Don't worry, ranked is fixed now...

I have no idea why they haven't added a hard limit to rank differences while queuing in 3 years.

It'd hardly "fix" ranked, but it would at least be a step in the right direction.


I have no idea why they haven't added a hard limit to rank differences while queuing in 3 years. It'd hardly "fix" ranked, but it would at least be a step in the right direction.


Global ranks and set the party to the highest MMR member.


As I replied to the other comment suggesting the same thing; ~~While an improvement, this still fixes nothing. You'd still be rewarded for playing with low ranks, only with a lesser margin.~~ It seems I've misread, my bad. The problem I see with the highest MMR is group MMR is that now you'd have issues with rank distribution afterwards. Say there's a group with 2 S2 and 3 dia. This group would be matched against other diamonds, which is fair and square - but how would you calculate how much MMR they win or lose afterwards? If it takes the diamond for reference, the silvers would be gaining metric tons of MMR for winning while barely losing any for losing, which would make boosting a lot easier. On the other side it'd make things rougher for diamonds but it'd be hard to argue they'd care much if they're there to boost the silvers. ​ The only concrete solution is to add a hard limit, [much like how Overwatch does.](https://images.mein-mmo.de/magazin/medien/2018/04/Overwatch-Comp-6v6-ranks.jpg) Note that how as you go higher the narrower your queue limit is. In Siege terms this would be roughly like diamonds can only queue as low as plat 1, plat 1 can queue with plat 3, plat 3 with gold 3, so on and on.


I like that solution but people would bitch they wouldn't be able to play with their friends.


you can still playing with your friend in casual if your rank has a huge different ,is not right ruin others people game only because you want play with your copper friend. so for people that will bith about it ,they should play in casual with their friends and let ranked being a more competitive mode. and btw there is no way that a group of friends that play together have this big gap between ranks also if u play some match in soloQ while your friend are offline,i mean there is no way that someone can go from plat2 to copper 4, most of the time when you see this stuff is because it is did on purpose to boost your friends,since being in team with a copper lower your enemy team's ranks so you get an 'easier' match.


My group of friends has a guy with a pretty big gap. My buddy is plat 1 my other buddy is plat 3 I’m gold 2 and one of my buddy’s is bronze 3 and I have another friend that me and my plat friends play with who is like silver 1


No way you "always" play together, people that play together has pretty much the same rank because of how the game is done


My group (not the guy you replied to) plays together, but there's like 7 of us, and not everyone is always on so there's a reasonable gap. We range from gold 1 to copper 3 or so. Imo it should just set the MMR to the higher one, or weight heavily towards it, then give the lower ranked players regular amounts (not extra) for winning/losing.


Yes that could resolve I guess, everyone lose/gain like everyone had his same rank


It is possible though, say they all do their placement matches by themselves as they wanna get them out of the way, they may all be at different ranks then start grinding together after


To me, this is boosting. I know that's harsh and you arent doing it with bad or malicious intentions. You are lowering the average MMR of the group by having such a low ranked player in the stack and if that then ranks you with, say, mid golds the plat players are going to walk all over them.


I have a gold player in my group who's higher ranked than me (I'm between plat 2 and diamond usually) because he only joins when we're five stacking and therefore wins more games with us, but solo he'd be gold at best so there's that. Not really trying to make a point, just a little anecdote.


I mean you said no way there is huge rank difference between friends I was plat 3 basically plat 2 and some of my friends were low silvers and high bronze I didn’t play with them as much because it makes me look bad but it is possible and common


People will bitch about anything and everything. The relevant part isn't avoiding it, it's making sure they bitch about the right things. I've been in this sub for some years now and I've yet to see a single change that didn't end up with bitching.


Yeah, but it was delicious bitching when the pocket sniper died.


Ela nerfs have always been my favorite. After each nerf the entire front page was just "waahh ela is dead now fuck you ubisoft".


Then do something similar to cs:go, make it that when you have a full team of friends your rank difference doesn't matter


If the party's MMR is set to the highest member then that does fix the problem. If 1 diamond and 4 coppers queue up then their matchmaking MMR would be set to the diamond, so they'll be fighting against diamond elo players rather than gold due to finding the average. This also has the advantage of not locking out people from playing with lower ranked friends.


