10 man rosters make managing and playing harder. Limit 3 offensive players and make the rest D/K. Don't be afraid to use house restrictions or go for records. EDIT: Switching teams consistently can be fun, but can also be a drag, so if you go that route I suggest setting a discipline of no-trading away players that you start with/signing all the existing players for a year before rebuilding.


I really like switching teams to shake things up. It does make the games a bit more challenging for a few seasons. You have to manage manage your draft pics and make due with some one and two star flunkies. Ultimately, I find that's where this game shines - the front office stuff to facilitate going from a junk franchise to a dynasty that has to massage the salary cap.


I agree. I have loved the climb to the top. But the top isn't as rewarding. I love my RB too much to part with him. Perhaps I could draft some terrible QB and say that the scout made a mistake, but we are sure that we can groom him.


Other than a self-limiting to under 10 players you could try trading or cutting players to reach a certain number of stars. You could try letting your facilities decay. That gives you some unpleasant dilemmas to navigate. And having your stars go down with injuries for 6 weeks can definitely be a challenge. Also consider not renewing your assistant coaches contracts. You automatically hire a 1/2* coach which lowers the quality of your non-star players. I did an all-toxic moral team, but as soon as you start winning they buggers start getting happy again. When you've been playing a while it does start to get easy. The developer has definitely responded to comments in an effort to increase the difficulty. It has come a long way in a short time.


10-man roster, 150m cap.


One thing I noticed in the season I'm playing is that few teams have a 4 or higher in either offense or defense. We should be able to boost up our opponents to make it tougher. What I suggest is on the team edit screen, there should be a box where you can maxout their offense and defense if you want to. Like those snow and rain boxes where you can adjust how frequent the weather happens. This way you can have proper rivalries and playoff games where the opponent will put up a fight. I am tired of blowing out some team who lucked into the RB with a 2 offense And 2.5 defense. I think if we coyld max out all or opponents on Hard, the game will be more difficult


I feel that at some point you just can read the defense too easily because you saw it too many times. What I tried to do was to force myself into more realistic play calling, even when I knew the winning play: - increased to 3min quarters to allow the cpu more time to score and increase punts and FGs - Forced myself to run ~50% of the plays (60-70% if up by 2-scores). Because there is not so much variety to runs, I included “screens” to this count (passes to the Rb behind the line e fast passes to the WR close to the line) - More conservative 4th down playcall (punt and kick more) - If the pass play is from under center, and the QB is not looking downfield, don’t start to aim the ball. Only aim when he is positioned I felt that the update reduced some of the pass game cheese and made the game more balanced, but these auto imposed rules can maybe help making the game more difficult on the field Off the field, I moved more to new teams and avoided some cheeses (like renew then trade for picks)