My mother just cried desperately imploring me not to get vaccinated, it is the first time that she does that so directly, it made me feel bad and now I am hesitating to do it, I know that the vaccine is good but if I do I feel that she will feel too much disappointed in me.

My mother just cried desperately imploring me not to get vaccinated, it is the first time that she does that so directly, it made me feel bad and now I am hesitating to do it, I know that the vaccine is good but if I do I feel that she will feel too much disappointed in me.


Just suck it up get it and lie don’t make it difficult


Exactly what I did. My son is a freak about no vaccine. Not worth the arguments over it. We all have a right to do what is best for us without someone yammering about all the bullshit.


Thanks, I have decided to do it too. It will happen this Sunday, thank you.


>Just suck it up get it I love her and all that but it is my life, I will not let her get into her nonsense, it was a complicated decision but after thinking it over and meditating on it, I am going to get vaccinated, thank you very much. Thank you. this Sunday I will get vaccinated.


And have an excuse ready for whatever symptoms you have the next day. For me, I was extremely lethargic the next day. My SO had a fever and nausea that night. Most people experience some symptoms, so just have an excuse, a regular fever, or food poisoning, or something else.


Get it and don't tell her, simplest answer. If it were dangerous, the human race would be on its way to extinction: 39.5% of the world population has received at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine. 5.29 billion doses have been administered globally, and 41.1 million are now administered each day.


And 96% of American doctors are vaccinated: https://www.ama-assn.org/press-center/press-releases/ama-survey-shows-over-96-doctors-fully-vaccinated-against-covid-19


that's great, thank you.


I have finally decided to improve my life and take care of the rest of our species by getting vaccinated this Sunday. Thank you, yes, the vaccine is safe, I have already thought about it much better. Thank you, I appreciate it very much, you made me feel better hehe thank you.


You seem to care about her a lot, despite the fact that she's succumb to a lot of these conspiracy theories. Remember that you won't be able to look after her if you end up hospitalized or with long term effects from covid. None of the lies she's telling you about the vaccine are true, so don't let her panic confuse you or cause you to second guess the proven, scientific facts about the vaccine and what is the safest option for you. Lie about getting it if you have to, but don't let her suck you into the qanon vortex. She may not be doing it intentionally, but she's doing it nonetheless, and it risks putting your health in danger.


>You seem to care about her a lot Yes. > you won't be able to look after her if you end up hospitalized or with long term effects from covid Yes, that was the biggest reason why I finally decided to get vaccinated, I already did the government stationery to do it this Sunday. THANK YOU! :)


Protect yourself- imagine her desperate crying if you were to die or become permanently incapacitated. Get the vax as soon as possible. Sorry your Qmom is making you both feel bad. Covid is real but their anti-vax stuff is not. She is just wrong on this. Take care


you're right, it's better that she complains than because of me, she can suffer. Thank you, thank you very much, I have already decided to get vaccinated this Sunday.


She will thank you when this trauma passes. Good luck to you.


I hope so. Thank you!


Please get vaccinated you would be saving her life. If she gets infected because of you. You would feel worse. The viral load of a vaccinated person is too less. Get vaxxed.


>Please get vaccinated Yes, I will do that this Sunday, it was a somewhat complicated decision but I have decided to take care of myself and her even if it does not seem like the right thing to do, yes, this is the right thing to do. Thank you, I really appreciate your words, thank you. :)


You already know your mother is being influenced by strangers who do not have her best interests in mind. Hopefully she will tear herself away from this influence, but in the meantime, please protect yourself and your mother by getting vaccinated. The risks associated with getting sick from the coronavirus are far far greater than any risk from the vaccine. I avoided even visiting my parents (I did see them but with precautions) until I got vaccinated as I did not want to risk exposing them to the virus should I get exposed first. I am so relieved now that my whole family (other than one holdout in another state) are finally vaccinated.


And I have decided not to let myself be badly influenced also by those nonsense, so this Sunday I'm going to get vaccinated, thank you, thank you really.


I'm happy for you. The many different ways the stress of this pandemic has affected all of us is nothing like what I would have guessed -- and I've learned a bit about myself from it too. Hang in there, I know it will get better. Good luck!


Sigh. I know this is gonna sound cold but... #Stop caring what anti-vaccers think! They aren't making choices grounded in reality and as such their opinions don't hold weight in the real world. So what if they are your parents? They are human and exactly as prone to being wrong as everyone else, except in this case they are actively ignoring the science and research.


haha yeah a little cold. I have decided that finally yes I am going to get vaccinated. Thank you very much for your comment, I appreciate it.