You don't get it. myrisotto's solution is actually best. Your party is considered to be 5 people of whatever rank is your highest. So 5 plat 3 ? they are matchmade as 5 plat 3. But a diamond playing with 4 copper ? they will be matchmade as if they were 5 diamonds. The diamond will not get any advantage from that. It is how CSGO does it, and it's the best solution, because it prevents people dropping ranks on purpose to boost their teammates but also doesn't prevent you from bringing your silver friend who just started the game into your plat group because you want to play together.


This is exactly what we need. The problem is that Ubi is never going to implement something like this, they haven't even properly fixed the alpha pack, showdown, or tab out glitches.


Completely disagree. Rank distribution would be exactly as it is now. If you're three diamonds and 2 plats and you win against a full 5 diamonds then honestly those plats have earned whatever MMR they gain. That's isnt a fight they should win. If you're the five diamonds you should gain less MMR. You've just fought basically a 5v3. I would instead reduce the bottom end of the MMR gain decay. The fact that you can earn less than 10 mmr per game eventually is absurd. I'd say a bottom cap of +/-25 MMR per game (without accounting for team MMR differences) would be fair in this case. This deters rank abuse by forcing people mixing ranks to play with people strictly better or on par with them (assuming they're trying to boost with smurfs), doesnt penalize people for occasionally playing with friends, and accurate rewards people for the games they play.


I think that's the easiest step towards fairer matches. This works in CS:GO up till the point where they had the smart idea that a full team can queue with any ranks/no ranks..


How would it be an advantage, by playing with low ranks? If your group MMR is the same as the highest level?


>This group would be matched against other diamonds, which is fair and square - but how would you calculate how much MMR they win or lose afterwards? If it takes the diamond for reference, the silvers would be gaining metric tons of MMR for winning while barely losing any for losing, which would make boosting a lot easier. It is actually not a bad thing. Genuine Silver players winning against Diamonds should get a lot of MMR points (or lose barely anything), they deserved it. Smurfs on Silver accounts getting a lot of points is good too - the faster they get away from actual Silver players the better.


Some MOBAs have it within MMR limits


This is the right answer. Even apex legends has it like this in its very first ranked season. Its a shame ubisoft.


"step" After 4 fucking years now they decided to take a "step"


They talked about it last year, but nothing since then. Pathetic how they got such an easy fix for the issue, but are yet to do it 4 years after release. Really shows where Ubi has their priorities.


Like every other game does, or have the matchmaking use the highest tier player to matchmake on, not a group rating, like many other games also do. But no, we pander to the lowest denominator instead.


Apex recently introduced ranked games and the matchmaking is with people of the same elo as the highest on your team. They say it's impossible to have a lobby full of people with the same elo, but at least its fairer! I quit playing for a year, I'm currently high Silver/low gold and I played 3 games against diamonds, and in every game some platinum is boosted by coppers. Ubisoft just doesn't care I think.


should just be highest rank in party determines the matchmaking.


League and overwatch both do this and no one complains about it there.


Same has been happening to me too. I usually float between low and high Gold, never have reached Plat, and this season I have been queued up against TONS of Plats with Copper/Bronze teammates. Haven't lost to all of them, but damn it's soul crushing to lose Round 1 and think "Uh oh...this team is WAY better than we are."


Exactly what happened to me last night twice in a a row its tilting and I usually get off after it ruins any fun


Don't worry, it will be fixed.....when ranked comes out of beta.


It already has. We just need to wait for Ranked 2.0.


Ranked health


I've already been in two games where we had a diamond playing with a copper 4. Makes it hard to win when you're a mid gold player. I can mix with low plays but legit diamonds wipe the floor with me.


I was doing my placements last night and ran into the same 5 stack 3 times that were being carried by a diamond. Kinda ruined my motivation for ranked.


I’ve made plat twice but generally hover around your mmr. I feel like 1/3 of all players are on second accounts with their gem stone gun skins. One of my main complaint is it makes the meta stale because all they ever have is year one operators, so every round has ash, bandit, and jager.


