No, you’re better off getting 5 normal packs which will give you 5x the amount of cards and around a 50% chance of a legendary anyway which isn’t too bad


I’d just like to point out before you go and spend all of your gems that, no, you are in no way shape or form getting a 50% chance of getting a legendary You are instead getting 5 10% chances which do not add up to 50%. For example, buying the 11 packs for 1,000 gems should add up to a 110% chance of getting a legendary, but it doesn’t, you can still not get one from it The reason behind this is because they don’t add up and then it rolls that number, for example it wouldn’t add up 5 10%s and then roll with a 50%. instead it just rolls the same 10% 5 times


True, even the 10/11 pack still makes me not get any legendary.-.


But on average, you still get one half of a legendary, right?


You wish, I’d say on average, I get one to legendaries every 4 sets of 11 I open


that’s not how statistics work at all it’s a 40.95% chance




Either way it’s not worth it


sorry i replied to your comment i meant to add it as a seperate one


Genshin impact players: I hate those odds.


no its like paying 400 for a legendary save for 1000 packs


Lol i got 2 1000 gem packs and got 0 legendaries and only 5 super rares between them. Those packs are shit


5 super rares?? No,that’s pretty good ,maybe better than 1 legendary that you aren’t going to use anyway. If ALL the super rares that you get are useless. 5*250=1250 sparks. Legendary give 1000 sparks. Idk maybe there is some situation that 5 super rare are worse than 1 legendary. P.S.Once I got only 1 super rare,you’re luckier than me.


Nah it was shit i already had. And yah i got 1 super rare once and then 4 another time. For 1000 gems i expect MINIMUM 2-3 legendaries. So this pack seems more worth it


Alrighty, will do, thanks


Thats a lot of packs…


Meh, I sometimes go several multipacks with no legends so I got it. Do what you want, but I think it’s worth it if you already have most of the cards in the game.


I went for it and got briar rose 🌹 which is awesome as I recycled for 4000 sparks


You can spark the Legendary you get for 1k, doesn't seem too bad.


I bought it and got pine clone which is definitely a keep for me


Take it