[34F] Recent issues have affected my self-esteem and I have a hard time looking at myself objectively. Would love honest feedback.

[34F] Recent issues have affected my self-esteem and I have a hard time looking at myself objectively. Would love honest feedback.


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You look like the kinda girl who's your coworker that you lowkey pine for but are too smart to rock the boat in the workplace...but you still sneak a glance here and there.


A fun The Office scenario hahahaha Thank you =)


You're fine as hell


coming from another female, you're super cute and just being hard on yourself. remember, we all have days we don't look our best. But you look great- definitely don't look 34 either.


Personal taste maybe, but solid 8-9/10. Not my personal preferred body type on paper, but you wear it very well and have a beautiful smile


Dooooood you’re such a cutie!!! I’m proud of you for taking the chance on here! Don’t give up on yourself, you are outstanding!


I think you look amazing. Love your smile and your freckles, so sexy.


The most beautiful smile darling


Gees every pic looks like a different person


hahahaha yeah, pandemic and boredom and being stuck at home meant plenty of playing around with my hair


Haha which one is current? My hair looks a mess because of lockdown so I feel what your saying haha


First and last ones were taken the day of the post, the full-bodied one with the weird background and the older lady was from July. Full blonde was December. I don't keep too many pictures of myself so I had to dig around a bit ahahaha They're all from like the past \~8 months to a year, though.


Every month is a new look it seems haha




U look beautiful 8/10 honstly.. Oh and just a tip try to change some of ur outfits for instance pic numb 5 and 6.. The outfits there doesnt suit u i think if u upgrade it u will look even hotter 💕


8/10, hot as fuck and love the smile


You are a beautiful person and looks like a nice person as well :)


Gonna start pointing out to your freckles... they look amazing. the nose ring isnt bad but it could be better without it. you dont look your age (34), but you dont look young(like early 20s) neither. i would say you looked more around your mid to late 20s. imo you dont need to lose weight, but just tone up arms muscle and legs (like aerobical exercices can help to tone up and are "easy" to do), but you look good. overrall you look great.


There’s no such thing as “toning up”. That requires losing weight


not necessarily, no. i think most people by toning mean having more muscle definition, which can be achieved by both muscle gain and/or fat loss. Obviously if you have too much fat it's possible gaining muscle underneath won't help too much aesthetically, but that probably wouldn't be the case here. either way who cares they look good.


Im fairly certain the freckles are fake…


10/10 super pretty


Are those fake freckles? They seem very symmetrical and you only have them in 1 picture…


Thank you for the symmetry I guess? hahaha It was an effect of the lighting in that first picture and also just generally looking a bit intense having spent the weekend in the harsh sunlight we get where I live. I actually thought of not uploading that picture because they looked weird.


Symmetry is actually probably the wrong word, I meant I thought it looked fake because they’re so localized to your cheeks. They’re all also roughly the same size, shape, and color. If its the lighting thats fine but they look kinda unnatural in the pic


They do, right? Sometimes I feel pretty crazy for thinking these things and people will hardly ever tell them to your face, then you just get lost in this hole of wondering what they're actually thinking... you know? Anyway, what I mean is, I actually really appreciate this comment hahahaha


Well theyre less like that in the other pictures, so Im sure they’re fine in real life


You're adorable! I love that hairstyle for you.


5.75 with freckles and 6.75 without


You don’t look your age, definitely younger, like a 24 year old or something you are very pretty!!! I love your hair and your smile :) if you are feeling insecure, wear things that make you confident and do things that help you feel pretty - that’s what i do you are pretty, and if i saw you, i’d probably say: hey i like your hair!!


In the most positive way, you remind me of Carrie Brownstein in 2 & 3 :) 6/10 great eyes and I love your freckles! OH and I agree with the others you do not look 34, more like 24 :D


That comparison seems amazing to me hahaha I love her Thank you <3


Cute as heck


Cute as hell, love the freckles. IF I had to give a critique I would say tone up a bit. I'm 23 and I'd flirt with you!