To be fair, Ash, Bandit and Jager are in pretty much every match regardless of rank or skill level. Jager and Bandit don't really have any other operators to replace them, and Ash has an insanely good gun and helpful utility.


Kaid: Am I a joke to you?


Kaid tricking a wall is *hard* to do reliably. Against a good Thatcher, there's not much chance. Compared to Bandit, who can do it 100% of the time if he's not flanked. Kaid is awesome on, say, Club basement, where he can hold dirt with one charge, and impact trick the hatch. He was never intended to replace Bandit, they have completely different roles most of the time.


Kaid tricking is difficult tbf, and there are sites where you need more than 2 electric walls (or 2 groups before you say kaid can do 2 at a time) Kaid holding geisha wall and the adjacent wall will need both claws, where as bandit can do 3 other charges and trick the exterior Kaid is better imo in places like clubouse basement, where he can do both tunnel walls in one, trick to get both thermites, then use the shotgun to see into blue and body people with a shot to the chest


It's kind of hilarious that ranked was in "Beta" for 3 years and it only finally just left it and yet this still a thing.


I feel like ubi needs to do ranked matchmaking the same way Apex has done it. No matter how low rank someone on your team is, you’re always queuing against players equal to the highest ranked member in the party.


This is also how rocket league operates and it works great.


Overwatch has the same thing. You have to play with someone close to your elo to play competitive.


No.... It's not the same, Overwatch has a max ELO difference, Apex uses highest ELO in the party and allows anyone to queue with anyone.


You mean the average Elo? They also have a cap on Elo differences when you’re matchmaking


Almost every other game with Ranked/Casual in different playlists does it so much better than Siege... It's disappointing that a game I love so much gets it so wrong. Worst thing of all, is no transparency or communication from the dev team about this.


For real, like they're too good to notice refinements others make. They've also stuck to dropping new maps and operators straight into ranked on release, something most serious comp games don't do. How tf are you supposed to be competitive on something or some place no one knows anything about? Even league and overwatch figured it out years ago. It's not cool or professional but Ubi can't even see that let alone the tons of other garbage they've piled up


Yeah this is something that should've been fixed years ago. Along with the people who are Diamond on EU and Copper on NA. All that shit should've been fixed 2+ years ago. Simply unprofessional on Ubi's part. Also, it should be known that those guys are NOT Platnum. Their account may say they are, they may get the pretty charm.. but they are not at the Platnum skill level. Fact. Their rank is fake and will always have an asterisk beside it. That goes for anyone who queues with someone not in the same general ranks as them.


I'm pretty sure there can be a 500 mmr difference between a plat 2 and plat 3 or somewhere close. The actual problematic difference comes in thousands.


Yeah 500 is an example, the main point was plat 2s shouldn't be able to queue with gold 4s and such.


On console there’s no reason to play past plat 3 because of dossers, it’s the main reason people do this.


Nah, ddosing just became a big issue in the last month or so, and that includes PC. I've dealt with server boosters for the entire 2 years that I've played.


DDOSing and MnK has been an issue in plat on consoles for at least a year now. There really is no sense in playing in plat on console


You kidding me? I got dossed all the time in red crow on Xbox.


Well the past month or so is when everyone started complaining about it in masses. I'm not saying it never existed before.


What is dossing? Everything I can find with Google tells me it's related to sleeping.


Denial of service. Ddos is distributed denial of service. It's called that because it usually takes many systems to collaboratively send an overload of messages to the server whereby the server cannot accept any more requests, and the clients are frozen in time. Ppl plant the bomb, sit on it and Ddos the server, when the server is able to respond, it sees the time is up and bomb is still planted so they win.


Look at the youtuber "Get flanked" account. (Flanked.DZ). He's a plat 3 EU and gold 4 NA.


He just made a video in the morning talking about his struggles with his Main NA account.


Is that a pc thing that shows an asterisk


No, it doesn't *literally* show an asterisk. I was just saying their ranks are fake and mean nothing when they boost.


