My (26F) bf (26M) holds me to a higher standard than his friends. Is this normal?

A little bit of background, my bf and I have been in a relationship for about 2.5 years. We’ve both moved closer to be with each other. I notice that he always holds me to a higher standard than his friends.

For example, when he moved, he was annoyed that I couldn’t help him unload his stuff when he moved as I would be tired next day for work. One of his friends said he was busy and he didn’t mind but he was annoyed that I couldn’t help him. Another example, he got sick with Covid recently and asked me to get some stuff (he asked the previous night) before my work started but I woke up late, so couldn’t and he got annoyed at me for that too. He says he took good care of me when I had Covid (he really did, he was by my side the entire time, made me food and bought me medicines) and that he expects me to do atleast 10% of what he did. The other day, he got sad as he got into an accident (someone rear ended his vehicle) and that I wasn’t more understanding and got annoyed that I couldn’t be picked up on time. I feel like I if I don’t do something right, he gets annoyed/sad.

The thing that bothers me is that if a friend doesn’t help him, he doesn’t really care but if I don’t he gets annoyed/sad and he says that partners are different that friends. I really do love him and just because I couldn’t help/comfort him a few times doesn’t mean I’m not a good girlfriend, right?

TLDR: Bf gets annoyed when I can’t help him with stuff and holds me to a higher standard than his friends, is this normal?


That guy deserves better, poor guy.


What do you mean? I really try to be there for him whenever I can 😅


Like you Re there for “ED”. Some how you were a people pleaser who could never say no to ED /s.


https://www.reddit.com/r/relationship_advice/comments/106w0in/im_26f_feeling_guilty_hanging_out_with_a_guy This guy deserves better....


Didn't expect this development.


Someone find this girl's bf, we gotta save a bro (already too late)


What do you mean? I’m not a monster 😅


I wonder why her bf's still with her


I feel like he’s been withdrawing recently, I’m a bit scared


There’s a pattern.. I made a mistake do y’all think it’s a mistake?


It’s good to get some perspective, I haven’t grown up in a loving and caring family, so it’s important that I realise what is right and wrong


Pagal auwrat 🗿


1. you told you both moved to be closer to each other. You couldn’t help him unload? 2. When he got sick, he asked you for something. You overslept, by your own volition. Not because something came up, but just because of you. I completely see and agree his anger. 3. You said he got into an accident and YOU got annoyed that he didn’t pick you up on time? Are you serious?! You are on a higher standard to his friends. SO’s are higher than a friend. He rightfully got angry both these times and you need to step up more. You aren’t a good girlfriend at all.


Thank you for your comment, you make extremely valid points and I should treat him better




He deserves someone as caring as him.If you can't cope up with his expectations ,stop him from bothering you by breaking up. Would he take care of his friends like he did for you while you suffered from covid?


I do realise I’ve acted out of line, I sometimes do feel that he deserves better and that he’ll leave me for someone else, and I feel I act out irrationally, which isn’t good


And yes, he certainly wouldn’t take care of his friends they way he took care of me, I would feel extremely unloved if he did


You are self aware, that's definitely one of the reasons he loves you.


Do him a favour break up with him he would be better if without you


Feel bad for the guy honestly. You are not a good partner, no offence.


Do you have any conscience? Lol. Spare the poor guy. He really deserves better.


Please please breakup with the poor guy, there are very few of the good ones left, dont turn him into a sad or toxic person. Just leave him and find some fuckboi or something.


Seriously, I would have ended this relationship way earlier. Man she is complaining like it’s his problem wtf, clearly we all can see who is the bigot here.


Oh. Funny how he's just expecting the bare minimum. He needs to find better in life.


Girl you should leave him.. He deserves better


Judging by OP's posts and sharing on multiple subs, they seem like a giant attention seeker. Not sure if their story is even real, but if it is, poor guy. He deserves someone a lot better.


when i'm in a zero self-awareness competition and my opponent is OP:


You obviously don't feel for him as much as he feels for you.


This post proves some women want toxic guys who don't care about them and escape when the situation gets bad (covid situation).


There's a limit to how oblivious one can be... Or maybe there isn't. 😅 poor guy.


If u really care for him , just be for him , he doesn't ask mor he want some care from u just give what he wants poor guy and u too , just don't brake up for this reason it will hurt him more so be for him


He deserves someone better.


Women are tough to understand and they are confused af






Sorry it's a joke😅


Bhai tum gazab prani ho.


My bad🥲