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His soul was leaving his body during that blank stare




That's a sub that makes sense with this video. Dude does the opposite of freak out. [insert obligatory rant about reddit posts not fitting subs]


That's certainly an internal freakout, at the least. I could feel his seething energy through the screen. Had me thinking *I* took his money.


The obligatory italics really did it for me. Great post.


My mans got sent to the shadow realm. Holy shit she destroyed him.


How does everyone feel about what happened? How could she have cheated? Video ends early Garret faked being upset, said he was leaving and she offered to give him his money back if he stayed and played.(130k) He then took the money and left anyways? Everyone thinks she cheated because she paid him. Supposedly those 2 are "business partners" and she just didn't want any drama with him over a little money. (sure she has purses/jewelry that costs more) Also this could all be staged for views/marketing, pretty sure Garret started this Hustler poker stream on youtube. Edits : Nothing changed up top all edits added below. I Just want to try and touch on some of the comments people made, thank you for all the input/discussions. \*I had a video playing in the background this morning as I worked, I heard them talking about this. Later in the day I came across a post and wanted to hear some thoughts about what happened. Looks like I have some of the facts mixed up, for that I am sorry, and thank you for everyone who corrected me/pointed it out. \*Looks like Garret and her are not biz partners, it was another guy who was yelling about her giving the money back. \*Ive been playing poker for decades, not that makes me good, but I was profitable after playing over 10 years in LA mostly at the Gardens, and then had been on a good run before Vegas got closed down for Covid. \*I liked the vibrator theory, if the stream is live in real time, maybe? \*Ive been watching Garret play for years, mostly off and on, hes known to be aggressive, play huge pots, go on big swings, is an overall great player, and I cant think of any time I've seen him loose his cool. \*I agree her whole line of play was very strange, Garret played his cards well, but sometimes people do get wild in ultra high stakes. I'm Pretty sure if we put this in a poker solver its going to say fold at least 99 times out of 100. \*As far as this whole thing being staged, well anything is possible, maybe will find out one day what really happened, cheating, dumb luck, or acting. \*Thank you all for the posting/reading, hope everyone has a great weekend.


Semi decent Poker player here. I do not blame Garrett for being in absolute shock at being called off with Jack high on that line. Not familiar with this event, but usually these streamed games are fairly high level and this one clearly has big names at the table (but could be a mix of pros/amateur high rollers), and this call was absolutely amateur-ish. I can sort of get behind the line all the way through the re-raise on the turn, but I don't think I would ever call an all-in on that line unless I was just on full tilt. Some days, you will make a good play like Garrett did, and some days an absolute fish will just hero call you. It happens, it's part of the game. However, everything that happened after this video on Garrett's end and others in the community was completely uncalled for. You don't make allegations like this unless you have at least decent proof to substantiate them. And when you're a professional player of this stature, you have to be able to handle bad losses better than this.


![gif](giphy|WRQBXSCnEFJIuxktnw) It's like an entire different language you're speaking.


She had shit cards. He had shit cards. He put lots of money in so she would quit and he would win a little bit of money. But she didn't quit even though she had shit cards. Usually you'd only put in lots of money with good cards. Her cards were less shit. Dude still surprised how shit they are considering she put in a lot of money.


As a non poker player isn't that the first fucking thing you learn about bluffing? He was supposed to box her out, but she challenged him to the edge, and at the edge her doodoo is a little less smelly than his doodoo. So the fuck what? It's a shit hand all around, she just happened to have the highest card, a jack. I... I just don't get why any poker drama even happens. The entire game is odds and social perception. That's the game!




I was hammered at a casino playing 100$ minimum hands of blackjack and was down to my last few chips. I had been gambling for 10+ hours and had kind of had it. I hit on 14, got a 7 and won the hand, the guy who was next to me was a ‘pro’ and lost his mind bc I hit. He had like a three and the card after mine was a face. He was freaking out telling me that should be his 20 or whatever and I was like ‘bitch I won, fuck you!’ Some of these analytics nerds are so deep into smelling their own farts they forget that some ppl are gambling just to party.


Dude, this keeps happening to me, too. Once, I had a pair of fives and another guy had a shit hand. He went all-in and I called it. He shouted so hard he got red. Called me stupid, like, who calls an all-in with a pair of fives? It was a silly home game. Guy must have lost less than five bucks. My brother in Christ, that's no reason to get this angry.