Oh got you, I figured that’s what you meant


Wait, is that platinum? I admit I haven't played in a good while, but did they change what platinum and diamond look like?


They did, as of this season. Platinum is now what diamond used to be and diamond is now purple.




u/Ubi-WildWatermelon u/UbiBoat u/UbiNoty


They should create a Solo que only for ranked


Would be so down for this. Nothing is worse than getting qued with four teammates who try to bully you.


Or 4 stack of people throwing, it's super common in silver and gold for whatever reason


Kinda like Rocket League, could be fun, but will be really fucking toxic lol






[Had a Diamond with a Copper IV last night.](https://i.imgur.com/rnTIjqM.jpg) Anyone remember [a year and a half ago](https://rainbow6.ubisoft.com/siege/en-us/news/152-330511-16/anti-cheat-next-steps) when Ubisoft was "looking into" addressing this? And then nothing came of it? > We are also exploring the viability and feasibility of several features around restrictions of players’ Match Making Rank (MMR). The main one being negating MMR gains and losses from matches where a banned cheater was present. Another option is putting a restriction on skill gap in parties when queuing into Ranked, meaning high ranked players will not be able to queue with low rank players. Reactive measures we are looking into is improved reporting options in-game, and taking legal actions. Seems they put in MMR adjustments for games with cheaters and called it mission accomplished.


There is no MMR adjustment for console, so console is literally in the same place it was in this regard since launch. It’s only getting worse too, because people are starting to realize that they’re never going to be punished for this kind of bullshit. They’ll never have their MMR taken from them, they’ll never be banned, they’ll never lose anything from cheesy tactics and cheating like this.


Yeah "Battle Eye" on Console is non-existent. The ONLY time I have seen a ddosser get in any sort of "trouble" is through R6TAB saying next to they're name *banned from R6TAB:DDOSSER* That's not the same as ubi banning someone, just taking away their rank; which is bullshit IMO.


I've had a double diamond, double copper and a gold 2. Queued into them again after leaving a 15 minute gap. It's not fun. Honestly my biggest complaint with Siege ranked. Purposely lowered accounts for "easy" games. Those players are ruining experiences at the top middle and bottom of the ranked system because the game allows them to group up with a giant rank discrepancy. Lock it to the highest rank or put in a mmr range lock already.


Not to defend anyone, because people who purposely matchmake with lower ranks than them are cheesemongers, but diamond level ranked is complete AIDS. I’m a diamond on PS4 who uses a standard DualShock 4. The amount of times that I get DDOSed is insane. It happens about 20% of the time. I’m sick of it. I don’t want to be playing at this ELO level anymore. That said, I’d never queue with people who drop rank intentionally, but I do understand not wanting to play at diamond level right now.


That's gold 1 and up. I'm a low plat and this is way too common. I know it's wrong, but my friend purposely stays in mid silver to low gold to avoid this


It’s super frustrating. I want to be able to play ranked at whatever my best is. If I want to keep playing this game, my options are to either jump regions and play against people I shouldn’t be playing against (which is frustrating for them I’m sure) or to keep playing at my level and never finish a game because it ends up getting DDOSed.


I completely uninstalled and got into League of Legends and MineCraft for the time being. Can't get mad at cheaters or OP characters if you're too ass to know if they're cheating, playing OP characters, or if you're just bad lol


Lol I know the feeling. I’ve gotta take a break. Come back when I’m rusty and play against people who aren’t gonna DDOS me to get to plat 2.


"Cmon guys ban cav"


Y'all remember [this](https://rainbow6.ubisoft.com/siege/en-us/news/152-330511-16/anti-cheat-next-steps) > Another option is putting a restriction on skill gap in parties when queuing into Ranked, meaning high ranked players will not be able to queue with low rank players.


Holy shit that was last year


Yup, July 6th 2018.


That copper outfragged the plat lul


Offcourse! First they purposely lose a lot of games to get into copper, then team up with his gold friends to boost them into plat/diamond. So although his shown rank might be copper, he got it on purpose, so his actual skill level could be around high gold.. they fuck matchmaking.