People here arent being very objective. Saying 10/10 is just lying cause thats perfect and nobodys perfect. Also keep in mind 5/10 is the average AKA Most people are 5s Id maybe rate you a 5.5. You have some nice facial features and some not so nice ones. Body is all right, a bit boxy. Also what is your height? Conclusion: All right for a woman in her mid 30s


That's what I would rate myself, really, I feel pretty standard. Thank you for your opinion =)


Your hair is the stuff of Legends


thank you hahaha <3


I redact this entire comment


I choose to take this as a good thing hahaha


If the glasses are not needed stop wearing them. Your true beauty shines without them


She needs them. You can see that they create the 'distortion' through the lenses.


I *do* need them, I have myopia and can't really see very far without them. I usually wear contacts, though, because I'm also very clumsy and have broken a lot of glasses. Still, thank you <3


You’re beautiful




solid 8. very cute. I would totally try to hit on you and get rejected.freckles are pretty cute, nice smile, I like the highlights. Nose ring is ok, no objections. Makes me wonder if you are pierced anywhere else tho.... Eye brows well maintained. Appearance is like under 30. I' would have guessed 28-29? As a blonde I'd guess 25 I just noticed there's more than one picture. You look like a super fun gal. appearance 8, personality 9.5, easy. Glasses are ok. Hot librarian. Pics (5, 6) where your hair is a little flat, I dunno 7.5 in appearance? Don't be hard on yourself. You look like a nice normal girl.


8.5/10, 30% Cute, 30% Adorable, 20% Sexy, 20% Hot Don’t know why I felt the need to be so specific, but there you go. Love the freckles! Seriously, rock that shit, please don’t hide it with makeup. You have the best kind of freckles, the absolutely gorgeous kind. Agree with most people here, you look better with no glasses. I actually like the nose piercing, I feel like it matches your personality somehow. In the first and last pic you could literally pass for a 23-25 year old. Overall, you’re a very attractive lady, congrats! 🎉 You have nothing to be ashamed of, we all have our insecurities, and those are what everyone else loves! If you were perfect, nobody could relate to you! So chin up, queen, you’re out here killing it 💪


Somewhere between 7-8; love your freckles!


28 here, 9/10 would let you ruin my life




Beautiful! I'm in love with that last pic haha


You're 34? What's your secret... seriously? \+ Piercing? cool as hell. \+ Freckles? come on... you're not making this easy. \+ Skin? Tells me you're healthy and look after yourself. \+ Teeth? Perfectly aligned, white and cushioned by healthy gums. \+ Look like the kind of girl who's pretty energetic at times. So, I.e fun. \+ Body type? healthy/standard. \+ Hair? Cool af. Self-esteem issues honestly suck. And at times it can be very difficult to shake off in a world where such high standards are expected. I say, fuck those standards and keep being you. I don't know you obviously, so you could be Ed Gein crazy for all I know, but you're honestly beautiful. I'm not a fan of the whole number rating bullshiz(probably on the wrong subreddit), but if I had to give a number, I'd say 9/10. Keep being you. Smile when you look yourself in a mirror and kick life's butt. You've got this, girl.


Haahahahaha thank you! Not to be biased, but just the format of your comment made it my favorite comment xD Most of my craziness is just related to my adult ADHD, so mostly talkative-impulsive-hyperactive stuff, I work hard on being nice, I promise hahaha after all, life's not that serious and it's gonna end anyway, you might as well enjoy it while you're here. But, well, I asked my husband for a separation and just our marriage and life in general (and weight gain even though I exercise regularly and eat healthy) have my self-esteem in pieces. So again, thank you <3


The original format or the 5 other edits?😂 Because initially it was all over the place, and took me a while to figure out how to keep everything structured correctly. I got there eventually haha. Preach, sister. Preach. I can fully understand the ADHD aspect haha. And for the record, I'm sorry to hear about the separation, that's honestly terrible. Good for you for listening to yourself and taking that leap of faith. It's not easy. Made my morning reading this. So, thank you also :)


Hey, all the best writers know that good editing is the secret to good writing! Even in comments hahahaha


Legend 😂👍


its fine people dont care about appearance after age 40 or so. You look just fine tho. 6.89/10


hahahahahahahahahahaha you're going to have a harsh reality check at that age. Thank you for your comment, though, that's still higher than I'd rate myself =)


I just turned 30 and I'm already over it. I think maybe at age 23/24 I actually had that maturity to look beyond appearance.


