Thanks for the review.


Where do you wanna put it? Build another house for it?


another house, another two mortgages


Ofc, seems legit ๐Ÿ˜€


I'm curious to see if the prices fall by Christmas. maybe not this year, given all the supply chain issues around the world.


Cries in Canadian. But as expected, it's the best robo vac in the world


I only have one complaint about the vacuum review portion, all of the cables used for the test are neatly bunched up. Does it detect and avoid loose cables? I don't know of anyone that neatly bundles up cables and then leaves them on the floor. I want to know if the power cable coming out of the wall or the headphones my cat stole off my nightstand are going to be avoided. On to the dock, there wasn't much review of the dock itself which is arguably the main reason someone would buy this specific model Roborock. Any suction problems on the dock like the previous version? There were many reports the "smart" mode allowed it to become clogged or didn't completely empty the dustbin. What about bag capacity and whether a bag-free version will be coming? Is there a noticeable difference in charging speed with the fast charging? Was there any smell from the mop pad or the dirty water tank? How much dirty water did it generate from cleaning the mop pad? Does the cleaning time change at all depending on how much it mopped? Did the mop pad need hand cleaned at all over the 2 week period or is that completely set it and forget it? Was Roborock's mop cleaning solution tested at all? Any critique on how long it could mop before having to refill since this model's water tank is smaller? I've yet to see an actual review of the dock that isn't just random statements I could make looking at it on a screen. "Tanks seem sturdy" and "how well will it hold up in the long run from all the moving parts" is just such filler.


It still accidentally sucks up loose individual cables so would still recommend to move them away when vacuuming but other than that for me itโ€™s been great to use it. My house has never felt cleaner!


When is the base available in the uS?


Any idea how this works on polished porcelain tile ?