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update? Did they get this prick?


From another comment. https://abc7news.com/amp/oakland-shooting-road-rage-dashcam-video-violence/12214887/ No one was hurt but when the man who recorded this video tried to file a police report he was unsuccessful. "Apparently they have a way of doing things here that I'm not accustomed to," he said. "I called them two, three times. I figured they would want this information because there is somebody out there and he is going to hurt somebody." ABC7 has reached out to Oakland police, who said there is an incomplete report on this incident but they are looking into the matter.




Right there with you. What the fuck are they doing that's more important than taking a report about a fucking raging psycho just taking shots at people in the middle of the road, in broad daylight. It's on video, clear as can be. Fuck. That's like 3/4 of the investigation right there. Do your fucking job! Every single day, multiple times a day, in every corner of this country, it's the same shit. Cops that can't be bothered to do the job that's so important to the freedom and safety of the American public that they command 40-80% of public funds to perform. Thousands of these stories at least, very well documented, along with the probably many times more that don't generate press, but defunding, re-allocation, organizational shakeups of any kind are still beyond the fucking pale with the general public. So much so that I still have to see multiple campaign ads a day accusing so and so of being "soft on crime, supports defunding the POLICE!" Ohhh, the fucking horror!!! Every day is a new little sprinkle on top of the mountain of shame I feel for my compatriots and neighbors. Soft on crime? What the fuck do you call this story? Good guys with a gun being the real heros by refusing to acknowledge the bad guy with a gun even exists? Again!?


You misspelled attempted murder….they refused to write up a report about attempted murder.


>What the fuck are they doing that's more important than taking a report about a fucking raging psycho just taking shots at people in the middle of the road, in broad daylight. Probably fining someone for building a fence in their backyard that doesn't meet code.


I continue to hold that "defund the police" was a terrible marketing slogan, and that the 2021 summer tactic should have been to focus on the uselessness of cops to achieve what they claimed they were being funded to provide. I had my car broken into a number of times, I had friends who were chased down the street by crazy people or just straight up mugged, and I regularly walk by buildings with cracked or smashed windows. The cops are _claiming_ that we need them for this fuckin Thin Blue Line™️ or whatever, but even with all the funding and the status quo and years and years to make it better, they haven't done _anything_ for me. And that should've been the pitch: "what have the cops done for you lately? Shit all, that's what. So stop paying them." They're out there to write chickenshit tickets and harass people that a fit a profile about drugs because they know they can trample all over their rights without any issue. And then you try to submit a report with video evidence of a rando trying to kill someone with a gun because they got honked at for running a red light, and suddenly they can't be bothered? Fuck off. \#EndTheWarOnDrugs and nip their funding and justification in the bud


I’m quite progressive in my political views, but I think the left often chooses wording that, if anything, either drives people who are the fence politically even more toward the right or gives the right talking points to make liberals sound crazy. Black Lives Matter, for instance, has an implicit “too” at the end of it, but some people on the right don’t understand that and say, “But all lives matter!” Well no shit…. BLM is basically saying the same thing, given that society makes it too too clear that black lives often matter less. Likewise with “Antiwork.” People on the right are just like, “liberals are lazy and don’t want to work. They even have a new anti work movement!” A cursory reading of the antiwork sub would show that it’s really about anti exploitation and against a system that is economically rigged against most workers. The sub is not about simply not wanting to work. But yeah…I have family member who are very conservative, and they have seemingly zero capacity view things other than at face value. They seem incapable of understanding nuance, complexity, metaphor, and the like.


One of my employees was driving our trash truck in a neighborhood, servicing customers, when a car came behind him. In our state, we are considered a "moving work zone", so in all situations we have the right of way, and vehicles need to either wait for us to wave them on, or turn around and go down a different street. It seems that wouldn't work for the dude behind my guys, so he floored the gas pedal, slammed an employee with his cars mirror, and then pulled out a gun and started firing. He drove off, and went home. It was all caught on video from our truck, and cameras that people had on their homes. The idiot who fired his gun, actually called in and tried to make a property damage claim against us, I got all of his info: address, name, license plate number, car and etc. My employees called the cops, I called the cops, and so on. So far... nothing has happened. It has been nearly a month. They know where the dude lives, knows his name and etc. The dude discharged a firearm in the middle of a neighborhood, but the cops don't give a shit.


just yesterday I made a comment on a different post in this sub recounting the time I witnessed a car break-in where I recognized the person performing the break-in as a homeless man that hung out in a park nearby. I called the cops and gave them all the info they needed and said I could even ID the guy and they did literally nothing and how the cops were useless. and then I had idiots replying to my comment with shit like “WhaT are they supposed to do?? Go arrest some guy on the word of another guy???” Un-fucking-believable the lengths these bootlickers will go to in order to defend pieces of shit that won’t do their job. Probably a bunch of loser cops replying to that comment that felt triggered I was pointing out how useless they can be.