I mean, you follow a rate me subreddit?


Yes, in a non-serious manner. I don't fixate on my appearance or anyone else's.


Damn what a beauty. You get a solid 3


hahahaha solid


You actually look like Felicia Day


I super love her, thank you!


Hi, everyone! Wow! Work got really hectic today and I've only just seen this. I've never gotten these many responses online! I'll try to answer all your messages individually as I get the chance (but TBH it probably won't be until Saturday). I still wanted to say thank you to all of you, you gave me a real boost today. To answer some questions: 1. I'm VERY short. 150cm which I THINK is 4'11" in the imperial system (not American, just a pasty Latina, so I can't be sure). 2. I am in fact heavier than I'm used to, a fun side effect of stress and life issues. EDIT: 3. Also, I mean, I'm aware I asked for rating and honest feedback, but also, just to be upfront: I'd rather not be hit on, please. I'm currently going through a separation (I asked for it because that for sure has impacted on my self-esteem) and am just not looking for that sort of thing. Please don't get the wrong idea. I'll answer everyone as soon as I can, thank you, again =)


5.0. i think you look younger but you unfortunately you wear for your real age. with a different style you'll look 27-28. 6th pic is the best imo. i'm not fan of the hair style in general.


I mean I'd feel pretty weird not dressing my age hahaha it's not like I'm actively trying to make anyone believe I'm younger. But I get what you mean, thank you =)


You’re very beautiful and i like you’re figure. 10/10


I've got no idea what the "recent issues" might be. I think you are gorgeous and would love to bump into someone with that look on their face anytime! X


You are adorable. And unique. I'd date ya, and I'm a straight woman


6 / 10 You are cute. Stay away from bangs. Best with a smile


Oh wow, you made a gif? That's a new one. I like the freckles. You have a nice figure. Are you making a music video with friends? You look younger than your age.


Don’t worry! You’re beautiful! 😉


Absolute 9/10


Im a girl but I will still say you look great! I love all the different hairstyles :)


10/10 your looking beautiful and look in your early twenties!


Honestly you’re beautiful what a great smile


7/10 - Other points can’t be made up with personality. But very cute.


Don't change a thing. You are gorgeous 😍


You are extremely attractive. Cute, great energy, you radiate fun and someone is want to be around.


You're absolutely gorgeous. Your style is very attractive. The overall shorts a super hot IMO. You appear younger than you are. Brown eyes are always hypnotic. Your natural color is perfect. The freckles and big smile make you even sexier. Your figure is perfect. You look healthy. And at first sight you definitely pass the potential wife criteria. Your smell (pheromones) and personality of course we would be up next for me. And if I had to guess I bet your pheromones would tell my body that our DNA would make strong healthy babies. And then I'd be after you without reservations. Don't be hesitant to be a deep in person at first. The mind is what we really fall in love with. Do you like older men?


Some pics 7/10 some pics 6/10.


Honest feedback. Never hide the freckles 😊


Very attractive, good figure, nice style, lovely smile. Solid 8. I'm 19 so dunno if you want my opinion anyway, I would 😂


You look like an amalgamation of my three daughters so I don’t want to rate you, but they do very well with the boys so you should do fine.


I think you’re extremely sexy.




You look fantastic, love the hair and the freckles, but also the 2nd picture without the freckles you look amazing too, so I don't know you're just normal above average attractiveness girl lol you've got a great smile too


How the hell do you have self esteem issues… 8.6


10/10 absolutely beautiful!!!


my gf says 5/10


Thank you! That's sort of where I place myself, too. Could I ask why? =)


Cute freckles. Ugly nose ring. 7/10 at the moment. If you could lose some fat, prepare your hair nicely, you could easily be a 9.