That’s actually really pathetic


So many people do it too


This shit infuriates me right here. I'm a copper4(last season was first and I instantly jumped in ranked. Soft reset hit me hard) soloq on Na. Popped over to EU and...I can actually play! In copper I'm dropping donuts and getting shredded. Over on EU I'm about 2550mmr and it's EASIER! I'm pulling off strats and getting kills, winning way more games. These alt accounts need to be dealt with, they ruin the game for the lower ranks. It's frustrating as hell when the enemy team has 1 guy that can shit on everything. All we want us a fair shake but it sucks losing due to throwers and alts.




No kidding, it's bloody ridiculous. I placed silver 1 over on EU. Not great, but where I feel like I should be. I'm losing or winning gun battles in what feels like a reasonable way. Coppers insane, I always wind up with what seems like the worst team and get ran on by Smurfs. And to anyone who says "just hard carry" no, just no. I shouldn't have to be able to 1v5 a team just to improve my rank to something above rock bottom. And I don't even care if my skill level is copper, or bronze, or silver that's fine. Honestly I just want fairer matchmaking where I don't have to eat massive ping to get it. It's pretty bad when Paladins, a F2P game made by Hirez has better matchmaking...


Can confirm, the only time my friend hit diamond was this way. Just play with some guy on his smurf who purposely dropped down to a really low rank.




You playing with him is fine. It's when you tell him to throw matches so you can keep playing against bronzes and silvers when you're platinum, that it becomes a problem.


When that plat should be wood 3 and the copper should be plat


The copper has a differnt account that is probably either plat or diamond


Gotta love when those guys forget they arent actually good. Ive had a few times where i got an enemy team of plats with one or two clear boosters and you can just slap them. Sucks for the team though. Basically playing with a handicap. My favourite is when the boosted shit talks you in casual and theb you the boys proceed to mop the floor with him


Yeah, they’re actually all the same rank and take turns usually a lot of the time I think. Except if you’re like me before I found this subreddit and some random play invites my copper IV ass. I joined, being naive at the time and not realizing the consequences, and I think we got a gold level game. He actually wasn’t too toxic, but he memed and I was shit, so we lost (which makes me glad in hindsight that I didn’t gain from it). I still feel bad for my teammates and for any enemies who felt the match was unfair. It didn’t dawn on me until the end of the match (rank appearance) exactly what happened. I didn’t play another game with him for the record.


Clearly not a real copper. Just a friend taking one for the team. This will be a premade with the diamonds only in diamond because friends go on second accs and smurf to drop the team mmr.


Funny this is the way most people get to diamond so it's not really about who has more skill it's about who exploits the ranked system.


Who's better at exploiting the ranked system*


I see you played the 2019 LA Lakers.


Wow this had my dead ☠️😂


Last night I had a kid who was clearly using mouse and keyboard on my team and dropped 0 kills, after the game ended I saw that he was a DIAMOND queuing with 2 golds and a bronze....


Yikes. Imagine cheating and still being shit




Personally I think maybe using a persons highest reached MMR into the equation might be a good idea? Maybe averaged between current rank and highest rank, instead of current rank. That way a diamond player who is in copper would be averaged to silver, so it wouldn’t lower the teams MMR nearly as much (EDIT): also I checked the stats for the coppers and they had both been up to plat 1 in every previous season.


Problem is once you’re stuck in copper, it’s ducking hard to get out. Especially early In the season when those games throw off your win/loss record so much.


I've been dealing with this shit for years, what you need to remember I'd that this is not their rank. In reality they are most likely a gold as well. Of my 4 years of solo queuing in ranked these kids never win they just get different coppers to "hard carry".


On console there is no reason rank at all at the moment. Ddos and game crashing is insane right now. My squad had 2 separate guys crash out in the same ranked match costing us the win. As of right now we are all boycotting this broken game until it’s fixed. It’s like grim sky all over again and not enjoyable to play.


Uninstalled for this same reason. One every 5 matches is someone DDoSing server on defence so you can't win.