>Guy must have lost less than five bucks. People freaking out in low stakes games always amuses me. In a real poker room, they wouldn't even let you sit at the table for five bucks, and here these guys are, acting like it's the World Series of Poker, or some shit. At these stakes, I could just go all in, and lose, all night long, and it'd have no actual effect on my life.


These guys sometimes forget that blind luck plays a part. She thought he was chasing and guessed correctly this time. Yes 1/100 but it’s still possible. No need to accuse someone of cheating. Blind squirrels and all.


Agreed and she's an amateur so she took her chance and she won. It's the same thing at a blackjack table when you see someone make a stupid play that only an amateur would do like splitting two kings, a guaranteed win, only for that person to win both hands. It's a stupid move but sometimes it pays off. She didn't cheat she's playing with house money it's not even hers, so why not


And here it is on the front page with everyone talking about it. You might be onto something.


She plays like I do when I play with no real money.


I play like this too, and I don't know how to play


I'm reminded of the studio C skit where the one guy has no idea how to play poker


All in without looking at my cards, who wants to party?


Done it. Lost. Was third place in a poker tournament that went until 3:00 am and I had to work at 8. Either I was going to win, or I was going to sleep.


I've only played poker once for money with some friends who had a biweekly game. 3 hours in and I was up 800bucks when all the sudden someone goes "Hey wanna just like forget this game and go get some food" of course everyone said yes because the new guy was winning. My protests went unheard and I furiously told them all to go fuck themselves. Yeah I don't talk to that group anymore.


Every poker game I've played, if someone opts to leave the table they forfeit their winnings. If everyone leaves you should have gotten the pot.


Also, did people not pay before hand? Even if people say “ok let’s get food” shouldn’t he have just walked out with the cash bowl?


When it's an at home game not out in public and the group decides not to pay. What you gonna do pull a gun on them and make them all pay? The person who posted handled it well called them out on being a shitty poker group and never talked to them again. I mean he could've risked trying to bash the whole group by himself but like C'mon what was he supposed to do?


Pfft you clearly don't carry nunchucks around with you.


Geez, looks like they were just bringing you in as a fish to hustle out of your money.


This is absolutely it. You better believe if any of them had been kicking ass like he was that they would have stuck around. They were there to fleece him and instead they got their asses kicked and had to run away like a bunch of little bitches. Bullies never change.


I was thinking this after they’d paid you, and was wondering why they’d bounce before getting their money back. But they just straight screwed you over. Invite them to another game and lose on purpose. While they’re still playing, and you’re hosting, piss in their drinks. Not a ton, just enough so you can always say “yeah but you drank my piss” and you have an eternal trump card


*emotional damage*


wtf? after 3 hours of playing? I don't play poker but that seems like it shouldn't be an option


Lol, this is the “I have nothing to lose” or “I can’t stand to play this for another moment” type of play


Or the I’m so rich anyway money means nothing play.


Yeah. The old fifth round fantasy football auto draft button


Woah. Fifth?


I think that's why he's shocked... this play is so terrible, you can't explain it with even the worst possible strategy... bluff catching with jack high isn't a thing here... But I'm not sure how he thinks she cheated... she's just really bad and very lucky


I didn't hear it all very well but did he accuse her of cheating or was he just expressing a lot of confusion over the play.


They went back and forth on Twitter posting stuff last night. He essentially called her a cheater. She also gave back the money she took from him in that pot.


Gotcha, that's certainly added context. Interesting that she would give the pot back.


He makes a convincing argument on his Twitter but to me I'm never ever ever giving money back I won fairly. That's just insane I don't care how bullied You think You are it's a lot of money


What argument? How can it be "cheating" when they're all in already on the flop. There were 2 more cards still that she had no idea what would pull. There was no 100% statistically winning hand at that moment. And while I understand the other guy was sitting on flush draws and straight draws and straight flush draws he was all in on an 8 high just hoping to hit one of the cards he needed. No way in hell she was cheating. Edit: correction the all in was on the turn. Only one more card left that would save him from an 8 high hand. He bluffed and lost. Too bad for him.


I don’t understand, how do people think she was cheating?


