Is Ruevenlol down? (Need help with mundo)

https://www.ruevenlol.com I can‘t see the matchups and would really like to know how to approach mundo with the new heartsteel. I just feel like there’s not really a point where I can consist beat him.


Yes it's been down and Rueven's been MIA. Perhaps u/AloisNL could make a matchup guide for Mundo in the near future? His recent guides have been amazing.


ye if I get a good game I will!


go custom i pick mundo i run it down and u clickbait cool cool


I agree!


A website I use is [https://riven.saltyy.at/](https://riven.saltyy.at/) from u/SaltyySenpai


sadly with only data from last season, still didnt find time for style and info adjustments for the new season :/


Well, for me its pretty easy, you can kill him early, so ignite is really good If you can evade his Qs, he has almost no damage You can easily take away his passive He is more hp based than amor based, so you dont need Seryldas or Black Cleaver at the start I mostly build Ravaneous Hydra against him And try killing him in level 1, he is really weak in that level


i played vs a mundo and did get two easy kills. I rushed cleaver and he could never fight me. I went 3/0 killing him and his jungler, roamed mid, got 4/0. but after he died for the 2nd time he never let me kill him. he stayed at full hp and just farmed with his q. i couldn't dive him so i roamed a lot he ended up taking my tower while we took mid tower. I was strong but could never end the game due to enemy cc. they had warwick and kennen mid. the game stalled out a bit and wouln'dt have been so bad if not for our mid neeko going ad and our jungle red kayn going lethality and feeding eventually mundo became unkillable with full armor and heartsteel and could kill me with big burst and i had to itemize some mr to survive kennen. its so demotivating....


Yeah, recently I got a game that ended up pretty badly too The thing I didnt know is that in the late game, Dr. Mundo really becomes unkillable


i do think riven can win the 1v1 but because of team itemization it became hard to do much vs him since I had to itemize defensively against magic damage and he got to build a ton of armor and it was pretty unfair. its like he built for the 1v1 vs me and i built to survive magic damage since the kennen was very strong


Sundereeer sunderer sunderer.