Set an mmr limit when queuing with people already ubi


I just find it wouldn't work. I have a group of friends that ranges from bronze to low plats and I've been everywhere from silver to plat. We all have similarish skills with the plats in general being a bit better at the movement aspect of the game. Everybody in this group can carry from time to time but Ubi first needs to fixed how points are given / taken in ranked. An example is we played against a full plat with a diamond team and I lost 62 elo at Gold3 whereas beating a plat/gold split team I had only gotten 51 points the match right before.


Same song and dance It seems everyone says when the argument comes up. It’s simple, if your highests a plat they play with plat MM.


Ye I'm cool with plat MM. I'm not cool with losing more points when I lose vs way outranked people than when I beat closerpeople to me


Sad that some plays and golds have to play with coppers to get higher


Game has so much potential but ubisoft are the developers


This is my opinion as well. R6 Siege is a really cool game and there aren't really any other games like it, but Ubisoft has done poorly with the game's health all-around.


But guys, ranked is out of beta...


Oh dont worry, they will fix it Then it will be broken again next season


Andother issue with this is the amount of smurfs there are. I am a diamond on console and sometimes I play with my irl buddies just for fun. We lose more games than we win but I still get called a booster. Now if u weren’t able to play with them Bc of my rank I’d just make a smurf and boom, problem solved.


Oh it's only start problem , we dig deeper , we got ourselves a leaver or 2 leavers , it is not a fair match , but u still get the lose as it was 5 of u . I mean since 1st season Overwatch has very good thing , when you got yourselves a leaver it gives him time to go back into match , and then if you want to play it - you play it 5v6 but if you lose you don't get lose to your MMR


I hate ranked. But I can't stop playing it


This is a common problem on games that use ELO systems. Basically the system matches the numbers rather than the rank of the individual players. For instance let's say both teams equal 100 points. Team one is split fair evenly across the 100 with maybe a few points difference here and there, where as team 2's points are radically split across the board, but as fair as the algorithm is concerned both equal 100 so both stand an equal chance of winning. The only time the system cares about rank really is when assigning MMR at the end, and it would basically end up that the Bronze players essentially get boosted to higher levels than their actual skills due to the system saying they beat Gold players, despite them probably not doing much in the rounds. This is why these types of games are so frustrating and for having 4 years in Beta I would have hoped Siege would have fixed it


This is a big problem. Not long ago i saw someone on a lfg site and they said we are in a 4stack rn and we need a copper, we will carry you.


Me (level 50 unranked) got pairs with low silvers against high plats.


You can stop worrying about ranked now.


It’s sad most of the people in copper or bronze are just smurfs from plat or diamond


I don't know what's worse, the plat 3 people or that copper 4. The worse mix


that copper isnt actually a copper though


You have so many player on servers that you would think it wouldnt be hard to match gold 4 to gold 4, copper 1 to copper 1 silver 3 to silver 3...


Well you can’t expect much, it’s still in beta


iT's StILL iN BeTA


Plats and diamonds shouldn’t be allowed to queue with anyone below gold 1


I feel you. Has happened to me thrice *this week* alone.


It is not beta anymore


Everytime my friends and I run into this we hold angles. We’ll have 1 roamer and that’s it. Everyone else posts up and we end up winning. We also destroy every soft wall possible at feet level so they can’t sneak anywhere either lol.


The problem is that you get massive amounts of elo for boosting, so there's no reason not to do it. You are barely penalized for queueing with lower ranks. I did it all last season and would easily win matches against golds and would get anywhere from 55-65 elo each match. It's insane.


ranked matchmaking should only take the highest one, plat with copper ? everyone is on a plat match


It takes an average of players I believe, those diamonds are just being dicks by queuing with a bronze


This is bs. I am not a game developer but I don’t think that it is hard to fix. Ubisoft can man make rank more significant. As far as I know, in counter strike low ranks cannot play with higher ranks. I think it makes perfect sense and Ubisoft should implement this to R6, at least as a temporary solution.


Literally had just finished our promos and we were bronze 1 and next game we got matched against 3 plats 2 gold's. We are gold usually so no big deal really but honestly pretty ridiculous that the ranking system is this bad.


