I'll never get over that The Kurgan is the voice of Mr. Krabs. *THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE, SPONGEBOY ME BOB*


Kurgan, just decapitated “*BARNACLES!*”.


And I will never get over that Pearl Krabs is voiced by none other than The Boss


Chairman Kruschev: You mean, *The Boss?*


I feel this too. The actress who plays Mr Krabs' whale daughter Pearl also plays The Boss in MGS3


He even does the Mr. Krabs scream during the reckless driving scene. "OOH-HOOOOO!". That shit gets me every time. "Forgive me, father. I'm a worm"


Whenever I see him in any film any role, I just shout out, oh wow it's The Kurgan!


There’s FIVE?!?


Honestly, there's a lot more Highlander than you would think. Despite Highlander 2 being a huge flop critically and commercially, they did another Lambert focused sequel, 1995's Highlander 3: The Sorcerer (or The Final Dimension). It ignores Highlander 2 and co-stars, no lie, Mario Van Peebles as an immortal who was stuck in a cave-in so he didn't get to participate in The Game, meaning all that shit about MacLeod winning the prize at the end of the first movie was just him being wrong, I guess. Then they tried to put a cap on Lambert's character and tie up the television series with Highlander: Endgame in 2000 (special cameo by Adam "Edge"/"Money Plane" Copeland!). Then they tried to again put a cap on the series with Highlander: The Source, a 2007 Lionsgate film that premiered on The Sci-Fi Channel, which I think is all you need to know about the quality. And then, of course, there was Highlander: The Animated Series, which followed a completely different MacLeod and Ramirez in, of all things, a post-apocalyptic future, and Highlander: The Raven, a spin-off TV show focused on the Amanda character that aired in the same block as The Crow: Stairway to Heaven. There's also an anime, two games that bombed and one canceled game that honestly looked pretty rad before it turned into vaporware.


And now Henry Cavil has been cast in the remake/reboot. Despite almost all of the movies being terrible, I think the franchise could actually be good in the right hands, it's certainly got a great concept. I remember watching the "best of" vhs collection of the tv show when I was young and liking it a lot, but I doubt that show holds up at all now.


The anime is great. Basically a retelling of the original with anime sci-fi shit thrown it, but the changes they make to the story are really solid. And it was made right before anime budgets *really* dropped off and you could still get some good animation in an ova. Easily the 2nd best highlander movie.


Honestly surprised there isn't an Asylum series called Lowlander tbh.


Probably The Highborn?


This guy highlands.


I first saw Highlander when I was...14? Maybe 13? And I was fucking obsessed with it. All of it. It's tempered down a lot now that I'm older but that first movie is still incredible, imo.


>two games that bombed Ah yes [the classic.](https://youtu.be/upCCGqSUPaI)


> Then they tried to again put a cap on the series with Highlander: The Source, a 2007 Lionsgate film that premiered on The Sci-Fi Channel, which I think is all you need to know about the quality. Of note is that The Source retcons it so that the Prize was never about killing people, but was actually about the power of love, and winning it confers an immortal with the ability to have a baby. No joking.


was going to ask the same thing. I only remember the first two but, they made 3 more???


There's five sequels of the scorpion king


wait…..the one that was a spinoff from Mummy 2 with the Rock as a cameo for like 30 secs during the opening? they made 4 more????


Yeah and they're rebooting it now too




I only love the second one for the description of it, because it is a prequel to a spin-off of a sequel of a remake.


*my head is spinning* lol but glad everyone got to work during those productions.


They released at least one sequel after the mummy series had been rebooted. I'd like to say it had 2 sequels in the time in was rebooted and canceled, but I can't be bothered to look up any scorpion king movies.


It got its onlwn movie, 5 sequels and a talk of a reboot. I would love RLM to do a review like they did with Resident Evil. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Scorpion_King_(film_series)


Guess how many parts American Pie has. It's 9. There are 9 American Pie movies.


American pies cost nothing to produce. It's young actors talking.


Yeah, but they're all shit after they go away from the original actors.


I would love a series where they go in depth over franchises that started out with respectable films and devolved into made for tv garbage. Series like Highlander, Tremors, Star Wars, etc.


3 & 4 are bad. 5 is atrocious.


One of them has Adam Copeland of Money Plane fame.


