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Probably some C.E.O of a big company


Jada is taking Will for his weekly walk he earned by groveling.


That's Elon


> That's Elon No, his belly isn't distended enough to be Elon.


That’s Rodman


The DC Universe just keeps getting weirder super heroes


Looks like there's some hair under that wig, so can't be Elon.


I bet she gets paid A LOT of money


Regardless if it’s her or the Silver Surfer behind her, someone is just trying to pay rent.


No she doesn't. NYC pro doms don't make all that much. A few do okay but most starve.


So you know first hand


I was an NYC pro dom who worked at a dungeon back in the late 90's. I was a trans mistress and there were only two of us in NYC at the time so I did well compared to the females at the dungeon and I still had slow weeks.


That’s actually so interesting. Care to share any interesting stories from your time?


I once had a little old man from London come in. He told me his governess wanted me to watch. I told him I would be happy to help out his governess. He took off his very expensive suit and he had a teddy on underneath. He then removed a peeled baking potato wrapped in foil from his brief case. He then bent over and shoved it up his own ass while grunting in pain. He then squats and pushes it out. I offered him the trash pail to dispose of it but he just wrapped it up again while telling me it was now anointed. He then announced that vegetables were very hygienic. That was all he wanted. Another guy would come in with a sales case full of electrical tape. He would put on a sales presentation about off brand uses.Then he would want me to wrap his genitals in the tape while talking about how shiny and sticky it was until he would orgasm. Then there was the man who liked to dress up like a raggedy Ann doll. He would call me mommy and confess to stealing my panties. He would bring along a sawed off broomstick and would want me to beat his ass with it so hard it would cause bloody welts. He would not even flinch during his beating. Another memorable one was when a guy paraplegic in a wheel chair weighing in at about 400Lbs came in and just wanted me to piss all over him. He wanted his shirt soaked so he could wheel himself around Manhattan covered in my piss. I had a former NYFD fireman come in and he was not acting right. He took off his shoes and his feet smelled awful. Before I could say anything he fell to the floor having a grand mal seizure. It turned out he had a roof collapse on his head and he had suffered brain damage. I felt really bad for the guy.


Was the last guy a customer or some injured firefighter that wandered in concussed?


A customer. I knew something was up when he got lost trying to find the place. The poor guy had a steel plate in his head.


That IS strange. I've never seen a fire hydrant just sitting there uncovered like that.


Bikini. Ok fine. Chained up. Ok fine. Pink hair. Okay fine. WHY ARE YOU SILVER?


Must be an advanced sexbot.


My thoughts exactly. That's the most unsettling part of this wideo.




I mean it would be kind of funny to see someone push the silver person over while walking like that.


Not kink shaming but kink is not something you force on others.


Absolutely kink shame when they do it in public and force it on others to watch


I feel fairly confident in saying that getting shamed is exactly what this person is looking for.




They're forcing people to see it, and no one wants to see that in public. It's nonconsensual.


Just because they *can* say it doesn’t make them exempt from public shame. Which is the problem with people getting pissed of when they say something super controversial and then they say “you guys hate the first amendment”. We don’t hate the right to free speech, jackass (the hypothetical person, not you), we just hate you (again, not actually you I’m sure you’re a great person)!


same could be said for you jerking it while high on meth on the side of the road, but that's equally as repugnant


I'd agree that the people on this website are not forced to watch them exercise their freedom. But what about the people just walking/driving/living/existing (so-on-and-so-forth) on that street.


Exactly. I do not consent to watching their scene. This is not cool.


You could say the same thing about anything in public though. Like what if someone doesn't like to see two men holding hands. Should those men ask others if they consent to seeing something like that?


Holding hands is a bit different in that it's merely a display of affection without an inherent sexual element. What's going on in this video is very overtly sexual, to the point where I think it's reasonable for people to be uncomfortable.


Exactly, im willing to say that this should fall into indecent exposure or something similar


It's not overtly sexual though... there is nothing sexual happening here. They have more clothing on than some people do at the beach, I've seen street performers paint themselves, and people walk things on leashes all the time. Maybe the person needs restraints for their tourettes or something. There are a lot of other things it *could* be besides a sexual act. The automatic assumption that it is sexual came from within you. You're making yourself uncomfortable with your assumption.


It's a big reach to try and paint this as something other than a sex act. The man is being walked on a leash (normal for pets; not for humans), has a gag in his mouth, his arms bound behind his back - all of those things are highly characteristic of BDSM. Now, if he was merely painted and wearing his outfit without that additional gear, I could see your point. To suggest that this is some mere street performance that just happens to involve heavy BDSM imagery is pretty unreasonable.