She tries to manipulate you with her crying. But it's not about your well-being, but about controlling you. You are her property. If you do what she demands, then it will make your future much worse. You have to make a decision: Do you want to be controlled by her forever? Or do you want to be a person making your own decisions?


>She tries to manipulate you with her crying. I suspected that myself ... >Or do you want to be a person making your own decisions? THIS. I thank her for her intentions but I do not share them, I have decided to get vaccinated. thank you for your words, they really made me feel better, thank you.


All best! Hug!


Tell your Mum not to get her information from the US which is a basket case of cultural war nonsense regarding Covid. Tell her to look to Western Europe instead. For example in Ireland we have very little vaccine hesitancy as there is no political party using it for votes. https://www.thejournal.ie/brian-mac-craith-5534259-Aug2021/


Thanks, good information, yes, I'm going to get vaccinated, thanks. :)


You know what disappoints a mother the most? Having her child die of a mostly preventable disease.


i will get vaccinated. thank you, >You know yeah :(


If she told you not to drink or eat anything for 6 weeks would you still listen to her? Her request can end in a health crisis for you, so whether her feelings will be hurt or not should not carry all the weight in your decision to get a vaccine.


I have decided that finally yes I am going to get vaccinated. Thank you very much for your comment, I appreciate it.


I’m sorry for the stress you’re under. It’s so difficult dealing w our Q people Bc they don’t base their reasoning on reality. And they are genuinely scared. It’s so sad and frustrating.


Just go get the vaccine if that’s what you want. Don’t let her make it complicated for you.


I have decided that finally yes I am going to get vaccinated. Thank you very much for your comment, I appreciate it.


You’re doing the right thing!


Don't let her guilt trip you into a horrible, suffering disease. You are worth more than that. Get the vaccine. Whether you tell her or not is a different choice.


I have decided that finally yes I am going to get vaccinated. Thank you very much for your comment, I appreciate it.


You cannot live your life to make someone else happy. You need to protect your health and do what is right and that is get vaccinated.


I have decided that finally yes I am going to get vaccinated. Thank you very much for your comment, I appreciate it.


Get it for yourself, and to protect her. I know you care about each other, but sometimes this means not listening to the other.


I have decided that finally yes I am going to get vaccinated. Thank you very much for your comment, I appreciate it.


Good for you. I hope she’s ok.


Get it and then lie about it. What she doesn't know won't hurt her. Although the same can't be said about her knowledge of coronavirus. Like I said, get the vaccine and then lie about it. Plenty of people have had to do this, and it's for the best.


I have decided that finally yes I am going to get vaccinated. Thank you very much for your comment, I appreciate it.


Happy for you. Stay safe out there :-)


This vaccine has been both extremely effective and amazingly safe. The number of people who have had genuine problems with the vaccine is less than ten in every country that I know, including the US (three confirmed deaths so far in a country with 340,000,000 people).


My mom tried to do the same thing. Called me DEEPLY concerned and tried to convince me to not get it. Sounding sad and all that. I had to set boundaries with her after a few minutes. “Mom, I know you care deeply about this but, respectfully, and frankly, I dont want to talk to you about this. I’ve made the decision and it’s going to happen regardless. I love you, but we are ending this conversation here.” Not sure what “slight mental problems” you might have, but I have been diagnosed with mental illnesses and I’m fine - as well as MANY other folks I know who have mental illnesses who got vaxxed. Seems like your mom is just brainwashed and trying to do the same to you.


I think we went through almost the same situation, only that I in person in front of her hehe I understand what you say, I really appreciate your words, finally after thinking about it and talking about it with my father who has already been vaccinated, I have decided to get vaccinated. In fact, I already did the government paperwork to get vaccinated, I'll do it this Sunday. It is difficult to see my mother in that state and I sincerely understand that she says it for my well-being according to her, but it is my body, I am already an adult and I will not let her get into her Qanon nonsense. Thank you for your words, I really appreciate it very much, thank you. >Not sure what “slight mental problems” you might have bipolarity, asperger's syndrome, sociopathy, something related to a missing chemical in my brain that doesn't make me think very well and sometimes fucks me up.


I’m glad it’s helpful! I know how hard these situations can be. If it’s any comfort I know folks who have the same mental illnesses and they’re completely fine after being vaxxed. Best of luck to you! you’re making the best choice for yourself and the people around you (regardless of what your mom might say.)