[The clearance rate of murders](https://www.theatlantic.com/newsletters/archive/2022/07/police-murder-clearance-rate/661500/) in this country is at an all-time low, just over 50%. I read that awhile back and was shocked at how few murders are solved. We live in a country with massive police budgets, a higher percentage of budgets are allocated to police than ever before. This should be the ultimate sign of failure in policing.


No explanation other than they are letting people murder people for reasons that they agree with.


All cops are bad cops.


Investigate madman firing a gun at people in broad daylight? No thanks let's add more cops to pull people over for rolling stops at empty intersections.


The perp isn't black so of course they aren't interested


Cops actively try to avoid work like the rest of us, especially when it looks hard. Like investigating and finding this guy, arresting him, doing all the paper work...Just so he gets a fine, maybe... ugh. No thanks. Except when I avoid work, nobody dies as a result. Police work attracts a certain type but not the type it should. We need police but we also need to heavily reduce thier powers, authority, and prestige.


You nailed it. Policing attracts the wrong type. Cities do psychological screening, but too many sociopaths make it through. We need a professional police force like Norway. Their cops undergo 3 years of training and earn a degree. If we made policing a profession, with state licensing requirements, and then replace their unions with a professional association with censure abilities, that would help weed out the worse types of cops.


We need to fire all police officers and strip it down to nothing I refuse to pay their gross salaries and pensions anymore when they don't do anything. At this point I'd rather have no police at all than waste that money


Probably a police officer doing the shooting


My first thought was shooter was a UC


This is usually the backstory after a killer murdered someone or more than one person. The police just sweep it under the rug, shrug and say "oh well", then don't do anything until one or more people are killed.


and you just know a level-headed winner like that has a slew of warrants out and probably at least one restraining order. no need to check into reports of him firing a gun at a motorist who he cut off by running a red light, that would require peeling their fat asses from their seat to do some policework. police departments are fraud against taxpayers. if they have no duty to act, why do i have the duty of paying them?


And then complain that the laws are too liberal and there’s nothing they could do


“Incomplete report” There’s a relatively clear video of what at least amounts to assault with a deadly weapon (attempted murder if the DA has a pair). The guy’s face and vehicle seem to be clearly visible. This could be the most open and shut case imaginable if there’s a traffic camera that can pull the shooter’s plate. What the fuck


I was paying a parking meter near a Oakland post office and a drunk dude dumped his beer on me at 9am. Apparently I was in his walking space. I was nonagressive and said essentially "dude life is already difficult enough" so he punched me in the chest. It was pretty weak so I let it slide and he walked away. He then punched an old lady about 20 feet down the road and smacked her bags off her shoulder so I called the cops. They told me they would be there in 16 to 24 hours, but lucky me a officer pulled up to the stoplight on patrol so I waved her down. She acknowledged me and cracked her window, I pointed to the dude who was still harassing people on the sidewalk. She said to call dispatch and drove away.


But... but... all the memes that ask "If you defund the police who is going to save you when you need them?" I see shit like this almost daily on Reddit and ask "Who is going to save us even when we don't defund them? Looking more and more like a mafia. Have to pay them and even then they may or may not give a shit. God forbid you are a child in an elementary school with a crazed shooter....


Police: But did you die?


Oakland PD should be ashamed


Ahhh the good old “looking into the matter” trick


Yeah, fuck that shit. How are you gonna run a red light, then get mad when people honk? Pulling a gun?! What a punk ass bitch move…hope he’s locked up


Similar thing happened to me on a bike when I was about 18. Some asshole came flying around the corner almost hitting me. I yelled something like "yo, you jumped a red" and they proceeded to get out of their car with a knife and tell me they were gonna stab me. I just started cycling as fast as I could and didn't look back. Some people just don't like being told they're in the wrong.