This is the correct take. Last card could have been a club, even if she did know his hand she wasn’t at an advantage at that point, if anything she would have known his advantage. She made a mental error that paid off through luck. Happens both ways when gambling.


Why would she give the money back? Wouldn’t that be like admitting she cheated?


If it's true that they're business partners and it's not even her money but house money then I can see her giving it back to avoid burning bridges in real life. A lot of people who are playing a game against someone who throws a fit at losing might let them "win" in an attempt to stop the tantrum.


That doesn’t mean she’s admitted to cheating. There’s other motives for her to give back the money and make him shut the fuck up about it.


More like they're playing with someone else's money, or she's already rich enough to not care. She gave him the amount *he lost* from the pot, because he was being a sore loser about it, and that was probably easier than dealing with the long drawn-out fallout of him loudly proclaiming everywhere that she cheated.


Exactly, this dude felt cheated, but that doesn't mean she was cheating. That's poker, I've won some crazy fucking hands that I arguably should not have won from a chance standpoint, and I've been on the other side too. It's frustrating because you know you played the hand better, but still lost. That's just poker though


It's like what capt Picard said "it is possible to commit no errors and still lose. That is not a weakness, that is life"


Yup.. you are a professional players nightmare. People that have no reason behind their bet besides I don't think you have a good hand are hard to play against if they end up with aby decent amount of chips in front of them. Because from that hand on, you got no fucking clue what is happening.


Remember in Goodfellas when Spider was bustin Tommy's balls? Remember that look before he shot him..? That is that guy's look at her right now...


If he could’ve gotten away with he would’ve made her Elvis’s neighbor for sure.


Why don't you go fuck yourself, Tommy.


Ay! Ho!


Balls on this kid.


This guy


“I thought you said, ‘I’m alright Spider..’”


Nononononono, whatya got me on the fuckin' pay me no mind list, kid?


I am alright, you ain't alright! Ya stuttering prick!




Now go home and get ya fuckin' shine box




3:05 dude's body freezes up and only his eyes move. Just like when I have sleep paralysis.


He does that all the time. He's always looking at that the other players trying to discern any piece of info he can from their face and body language. It's a common poker tactic, but when he does it it looks super creepy


I remember watching this same guy get manhandled in Survivor. Had the same stunned face lol.


For those who haven't seen Survivor, he's widely considered to be one of the worst contestants in the show's history. His tribe literally voted him out over a woman who threw out all their food out of spite (because she thought she was going to be voted out).


Just to add further context, she thought she was getting voted out BECAUSE he insisted on all talking about the vote publicly and basically getting everyone to tell her she was going home. And then later when she was sabotaging their rice he refused to let anyone keep an eye on her because he was paranoid people would flip if he didn't watch them constantly.


-and he had the immunity idol and don't bring it with him to tribal counsel


I’m sorry, WHAT? Like, all the other stuff is incredibly dumb gameplay, but if he had applied his ideas in a better/different way they may have actually worked. Leaving the Immunity Idol is just… I have no words.


So....a dude who clearly doesn't understand betting or bluffing....or people I guess. Sounds like a dude who should never be pissed he got bluffed in poker but of course is too stupid to understand


He was on the "smart" team too


So he is is the kind of douche to intimate someone cheated with zero evidence.


That's where he's from, I knew he looked familiar, he's the dude that was holding everyone hostage in the camp and didn't want any strategizing. Lol


Dude went on survivor and tried to get people not to play survivor lol


He also outed him and his “friends” at tribal by telling the whole tribe about his alliance they formed resulting in him getting voted out.


This does not sound like someone who should be playing 270k poker hands.


Oh that’s him!?! Lol unreal


someone on his tribe snapped and burned all their food in a fire but he was *so* boneheaded that his tribe voted him out before the actual crazy person rofl


Plus he had an immunity idol and didn’t even bring it to council because he was that certain he had control of the situation!


Then Jtia dumped out all of their rice 🤣


He was the yolked dude that was placed in the smart people tribe and he was like the second person eliminated because he got weirdly controlling of everyone’s behavior


Because he had the hidden immunity idol it made him feel super powerful and safe and kind of bored with everything. But then he didn't even bring the immunity idol to tribal counsel!


I knew I had seen that dumb stare before, that season was kind of wild.


I knew I remembered him! He was an absolute bitch in Survivor too. Sore loser.


Gives off bad boyfriend vibes.


