Riven build for preseaon

Hey guys

I personally think the correct Riven build looks something like this:

When ahead: Goredrinker > deaths dance > optional MR > Hydra When behind or even OR facing super tanky team: Goredrinker > cleaver > DD/Hydra/Maw depending on gamestate.

My thought process is when you're ahead, it doesn't make sense to build 3400 gold into more damage as you're already overkilling people since you're ahead. Instead, you want to build resistances to make it harder for enemy team to shut you down but still have enough damage to kill everybody.

This is my take, in my opinion not much changed since season 12, but I do have to test a lot more when I get the chance.


hydra rush ftw




Hydra is love, Hydra is life.


Why build hp and resistances when you can build lethality and more ad


Why would you need more AD when you already have enough damage to kill people?


You have enough damage to kill everyone with just base damages. You only need 15 spell rotations.


Hydra is busted RN.


I swear if they nerf it and not Botrk im quitting the fuckin game


Meh boring build man, I’ve had success with Hydra JakSho Shojin, even Hydra Radiant Virtue Shojin


Perhaps its boring but u will for sure win more building appropriately, I get fun out of winning


You are so good with riven man try the new items and show us please, they are fun and still win they are strong on her


in 1 week I'm back home and I will start streaming consistently🙏


Has anyone tried navori on riven? Crit riven was pretty popular some time ago, maybe it can return with the new navori because only 3 crit items are needed for navori


It’s fun as you deal a shit ton of damge… it’s just that you’re a worse version of an assassin And normally you‘d shine in teamfights where you just get blown up with crit items


Haven't played religion in quite a bit. Was hydra buffed for preseason or something? I remember seeing a lot of people here hating on it or at least recommending to not build it


Goredrinker > Hydra is a ton of sustain (with full stacks of hydra omnivamp, it’s like ~20% omnivamp)


Yeah rush hydra first it's really OP rn and you can snowball ex depending on matchup