Lastnight I was 1 game off p1, solo queue and got placed against a 4 stack of diamonds including one with 5.6k elo legit no ddosing cause I know him and just cause they had a gold 3 with them wanna know what I was given? 2 plat 3's and 2 plat 2's and we got slammed. It's been so bad for so long I agree on the cap. If I solo queue don't place me against kids who are 1k elo ahead of everyone on my team??? Considering plat 3 is no offense to any p3's but it's average at best every p3 on my team got their cheeks RAN. I always get terrible teammates who do the DUMBEST stuff like spawn peek the same spot 3 rounds in a row and die to the SAME PERSON all 3 rounds off spawn, just cause you're doc and have an acog doesn't make you invincible 🥴 gg ubi


Matchmaking should be based the highest mmr in the party


It's legit been like that most of the matches I played, I thought they were going to implement even-skill matchmaking but that never happened.


I was playing with a full squad, we’re all golds and and we got paired with 2 diamonds boosting with coppers


Went almost a whole weekend with mixed unranked players who would leave after going down 0-2. Complete bullshit this season. Went from gold II to copper IV— not even slightly exaggerating. Rank should be more than win/loss record. Carrying a team of coppers does you no better than sitting along for the ride with bunch of golds. You can also carry a team to a super close overtime loss and lose as much rank points as if you lost 4-0. Rank means absolutely nothing. Worst part is, once you’re in copper, you’re fucked. Every single game is loaded with toxic or inexperienced players, and you’re far more likely to rank further down than up, no matter how well you play.


This is so frustrating and needs to be fixed. I run into Plat’s teamed up with “coppers” fairly often. They are cheesing mmr and diminishing the quality of ranked games. They either need to make it so only people within X ranks of each other can party up or the party goes off the *highest* mmr, not average. Regardless of which one they go with, Ranks themselves need to be global. So many people play for real in one region then purposefully throw on another so they can get games in lower mmr with their friends. To go a bit further, matchmaking should also match party sizes, no more solo players against a 5 stack. Games like Overwatch and CSGO have systems like this in place, why can’t Siege? Gold is like the Wild West, lesser skilled people who got lucky in placements and people who mmr abuse/copper boost alike get thrown in ontop of a volatile range of skill gaps.


This is almost sad


Last time I played ranked was back in parabelum, where I ended up ranking good one. Which for me is pretty good tbh. Then after not playing until phantom sight I jumped into ranked. It was my first game so I was unranked. And I was on a team of full silver Vs 3 gold's and 2 diamonds. I got absolutely destroyed.


Same thing happened to me. I played against 2 plat 1s and 3 coppers. Turns out that the coppers were just diamonds on alt accounts trying to carry their friends to diamond.


It's not in beta though!


When a bronze did better than a plat tho


Had it happen yesterday, we had a full squad with high silvers and low golds, 1 gold 1 though but he wasn’t boosting us. We played 3 matches, all 3 with 1-2 plats and 1 copper so they could play against us. 1 match had a guy going 15-7 and we won in round 9, so he immediately left after that. Other match we lost and we won another one. It’s just that it’s not fun anymore with ubi letting this happen.


I would be extremely shocked to actually read any type of Ubisoft response on this ongoing long running issue. Maybe even one from /u/Its_Epi but I doubt it.


What they should do is they should match up the top ranked players on each team rather than the average of the two teams. So if a Plat wants to queue up with Coppers, they run the risk of playing a 5-stack of Plats, instead of a bunch of Golds and Silvers. Granted, those Coppers are likely just smurf accounts of actual Plats, so I guess nothing matters anymore. Also, quick life tip here: If you have a smurf account and you aren't making a living off of streaming this game, you need to go the fuck outside sometimes.


Seriously though what is Ubisoft doing


I'm assuming the copper 4 above the Platinum 3 isn't legitimate copper 4.


It’s not in beta anymore so it must be fixed


The past three ranked matches I've played had boosters in them. I wish I was exaggerating.


not including all the smurfs or bronze diamonds


Sometimes I miss siege and then I remember bullshit like this and the spreading cancer of m&k on console. I wish it could go back to Y1


Low plats and high silvers should be able to party up, but that should be the biggest difference allowed in ranked and even that is pushing it. Im genuinely ready to not play for 2 seasons. Siege's quality has been severely diminished since the end of year 3. The bugs, the exploits, the hacks, and the lack of priorities from Ubisoft is really killing me.


