Another Mega AE haul with modshots & reviews ✨

Another Mega AE haul with modshots & reviews ✨


Great list. I loved how you broke it down with “Hits” and pics, Misses etc... Th ask for taking the time to do this. I added more things to my list too!!


Added so so many things to my cart from this! I have also been into moissanite lately so this is great timing


Good to hear! Yes the possibilities of cheap moissanite fine jewellery is very appealing… I struggle with my self restraint!


I've been looking for a replacement for my rose gold Fossil! Definitely going to give your find a shot. Thanks so much for a beautifully curated list!


No problem! Haha I actually got the aliexpress watch as a replacement for a broken fossil watch! It definitely gives me very similar vibes for a 10th of the price


These are some amazing finds. Thank you so much for sharing. I’ve added so many extra things to my cart, goodness! The chain shorteners?! I wanted to ask, as a fellow shortie, how do you size up some of the coats you buy on AE? Do you find the measurements to be accurate? I don’t want to end up buying something that looks really odd on my body but really want to try out a Max Mara x


Thank you! Yeah the chain shorteners are a game changer! With coats, I always make sure that they offer free return shipping because sometimes they fit and sometimes they don’t. I prefer oversized style coats so I can fit clothing underneath, but they still need to fit. For me, the fit around my upper body is very important, and the drape of the fabric makes a big difference too. If they are too long in their length or sleeves, they can be tailored, but the chest area they cannot. I only get wool coats - I find acrylic and polyester doesn’t have as nice drape and sheen to it. A cheap or poorly fitting coat just doesn’t hit the same I’ve ordered 4 coats from aliexpress. All were in the smallest size I kept these 2 coats from the AIGYPTOS store (FYI both of them have the sleeves rolled up and sewed in place): * [Black 101801 dupe](https://a.aliexpress.com/_mtSoClz), [modshots](https://imgur.com/a/5oa1BW5). The fabric has a beautiful drape * Manuela dupe (link is dead), [modshots](https://imgur.com/a/hzYl8As) And I returned these coats: * [Beige 101801 dupe](https://a.aliexpress.com/_mKRV2n1), [modshots](https://imgur.com/a/W1ccNH9). The drape, fit, and colour was bad * [Beige Alpaca coat](https://a.aliexpress.com/_mOFGy8F), [modshots](https://imgur.com/a/6QwEtX5). Too big I hope this helps!


Thank you so much! It does. The two you kept look gorgeous. I clearly need to put my tailoring hat on or find me a good one for the sleeves especially. It’s shame about the alpaca one - it’s giving dressing gown vibes haha.


Your rings are so pretty😍 and your mani color is pure FIYAH😍


Thank you! And FYI, the nail polish is from Aliexpress as well. [It’s the colour BP-TSGO5](https://a.aliexpress.com/_mLFGQvl)


Good looking out...will def check it out!! Thank you!


Thanks for the reviews!! Your style is very similar to mine. Love that watch! What size did you get for the beige lantern sleeve jumper? I would love to hear how it fits when you receive it! Im the same size as you ☺️


The jumper is “one size”, so I’ll see how it fits! If I remember, I’ll reply to you when it arrives. Otherwise I’ve gotten in the habit of posting an aliexpress haul review every few months when enough things arrive, so I’ll probably post it then haha


I love that watch! Thanks for listing all your measurements, are you able to give one more, your wrist circumference? Thank youu.


Thank you! My wrist is 15.5cm


Thanks, my wrist is just under 14cm, wonder if it will be too loose on me. I've asked the seller if they can remove links 😛


Oh yeah I have already removed links myself using a [$2 watch link adjuster](https://www.aliexpress.com/item/32974817520.html). On my watch at the moment, there’s 3 links to spare, and each is about 1cm, so it will definitely go small enough to fit your wrist. If you have watches, a link adjuster is worth it’s weight in gold. I find it’s better to adjust the links in person to make sure the fit is good


Ohh omg wow thank you so much! I didn't know there was a DIY for this, I was too lazy to go to someone to get links taken out LOL


No problem! Yeah this is basically what watch repair stores would use, there’s no point paying someone to do it when it’s so easy to do yourself


Thank you for this link. Same here in regards to laziness. I kept putting off getting my watch readjusted.


Yaayy thrilled to read a post from someone around my height (but you’re so much slimmer, god bless) . :) I really enjoyed the toteme jeans section as I’ve been contemplating on them but didn’t know if the height would match me. I also love your moissanite choices! Keep posting, please!!


