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I redesigned the Autódromo Oscar y Juan Galvéz in Buenos Aires so it would be suitable for hosting F1 and/or WEC. On the first slide the track is presented, second one shows what changed. The third one tells you which layouts are available and the fourth one is just an F1 style diagram. For my redesign I intended to turn layout 15 into the F1 layout, while layout 12 and 6 should also still be safe enough for F1 and/or WEC. These three layouts have a track width of at least 12m. Oh and I also added a rallycross/RX track.


The idea of moving salotto closer to the lake its really clever, i cant believe that i never thought about that. Good job!


I didn't realize you posted this already, this is a very realistic and cool redesign. You did an awesome job mate, I'd love this one to happen irl!


I think it's a great track and beautiful city. I will try to make my redesign project soon. I have an idea to make here a circuit faster than Monza!


Good stuff!