Besides his personality and anti-strategy on Survivor, the second he talked about his 5 meals of chicken and vegetables “brought to me at the poker table” every day I knew he was done. You can’t artificially pack on that much muscle and suddenly cut back on your calories by 98%, you’ll turn into a moody little priss by the end of the first day and be a train wreck by day 2. Also that was the first season of Survivor I ever watched… I put it on randomly, which is how I wound up binging the entire show over six glorious months. Maybe the best TV show I’ve ever seen, and this is coming from someone who usually hates reality competition shows


Cagayan is a great first season to land on


Oh shit that’s him??? Hahaha that guy was a weirdo, now I’m gunna watch it again and laugh my ass off


and he was on the "Brains" tribe. LMAO.


I know fuck-all about Poker but damn if this doesn’t make me wanna watch more purely for weirdness and slip ups.


I literally have absolutely no idea what happened in the video


Basically she had a terrible hand, a hand on which the majority of pro poker players would fold. Most people who know poker would call that a really dumb move on her part, but it worked out for her because the other guy ended up having an even worse hand. The guy in the video doesn’t outright say it, but it seems that he thinks she was cheating because he thinks no one would make that move


To add some more context, the guy was one card away from the second-best hand in the game, from the time the first three face-up cards were dealt. That's why he stayed in.


Why was there two River cards?


Sometimes in cash games pros will run the cards twice (or more) for a chance to split the pot. This give an all-in player a chance to stay in the game.


It’s not really for a chance to stay in the game (these are mostly cash games they could stay in the game by just buying back) it decreases variance. A lot of pros do this even if they have the best hand because if you have the best hand the odds are you’ll win both draws. If you get super unlucky on the first draw out it gives you a chance to at least break even.


Cuz they decided to run it twice. It's basically hedging, so that one bad draw doesn't end your game right there. If they run it twice, you have twice the chances to draw something you want. If they each win one of the runs, they split the pot The number is arbitrary btw, they could run it however many times they agree to


Thanks for explaining. Very casual player, don't watch pro, and I've never seen that before.


That confused the hell out of me


The guy had an open ended straight flush draw. A monster. Half the deck improves his hand to a straight/flush/straight flush. He was the aggressor so the hope is to put pressure on good/marginal hands and get them to fold the turn. If he does get called he has plenty of outs to improve as long as she didn't already have a full house. People will fold good hands in that spot facing a $120,000 all in. The fact that she called with absolutely nothing is insanity.


This is what gets me about the cheating accusations, even if she did somehow know his cards she was still likely to lose the hand she just drew out lucky.


Exactly. Would be a really bad spot to cheat. Why would you go through the trouble of cheating just to coin flip for your entire stack? I think she's just really rich and really bad. Idk the whole thing is confusing and bizarre


And like she said she had the blocker. The jack of clubs was the next in the run and she knew he didn’t have it cuz its in her hand. That means only a lower card could make the straight and now she doesnt have to worry about 2-3 cards that could be in his hand. Its hard to explain but shes far from being dumb about it


So her hand was fold bad but his was bluff bad? Honest question, it seems like if that isn't the case this was two people with shit hands bluffing each other, is that wrong?




Almost like they are gambling or something.




Did I win?


"You can do everything right and still lose. That's not cheating, that's life. I hope no one botches this quote at a later date." - Captain Stewart of the Millennial Falcom.


My favorite battlestar galactica quote


I’m not a big poker guy and I only watched once so bear with me. He has a decent set up. Holding a 7/8. There was a 9 and 10 on the river (everybody’s cards in the middle) His goal was to get a straight, so a 6 or a jack completes a 5 card hand. 6/7/8/9/10 or 7-jack She had nothing, no pairs, no draws (the outset of a good hand) and wasn’t chasing anything, just jack and a 4. The cards didn’t come up for him, leaving it down to basically “who has the highest card”, which she did in the jack. His confusion is that she never had anything, why was she so confident she would win. She had a dog crap hand.


Thank you sir, that was such an in-depth description for a noob like me haha. I get it now. What about her comments on the suit of her card tho? She says she won bc she had a club if I'm not mistaken. What does high card winning have to do with this?