I've had people follow me all the way home trying to run me off the road the whole time because I honked at them. Luckily I live a couple blocks from a police station so I just turn into their lot when someone is following me and, surprise surprise, they continue on their way. People are fucking insane.


Welcome to America, where our egos are so fragile that when a mistake we make gets spotlighted we feel obligated to get hostile to the nth degree in order to "save face".


Nope, cops said they saw nuthin'


My guy, you have no clue how much of a lawless shithole East Oakland is. People regularly run reds, drive on opposite lanes going 60 to cut people off, and there's sideshows every so often. This doesn't surprise me one bit.


My guy, I’m a female in my late 40’s born and raised in Oakland. I’m fully aware of how it is, and it doesn’t make it okay.


I was always told when driving in Oakland and the light turns green…Wait about 3 seconds and still look both ways before u go.


Right?! I wanna see the "loses job and gets charged with attempted murder" follow up story. Rabid dogs like these need to be locked up.


That’s very optimistic to think this hott head had a job to lose.


My exact thoughts


Of course he has a job. Didn’t you see those expensive luxurious rims on his 15 year old beater truck?


That’s something I’ve never understood in my 3 decades of living human life. Custom/expensive rims on a shitty vehicle.. It’s like trying to turn a foldy chair into a luxury recliner because you have 14k gold on the foldy chairs legs


But think of the possibilities, with that chair you could become king of the trailer park.


It's actually easy to understand. Those custom expensive wheels on shitbox cars are usually bought cheap stolen from another car. Custom wheels are like the easiest thing you can steal and fence quickly.


Rabid dogs don’t get locked up


They get put down.


Attempted murder surely?


Probably assault with a deadly weapon + reckless discharge of a firearm and possibly possession of a firearm by a prohibited person. These charges are easier to prove and have similar sentences.


You forgot the most important one. Running a red light!!!


Yup aggravated assault is much easier to convict than attempt murder. Plus a plea deal would probably be given. Court is gray area and if it goes to trial, all it takes is one.


Don't call me Shirley


Don't tempt me with a good time


Have you ever seen a grown man naked?


Don’t tempt my tummy with the taste of nuts and honey!


https://abc7news.com/amp/oakland-shooting-road-rage-dashcam-video-violence/12214887/ No one was hurt but when the man who recorded this video tried to file a police report he was unsuccessful. "Apparently they have a way of doing things here that I'm not accustomed to," he said. "I called them two, three times. I figured they would want this information because there is somebody out there and he is going to hurt somebody." ABC7 has reached out to Oakland police, who said there is an incomplete report on this incident but they are looking into the matter.


Why blur out his face?


Seriously why is his face blurred - no answers? Put this hot headed idiot with no braincells behind bars. Stop this chaos of violence erupting across the USA. Enough is fucking enough.


The article states they blurred his face for privacy reasons and to not interfere with a possible investigation into a crime.


But the police wouldn’t even file a report, so show the fucking face and let people figure it out for themselves


They didn't, he's half bigfoot. They're born blurry.


Half bigfoot may be true, but definitely half man


Plot twist: it’s an off duty cop. Also that the most obviously bullshit answer.


This is hilarious imagining.


Only a few reasons cops don’t file a report in a situation like this: they’re too lazy, it’s one of their own, or they’re getting paid off to stay out of it.


Or it's an undercover officer who could possibly also be off duty.


Oakland police ain't done shit for me for over 25+ years. One day my mom and some dude got in a dispute over a damaged motorcycle, took the PD 1.5 years to get back to us. Multiple break-ins and car thefts. Last time we had a broken window they dusted for prints for some reasons. Told them don't even bother, won't see our stolen shit again ever. Guess what? They never caught the thieves and never gave us a call back.


There are issues like this in the UK, but it us largely due to crippling underfunding. As far as i can see, major US police departments are funded better than the military budget of some countries.


Some are and some aren't. The issue is police are put on a pedastal and there's no actual culture of 'protect and serve.'


Probably a CI. Went to high school with a drug dealer who shot at the police and nothing happened because he was.




Confidential informant


Cock inspector.