I'm not suggesting it's anything. I'm saying it's silly to assume it's a sexual act, as there are many other explanations for this behavior. Just because your mind perceives something in a certain way automatically, it doesn't mean that's the truth of the situation.


you're being intentionally obtuse, this is very clearly a sexual act


It’s really not, this is more akin to low brow performance art than a real kink scene. I guarantee you that if these two play privately they don’t bother with the head to toe body paint. This is reprehensible attention-seeking behavior, but the appropriate response to it is derision not pearl-clutching.


What are your thoughts on two men kissing in public?


Bro, holding hands is not sexual. Having a kink scene in public because you get off on doing your kink in public is sexual and it forces people to be a part of the kink scene without their consent.


Your eyes don't close..... You don't have the willpower to look away???!! Literally nothing to see here....move along.......these are not the droids you are looking for.....


Yeah, I can look away, I’ll survive, I just think it’s very uncool to do kink scenes in public, as the public is not consenting.


Literally of all the "now I've seen it all" scenes I've seen, this is the most tame. I've seen people shitting in the middle of a sidewalk, guys with their hands down their sweats jerking off at a bus stop or movie theater, girls literally sitting on their guys laps getting some with only a blanket covering them.... This is literally nothing to see, move on material.


They're not really forcing it on anybody though? They're just walking. Is it weird? Absolutely. But saying it's being "forced on others" is a bit of a reach.


> Not kink shaming but kink is not something you force on others. Oh God, you don't control pubic morality. Get over yourself. They're walking down the street. Just mind your business.


They're not just "walking down the street" ; they are engaging in what is clearly a sexual kink that should not be demonstrated in public - especially not where kids might encounter it. I have no problem with those who engage in this behavior in private (odd as it may be), but people - especially parents - shouldn't have to tolerate it when it's taken outside the bedroom.


> especially not where kids might encounter it. This idea that children are harmed by seeing this is ridiculous. They have no idea it's sexual. Kids just think it's funny. *You're* upset by it, and "kids" are the cover for you to dictate how other people behave in public. Stop using kids to push your authoritarian attitude.


Just because kids don't know something is sexual doesn't mean it's appropriate for them to see. Some may find it funny; others may find it disturbing or traumatizing. And I'm far from the only one irritated by these public displays - plenty of parents don't want their kids seeing it either. Are you really going to dismiss their concerns to paint me as the villain here? It's laughable that you're labeling my position as "authoritarian". The idea that sex acts should not be performed in public is a perfectly reasonable viewpoint, and one held by a lot of people - many of whom are quite libertarian otherwise. But yeah, keep accusing me of "using kids" because I don't think they should be exposed to someone selfishly expressing their desires in public.


> The idea that sex acts should not be performed in public This is not a "sex act," lol. When you're being openly dishonest, do you ever stop to think about whether you're actually the problem? The person lying about what we can all observe because they want public streets strictly controlled according to their morals? > Are you really going to dismiss their concerns to paint me as the villain here? Of course. You are the villain here. > Some may find it funny; others may find it disturbing or traumatizing Explain. What type of trauma will this cause children? Cite your sources if you have any. > keep accusing me of "using kids" I just did, and you are.


So you wouldn't consider a pedophile flashing toddlers as sexual because "They have no idea it's sexual." What a defense for your pedophile apologist stance 🤣🤣🤣


> So you wouldn't consider a pedophile flashing toddlers as sexual because "They have no idea it's sexual." That's literally illegal. Are you actually this stupid?


I've seen this in public a few times and it makes me sick. Fuck that. Do your fucking kink at home don't involve me. (And I'm totally into the whole bondage aesthetic.)


Tucker Carlson lets it all out on the weekends


This man is living his dream. And she's living mine.


She really has a huge dog. damn


Pretty In Pink




Why is something like this weird, but Truck Nutz™ are cool with everyone.


Do whatever the fuck you want in privacy as long as you’re not abusing people. Bringing that shit out in public and forcing others to engage with it is repugnant.


Same could be said about your post. Just saying.


Man you totally hit save on that comment and thought to yourself, "Gottem".


OMG I lost 3 magic beans because some people's imaginary friends are intolerant fucks. How can I go on?!?


I find your comment repugnant, how dare you force me to acknowledge and interact with it


So people should be able to share any repugnant things they want online?


I also find your comment repugnant, everyone should be aware of my insecurities and triggers when posting online to avoid upsetting me


His oblique phone is ringing


Two main characters?


I'm confused. What is this? Why is this? Should someone have called the police for that person?


Some kind of dom sub humiliation kink probably.


Huh. Thank you. That they actually bring that out in public blows my mind. You would think they would be afraid of being attacked or something. Or worse, being recognized.


This is nyc - we don’t give a shit about your kinks. Just don’t block the sidewalk and get the fuck out of the way and do you 👍🏻


I know if I was on the sidewalk I'd be laughing my ass off but at the same time hoping he doesn't trip over his heels because that would block the sidewalk. I saw a guy dressed as Mr Slave from Southpark on Pride day once. I wasn't worried, he looked stable.


