Do you assume when you see someone with a rolex on its fake?

Do you assume when you see someone with a rolex on its fake?


I assume they like watches. Whether it’s a rep or not is irrelevant to me. I’ll always give a compliment. You’d be surprised how many people are forthcoming about their reps if you approach it like this.


For me, this extends to all reps, for example shoes. Regardless if it's a rep or not, I'll give a compliment because I like what I see, and bonus points because I'd probably be making that person's day.


I’m the same 🙌🏼👍🏼


This is true.


Your assumptions are best, you know what they say about most assumptions... Seriously people this is a numbers game. Most by numbers are probably gens and if a copy it's street level/ low dhgate level where it's super obvious. High quality copy makes up smallest %


Never. I ride the bus and train and I have a couple of "gens" (not flexing) just saying that everyone has different spending habits. I have a client who drives a hyundai but he's one of the more hardcore collectors that I know of. He knows that my recently purchased no date is a rep and he was blown away at how unrealistically good it felt when he was handling it. Now, he'd jokingly (or not) talk about how I'm the ambassador for counterfeit watches when we're around people we're on better terms with.


It’s in context. I saw an older woman working at a Portillo’s (Big hamburger 🍔 and hot dog 🌭 chain in Chicago) wearing a Rolex Submariner. She was a server cleaning tables. So yes, highly suspect of being a fake. Next anecdote was riding on a plane with a well dressed businessman button down shirt, trousers, and high quality derby shoes 👞. Wearing 42mm yatchmaster. I assume it’s Gen. It’s a model easier to acquire on the market than the Sub and captures the essence of the sub’s look.


Context is everything. It's kinda all you can go on, unless the rep is DHGate tier you can't tell much of anything from a glance. Then of course there are always exceptions. Clerk at 7/11 had a rosegold AP Royal Oak. I thought he was repfam for sure, turned out he was the owners kid and his dad gave it to him for graduating law school. I think the best you can do is an educated guess.


Driving my M3 Or my kitted out Tacoma? Gen. Me driving my bucket 256k mile 2000 LX470 that I'm restoring? Def a rep 🤷🏼‍♂️


Unless it's glaringly fake (like the kind of fake where the SS is actually aluminum or plated brass), I'm going to assume it's real. Fakes are hard to find in the open market (not all of us live somewhere where we can conveniently get them), and reddit is such a small community out of all watch enthusiasts (a fraction of 1% globally).


I usually don't pay attention. Any person at any age could be sporting a Rolex that was gifted to them. That said if you're sporting a high end like a Patek or RM, I may be a little suspect but I couldn't care less either.


Na, I´m living in Munich, there´s a higher probability for the person to be rich than for him to wear a replica


I must be living under a rock. I never see anyone wearing anything but apple watches.


No. Even a couple of years ago, these watches were not that expensive nor hard to come buy. A Hulk could be had in Germany even 5-7 years ago by simply walking into an AD store and shelling out about € 5000,-. No wait time, no hoops to jump through. Granted, not cheap, but not totally unaffordable for regular people either.


I drive a 18k car. Own a few rental property’s. Dont own them outright, it’s all debt until i’m 50. In Cheap as fuck so I don’t have to work later in my life. I do own Gens, but I rock my Reps more often. People know I’m cheap. I wear a $5 black shirt with my Gen and Rep Submariners lol I also don’t wear Rainbow Daytona’s like some people here. But I just love watches. No Apple watches ever for me.


I respect those who choose to go the Apple Watch route. I do have mine and use it when I want to track workouts, hiking or long walks. It’s a tool watch of sorts but I don’t choose it for my everyday wear.


I may use an Apple Watch for workouts someday. But I think it’s really cool medical tool. I’m a big Apple fan boy and shareholder. There’s just something about a traditional watch I wish Apple would do like an NFT type watch face. Where AP, Rolex, Patek can launch NFTs and we buy them for our watch faces. That would be fucking cool.