The rings are stunning! Also, saw your photo on the Fairthee jeans haha, recognised a fellow RL immediately 👌🏼


I just received the moissanite bracelet from AEAW store, I love it! I went with silver and asked them to make it 15.5 cm and they did


Ahhhh don’t tempt me, I’m really trying not to crack and buy it! Buttttttt…. You wouldn’t happen to have any photos of the tennis bracelet? 😅


For some reason my Imgur app is failing to load, I need to figure out what’s going on.


Here's a vid girl, got mine recently. https://imgur.com/a/iODUpJZ I asked for 15cm because my wrist is under 14cm but its definitely 16+cm lol so it slides more than I'd like but not bad enough for me to return.


Ahhhh that looks so beautiful! It’s a really nice size. Thank you for taking the time to upload that! I am very tempted to get one…


I got it for 134 CAD after sale and coupons, next time it dips that low I'm very tempted to get a shorter one 😂 It's something that's so easy to wear every day, less snagging than wearing my moissy rings tbh. And yes it's the perfect size 😍


Ok well now you’ve done it… I might keep an eye out for a sale… there’s always the 11:11 sales 😏


Hehe, you enable me, I enable you 😂 The RL cycle


Here it is [link](https://imgur.com/a/SO8TWbm)


Thank you! It looks beautiful 😍




Your ring with the watch mod shots is absolutely gorgeous 💍


Thank you!!! Wow the moissanite looks so clear! 😍


That watch is gorgeous!! Did you have to shorten the wristband? Was it easy to remove links?


Yes, isn’t it beautiful! Haha the only thing that gets me about it is that i usually wear a smart watch, and I keep forgetting this one isn’t 🤣 I shortened the watch band using this [watch link adjuster](https://www.aliexpress.com/item/32974817520.html) I got from aliexpress. It was very easy


Just ordered the watch! Thanks for sharing!


We are not the same size at all but this post was *chef's kiss*. I hate when people say stuff like "I usually wear a medium" and I'm like "what does that meaaaaan?". . Great all around! Thanks!


Thank you! Yeah that’s a big pet peeve of mine! Like I have clothing from an Australian size 4 to a size 10. Women’s clothing sizes are absolute inconsistent nonsense haha.


Great list!!!! Argh I spent like $20 on those chain shortening clips on Amazon!!!


I love your style!🤩


that watch is stunning on your wrist!


Appreciate this list. I died at your comment about the non-neckbeard fedora


what a great list! thankyou 💕


You are so awesome with these haul posts! Added things that I didn’t need to but not complaining. How was the sizing for the seamless bra? I want to pick up a few pairs. They look so comfy!! Thanks again and looking forward to the next haul post.😊 PS that jumper is cute!


Haha thanks! It’s good to hear I’ve helped you add a few things to your cart! The bra fits perfectly. I actually messaged the seller too and they helped me with the size. There’s no underwire, and it’s quite stretchy too. I really love it, plus the seams don’t show under my clothing


Oooh thanks for the tip! Going to try and check with the seller too. Enjoy your goodies..until the next time. 😜


Thank you so much!!! That is such a good idea to put all the hits into one album, it made it so pleasant to see everything first and then read the descriptions :) <3


You sweet beautiful angel. Thank you.


Hello body measurements twin! Your posts with modshots are a gold mine for me. Thank you!!


That watch is sooooo pretty 😍


Love the watch! Added it to my cart. I just had Sam make me a full eternity bubble after having the stock one for 7 months. Still love it!


I’ve also been eyeing that moissy tennis bracelet forever!


So my dog is getting a new collar and leash set lol. I’ve also been looking for a good tennis bracelet but I’m scared to pull the trigger on something that expensive from AE because I wasn’t sure if it was worth it so I’ve been dithering about it lol


I ordered the milkmaid dress that’s in your cart right now (from another seller though), should be arriving in like a week or 2, I’ll let you know if it’s a hit or miss!! Love this post btw!


I really love the Toteme jeans, thanks for the detailed review & mod shots!


Those chain shorteners are a game changer!


