I avenge literally every scout I find no matter what else I have going on in a run (unless I’m speed running)


Never. I’m either too new in a run and I know I’ll get demolished, or I’m too deep in a run and I don’t want to take the risk. The risk/reward isn’t worth it for me.


Haha I hear ya man. Sometimes you just can’t do it dude. Just keep going lol


I tried the first couple I saw until I beat one, and after that I skipped them for this reason.


I usually come back an farm them for ether after I have a reconstructor or watch/astronaut figurine


Only once I'm geared up, and if I actually need the ether. Otherwise I skip them.


I tried to do them when I first started the game, won a few but usually they ended my runs, so I stopped entirely until after I beat Act II. Now I do every one, but not until I've cleared out the rest of the biome to build myself up with a better weapon first.


Ever since I finished act 3 I avenge every time now. I feel more comfortable and confident now that I’ll whoop whatever’s ass pops up.


Always. Only purple malformed is an issue. Everything else it can throw at me is nbd. Free ether is always nice.


Pretty much always and I just cheese pillars to avoid dmg on them


What do you mean by cheesing pillars?


If you do it right, you can get them to indefinitely chase you around a pillar and never get hit, just shooting them as they are barely visible. Also, you can just jump from pillar to pillar, grappling around and applying dots and just as easily never get hit.


I scan them all, cleanse if I have to much ether, and leave it at that otherwise. The possessed ones are pretty easy to dispatch, but the avenger bosses are tough


Always.....free ether


I'll do it on an ether run or if I've cleared most of a biome and want a better gun.


The thing to remember is there's two types. If you see a corrupted corpse, then it's the easier type that you don't get a scavenge option for. You should always do those.


Interesting, I always thought it was random.. How can you tell exactly?


The corpse looks different. If it seems more red and pulsating if it's an infected Scout.


Every single time


I'm grinding weapon traits so I will avenge every time for a shot at a gun with a new weapon trait.


First two biomes only. Everything else I scuttle outta there.


At first I skipped them after I lost a few times because of them and challenge rooms. But later, when I got more confident I take them almost always and also the challenge rooms. If you are good with health, and have a good weapon then it is not that hard and you get rewards which are worth it at the end, like health upgrades, weapon etc.


Depends on how early in the run I encounter them. But I always come back to do it once I’ve bulked up a bit and have full adrenaline.


I fully stopped after finishing act 2. Ether has become easier to find or harder to spend, or both.


If I've got a good gun.


Whenever I need Ether


Usually do it when I’m finished clearing a biome.


Depends where in wide open spaces I'm down to avenge.


Things which are normally open will remain open.


When I first began playing Returnal, I attempted to Avenge them almost always. I got understandably frustrated when I died, especially when I’m deep in a run. Recently, however, I just ignore it, and if I’m really strapped for ether, I go and fight it.


It depends. If I need the ether I'll try to clear as many rooms as I can until I feel "strong" enough to avenge the scouts.


Depends how YOLO I'm feeling. Right now I'm trying to find those damned ciphers, so I'm just rushing through rooms. But if I'm on a "have fun" run, then I'll avenge them if I have a decent gun and there's either cheese pillars (see u/SnooDoggos3823 below) or grapples.


All the time. Free Ether.


I’ve done it twice. Don’t think it’s worth it.