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This one does mess with me a bit. Like this post on Amazon is kind of interesting: [https://www.amazon.com/Nissin-Noodles-Hearty-Chicken-2-25-Ounce/dp/B0047T56SQ](https://www.amazon.com/Nissin-Noodles-Hearty-Chicken-2-25-Ounce/dp/B0047T56SQ) Spelled Cup o Noodles in the title but Cup Noodles under the brand label. Interesting though it's possible I suppose I just heard everyone who ate them in the 90's saying the old name and just assumed it hadn't changed. But, who knows.


Their press release discusses why the name changed. https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/nissin-foods-brings-the-o-back-to-cup-noodles-as-part-of-its-50th-anniversary-celebration-301259217.html What's ironic is that the 50th anniversary pic from the OP not only is missing an "O", but also an "S".


i see now the S isn’t the ME, but the missing O. I thought the S was the issue, also why I thought the anniversary image with the S was residue. It seems any article I can find on them “bringing the O back” was posted on March 31st of this year. some speculate it was an April Fools joke?


Maybe an even bigger joke is that they took the "S" off instead of adding the "O". Lol


Back in 1984 I worked for a trucking company that warehoused this product for shipping around Northern California. It was Cup O’ Noodles back then. I did the inventory paperwork and bills of lading for movement.


Yes. We used to eat these a lot growing up in 80s/90s. It was Cup O’ Noodles


Why the hell do people keep saying residue is in their pics? I see nothing. Am I looking for a powder, or liquid? What kind of residue do you mean?




Residue in this sub generally means anything that could imply proof a retcon actually happened or a Mandela effect is in play.


Oooooohh. I get it.


That shit is 50 years old, manufactured in 1971


I can’t imagine a world where I’ve ever said Cup Noodle I only recall Cup o Noodles. Like a cup with noodles in it. This is a strange one for me to see


Cup O'Flannigans


Cup O' Shenanigans.


agreed, i used to ask my mom for cup o noodles by name when she went grocery shopping without me and seeing it as it is now just looks weird/wrong.


Wtf now it’s NOODLE?


Depends on if you buy American or Foreign. USA says Noodles, others just say Noodle


no, i live in Maine, USA. it was in the “international” section at this Walmart.


Only lived in latam/Europe in my life, always have been noodles for me.


Still an ME. Current history says they rebranded in 1993. But many born in the early 90's recall it still being Cup O' Noodles in high school as late as 2013. Pre-ME there was no rebrand at all. Now there's one but it conflicts with the memory chronology. Plus, there are major trademark filling irregularities. So this one definitely persists as a bonafide ME. Edit: Are you referring to Noodle versus Noodles plural? They seem to use both versions randomly these days. (Although typically the plural is used in English speaking countries and the singular is used in Asia).


My partner’s mom has always called them Cup O’ Noodles. I think the Cup Noodles looks right but this “no S” business has me scratching my head.


Yup I realized that and edited my comment. No idea why they're not using the S on English packaging... but since we can easily find plenty of photos that still include the S, it's probably not a new retcon. Edit: wait, that actually looks like an Asian market version


I had seen that cup noodle was the Japanese version