> His goal was to get a straight, or a flush. Any club card would have also been a good hand for him. So basically from his view there are 9 club cards, 3 non-club 6s and 3 non-club jacks that would give him a presumably winning hand and the rest is presumably a losing hand. Against her hand she basically has to have predicted that he doesnt have a high card either. Just calling him out on going for clubs isnt enough because he would also have the advantage with a queen, king or ace of clubs, but then again that would mean he has a pretty decent high card on top of the flush potential so that might have changed his behaviour->made him readable(she claims he did this 3 times already so she probably predicted he doesnt have a good high card either). Thats probably also why she says she would have folded if the jack wasnt a club, because then he could have had the club jack aswell for a draw chance and there would have been a slightly higher chance for another club card to show up.


The guy bet $130k, if the girl calls its for all of her money. She had a shitty hand but still gambles all of her money and calls. She won. Everyone was like, why did you call if you only have a shitty hand?


They all look like gta npcs


That’s honestly why GTA characters look like that.


Yeah poker players are cringe as fuck. Usually far more cringe than this.


So I'm actually a gambler and play poker and have been following the story She actually gave the money BACK to him, basically a 135k gift, after he threw a bit of a tantrum. This caused some men at the table to become upset, because she deserved the money and shouldn't have given it back (even if it was a dumb call) She later claimed that she misread her hand and thought she had J3 (but didn't want to come clean and admit it because she was embarassed), which would mean she had a small pair and could beat most bluffs/draws She gave an interview afterwards - for those on mobile where it doesn't work timestamp is 3h 37m 55s [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pR\_PWVGUMVQ#t=3h37m55s](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pR_PWVGUMVQ#t=3h37m55s) EDIT: Garrett's Response on twitter, claims she in fact did NOT misread her hand, goes into hand detail, and highlights other behavior as suspicious [https://twitter.com/GmanPoker/status/1575727417284382721](https://twitter.com/GmanPoker/status/1575727417284382721) [https://twitter.com/GmanPoker/status/1575727289932709888](https://twitter.com/GmanPoker/status/1575727289932709888) Phil Ivey Interview (he was at the table) 4h 25m 26s [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pR\_PWVGUMVQ#t=4h26m26s](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pR_PWVGUMVQ#t=4h26m26s) Guy who got upset interview 4h19m21s [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pR\_PWVGUMVQ#t=4h19m21s](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pR_PWVGUMVQ#t=4h19m21s) \_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_ EDIT: She has thrown down the gauntlet and officially challenged him to a heads up match https://twitter.com/RobbiJadeLew/status/1575913730738511872


She should never have had to reveal the secret and definitely should not have returned the money.


Seems completely ridiculous. This guy took a dumb risk with his weak bluff first, somehow that is brilliant and being in control, but calling it with a jack on hand is somehow outlandish and not just bold? Just screams of biases to me.


It’s gambling at the end of the day, poker players forget that constantly. These people sit and study poker theory for hours, and hate when someone is just fuckin gambling. Look at Doyle Brunson. His most iconic hand is 10-2. He plays it like it’s pocket kings, it wins because he just takes a gamble.


Literally the easiest way to make people mad is to play really bad and then win the hand. Happens all the time and I still can't deal with it very well. I'm inclined to believe she mis-read her hand or something and thought she had a flush draw or a pair or something before calling the all-in.


I used to do this in games with my friends back in the day. One kid had a professional poker player dad and I would win off stupid shit and he’d get mad, “that’s not how you’re supposed to play”. Yeah but I won so who cares.


I had a friend like that. "If you knew the proper way to play, I would have won."


"And yet, you lost. And you lost to a know-nothing like me."


People who believe themselves to be really good, fucking hate when an amateur beats them. It's not a game to them anymore but directly tied to their pride.


An early game of mine with friends.. they were all into poker theory and I was just winging it. Its down to me and one other guy.. I get pocket aces. I knew a good hand but didnt really know pre-flop theory or anything. Played super softly. Get to the river.. still playing soft.. my friend goes all in. I win and for like an hour he is just shocked and stunned I played like that with pocket aces. Truth was.. i just sucked and it threw him off.


Successfully sitting on pocket aces to draw out the all-in is about the most satisfying thing you can do in poker (in my very limited experience). As long as you win the hand.


As someone who plays mahjong, it's like how you can't really play around someone getting tsumo on their second turn. These games at the end of the day do have a luck element and you just need to live with it.


