Can't believe Mike did an entire podcast series on the French revolution and he didn't even give us a single episode on Danton picking fights with livestock


The more I learn about history, the more I come to the conclusion that if it were fiction the readers would yell at the author for being too edgy or unrealistic or trying to make their characters too special. Imagine if Patton's death was how an author decided to kill a beloved character in his war novel series. The fans would riot and say he should have gone down in a blaze of glory or suffered some kind of excruciating and slow death on the battlefield surrounded by his comrades.


Wouldn't hurt to add the names. Kind of arrogant to assume people should know who these are


From left to right - Jean-Paul Marat -Maximilien Robespierre - George Danton *i totally agree with the sentiment. i don't know many historical figures just by their bust. or obscure social references. They all tend to look like george washington to me.


Now that I think about it maybe I'm the only that that hangs up 20 paintings of Marat in their home.


That's a bit much. I just went with a sculpture of him laying in the bath smothered in cream installed in my bedroom instead.


Danton is easy because hes so ugly. Also, Robespierre “somewhat” responsible for the terror??


Exactly hahaha


L to R: Marat, Robespierre, and Danton. I don't know that "arrogant" is the right word... Maybe don't take things on the internet personally. I didn't recognize anyone but Danton; I reverse image searched the rest.


I actually struggled with finding the right word lol Didn't take personally at all, I'm more than ok with not recognizing historical figures by their face. Unfortunately, not naming them made it difficult to appreciate the meme


Ah, understood. I inferred a pretty harsh tone from the comment based on the wording, but I guess that's on me. Cheers!


I'd suggest reading Tackett's The Coming of the Terror. There's an interesting section on people's opinion on the death penalty and, according to Tackett, even those who were against the death penalty were willing to make exceptions in special circumstances such as high treason. Also Danton may have committed sexual assault on the daughter of Robespierre's landlord.


Marat has an incredibly punchable face.