That's what I'm wondering. CI to me is fucking critical inventory. Better go count all that shit up, make sure nothing's missing! Why's your variance so high?!


Probably not a CI. Police are just lazy as fuck in Oakland and are overworked. Source: I’m from Oakland


So which is it? Lazy OR Overworked? Can't be both.


With the strength of police unions, can be both. Forces are heavily funded but understaffed. Cops working overtime making bank but sleeping in their cruisers instead of doing anything.




Are you KIDDING me?! THIS is why we need to dismantle the police. It's the exact reason why all those wasted funds should be diverted into education, healthcare, infrastructure, etc. you give these PD's enough resources to track a mother who might have had an abortion but can't immediately investigate a psychopathic gun wielding road rager caught on camera? An incomplete police report???? I wonder how many T's and i's are getting dotted on the reports closing in on mothers trying to have safe abortions in texas right now. We live in a dystopia.


Dude, and they’ll look into this one to save face.


Fill the Oakland Police page with comments! Call them out on their BS!


Exactly. What kind of fucked up world do we live in where this piece of shit shooting at someone for honking isn't behind bars? This guy shouldn't be free to roam the streets like this again.


Cops don’t want to work.


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An “extended magazine clip”. Excellent editing there abc.


Good bot. Fuck Google.


Sounds about right for Oakland.


Why blur this pos face? He doesn’t deserve anonymity


Apparently might be a cop


Even better reason to not blur


Def a cop lmao The only time I have ever heard of a victim get shot and be unable to even file a police report, was because it was another cop who did it. This is Baltimore level shit fr






I would’ve ran straight ahead into this Fuck !!!!


Don’t miss


Yea. He dodges, you're dead. Best to escape.


The second they pull a gun, you introduce them to your undercarriage.


All that for honking, god mfers are sensitive.


After he obviously ran the red light


Meanwhile on his mind he’s very macho and tough


*got honked at* “So anyways I started blasting” But seriously having an attempted murder charge cause of road rage? Wtf is wrong with people.


I mean, he (white truck) was the asshole running a red light to begin with. At no point, not there would ever be a reason, did white truck guy have a reason to do that.


Sociopathy is real.


I always feel like somebody's shooting me!


when I’m in my driver’s seat! ohOhoh


I was going to as well so thanks!


Let’s not forget the guy who shot ran that red light


I would of enjoyed crushing him with my car Jesus give me the chance


And you would get off because its literally self defense.


That's what I call defensive driving


The best defense is running him tf over


I get off anyways.


"Shit, I'm sorry, I guess I must have panicked and slammed my foot on the accelerator while he was trying to shoot me!"


Given the gun I his hand, you should tell the truth: “I intended to crush him to death with my car to stop the deadly threat to my life.” Completely legal and has the advantage of being the truth.


Honestly you say nothing until you talk to a lawyer.


I don't think any jury would have convicted this person should he have smashed that dude with his car.


This is the way


Zero loss to society.


If you don't end up killing him or maiming him to where he can't concentrate on you, he surely has a straight shot(s) at you from like point blank. Tough guy wants to risk his life to kill a shithead.


Hello, it looks like you've made a mistake. It's supposed to be could've, should've, would've (short for could have, would have, should have), never could of, would of, should of. Or you misspelled something, I ain't checking everything. Beep boop - yes, I am a bot, don't botcriminate me.


good bot


With that attitude (jumping immediately into extreme road rage and intent to murder) you wouldn’t even have to dirty your hands. People with that little impulse control find ways to kill themselves off.


Oakland, CA


i thought houston for sure.


San leandro blvd maybe?


98th and sl from the looks of it, Deep East


Came to the comments lookin for this. Recognized that street instantly


Definitely, hard to miss if you from the area. Everyone just minding their own business in the video lol town business, ain’t my business.


My business is going down to the end of that street toward fruitvale and hittin up that Guadalajara taco truck lmao


Lol a person of taste. The quesoberria truck by the aloha club and fruitvale station is 🔥. Sinaloa truck for the shrimp tacos.


Fuuuck still gotta hit them up one time. I've heard a lot of great things about those joints


Highly recommend those spots. Giant burger for the late night greasy burger. Oakland has so many good food spots , just have to be vigilant unfortunately


I dont miss that area at all lol


Yep. I used to live right down the road.