>This guy took a dumb risk with his weak bluff You don't play poker or you aren't very good at it. His play was 100% standard and good.


Wtf, she game the money back? I didn't think that was allowed, and if I were at that table I'd be pissed at the dude for even accepting it. It wasn't even a bad beat, dude chased and lost.


It's somehow even *more* humiliating IMO. Like "You'd throw a tantrum over this hand? This money? I don't even need it, have it back."


If your cheating and know his hand. You still don’t make that call 9/10. Let alone run it twice. I feel like the fact that she calls means she wasn’t cheating. Dude is a baby.




“Why don’t you go and cash out then?” “You go?” 😂


Bro was giving off that energy wasn’t he ahhahah


I used to play poker with friends of a friend. I think they invited me to play because I didn't know what I was doing and they figured I would be easy money. They were pretty serious about their poker (two of them worked as dealers at a local casino). I knew the rules, just never played so I really had no strategy. I rarely won any hands, but since I had no strategy they couldn't get a read on me and it totally threw off their game. That's what pissed them off the most. It didn't take long for them to quit inviting me. This video reminded me of that. Garrett's look is what I would get whenever I did win anything.


Me and my mates played once a week all through college. There were 7 of us, and we'd invite a guest player once a week. We knew each other's play styles so well and most of our guests were inexperienced and therefore impossible to read. The guests won fairly often.


I find brand new players that’s hardly even know the rules are the hardest to play against. How am I meant to know if your hand is good or bad when you don’t even know?


Dude was on the “brains” tribe of a survivor season and that was the dumbest (but most entertaining) tribe I’ve ever seen lmao


He's just upset he's using a Bluetooth butt plug to cheat and he still lost.


He doesn't think she cheated, he thinks she should have folded, people who are "good" at poker get really frustrated when they're beat by someone just making a bad call


There used to be a video on YouTube of a dude flipping out over a bad beat and the dude keeps asking the winner “HOW DO YOU CALL WITH THAT HAND?!” The dude who won said “because I’m gambling and I said ‘fuck it’” You’d think that’d be the end of the argument, but no.


That’s gotta be Phil helmuth


"It's poker, Phil. Of course I lied!" Honestly, some clips of Phil losing it make me believe he has never played poker in his life and just expects to win any hand he plays.


I loved hating on Phil, The Brat. That is until I met him and chatted with him a few times after. Initial impression was, damn he is a nice person and that was reinforced on subsequent meetings. It's a table persona and it is effective.


He seems like a genuinely nice guy and like he’s mugging for the camera


Sounds like Phil Helmut... Insults people when he loses


Nah this was a home game. Phil Hellmuth is undoubtedly one of the biggest bitchbabies of all time though.


If you find that video, drop a link please


Sounds like Phil Hellmuth. I'm sure there are compilation videos on his tantrums.


My favorite Phil Hellmuth moment was when he was screaming at the dealer and the dealer just said "I just sat down, haven't dealt any hands yet."


Will do. I’m looking now but no luck. It was a game in someone’s house where it looked like they hired a dealer. The dude freaking out looked like your typical Jersey Shore guido and the winner looked and sounded like Ray Romano.




Yes hurry. Only a few minutes until my wife’s pregnancy. Come on.


Until your wife gives birth or until you impregnate her?




Yes, hurry up


Guessing it's this one here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gYK6U\_T1A70


lol literally just google Phil Hellmuth biggest blow ups and any video will include that basic premise.


Sounds like every hand Phil Hellmuth loses


He’s contemplating both and actually came out with a statement accusing her of cheating and explains that it’s easy to do since it’s being live streamed.


the stream is on a 30 minute delay


Two hour delay actually


Except she was still worse odds to win the whole way. If you had someone telling you his cards, she should have folded all steps along the way. IMHO it is literally such a bad play, she was probably not cheating...


I remember watching one celebrity poker show where Colin Quinn kept playing 'incorrectly' - but kept winning, putting big money on so-so hands, betting when he probably should have folded, etc. It was infuriating the offstage commentator (Phil Gordon?) to no end. I enjoyed watching the meltdown just build and build. (Maybe it's 'cause he was playing for the Salvation Army - They couldn't catch him - he was on a mission from God hehe)


Used to play a LOT of poker with my friends in college. And of the group, it was always me and this one other guy who would take the largest share of the pot. Me, sober, because I get wicked hangovers. Him, completely drunk, because he didn't give a fuck.