I would get the vax and tell her you got it. Quit feeding into her fear.


You are right, I have decided to remain firm in my beliefs and yes, I am going to get vaccinated this Sunday. Thank you, I really appreciate it, thank you.


No one who truly loves you and is of sound mind would stop you from getting the vaccine. It is THE ONLY way to ensure that you do not die from COVID.


Don’t let your nut job mother make HIGHLY STUPID decisions for you. You know better. It’s not complicated she is seriously INCORRECT. This is your life.


Check r/HermanCainAward and see if you have any interest in competing for it


As much as we always, in the way, strive to get approval of our parents we can't. Not when our opinions diverge. You are an adult. You have body autonomy. If you think you should get the vaccine then get it and just don't tell her. Your mother is not entitled to know your medical history.


It's a pretty simple decision. Get the shots or stand a very good chance of dying.


I thought about it a lot and yes, I'm going to get vaccinated, in fact I already made the government form to get vaccinated, I don't want to die, not yet.


Please please please don't put yourself in danger because of her beliefs. They may be sincere beliefs, but they are not true beliefs. Just get it. Explain that you both believe in different facts, and that you can't put yourself in real danger just because she believes something different.


Get the shot please. It's easier to deal with someone elses misplaced disappointment than being intubated, spreading disease, and taking up a much needed ICU bed.


She'll be crying more if you end up dead of COVID. This disease is a killer and we have a vaccine, and if she sees you take it and nothing happened maybe she will question what she's been told and decide to take it, now you've saved her life too.


you're right. I'm going to get vaccinated on Sunday and my mother already knows what made her not happy at all, she got angry, I cried, we argued but even so, after reading everything that you people tell me, I felt stronger, more sure of myself myself, so I resisted a lot and I am not going to retract, this is the best for everyone and maybe, as someone already said, if she saw that I was vaccinated, nothing happened to me, maybe she will stop believing her nonsense and decide to get vaccinated as well, But now it is too early to know what he would think when he saw that nothing bad happened to me when I was vaccinated. Thank you for your words, I sincerely appreciate it very much, thank you and congratulations, happy cake day!


Not being accusatory, but why have you waited this long? The vaccine has been readily available for like four months. You can walk into any pharmacy without an appointment. Perhaps it's not her that is making you hesitant? Just do it and move on with your life. You'll laugh after it's over. \*Just read below that you're getting it Sunday. Seriously, you're going to laugh when it's over. It's just another shot, maybe some arm pain and a small headache.


>You can walk not in my country. Here it is not so easy, if I had not already had vaccines since first day hehehe


Oh, sorry, didn't know you weren't in the US! Just assumed for some reason.


oh it's alright, no problem :)


>* yeah, i want thay shit in me as fast as possible


I wasn't terribly scared of COVID before I got vaccinated, but I will say that afterward I felt really safe about not getting sick. Takes a load off immediately!


Omg. Just get it and don't tell her. Its so easy.


Research something called emotional manipulation. Not trying to say that is what she's doing, but it might be something to consider.


Well, unfortunately, I think she did that and by 'accident' she confirmed it when we were arguing, at one point she said 'if crying is necessary to take care of you' and immediately she fell silent and I said something like 'what the hell It means that?' Although I already knew what it meant, I wanted her to admit it but she never did, she just diverted the conversation. so ..... yeah, she may have done that, and to be honest, it almost worked for her. but it was not like that, I YES I'm going to get vaccinated. and now I think I have lost confidence in her, I'm sorry, is weird / uncomfortable to explain.


I totally understand, I've had similar issues with my family as well.


Please get vaccinated. I work as an RN. I have zero patients who had to be admitted for vaccine injury or side effects or anything. We did have a 30 yo unvaccinated man die last week. The hospital is so full of unvaccinated covid patients we had to set up an extra ICU. Vaccines can be scary. Most people get side effects from them. It's scary to do something that will hurt you. But the hurt is very temporary. Most people just end up with a sore arm. Some people get a minor fever and headache but it goes away after a day or so. Please be brave and get vaccinated.


Get it and lie to her.


She doesn't need to know. And she's endangering your life. Your mother tried to kill you with her stupidity. Don't feel guilty. Get vaxxed, and lie.


Your mother is mentally ill. Get vaccinated.


Sometimes you disappoint your parents ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Dying on a ventilator sounds worse.


You need to remember that your mother is a victim of misinformation. She may be making you feel bad, but the vaxx will help protect you and may very well save your life. Do not be worried about what others think about you when you know you are doing right not just by yourself, but by others including your mom as well.


