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Poor lady


It’s unlikely she will ever feel safe again in her life, walking down the street in broad daylight. That’s really shitty.


It breaks my heart to think about how her sense of safety and agency were ripped from her, probably forever. Terrible.


I was robbed by a group of people in the middle of the day in the middle of a packed mall, they just pushed me up against the second story railing and went through my pockets. This was when I was 15, I'm 27 now and still walk around with my head on a swivel.


Got jumped for all my stuff and my bike in highschool. Years later I had a guy walk up to me diagonally through a empty parking lot and tried to step into my blind spot as I was entering my vehicle. I shattered my hand on this guys head. I went to the hospital for my broken hand. He never called 911 or went to the hospital. I was a target and I’m pretty sure I was about to be jacked at my truck.


yeah, it took me a while that trauma doesn't have to be war or years of abuse, but any highly stressful situation. I got chased in my car by some crazy lady just because i was In the wrong place at the wrong time. she chased me, trying to hit my car, driving in incoming traffic to get up close to me to act like she was going to shoot me repeatedly, and this went on for like 10 minutes before cops finally pulled her over. I'm still terrified of pissing the wrong person off on accident and them following me home.


This happened to me but it was a an in a van chasing me! I got lucky because the police saw him chasing after me. Wild.


Nice neighborhood too it looks like


The overwhelming feeling of "no where is safe" at anytime. Fucked up.


And screaming probably saved her life


Yup, it is a nice neighborhood. I live in it, roughly 2 blocks from where this happened. This was also about half a block from a huge park that is always packed. Chicago PD has been camped out on the street for the past 24 hours. Most likely optics, but I do hope they stay. I feel like CPD used to be a lot more visible just a couple of years ago.


What neighborhood? I live in West Town & this is def nicer than my neighborhood so just wondering…


West Lakeview.


Maybe living in the Capitol has me jaded but this doesn't even seem like a "hop out a car and rob a random" type of neighborhood. You do that shit where everyone has a Tesla or Mercedes Bentley, not where mfs driving Honda trucks. What the fuck would she even have? Her keys and a phone? Maybe a bag but I don't anybody that carries cash in a nice neighborhood. Poor lady.


4 teenagers [assaulted a 70 year old woman](https://www.google.com/amp/s/nypost.com/2022/08/02/san-francisco-woman-70-brutally-beaten-kicked-in-head-in-daylight-attack-video/amp/) in San Francisco because she wouldn't give up her iPhone.


Did they catch the guys who did it?


Does the Chicago pd catch anyone they're supposed to?


I actually have seen CPD pull people over for speeding the last couple weeks. They looked understandably shocked.




That's the kind of neighborhoods that those Hooligans Target.


They tend to stick to their own, when they go to good neighborhoods they’re much more likely to get caught. Hence why crime is higher in poor neighborhoods. But it can happen anywhere


Especially when she sees someone that looks like her previous attackers coming towards her or slowing their car down when they get near. Every time a car approaches her for a long time, she's probably going to have a panic attack wondering if it's them again. This is the real cost of letting "petty" crime run rampant, you take away people's sense of well-being and fill them with constant fear (or a decision to shoot first and question later) if they see a person they perceive as a threat who looks like their prior attacker.


I was mugged once a long time ago and it messed with big time for a while. I remember a car pulled over to ask me for directions (I realized after) but my response was to panic and start yelling, “go away! Leave me alone.” They drove off and yelled back “welcome to Boston ‘eh?” And I realized my error and felt awful. Sorry car full of tourists. I was young and panicked.


Fuck politeness. You do what you have to do to stay safe and feel safe.


Better safe than sorry


Tbf in Boston that's pretty polite.


I don't think this fits the description of non-violent


Happened to my wife last year in Chicago, broad daylight. Thankfully they just took her stuff.


Can confirm. I was robbed at gun point one night outside a friends house while walking a corner to her car. This was nearly 15 years ago and I’m still not comfortable walking anywhere as the sun goes down and often in broad daylight.


The trauma she's experienced will take quite an amount of time to go away. The craziest part about it is that she more than likely will not trust black people walking too close to her on the street again... But then she'll be called a racist when she chooses to walk on other side of the street when being approached because of her past experience.


Ikr? Traumatic for her, it was sad to hear the startled scream, then a little gap as she realised the situation, and she started the petrified, guttural screams. Fucked up.


Unreal. People are becoming bigger and bigger pieces of shit. They target the ones that can’t fight. Pussies.


What? This has happened since the dawn of time lmao




What is happening lately in Chicago? I think there’s been crazy shit in London as well. But damn man. Can we get an era of love and kind for once? I think that last time the planet has seen that was when after a meteorite killed off the dinosaurs.


