(Removed post) I was reminded of this one a couple nights ago during my evening run, I just felt so alive and motivated to conquer everything. That's a feeling that's easy to forget, yet something we should all chase.


What? Are you in a negative mood or not?


I don't understand the question? But I just mean I have so many goals and always say I'll do them especially at times like those where I feel so motivated, and dedicated to achieve them. And once that mood leaves me, I forget all about them and lose motivation


I appreciate this post so much. It’s a good reminder that pushing through challenges in a healthy way gives a dopamine boost, too. You’re right - worth the chase. The best high I’ve ever had came after my first real run. I was so full of excitement and adrenaline I must have sprinted over half of the session at full speed. I’ve been chasing that high for years… You reminded me of the reason I run. I’m eager to get back to it.


An excellent observation. Great post. Ta


Yup, that's why I no longer tell people I'll help them move. Day of move I'd drag my ass out of bed hating life, be there when I was supposed to be, and then the 5 other people who they said were supposed to come don't show up. Then on top of that the people I'm helping move always needed help packing on top of moving. So now I don't commit to stuff like that.


I told my coworkers well in advance - I do not help people move. Do not ask me, do not bribe me, it will always be a no lol. I'm not risking injury, swamp ass, or breaking something valuable, just for pizza and beer. Not happening.


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It has taken a long time to realize this.