99% of covid patients right now are unvaccinated. The rest caught it from an unvaccinated person. Don't risk your life or life-long health because your mother is insane. The delta variant is causing long term deafness in some people.


Why do you have to tell her you got it?


Tell her you are not going to do it and then do it anyway. Make sure you do not give accurate contact information to whomever is giving you the shot, or they could very well end up blowing your cover.


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She’ll be sadder if you die, fighting for your last gasp of air…


> add the fact that she is a Christian, well, the situation is more complicated than normal. He made this much easier... https://i.redd.it/5cdekmfqtmc71.jpg


Forget what she thinks and get vaxxed. Number two, find a way to filter out how where she gets her qanon info and try blocking certain websites through the wifi router.


I have decided that finally yes I am going to get vaccinated. Thank you very much for your comment, I appreciate it.


Lie. End of discussion.


I have decided that finally yes I am going to get vaccinated. Thank you very much for your comment, I appreciate it.


I’m someone’s mom, and I’m really proud of you. You’re doing your part to keep your family safe. Good job, sweetheart


Why do you have to tell her? If you could suffer permanent damage from this, why should anyone have a say in your protecting yourself?


She already knows, she already knows that I am going to be vaccinated but there are so many other things that she does not know that I do, I already feel more sure of myself thanks to the words of you people, thank you, I really do.


Let her be disappointed.


I’m honestly appalled that it’s even a consideration for you NOT to get it because of this. Like you’re just gonna go around unvaccinated? You HAVE been going around unvaccinated? Maybe this is just bc I’m in another country but I didn’t think that non-crazy people did this anymore.


Just tell her that talking about it is a HIPAA violation.


Yep. Lie. It's a minor sin of self protection.


Do you tell your parents everything? I guarantee they have secrets they keep from you. Source: am parent


no, not everything. There are many things that I am sure they do not even imagine that I do or at least I do not know that they know about me, especially in the street haha and yes, I suppose that they also keep things. Thank you


One thing I would like to add: I'm sure her fears are valid to her, but moms can be GREAT at guilt trips. You're at a crucial age where you are developing a relationship with her outside of the parent-child role. This situation is particularly tough, but it will not be the last time you will clash with her and make a decision that she disagrees with. She will probably always see you as not knowing as much as her, but that is simply not true. It will become easier to disagree with her as you age, and I'm sorry that one of your first disagreements as adults has to be something this difficult


Thank you for deciding to get vaccinated and protect kids like my 4 year old son with cancer who can’t get vaccinated yet


oh, I'm very sorry to hear that, I hope everything is fine for you and your family, cheer up, everything will improve, I wish you luck and blessings. :)


No, got get vaccine.. Full stop. They want a hermin cain Award? Let them, you dont want one.


no, I don't want it at all. and that's why I'm going to get vaccinated on Sunday, I already want to be strong against the virus. Thank you, Thank you


Better to be alive and her “disappointed” than dead with her “proud”.


true, thank you


What's worse, disappointing your mom, or dying or spreading a deadly virus? We've been disappointing our parents for generations.


finally I'm going to get vaccinated on Sunday, thank you, thank you. good words. :)


> I do I feel that she will feel too much disappointed in me. She isn't bothered about how disappointed you would be with her for not getting vaccinated. Go get the vaccine.


Yes, I made up my mind, finally I'm going to get vaccinated on Sunday, thank you.


Yeah get and stay alive. That's essentially what it is at this point.


this is survival, these are really critical times ... and that's why I'm going to get vaccinated on Sunday, thank you.


No sane Christian opposes this or any other vaccine! Please take care of yourself and don't let off-kilter opinions (about scientific facts!) get to you.


That’s not your mom crying, there’s a thing controlling her brain at this point. That thing is crying!


Glad to read the edit.


This reminds me of something I was told in suicide awareness training “Even if they say don’t tell anyone about their suicidal thoughts, don’t keep it secret. Sure they may hate you, but they’ll be alive to hate you” You don’t need to tell your mum if you get vaccinated but even if she finds out, even if she gets dissapointed, not only will you be alive for her to be dissapointed, you’re improving the chance that she’ll be alive too


Do it! even if you have to lie about it. it could save you or your moms life!