I’m 30-40 years in nyc…you see everything. People really don’t give two shits about what someone else is doing - just get out of the way. I worked in Manhattan back in the day, midtown. And I’m walking down fifth to get to the subway, usual midtown business crowd. This gorgeous lady walking ahead. She trips and falls hard on her knee. I kid you not, like 3 people stepped over her to keep walking. I got shit to do, I don’t care what you do just don’t delay me :)


But that's an obvious con. What am I prince charming? Doctari? If I had a bandaid maybe I'd stop long enough to give it to her.


> This is nyc - we don’t give a shit about your kinks. Just don’t block the sidewalk and get the fuck out of the way and do you 👍🏻 That's why I love NYC. States that restrict freedoms like to constantly talk about freedom (Texas, Florida I'm looking at you) but in NYC everyone is *truly* free. It's a cool *we should tend our own gardens* kind of vibe. There is very seldom a problem with it too, even with all those people, because NYC is tough as nails too. If you shit on someone you might get broke.


Why would they be attacked? NYC is a civilized place.


In NYC if they were attacked they'd be defended.


> be afraid of being attacked or something Outside of shitty conservative hellholes, people aren't aren't attacking others for doing harmless weird shit in public, lol. NYC certainly isn't trying to enforce some sort of puritan morals on people in public. That's why these places are much better to live in than places where you get attacked for wearing something that makes bubba's penis tingle and scares him.


Could be worse, could be crawling on.all 4 in a puppy mask with a tail .....lucky boy.


Wouldn't trade it for anything


Take a stroll down Bourbon St. or the Blvd in Las Vegas.


God, she is probably making so much $$ for this. Good for her 💚


Like I said above. Pro doms don't make all that much. They may make up to $300 an hour but some may only work one hour in an entire week. Of that $300 they may have to pay half of it to rent dungeon space.


That makes me really sad. I was a dancer in the late 90's early 2000's and did some work in this field (albeit briefly, I couldn't hack it ultimately) but I remember the $ from pretty much across the board was REALLY good. The most Elite made, what seemed to me, a fortune. I guess it would be a whole different world now. I didn't see the comment above, I apologize.


NY is a shithole


More a dung heap. Staten Island is a shit hole, well, a literal dump anyway.


Haha fair enough.


It’s not and this isn’t NY but go off, yokel


Oh no I have offended the owner of NY a piss smelling shit hole.


People really need to get out more if this is the kind of thing that freaks them out.


I get out often. This is fucking weird.


It can be weird and not freak you out


I honestly would rather they just fuck on the sidewalk


What kind of freaky shit-pile do you live in?


I agree, I think people are overly sensitive in the US.




Is this a narcissism kink?


Very freaky people with dark secrets and desires, totally out of my circle.


oh shit! its the cover of Death Grips' The Money Store! https://youtu.be/uoZgZT4DGSY


Wtf is this shit?


Man's got a sissy kink and his gf/wife/domme is all in for it. Don't know why he's painted silver though. That's a new one.


Nobody wants to see his fleshy body?


I’m kind of fine with this, I mean, at least they’re not trying to read a goddamn book to someone!


I know that’s the worst. Drop the megaphone. I will NEVER read Sapiens.


Keep that shit at home. I fucking hate these types of stunts.


You spelled shithole wrong.


Looks normal to me


I feel like people in NY need to do some weird shit just to think they are unique and distract themselves from the fact they are living in a pretty shitty place.


Humanity was a mistake


Wondering how you puritans would fair in Berlin or Tokyo or Prague for a night.


Americans are sensitive as fuck haha. So many prudes. If they visited Berghain they'd probably have a heart attack


Yet they are going to take the homeless to the mental ward. 🤣


This would go over really big, I mean r e a l l y big in Tehran right now.


What happened to the silver surfer?


I bet he’s paying her a lot of money to humiliate him like this. Good for her


I know what you mean - that fire hydrant is missing a cap!




“It’s called fashion look it up”


Funny cause that would be normal in San Fran


Lmao it is San Fran


Not New York. Whole other coast.


That parking garage is at 241 W. 26th St.




I’m just curious about the combination of kinks that led to this. It seems impressively specific.


What fetish is this.


It wouldn't shock you to find out that's probably some recluse billionaire who gets off on being treated that way.


I've heard stories about what people pay for shit like this here. Wouldn't be surprised is she got paid $700+ for this


Unusual not to see more people on the sidewalk?


The new Cyberpunk DLC is out already???!


..... The sex must be good.


Performance art.


She painted her bitch up real pretty. I guarantee you he’s a cfo or similar.


I know, right? Those shoes with *that* top? WTF!






Dude just wants a Klondike Bar


Ahh NYC. The best place to raise a kid.


It is! But this isn’t NY and I didn’t see this on the streets growing up here, did you?


New Yorkers are either attention seekers or far too busy to care.


is this not Ohio?