Don’t forget the TV show, the spin-off from the TV show and the animated series.


And a tv show I think was on the USA network.


I am 52 years old. We watched Highlander non stop on vhs in 1989 cause we didn't have cable. In 1991/2(i forget) the most disappointed I ever was....was walking out of Highlander 2. Imagine, I never paid to actually watch Highlander, but I paid to see Highlander 2. I am the apex shit buyer.


I paid money to watch Transformers 2. My friends and I snuck in some booze, so I guess that helped defray the cost. Still the most shame I've ever felt at paying for a movie. Note: the booze was not enough. No amount of drinking can make that movie watchable.


Same here, my friend. Same here.




This only proves my original theory , I only like Rich and Mike, Jay Bauman has finally been proven to know nothing about movies. Thank you for posting complete evidence Jay Bauman knows nothing about movies.


Christmas episode: Holidays or Highlander Either a christmas/Hanukkah movie or a random highlander movie.


Very fun idea! I miss the "Christmas or" episodes.


This year it could be Christmas or Corona \*slide whistle*


Yeah but it could very easily end up with 2 holiday movies and one highlander movie, or 3 holiday movies and 0 highlander movies. It has happened before.


Is there a Highlander Holiday Special?


Happy Life Day from Sean Connery's head!


I had no idea there were two versions of the second movie until I was trying to discuss it with someone who saw the cut I didn't see. And that's how the Re:View for Highlader 2 should be. Two guys talking about the same movie but convinced the other is talking about a different movie.


Which one did you see, the original with 𝙿𝙻𝙰𝙽𝙴𝚃 𝚉𝙴𝙸𝚂𝚃, or the special edition where they are just wizards?


Planet Zeist makes that movie work. Without it its just a bad movie instead of funny bad.


You know, the one where Ramirez dies to a slow moving fan.


Just like John Lenin.


The weirdest crossover in the communism expanded universe.


A *ceiling* fan, so it chops your head off. If you don't mention it people won't understand and it will sound dumb.


Planet Zeist, which while schlocky as hell I enjoyed it as a kid. The time traveling wizard version is wonky as fuck with all the automatic weapons in the past.


Like Star Wars. Or Star Trek. Or Lord of the Rings.


The Terminator franchise comes to mind, That is a decent into an unholy abyss.


For sure. ...and I'm in the _extreme_ minority that prefers the first. Even to the second. (Don't get me wrong, I still really enjoy it, but like the gritty and grim aesthetic over the glossy polished look of the second.)


Same. The first is a great horror action movie. The 2nd a buddy film with bart simpson


Right, well I'm never going to think of the film any other way now! Spot on.


kids in action movies just fucking suck not counting alyssa milano in commando that was perfection


honestly I don't think it's an extreme minority. it was back in the 90s, but today's average modern movie-goer hasn't seen either one. so, to people who actually give a shit and have seen both, it's probably a solid chunk who prefer the first one. i prefer the first one myself too. T2 hits some higher peaks, but is less consistent and has a slight taint of mainstream action schlock. T1 is a little more humble, a little more serious, and feel like it's the overall better film


Me too. So that's at least you, me, the two other people who replied, and Rich Evans. Maybe it's not as unusual an opinion as we thought.


I prefer T1 to the T2 extended cut, that’s for sure.


Hey, now _that's_ something that gives me hope for the future!


I second that!


Not sure I follow you on Star Trek. The first 6 were uneven but 2, 4, and 6 are classics. 1 is ambitious but boring, 3 is disappointing compared to 2, but it's still good. The only one that is truly bad is 5. The TNG movies are mostly bad, but not Wheel of the Worst by any means. The Highlander series turned into B movie schlock almost immediately.


Highlander is a really unique (and heartbreaking) style of downfall. It went from being a legitimate Hollywood \*movie\* with a unique concept, a star studded cast, and a Queen soundtrack, to being an amateur green screen Syfy TV movie with a Queen cover band in a little over two decades. I can't think of any other series that got hit THAT hard.


But the silver lining is that the television series it spun out was... actually not bad. It probably doesn't hold up. Like at all. Maybe it does in parts, I'd be surprised. But I remember watching it in the 90's and enjoying it. It was the herald of things to come like Buffy and Xena, Warrior Princess.


