I read the original post. I know Omegle is used to talk to random people all over the world. You don't know this person so is it possible you are reading too much into her blinking? That stress ball like someone that pointed out looks similar to writing for the ALTER horror site although they didn't have the brain logo. Besides the blinking what else would give you indication she is in trouble? Was she evasive? Did she look like she was being watched / monitored? I didn't see a video and just that picture you posted, I don't see distress in her face. When on Omegle what country did she say she was from or the flags indicating languages? Tried reverse image and nothing.


She was either American or Canadian based on her accent. It seemed like their was another person in the room (something moved in the background without her touching it and she looked at something/someone and it seemed like someone was watching tv in the backgrounds) and there’s more stuff that I told other people who asked questions under the original post. I also feel like if it was for a horror channel they would probably have done something scarier/more intense, this was just kind of unsettling and more people probably just skipped her. If something isn’t genuinely happening I think she probably forgot to close a tab (but she did say shut up to us at one point so idk)


Either way I think it's cool that you care but without seeing the video and more information about her, it's hard to know if she's in distress or not. If she told you to shut up at one point that would be weird if she was signaling for help


No, this is another kind of horror designed to make you uneasy. Most Omegle cams are looped videos that aren’t even real or happening in real time. Especially if you’re on at fap o’clock.


there is no plausible scenario in the world where someone is being held against their will but also able to go on omegle but also can only communicate their distress with blinks none




the linked thread is maddening, there's only like two people pointing out how silly this is and they're so heavily downvoted i've never seen that sub before and now i know why


[Gonna disagree with you there](https://youtu.be/rufnWLVQcKg) ETA: ok so it’s not Omegle but you get the idea.


oh i missed the part where this teenage girl was also an admiral, my bad


Oh that’s ok, I misread your comment where it said “someone” not “teenage girl.” My point being it’s not a completely implausible scenario.


There is a 0 percent chance this girl wasn’t just pulling your leg to freak you out. People go on Chatroulette/Omeagle all the time specifically to do things that are scary/mysterious then disconnect.


No little girl just knows Morse code nor would she use it in trying to communicate in a high stress situation. It's obviously a gag. But I'll go read the original post.


This is like all the silly conspiracy theories that pop up about people on TikTok (especially various celebrities) being held captive and trying to blink or tap in Morse code, and I really wonder where it comes from. Sometimes people are just a little weird. Sometimes they’re high. Sometimes they’re not doing anything odd at all, and the person watching imagines it. Why do so many people think all these kidnapping victims know Morse code, anyways? So far in every instance of this I’ve seen on video it’s verifiably not Morse (especially since Morse relies on long and short tones.) It’s good of you to care, OP, but I would bet my house this person is perfectly fine. If she matched a missing persons case, then that would be cause for alarm, but that does not appear likely. You can always go through those databases yourself as well if you want something to do. This is one of those situations where nobody can prove a stranger _isn’t_ being held captive if you’ve convinced yourself they have.


OP went for a jerk on omegle and now thinks he’s sherlock holmes




Oh, the link was removed. I was able to see the original post though. Anyway, 99.99% of people don't know morse code, specially teens. She was probably super high, specially given that Alter is a mental health facility or something like that.


This reminds me of the kate yup situation. The girl could have been trolling (very likely) or just super socially awkward. Actually, if that’s the case, she’s so awkward people think she’s being held hostage. That’s a damn achievement right there.


Yeah, at least some of the Kate Yup stuff _is_ objectively weird and not imagined. But most of this “genre” of mystery is people not acting particularly strange at all but someone who is into true crime just reading an entire criminal kidnapping conspiracy into it.