March/Protest near Strong Museum tonight?

Saw a march or protest from a distance downtown near the strong museum maybe an hour and a half ago or so. Had a police vehicle in the front and a few in the middle and a firetruck as well. People walking between them yelling about something and holding big signs. I was pretty far away so i couldn’t really tell what it was about or for. Didn’t look that big either. Does anybody know what this was or what it was for?


It was a Stop the Violence protest


What's the stop the violence movement?


National pepperoni pizza day celebration.


Was it really tho? Day before was actually National Cheeseburger day.


Saw it at Broadway/East, it was a protest against gun violence


If the police were there and not trying to break it up it was probably some fundamentalist Christian/conservative protest.


Or, orrrrrrr it was literally *any* properly permitted parade/protest.


Dumb place to protest anything. Kids don't vote.


it's a true fact- no adults ever go to the museum of play


The children all take themselves.


The march was at 7pm (roughly). The Museum closed at 5. It started at MLK Jr Park and went down Adventure Place, on the right side is the museum, on the left side is apartment buildings (the ones I, a voting adult, live in). It turned onto Union St, again a street with many apartment buildings. Additionally, on this route, are bars and restaurants that are busy at 7pm.




People can't seem to comprehend your word "spamming" in this context apparently. It's called pro-mo-tion. Promotion. No one here has ever promoted anything here before it seems. Everyone took that way too literally. If you want people to know about something, you share it on the internet. I spammed my friend's bike in here the other day after it got stolen and someone recovered it a few days later. It doesn't haven't to be done disrespectfully or excessively. It's simply called spreading the word. 22 downvotes don't seem to have basic reading comprehension skills. Words have different meanings depending on the context.




Nothing like a bit of walking to really change society!!