I rewatch it every so often, and the episodes vary extremely widely in quality. Like a lot of syndicated TV (like TNG) the scripts from different writers meant very different tones and concepts. Some are really ambitious like a serial killer murder mystery that starts in a monastery hundreds of years ago, or a Last Samurai cultural clash in feudal Japan, or a comedic 1950s heist caper that flashes back to a supporting character's incompetent Gunpowder Plot around the time of Guy Fawkes. There's other "bottle episode" type ones that don't fare so well, like a story that takes place during The Blitz, but they have like one nightclub set, and colored lights off camera that are supposed to represent fiery carnage they can't afford to show. But like Xena, there's something about it that's just really endearing.


It's definitely a show that suffers in the era of binge watching. Most of the episodes are pretty formulaic, which you could get away with back when most people wouldn't watch an episode more than once a week, but thanks to the internet it becomes a glaring issue. Some of the acting isn't very good either. I can only recommend it to hardcore fans that don't mind a previously epic and rare occurrence (immortals fighting) turning into something routine and mundane.


I imagine, like many shows of that era, you could do a "machete run" where 30-40% of the episodes are dropped and end result is pretty darned good. I discovered the show in re-runs, but reflect on it fondly. Pretty awesome concept and decently endearing characters.


Time Trax...Pepperidge farm remembers!


According to an interview with Clancy Brown, it was originally just going to just be a cheap B movie, written by some guy in film school. They paid him next to nothing for the script, but when they got Sean Connery to sign on, they gave it a budget and the writer got paid.


What would an 80s indy budget version of Highlander even be like? Would it look like Trancers?


[My favorite scene in Tremors 6](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7soybfQqIxg&ab_channel=TremorsBr) Tremors 5 is terrible, 6 is so bad it is good.


Specie? I mean they were always trashy but HR Giger worked on the first one.


Yeah, *Species II* is so bad it’s hard to believe it had a decent budget and a theatrical release.


I never really liked the original Highlander myself honestly. Then again, I did watch the extended cut, and only a few years back. The fights haven't really aged all that well, though the story was decent from what I remember.


Dune.....Sooooo highlander reboot?


Was 5 the one with "Why does God need a Starship?" Because while that one was purdy turrble that ONE line redeemed the entire movie. lol. I'm with Kirk on this one. Why DOES God need a starship?


That's the one. It's also the movie with about 5 minutes between a "wacky" slapstick scene where a character knocks himself unconscious and another scene in which another character euthenizes his father. It is easily the worst of the first 6 movies.


Idk, 5 sucks but it's still goofy and fun sometimes. I always found 3 to be unbearably dull, and the entire movie is essentially spend undoing the end of the 2, which I get why they did but it doesn't make for a compelling watch.


I wouldn't even call Star Trek V *bad*. Mostly it just pales in comparison to the other movies in the series. Really, the original cast movies range from "outstanding" to "average"; it's not until you get into the TNG movies that things start to nosedive. I'd rather watch Galaxy Quest than any of those.


The best I can say is that it had potential. However, William Shatner decided to write a love letter to his character by making everyone else look bad, and it really does a disservice to the rest of the cast. It's especially glaring because 3, 4, and 6 all gave the other characters something to do. 5 felt like a big step backwards.


> The TNG movies are mostly bad, but not Wheel of the Worst by any means. [Well, you say that.](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZnI2ssIPr3s)


Yeah, that was abysmal on many levels. Trek fans on another subreddit defended that scene. They downvoted me for saying that Patrick Stewart and the creative team clearly didn't understand Trek or the Picard character by this point. Either that, or they just didn't care. Regardless, I heard all manner of stupid justifications for that dumb ass sequence and was told how arrogant I was for suggesting that Stewart was phoning it in.


Yeah, I felt as they'd moved into the films things just kept going more and more off the rails on the production side as they went on. I did enjoy Tom Hardy's work in Nemesis, but the rest of the film seemed like the cast and writers were having a goof.


Oh I just meant that the first few were good, if not great and the most recent ones were smelly toilet bad.


They're bad to below average Star Trek films but they're average sci-fi action movies.


I have a fanedit of 5 that cuts it down to like 80 minutes. much more palatable if you're doing a runthrough or movie marathon


You don't talk that way about The Journey Home


Well no, I would never. That is one of the great ones. I meant the recent ones were trash garbage.