But we put in a ban system for operators!!!!!! FUCK I wish they would stop trying to make this game like how the pros want it and instead cater to EVERYONE and FIX THIS SHIT. It's been in the game FAR too long. But nah. Instead let's put in a useless feature that can be done by just not picking the operator. Redundancy is ubisoft's middle name.


i had a game yesterday we were losing 3-0 and the entire other team just surrendered and we won by forfeit lmfao. weirdest game i’ve ever experienced, something very strange is going on in ranked.


Had a similar experience with two bronze, gold, diamond and plat. The bronzes were the ones who carried the team


Casuals annoying this way as well. I don’t mind as much since it doesn’t affect my rank but as a mid silver player I simply can’t compete with multiple plats on the other team


They need to also update it to where the game can’t start if not all of the players are loaded in. Lost 100+ points of MMR because the game is just a 3v5 or 4v5.


I agree with setting party to highest MMR and limiting MMR difference between members. That way your team cant have a wide variety of ranks and you will always get matched with a team of similar ranks. I was playing Diamonds with Golds on my team.


Had a match exactly like this My team: All gold 3 and 2’s Enemy team: A diamond player, a platinum 3 player, a gold 3 players, and two copper 4 players


The enemy had 6 players?


This is so long past due it’s insane, no ranked mode with any sort of integrity allows this to be a thing


I fucking love the fact that everyone knows about this, everyone posts these screenshots and yet Ubishit is just Ubishit doing nothing about it and acting like everything is fine.


Same thing is happening to me and my pre-rank matches.


I'm not ranked yet and we had 3 coppers and 1 silver on our team. Guess what the other team had? 3 diamond, 1 plat, and 1 NR. I have a screenshot on my PS4 that I want to report to ubisoft showing that. Unfair matchmaking on PS4 as well.


God this fucking sucks. I love siege but shit like this is what pushes me away further everyday


I recently got an Alpha Pack at 8% chace. Was happy, until I went back to the main menu to see there was no alpha pack and my alpha pack chance was at 2%. Now either Ubi fucked up or I did.


I kinda feel bad for that plat 3 that was out done by a copper 4


well, yes but no.




I'm so sick of this


Weighted average anyone? Suppose you have 4 plats and 1 copper. The system would give full weight to highest rank, 80% to 2nd highest, 60% to 3rd, and so on. You would end up in a situation where the highest-ranking player(s) matter more for the matchmaking than the lower ones, without removing the ability to queue up with friends. They'd just have to accept that their matches are harder. Example with simplified math: 5 friends queue together. Two of them have 1200 MMR, two have 1000 MMR and one has 800 MMR. The first two would set the MMR at 1200, one at 100%, the other at 80%. The next two would drag the MMR down towards 1000 at 60% and 40% rates, which roughly translates to 100%, so they'd count as one person at 1000. The last one would only count 20%, since they have the lowest rank. So we end up with 1200 at 180% rate dragged down by "one" person at 1000 to around 1140, then that gets dragged down by only 20% of a "person" towards 800, which means the difference of 340 only counts for 68. Final weighted average MMR would be about 1070. Under normal calculations, it would be 1040. The difference becomes more noticeable the more low ranks you have and the higher the highest two/three are.


Man i remember last season when I was silver and somehow I got matched against a diamond. I somehow won 4-0, although the dude disconnected twice and only died 2 times.


[My suggestion](https://www.reddit.com/r/Rainbow6/comments/c67biv/my_idea_for_a_matchmaking_system_that_counters/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app) to solve this problem. In this case my Matchmaking system would match that team (3 plat 3 + 1 copper 2 + 1 copper 4) against an avg gold 1 team (3155 mmr calculated) instead of an avg gold 4 team (around 2600 mmr)


Both teams have kind of the same mmr, thats why they got matched together.


I don’t see an issue, the 2 coppers clearly offset the 3 plats /s


I just played against a diamond