I love the stationary haul! Thanks for sharing :)


THANK YOU for that beauty sponge recommendation....the price of the BeautyBlender doesn't sit right with me & I think they deliberately make them hard to wash all the makeup out of so you have to keep buying new ones all the time. Is it possible for you to measure the rise of those jeans? I love how high-waisted they look on you but I'm tall/long-waisted & want to see if there's a chance they'll actually come up to my waist


Tbh the price of the beauty blender really reflects the fact that they were the first to come up with the idea and were groundbreaking at the time, not the quality of materials Also I don’t know if this helps, but [this photo should show the rise of the jeans](https://i.imgur.com/qeu7piK.jpg). They’re very high rise


Exactly....it's probably like 50 cents of material but they found way to charge $20 for it That does look high! 32 cm is more than 12 inches👀


Ooh that lily silk! Do you think it’s grey market? Or their actual store? I wish they had sheets 🙈 I’ve been wanting silk bedsheets forever


I think it’s their actual store… if you actually search for [reviews of LilySilk](https://au.trustpilot.com/review/lilysilk.com), they have a fair amount of negative reviews saying the quality isn’t equivalent to the price, they have a tricky return policy and are based in China. I suspect that they do have fake positive reviews too. I’d imagine it would be frustrating getting an aliexpress level customer service and quality when you don’t expect it


Oh wow I see. Yeah they have tons of reviews on their site. I was going to wait until Black Friday hoping for a big sale from them but I better do more research now 🧐 I’ve only bought from blissy, which I really like.


Love this list and that watch is too beautiful!!! I have got to get that watch 😍😍 I've been obsessed with mother of pearl jewelry lately and this is ticking all sorts of boxes for me. If they have it in yellow gold, I'm sold!


AS a makeup artist,,had to order the sponge..ty!!!


Thanks for the tip about the coat store


Thanks for sharing these awesome finds! Those leather pants & coat are just gorgeous on you. & your little one just made my day!! 💖🐕


Your details are amazing. Thanks for putting mod shots.


Just wondering, is your oval solitaire ring a moissy? It’s lovely!


Yes, it’s a 8x12 moissanite - I absolutely love it. My husband got it from a place called I Heart Moissanites - they have the best customer service I’ve ever experienced, no joke. I’ve got some videos of it [here](https://www.reddit.com/r/Moissanite/comments/gb994u/omg_theyre_here_and_theyre_beautiful_a_quick_look/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf) and [here](https://www.reddit.com/r/Moissanite/comments/g9fujt/just_been_sent_this_video_of_my_beautiful/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf) if that helps


Thank you for the incredibly detailed and thorough reviews! What excellent taste you have. Love the bag you have showing the twillie too - what brand/model is it?


No problem! The bag is from [Oroton](https://oroton.com/muse-15-worker-tote-black-osfa). I use it for work, as I can fit my 15 inch work laptop in it. I love it - it reminds me of the YSL Sac De Jour


Oh wow, yes, that's beautiful and so practical. Thanks for sharing!


U are the GOAT for making this list!!


You have inspired me to buy a planner, and start tracking certain things like my panic attacks. I've been told for ages by my therapist to do it, but I honestly couldn't motivate myself to be bothered. But now, seeing all these cute options on AE.. I'm in! Great post OP :)


Just wanna say your dog is so cute! 😍


Okay but I love this functional finds list! As much as I love (and have ordered an embarrassing amount of) clothes, I added some great finds to my cart that are probably a more efficient way to spend my money 😂💕


Oh my GOD, that watch is out of this world! Ordered.


Does anyone know what the silk bonnet is a rep of? I remember getting one similar to that from a different thread with the Auth link but I lost it and can’t remember the brand for them life of me EDIT: [W2C](https://a.aliexpress.com/_mLDRLS7) I am just wondering what the auth brand is


Thank you for taking the time to put these together! Modshots are SO helpful! I’m curious about the return process with AliExpress. Do you pay for return shipping? Do you find that it’s worth it vs opening a dispute if the quality isn’t what you expected? Thanks in advance! ✨


No problem! With the returns, aliexpress offers free returns on some items. It shows underneath the shipping section on the product page. You get it through the dispute section, but you dont have to provide a reason for the return. If it comes with free return shipping, I can just repackage it, print out the free return label, and send it back for a full refund


Also FYI, I just received [a belt](https://imgur.com/a/uHABw91) similar in style to your “miss” but it’s real leather (not the nicest leather but good enough) and the gold is more bronzed. I got it khaki and there are tons of holes so you can adjust it to wear on your waist or hips. https://a.aliexpress.com/_mPwjwaB


Omg I had no clue! Thank you so much! Definitely going to watch out for that on the product pages 🥳