Same Sobrante Park. Make it outta there? Lol


Yep. I was in Fruitvale on Foothill. Went back to my old spot a couple weeks ago cause my homie still lives there.


Ahhh I knew it. Looks like San Leandro near Coliseum.


*East Oakland.


Sure glad he was blurred out. Don't want anyone to know what the wannabe killer looks like.




Shoulda ran the prick over.


Before Reddit I did not think people were this crazy. Imagine ruining your life because someone honked their horn at you




I took a several hour drive with my sister recently and had to remind her to stop getting pissed at stupid drivers because I didn’t want to get shot to death if she flipped off the wrong person. I don’t even honk anymore unless it’s a vital necessity. Just a country full of mentally ill gun nuts hiding around every corner.


Reasons why I don't honk or get upset anymore. Just learn to accept that shitty drivers exist and there's nothing you can do about it. Your life is worth more than a honk leading to someone with nothing to lose ending your life.


You gotta do the quick honk, less aggressive more “HEY”!


Never fight someone with less to lose. You’ve already lost.


Absolutely. Same with getting into heated arguments with strangers. You never know if someone is larping as William Foster from *Falling Down*.


Peter Griffin was hauling ass outta there!


Definitely living in GTA.


Big truck, small penis, huge issues.


Anyone know the song playing?


I always feel like, somebody’s watching me


Why blur face he's a fucking criminal


Run. Him. Over.


I know there is people like this everywhere, but still scary thinking that someone is willing to shoot you over a honk. The shooter probably never intended to hit, but damn imagine if he accidentally did. Scary shit.


> I know there is people like this everywhere The US is the only highly developed country in the world where this happens with any frequency at all. This is not normal.


Oh yeah for sure the shooting part is not normal. I was talking about the dude behind the gun and how unstable he is to try or pretend to shoot someone over a honk of the horn. Those dicks are everywhere


I probably would have gunned it. High probability driver could have gotten killed. My immediate thought as soon as he pulled out the gun and aimed would probably have been to neutralize him.


I'm with you. i don't claim to know how I would really react in the heat of the moment, but that was my first thought and i was surprised at how he drove away so casually.


Why are they so feral that picking a gun is the only solution to their tantrums? Some people aren't really reasonable anymore.


Shoulda just rammed him with the car and done society a favor.


Jumped out holding his pants up 🤣


Why did you blur that mf asshole


A pickup truck driver being an entitled asshole? No way! /s


People like this literally deserve cancer.


As soon as that door opens and he points that gun at me I would have smashed him against his own vehicle.


Why is this shit bag blurred out?


A guy like that…I really think he should get his ass dropped off the closest bridge. Its not even out of the ordinary here anymore to see crap like this and our solution is to spend $70k a year feeding them in prison while our best and brightest kids can’t afford college and our teachers are underpaid.


America. Where you get shot for honking and then get your police report denied for no fucking reason.


Deranged hillbilly shoots at car that honked at him for driving like an idiot.


He really fits into the little dick stereotype


As soon as the guy got out and branched the gun, I would have accelerated full throttle right into him pinning him in between his car in my hood


This is why i don't honk at anyone anymore.


*Armed society is a polite society.*


This is why people hate the police


good thing this guy had a gun to protect himself from the dangerous honking man


American's are crazy


Annnnnnd, back to jail


apparently he's an off duty cop, so no jail


Must be part of California cop gang


Holy fuck, is this Oakland? Looks like Oakland.


May have actually been shot if the douchbag hadn't had to hold his frickin pants up.


This is why I tell my wife not to honk or get angry at other drivers.


This happens in Memphis at least once a day.


Theory about white trucks supported.


Honestly, it’s scary to drive on Bay Area streets these days. One honk or merge and idiots hop out with guns. Too many guns in the hands of people with the impulse control of toddlers.


Shit hole city.


Just floor it straight into his dumbass. Vehicle is bigger than gun


Damn in that moment I feel like I would just drive right through him.


California love


Oakland. Stay the fuck away!


Is this the Middle East? Talibans driving around with weapons…




Should have pinned him against the car


Should’ve run straight into him! He immediately pointed a gun and fired. Be safe out there America.


Same type of dude who'd say the world is snowflakes


I woudve pinned em


Damnit I wish he would have squished him between that truck


this is why civilians can't have guns