Honestly I think NFTs are stupid. And I don’t own an Apple Watch. But I’ve made a killing on the dumbest NFTs I bought a year ago. But it would be pretty stupid. I’d be more open to buying a Apple Watch if that was possible. I own Gens and Reps. Literally Rolex makes like 800k+ watches a year. What’s 10k NFTs at this point? They aren’t limited at all. Rolex is the most produced watch and Rolex is cashing in. I could see them doing that, but I don’t see Apple allowing that ever


I have a client mid 60s that he is practically a handyman, he drives a Toyota RAV4 and very humble dressed. Yet his 116613LN is as gen as it gets. It is beaten to hell but looks gorgeous. I know he has the financial status to support it. So for me it is who is wearing it rather than the watch itself.


I wear casual and cheap clothing with my gens as I prefer for them to go unnoticed. But when I dress up, I wear my reps 😆


You know what they say about people who assume… Best to not assume, there are a lot of rich or successful people in this world. That being said I guess it would depend on which road your waking down, if your in a shady neighbourhood then you really wouldn’t be rocking a Rolex, same as if you were driving a Toyota Yaris.


Can’t resist; there are always exceptions, like that post WWII generation of Americans that are so pragmatic and frugal they’re a walking dichotomy. There is a very successful business owner here from that generation who wears a gold Rolex Presidential and drives a Yaris. He’s brilliant, humble, unbelievably philanthropic and well, that guy!


Idk I’ve seen people that don’t make exactly ✨legal✨ money drive shitty cars but have a $15,000 outfit on


Also that’s not to say there aren’t any Mark Zuckerbergs out there who drive a Honda but wears a t-shirt and jeans, but wants to rock a Daytona for example… it’s possible, but it’s not believable…


Daytona with a t shirt and jeans is a great look. Mind you my jeans are $300 Japanese selvedge but you get me


Gotta love that Japanese selvedge! If you know you know…


But come on, in the back of your mind you have to think that this guys is wearing a fake outfit, even if it’s not… If your making that much money why drive a shitty car?


I make enough to buy a bmw or a Tesla. But really I would rather spend that money on nicer things. Things that doesn’t depreciate.


I guess it’s different when you grow up around it but it’s also hard to think stuff is fake when you know it’s not


2005 Saturn ion.


Didn't Steve Jobs drive a civic? You never know.


u/scott2455 he actually drove Mercedes SLK convertibles. And actually due to California licensing you didn't need to put a plate on a car for the first month it was registered. So Steve Jobs had a monthly delivery of a brand new SLK every month straight from his Mercedes dealer who would pick up the old car and give him a new one each month. Reason being, he could park in disabled bays, speed through speed cameras, park like a general dickhead. Purely for the luls. Funny guy! Did that until he died actually. But a heck of a thing to do if you're rich enough haha


I guess it depends how you define “normal dude” but if I saw an 18 year old hopping out of a Honda Civic with one, I may question it more than a guy in a sports car. The energy someone gives off is what would lead me to assume it’s fake


I live in a city that doesn’t have a lot of good jobs. When I see a kid out at the club I always assume it’s a fake. In fact I’ve seen some kaka watches that wouldn’t even sell off of DH gate. I’ve seen some people at nicer restaurants with business causal attire on and I assume theirs is real. I dunno, mine is fake what’s up


I live in Sausalito and pray I don’t get called out…they’re all fucking real here.(I did get complimented on my VSF Kermit at the cruising club Sunday)






I usually assume they're rich assholes wearing it because it's a status symbol


no, i dont care


I do now


You never know. Girlfriend coulda gave it to him. Inheritance. There are people out there who look like di wits, dress like hobos but have millions in the bank. You just never know. I don’t compliment a wealthy person with no taste who just slaps on an expensive watch; I would compliment anyone who takes the time and puts the effort forward to present his/herself in the best possible way they can.


Depends, but mostly yes. If you drive a crappy car or work a mediocre job I think it’s quite obvious. The nature of my career puts me around a lot of business owners. I never second guess those guys or their employees in positions of authority. But I see a junior at a design firm wearing a $12,000 watch while making on $60,000 pretax and having the financial burden of a downtown condo and a car. It’s just impossible that it’s authentic (unless maybe a relative handed it down but that’s super unlikely).