> Like Star Wars. > > Or Star Trek. > Or Star of the Rings. Or Starvel Cinematic Universe. Or Star Bond. Or Starry Potter. Or Starassic Park. Or Starates of the Staribbean.


So many Stars to ruin...


>. Or soon to be indiana jones.


Or any Adam Sandler movie




Adam Sandler has never made a movie. But he played in a handful.




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Have you lisented to How Did This Get Made's recentish ep about highlander 2: the quickening, cause you'd probably love it if you enjoy podcasts


Didn't an Argentinean insurance company take over and finish the movie or something crazy?


Five Highlander movies? What are you talking about? There can be only one.


The last two were kind of more about the TV show than Christopher Lambert although Lambert is in the 4th along with Donnie Yen for some reason.


>Donnie Yen *Highlander: Endgame—A Star Wars Story*


Best comment.


"It's better to burn out than to fade away!" - Susan


Sure about that? Have you tried both?


Lambert as Scottish and Connery as Spanish is all time great casting.


I thought Connery was supposed to be Egyptian in that movie, he corrects McLeod even when he assumes he's Spanish


Connery's accent kind of isnt an issue as it's established he's lived for thousands of years in many countries. They even make a point of a cop saying Lamberts accent is fucking weird and him saying he's from lots of different places


They've talked about the first one in passing on Best of the Worst. First one is perfect for Re:View given their respective tastes.


I agree, a re:view of the original Highlander could be great.


Heeeeeeeeeeeeere we are...


Booooorn to be kings!


I never realized how much Christopher Lambert looks like Thomas Jane.


Oh my god I absolutely knew they were different people but have merged them in my head untill this comment broke my mind.


I don't even think the first one was that good, to be honest.


It’s a unique movie. Oddball premise…Has some interesting style (the transitions and good cutting) and a charismatic if not great performance from Connery. But yeah, It’s a prime candidate for a remake imo. The concept could be done much better.


I don't mean to sound like an asshole, but I'm under the impression that people's reverence for this film has a lot to do with nostalgia and a positive association with Queen's soundtrack. After hearing a lot about it I decided to watch it and was surprisingly underwhelmed... I couldn't buy the lead's performance and I thought the action scenes were pretty sloppy. It's not terrible but it's nowhere near the level its praise set me up for.


You don't sound like an asshole at all, I think you hit the nail right on the head. Lambert and Connery are totally miscast in my opinion. The best thing in the film is the score from Queen and Michael Kamen.


It's like a good fun 80's action flick. It tells the entire story and all we really need.


To this day, I've only seen part 2 and don't remember it being *that bad.* Granted I was like 14 and it was when the film was released. All I can remember is everything was very red.


Dude, rewatch 2. It is *amazingly* bad. It has *all* the tones in the first 15 minutes.


The movie itself is a great 'so bad its good' b-movie. It's BAD bad as a Highlander sequel. In a world in which the first Highlander never existed, but Highlander 2 did, Highlander 2 might be a Best of the Worst favorite.


On a the Connery scale of *Dr. No* to *Zardoz*, what are we talking here?


spoiler >!he spends most of the time on a plane, and then shows up to stop an Indiana Jones type trap with Scottish magic. even though he is supposed to be Spanish.!< He's not in the movie much, but much closer to the Zardoz side where they introduce a sci-fi almost Dune like plot on top of a second mystery sci-fi plot that involves Dr. Cox getting threatened by not Glen Danzig. It's truly amazing. The decapitation in the first action scene is worth the price of admission itself.


I feel like I remember some of this stuff. I definitely remember Ramirez (Connery) just showing up randomly and being on a plane. Since I had never seen any of the other stuff, I just assumed that he was a Scottish Ramirez and that there was some sort of Scottish thing in the series (it’s called *Highlander* after all.)


I’ve seen the alternate Renegade Cut, which changes all that red to blue. It didn’t help.


*Steadily* devolve? The second one is a serious contender for one of the worst sequels ever. It's literally BOTW-material except high budget. At least the next sequels hover around "so bad it's funny" territory. I mean the [final fight scene](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f6prcR1FrCE) from the last movie always gets me, it's hilarious!




Yeah, 3 is a copy of 1 but with a more culturally appropriate soundtrack. Which is formula they used for the tv show copy and repeat.


