually tells you, inevitably when you double commit kickoff. Youngins these days... Back in my day, hitbox standardization was celebrated, rule 1 was rule 1, and left goes first was known and accepted. This sub is weird now.


600+ hours in, first I've heard of it


I've been playing since the alpha, have 4K+ hours, I never heard of it. I'm also 28 and GC 1640's. So none of the arguments people have been making on why I don't know this weird rule make sense.


Is your friend higher ranked


No we are right around the same rank, gold3-plat1


honestly toxic teammates killed this game for me. I can't even play it anymore without getting upset


Literally describes every teammate ever.


Can't relate have no friends.


I got you dude but give him a little credit, when you play solo you'll see how your team misses the slowest rolling balls to your goalie and then you'll miss a fast aerial then you'll understand the true anger


Friend does this, except he says “faking” every time he misses smh


This is hilarious lol


Yup, except my friend seems to have ghosted me. Last that was said was that I was "throwing". If there is anything I do, that is not one of them. I don't ff, unless a good reason, I battle to get better, I have my moments where I miss every single shot or save mainly cause I lost focus at that moment, just got to take a breather. He was new to the game and quite the ball chaser, I was very patient with him though and adjusted to "his play stlyle".


Never ff


Big fax






For me it’s both the bottom and that’s why I like the game. He’s champ 3 and I’m gold 1.


How do I tag people from Reddit?




Actually had to check the username to see if my friend posted this. Just in case, fuck you Brian <3


You mean to tell me he’s lying to me about his fakes?


I'm de best


Great 😂




Have you played with me recently?




He must have been like "Ooops..."


I both hate these guys and am these guys


You guys have friends?


admit it, it happens the other way round to


This is so so so true


this is me sorry




I even got out of our club because I was sick of this! I am in the club again...


That friend is me. :( and I hate myself for it. I’ve changed but sometimes it comes back out of me.


Missed a save because my internet stuttered and got yelled at by both teammates, they both missed an easy save in overtime and when I said what the fuck I got told shit up we all miss sometimes


*”Doesn’t do anything wrong”*


I know Patrick is so annoying sometimes


Many gamer groups have that one toxic friend, I don't take kindly to it. All it took was me to go " shut the fuck up you toxic piece of shit," he murmured something then didn't say a word for the rest of the night, sometimes you just need to feed them their own bullshit


Depending on who I’m playing with, I can be either of these people. I’m working on it, people.


I play sixmans and a now play with this dude who is exactly like this. He's like "MAN! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?" or "WHY ARE YOU THERE/NOT BACK?" Then he misses and says a quick "Sorry, sorry." Lmao, some people


Damn that's me and not my buddy 😇


I turned the chat off because of this honestly. The majority of the time, my team was more toxic than the people we were playing.


I always get the team mates spazzing out with What a save, when we are ahead by several goals. Like, if you’re that mad when you’re winning, why are you playing?


Me playing any multiplayer game: God I'm so fucking trash


Lol that's completely me. I love trolling people.


Does anyone know what website actually has the prices right. RL insider and rocket league prices all say different stuff


Stopped playing with a buddy because of this. Now I only play with the Barnyard Boys spreading some goofiness in Competitive


I’m already equally if not MORE furious at myself for literally missing a ball 5 ft in front of an open net, I don’t know how I do it, my head has one vision and my fingers just decide to betray my soul. I can hear the life draining out of my bf with each bad mistake/game we have, plat1 playing with fucking grand champs is FANTASTIC for the ego \^o^/




YES!! Lmao literally every few seconds, sometimes it is good useful feedback, but usually it is just a stab while feeling down. My head is already replaying that scenario & self-disciplining the shit outa myself, I don’t need extra reminders on top of it. I try to laugh as much as I can about those mistakes, but it’s hard to laugh when the other is annoyed lmao. I may be shit 70% of the time, but I’ve improved so much... :c




Did you consider that today is meme day and OP may have posted a meme too early and it was removed?




At least you have friends in rocket league


I do this but ironically with my friends


This is the exact opposite of me I always am super forgiving to my teammate and start irately cursing myself when I fuck up.


Tbf i'm the top one but I can explain. There is a difference between me missing the ball when I'm rotated forward going for some ballsy aerial shot because I know my friend has the net covered, and him, a silver player, back flipping out the way of a ball rolling towards net at about 15km/h. Just justifying my rage a bit.


My life irl


10 outa 10 me


Absolutely true


This is when we stop being friends.


oof thats me. but I never say anything to my friends


Not me, I have no friends.


My friends and I are the opposite, constantly apologizing for misses and mistakes




It happens to me in champ, but in solo q instead


Yup that's my friend alright.


I know I suck so I’m the exact opposite. If my friend misses, I am forgiving because I whiff a lot too. When I miss I verbally, almost hyperbolically insult myself on the headset in a fueled, self deprecating rant lmao.


My friend: use first image for both panels. Me: use second image for both panels.




wow what a coincidence i just scrolled on reddit, This literally happened alot with one guy i was playing for good 2 months. It got very bad over time... and whos to blame ? ya ME. We lost the game because i miss the ball... he rage quitted 4 times in a couple of matches and got really angry at me. well he aint in my friendslist no more thats for sure. Blocked for Life. Done.


Nice shot! Nice shot! Nice shot!


I can relate


I have a friend with whom I have such a good chemesty, like I just know when to commit, to challenge, to fall back, where to pass the ball without any comms because he's there. It makes ranked games easier and more enjoyable. And the chance that I have is that I've been knowing him since season 2, and he's actually a good friend. When we just feel like playing and not stressing out too much, we just hop on my discord, put on a couple hours mix of drum and bass and fool around in casual. These games are a bit sweaty tryhard games, but we both enjoy flexing on people and sometimes get matched against premades around our rank so we can have tough games to make more high level plays with good opposition. I flame him when he misses, he does the same to me and it's all good fun. Having someone on the same level as you and that has the same interests as you irl is just great. Never had the chance to meet him IRL yet since I live pretty far from him, but I intend to since he's been probably my best internet friend for years now


Could be relatable if I had friends


I’m hard on my doubles partner, but jeeeesus that dude can miss.