A level 1 trick that will allow you to win lane at level 1

Hey guys! I recently hit top 10 in EUW ladder still rocking the Riven gameplay even after the nerfs

I've made a small guide to show you guys today, that will basically instantly win you your laning phase if you manage to pull it off properly highly recommend you check it out!



Very informative, I hated when I would get zoned off my wave by top laners who could do this


Really nice thank you, perhaps some match up you can't do this right? I was thinking about darius, maybe fiora and perhaps range champ


Yes, as said, it's when facing champions that aren't that great level 1 and cant realistically walk up to you (unless you're tanking the wave). Champions that can fight back or push you away are gonna be able to deny that.


Yea, this really won't work if sion just walked forward a bit. All sion had to do was AA riven once and it would be worthless. It also means you can't leash for your jg if needed.


This really is the type of stuff I got sick of in toplane hahah. I can almost guarantee 100% that the Sion got flamed and reported this game, but if he hadn't leashed, it would've been the same outcome :P


Love your tips mate, been enjoying your content a lot lately. Looking to perhaps schedule some coaching soon


Sounds good brother! Glad you're liking it


Amazing tech, thank you sensei Alois.