I dropped two tabs of acid and a dozen beers at my last poker game. Money as a concept lost all value. I became too unpredictable to play against. I played jack shit hands like they were pocket rockets. There was no logic, just vibes. Money, again, was meaningless to me, so the goal became psychological manipulation. I won the pot and really pissed everybody off, but it was a tremendous trip for me


Nope he straight up accused her of cheating and took his money back and left the table


wrong. he 100% thinks she cheated. check his twitter..


Let’s be clear this is an awful call. Just awful. Please guys never make anything even close to this call. It’s very ropey with an ace if you think he is totally bluffing, but I guess you could justify it. I would be delighted to sit on a table with this lass




Can you explain this for a layman? I don't understand what bad call means and frankly, I don't understand what happened at that table, but i want to lol ​ ETA: thanks for all the responses, I understand what happened now. And I reitterate: r/WatchPeopleDieInside


She had a bad hand and shouldn’t have gone all in but got lucky and won.


And that's why it's called *gambling*


Yeah just because your a pro doesn't mean you sometimes can't be feeling it and make the unoptimal play. Its not cheating when Curry is cooking and takes a half court shot instead of making the numerically optimal decision and passing.


So many babies in this thread thinking you should play poker fair by following the norms of betting. That kind of ruins the entire point if nobody is taking risks and everyone is following the optimal algorithm for odds.


She essentially met his bet of all in with a terrible hand with no clue what he had. She didn't even have a pair.


Her cards were bad (only had jack high) but matched his bets anyway. The guy’s cards ended up being worse though so he lost. He obviously thinks she was cheating, but that would require her to know exactly what cards he had AND to know what the cards coming up in the deck would be. She just got very lucky off a bad play and he couldn’t believe it so he threw a tantrum.


This is my number one gripe with card players (poker, blackjack, etc)-- they act like there's only one move you're allowed to make in most situations. I get that there's a statistically correct set of moves to make, but that doesn't mean everyone has to follow your arbitrary system of rules. I once got yelled at by a stranger at a blackjack table because I hit when I shouldn't have, which supposedly messed up the card he *would have* gotten had I played "correctly".


I don't go to casinos, but I've heard about this type of behavior. People like that need to fuck off and play at a reserved table.


I've had the exact same experience at a blackjack table and I could not understand where the audacity came from. Like you're playing a game that invites chaos/unpredictability, going off about "you're not playing in the way that I calculated to make me more money!!!" is pathetic.


Garrett (the sore loser) was also on survivor and was a really shitty player there too. He was the second person eliminated and had an idol (basically something that if he read his teammates right like a poker player should be able to do. He would've been safe but he flopped)


Yes! And was so bad at survivor that his tribe voted him him out INSTEAD the lady who poured out all their rice.


oh my god thank you for reminding me of this


I don't understand any of this. I know how poker works and I understand that there may be a certain decorum when professionals play. But she took a huge risk and won. Why is the table shook?


TIL apparently poker players has a thing against the "gambling" part of the game.


Yeah, mathematically not a good call but if everyone played by the books it would be a terrible game. Fair play


“I thought you had Ace High” “So you called with J high?” “Because you don’t have shit.” She offered to pay him back that pot after he told her that was gonna go viral according to Garrett.


His face changed just like if he brought her home some roses and candy but walked into her getting stuffed by his brother...


Me not knowing what is going on expecting a freakout instead I watched a man sit on his chair and breathe for 5 minutes


I don't even know what's going on


Reddit stan'ing so hard for this woman in here talking about her genius bluff call and she straight up came out and said later she thought she had a 3 lmao. Yall are idiots.


She made a really bad bet and she got extremely lucky (twice). It happens a lot in poker. Not sure what the guy's on about. You'd think a professional poker player at that level would know how cards work instead of engaging in shitty sportsmanship, and acting like a stupid bitter incel getting angry at a woman for succeeding and surpassing him.


Tbf, most professional poker players aren't pleasant people. At least not according to the dealers I've spoken too


ITT: a whole lot of people who don't know a fuckin thing about poker


Hey man, I played 5 hours of it in Red Dead Redemption 1 & 2, for the Achievement Trophy. I'm a pro