First of all, I think it's very manipulative of her to tell you that she's disappointed in you for your personal medical decisions. Wow! Secondly, if she is that messed up? Get your vaccine which you have every right to do and just don't discuss it with her. You have a right to set a boundary for yourself. She's not entitled to that information at ALL. If she inquires, then yes, lie. She's being irrational and you are trying to engage with her as if she were not. Get the vaccine, protect yourself, and set boundaries.


>it made me feel bad and now I am hesitating to do it, She is hopelessly mixed up. COVID will kill you and it doesn't care about your feelings


Nut up and get stuck.


Oh no, you might make your mother feel bad. I guess you should just take your chances with the virus then...


Put on a Donald Trump shirt that says "Fuck Your Feelings"


Get the shot. She doesn’t need to know. Delta ain’t playing around.


I am a mother of adult children and I begged my reluctant daughter to please, please GET this vaccine. I did not want to see her children lose their mother. (The kids are all old enough to be vaccinated, and they were all already vaccinated.) Any mother who loves her children should want them to be protected from a deadly disease. I am glad to hear that you will be getting vaccinated. For some perspective: over 150 million Americans have had at least one dose of the vaccine. 12 people had anaphylaxis after getting the shot and none of them died. The vaccine is very safe.


I see that you have resolved this issue. I just wanted to come in and tell you how proud I am of you. I'm sorry that you are being denied that pride from your mother, but so many of us are happy that you are advocating for what is best for *you*. Taking care of ourselves is a difficult thing to do, especially in a situation like this. Take some time to tell yourself that you are a person worthy of care, consideration, and *health*. Then keep on proving it!


I haven’t read all the comments but you should check out raisedbynarcissists sub… Your mother/ egg donor definitely is one.


I know this is old but if I can be one more voice saying to just do it, then it’s worth it to me. Just do it, your Mom is being a selfish moron.


Please get vaccinated, even if it’s to protect her because she won’t get it herself. That way if you were to catch COVID you would be more unlikely to spread it to her. Do it for yourself, and for her. Keep it a secret if you must, but please just get it


I have decided that finally yes I am going to get vaccinated. Thank you very much for your comment, I appreciate it.


Do it. Please.


Yeah i will do it this sunday, thank you


Don't let a (now) toxic mother warp you.


I have decided that finally yes I am going to get vaccinated. Thank you very much for your comment, I appreciate it.


Just get the vaccine. Don't tell her. It's your body, your life.


I have decided that finally yes I am going to get vaccinated. Thank you very much for your comment, I appreciate it.


Get vaccinated and tell her you didn't. It's your body and your life. It's none of her business. She doesn't ask how many times you urinated today did she? Your vax status is none of her business. Shhhhhhh. U do U.


Ummm just lie and get the shot, it’s not that hard


Let her cry its just a yool.


Being dead isn’t half as bad as disappointing a parent that would rather believe their cousin’s nieces step-brothers hair dresser on Facebook over leading scientists and credible scientific publications ……


Live! She will feel more than guilty if you die! This is ridiculous behavior and she needs help!


You have a much bigger reason to be disappointed in her than she does to be disappointed in you. Just think about that for a minute. I know she means well, and loves you and only wants what is best for you but the fact still remains that she wants you to do what will put yourself and everyone around you, at risk. You have a very good reason to be disappointed in her. Dont let her flip it on you and make you feel bad for doing the right thing. She is simply wrong about this, despite her good intentions. No matter how much she really does want what is good for you, the fact still remains that she literally wants you to refrain from getting something that protects your life and the lives of the people around you. Thats very wrong. Lets say you had cancer and the doctors said you were going to die from this cancer UNLESS you got surgery. If you got the surgery, which the doctors tell you is very safe, you would be completely cured and live normally. Now, how would you feel if she said she was going to be disappointed in you if you got the surgery. Would you feel bad or would you think "idgaf, this lady is crazy, I want to live?" Because this is no different as far as that is concerned. It always sucks major ass to think about a parent being disappointed in you, but if my Dad was disappointed in me for doing what it takes to keep myself and the people around me alive, I would tell my Dad to go fuck himself and I would be disappointed in him. 🤷‍♂️


Get the vaccine anyways and don’t tell her.


Get it, do not tell her you got it. Remember your mothers worries are literally based entirely on lies. An entire web of lies. So give her some comfory with another lie "i didnt get the vaccine"


I was in the same situation a couple months back, they were doing a vaccination clinic at my school and my mom found out and was begging and crying to not take it. I felt like absolute shit and insanely guilty. I didn't want to disappoint my mother and I ended up not taking it, which was a mistake. I got vaccinated later and without her knowledge with my dad's help.