1) No, plenty of jobs right now. 2) yes I was making 100k/yr in DI with 3 years experience. 3) no, I had multiple job offers after school. Work hard and you’ll likely get a job offer once you get your ARRT.


Ditto with what was said


Saturated as in getting in to program? Yes finding a job? Depends. Techs can get cross trained to get into different modalities, modalities than can make 6 figures I got hired before graduating at my clinical site. Seen a lot of students, usually the ones I can see working with for the next 30 years do, the ones I wouldn’t want to work with for the next 30 years, not sure, haven’t seen them.


I don't work as a technologist but within IT for a radiology clinic. We're constantly looking for new techs, and are constantly promoting and cross training modalities from CR to other modalities that pique your interest. I know our clinic has even reached out to the local school trying to pique interest in students that want a job right out of school with us. Demand is definitely there right now.


Bay area tech here. There is still definitely a demand, especially for more difficult to fill shifts like weekends. You can definitely afford to live in the area, as long as you're not expecting a SFH off the bat and raising six kids on a single income. The rate varies based on what you're doing and where; as a 16 year tech I'm getting in the ballpark of 68 an hour. If you're willing to work odd shifts for a while until a better shift opens up, and your OR and fluoro skills are up to snuff, you will have absolutely no problems getting hired.