Found hiding under a table at a local barn sale. $5 well spent!

Found hiding under a table at a local barn sale. $5 well spent!


Woo! I adore this style of cup; they really are a joy to hold. Sadly, I only use them for tea, and I don't drink tea often. (Pyrex mugs keep the coffee hotter longer.) However I do use the creamer *all the time*. (I set out a little half-n-half to take the chill off while the coffee brews.) By far, the Vitrelle creamer pours way better than two Pyrex kinds. The saucers also make really good spoon rests.


I love that style cup!




Great find! I saw 4 cups & saucers in the Woodland print selling for $2 EACH PIECE yesterday.


I love the hook cup but likely not for its intended purpose, they make great scoops and that handle is great to hang off the edge of buckets, bowls and such. My art studio is full of the cups being used for things that likely would make collectors cringe.


What a fantastic find! Was the one under the butterfly gold creamer the sugar bowl? My husband has made the creamer his preferred container for pulling espresso shots because it's a perfect size and the spout pours without drips.


It sure is!