They made five??? I thought it was silly at 3.


Highlander 2 was so off the rails that, I kinda love it. The rest of the sequels were just garden variety schlock. But two was so bizarre.


Hellraiser would be like this as well.


Hellraiser is a great example of this. It's like they kept passing the movies off to a less competent team with each iteration. Truly baffling how they managed to fuck up an interesting premise so consistently.


Lot of recycled scripts too. A bunch of the sequels were basically, "Yeah we wrote Pinhead and the Cenobites into this rejected Tales from the Crypt episode. Wanna shoot it for next to nothing and turn a profit off of the fanbase?"


Are there any other franchises that fit that specific criteria? Terminator, maybe? But the second one was actually really, really good, so it throws the pattern off. Alien/s? But the sequels arguably got a little bit better with Prometheus.


What was that black goo?


My partner and I are watching the alien movies as we haven't seen most of them. Wtf is with the goo? I have so many questions.


Is he in expert in things that have never happened?


A weaponized genetic manipulation tool that can be used to engineer organisms in various ways but when left on its own just creates wild genetic mutations due to it's underiding operational principle of destabilizing the genetic material of the organism it "infects". Or like an evil alien demonic virus, who knows.


That was my takeaway too. The only definitive kind of answer we get about it is that it was a weapon created by the architects that somehow manipulated DNA. It's been a while since I watched Prometheus though.


pirates of the caribbean edit as i think of more: teenage mutant ninja turtles


Hellraiser definitely


Predator, if you count the AvP movies.


dude.. home alone. But now that I think of it, they would never since theyre buddies with Maclauklin




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I liked the first one, the second one made my head hurt. I didn't go any further than that.


It's a guilty pleasure for sure, but as a fan of the tv show I really enjoy Highlander: Endgame.


Highlander 2 has the biggest BotW material of them all and it only gets better after that.


There’s more than one?


The sequels are amazingly bad. It's kind of impressive how quickly the franchise drove itself off of the cliff. It usually takes the studio a lot longer than that to kill the golden goose.


I guess they took the There Can Be Only One thing a little too literally.


Whereist kaine?!


One of many movies that didn't need a sequel.


They could invite Macaulay Culkin back and do the same thing with the Home Alone movies.


There were five Highlander movies?


Well, the Anime movie its okay


I mean Highlander won the Oscar for the best movie ever made, what do you expect?




> the five Highlander movies I distinctly remember the first two films, *The Series*, *The* ***Animated*** *Series*, and I also have some vague recollection of a third film where a guy's immortality also gave him magic illusion powers or something weird like that. What were the other two movies? Or maybe a better question would be **why** were there two other movies?


One of The other two movies brought duckin and Conner together. The source I think.


[Cumtown had a good segment on Highlander](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FqQQ3LEoO0s)


It makes sense to go to WotW with a multiple destruction at the end because THERE CAN ONLY BE ONE.


A friend of mine had me watch every Highlander in a row over the course of many weeks. I had never seen any of them before. I remember finishing Highlander 2 thinking it couldn't get any worse. Then we eventually got to Highlander The Source and I was proven wrong.


Steadily devolve? I think you mean immediately, as Highlander 2 is one of the worst movies ever made. Even the later, terrible Highlander films are like Citizen Kane compared to the Quickening.


Suggesting anything to these dudes is the only way to ensure it won’t happen. But I fucking love this idea


FIVE? I thought there was 3?


How anyone could claim part 3 is downhill following part 2, I don't understand. The 5 minute sex scene alone is better and more sexually arousing than all of part 2.


I mean they would hit BotW level insanity right at Highlander 2, it’s an absolutely hilarious train wreck of a film that I’d love to see them talk about.




Show ruled


Steadily devolve? There is a MASSIVE drop off between 1 & 2. It's a cliff fall not steady lol


I sent them all of the Highlander DVDs with a note requesting this a long time ago.


Highlander is my favourite movie of all time. Highlander the Source is my least favourite movie of all time.


My absolute favorite thing about this series is that 3 ignored 2. Completely. Which was the right thing to do. But that was the first time I remember a film series doing that. "The Quickening never happened! There were no aliens! Ramirez wasn't resurrected by asking nicely! We'll make it up to Machael Ironside someday!"


There were FIVE Highlander movies?!!!