A fundamental/macro guide on how to consistently get leads and high farm averages.

Hey guys, I´ve been posting quite a lot here recently mainly with Riven related content like matchup guides & combo guides. I've also been making some fundamental content that works good for Riven, but is also applicable to toplane in general, for any champion.

So I've made a guide on how to get leads and get ahead consistently: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jjCInirweDs&lc=Ugwb9nwiRaa2K9ReL2d4AaABAg&ab_channel=AloisNL

I was wondering how you guys like this type of content, especially if u combine it with matchup guides. How much do you guys actually learn from it and are able to apply into your own games?

Let me know! And if you've any questions please feel free to ask, I'm looking forward to help anybody out!


Cracked guide. Mixing both a relatively hard matchup with deep general toplane analysis makes for such great content. I have a question if you don't mind: How hard do you think this playstyle will be affected by the preseason jungle camps gold/xp nerf for non-junglers? Not only every single camp will be a lot tankier, but the rewards you get for taking them is lower.


Im not sure how big the changes are so I'll definetly be looking to test a lot heading into this preseason




loving the content! since i’ve watched your guides i’ve been averaging 8+ cs per minute every game


My mannnn super good!


I really enjoyed the video. Liked and subbed instantly. I really hope you can keep up with this quality. YouTube is tough to beat and educational content tends to do poorly if you can’t put in volume. I’m cheering for you and hope you can make it up to the challenge! Good luck!


Thanks man! I will transition more with streaming highlights and some other stuff, but im very happy it's getting recieved well. Thank you!


Really good Video with theory first and then seeing it applied. Im wondering how you decide if you interact with the opponent and when Not. Vs. Tahm it seems like you only focused on the wave while vs the zed Video you played aggressive


Zed is extremely weak early levels where Tahm can still contest you. If I didn´t leash I could apply the same concept but ofc in this instance I was leashing so the approach to the first 4 waves was different. Afterwards it´s generally very hard to kill tahm cocolaunch, so it´s better to just get all u need in lane and expand lead elsewhere, unless your jungler also plays top and u can look for dives etc or unless he makes a big blunder