am i the only one who is told i should win the game because i have 400k mastery

am i the only one who is told i should win the game because i have 400k mastery


Yeah I have like over 1.5mil mastery and peaked at d3 but have barely played in the last 2 years and I get shit from everyone almost every time I lose lane. Even though a lot of the time I'm getting camped while my jg doesn't exist. I mean I definitely suck now and only play normals but people see that 1.5mil mastery and automatically expect faker or smth. Shit's annoying, I just wanna chill and wind down. Pretty sure Ive only earned like less than 50k points in the last 2 years.


mastery means nothing other than you've played alot. There's players with millions of points on champions in bronze-gold


Nope, mastery means nothing literally, for example I have 500k+ mastery with Aatrox, and you know what? I haven't touched him since rework. So it means I'm an expert with him? I played him a lot? LOL I don't even know what he does :D


I mean, you did play a lot of Aatrox. It's just that you played it a long time ago abd Aatrox got reworked


I wrote to Riot support asking if they can reset my mastery with him, since it appears my most played champion even 3/4 years without using Aatrox. They said they can't do that so yeah, I have to be showing Aatrox as my main with N/A best letter score, I find it funny and very very sad. I really miss my old main, can't pick another main since no champ is similar to what I could achieved with Oldtrox (solo drakes at level 3, pentas 1v5 under enemy towers, solo nashor at minute 21, etc). So now I just keep rolling from champions and testing and testing just to find the game is not the same without him. Btw, I don't hate Bbtrox, it's just so different I don't like it, it's a complete new champ.


classic LoL toxicity


you are not the only one. don't worry about it focus on yourself!! keep climbing never give up!


Ngl, you already know when sb is pisslow when he cares about mastery in general.


Mastery points are for stupid people who think getting better at things works like an experience bar...just keep doing something over and over until POOF! You're better. Anyone who says mastery points and skill are the same thing can be safely ignored.


Judging peoples skill based off mastery is ridiculous lmao if theyre in your game then theyre probably a similar skill level to you… so why expect them to be some god bc they enjoy playing one champion? Theyre idiots fr


even more ridiculous is to think good players can't lose games.


I got 800k in her, but it's all from mid or bot lane. It annoys me when I'm told to carry from the rare times I get forced top cause I do not know those early lane matchups.


Diamond 1 soloqueue vibes