I live in Chicago, catalytic converter theft is all the rage right now


Check this shit out! $22 million in stolen converters in a suburb of Portland, Oregon. They finally passed a law making it illegal to sell a converter without documentation of its origins and a state ID but... now they just steal them in Portland and take them to Idaho or Washington. https://www.wweek.com/news/courts/2022/08/11/beaverton-police-nab-22-million-catalytic-converter-trafficking-ring/


[$11m in Kansas City suburb](https://www.kshb.com/news/crime/independence-man-indicted-for-selling-stolen-catalytic-converters) This shit is everywhere.


Pretty much all thru the country.


From Chicago and live in Colorado. It’s really bad here also. My neighbor caught someone stealing another neighbors catalytic converter at 7am one morning. Dude even had the nerve to jack the car up and everything.


If you're going to do a "job," do it right!


It's on the east coast too. This shit is everywhere now


I don't know, but I remember plenty of violence in Chicago when I was there in the late 80's and early 90's.


Not just Chicago. Everywhere seems to be getting more hostile. I blame it on growing economic disparity making people desperate and resentful.


>lately Lmao


>What is happening lately in Chicago? https://fox2now.com/news/missouri/three-missouri-cities-in-top-ten-for-most-violent-crime-rate-in-u-s/ Hopefully it doesn't turn into Josh Hawley's Missouri. There are 24 more dangerous cities in the USA. Because Chicago is big raw numbers allow it to be used as a cudgel by dishonest Republicans. You're more likely to be a victim of this type of crime if you're in many other areas of the country


I had my car broken into twice when I lived in Chicago… takes a long time for that feeling to go away


This is the worst feeling ever! I was 19 years old - 8 months pregnant (many years ago) when someone followed behind me after I got off of the bus. They grabbed onto the strap and tried to lift it from over my head. When that didn't work he pushed me forward. I fell on my tummy and he landed on my back. All he got was $2 and a beeper, almost killed my baby for $2 and a beeper! 🤦🏻‍♀️ I hope this lady is ok physically and mentally!


Ugh im so sorry that happened to you!


Is your child ok


Yes, she was born without any complications! 🤗


That’s awful


im so sorry that happened to you 😔 the pig that did that to you can rot in hell


Oh wow. So glad everything was alright


Stay strapped fellas


PTSD for the rest of her life for what? A phone? This is absolutely heart breaking. Her screams are gut wrenching tbh. I thought of that being by mom. Scared , alone and helpless. Smh


The guy that robbed me got $50 and 4 years in prison. I didn't sleep for two days afterward, and had to drop out of school because I couldn't sleep at night or leave my house most days.


So senseless. Im sorry!


Thanks. It actually eventually turned out for the better, although I still have a few mental scars. Years later, midnight stargazing walks are once again one of my favorite things. Sometimes the most difficult periods in our lives can be the biggest catalyst for change.


Nature is so healing. I am thrilled to hear you can enjoy it again. Don't let them kill your joy. You are worthy , please remember that!


Not to mention split 3 ways.


I got attacked like this for being gay years ago. Even though my assaulter left, I still can not walk outside alone. I’m forever scarred.


You didn't deserve that. I'm so sorry.


This hurts me to hear from you and all of the others on here saying this. I don’t know if this will help you, but I studied martial arts for years. Something about being in tune with my body was very uplifting for my self confidence and literally changed how I carried myself when I walked. It empowered me to feel a little less afraid. Not saying it’ll be martial arts for you, but I’m certain something out there exists waiting for you. Best of luck my friend, I’m sorry for what you went through.


I am so sorry.


there were many before you and many after you, sadly. And today it seems like it's trending again.


its crazy that ppl just do this just for shits and giggles. these guys could work a normal job like anyone else but they just choose to do this. not cus they have to , just cus they want to


How common is it for these kinds of thugs to come from functional families with an upbringing that didn't normalize crime to them? You'd have to be a clinical psychopath (very rare) to do this just for fun. In all other cases it's people who have been raised into viewing crime as normal, which is why doesn't even occur in their brain that they have other options. They were never raised to view jail as some huge deterrent, but simply a normal aspect of life that most of their relatives/friends/community/etc have already been through.


Exactly like what the hell can she even have on her. So sad.


Yup. Same thing happened to me. I’ll never be comfortable in cities at night again.


Too bad these guys didn’t all get shot.


good chance they will eventually.


It's crazy cause she isn't carrying a bag or purse. She just looks like she is out for a walk. Does anyone know if these robbers got anything?


Given the way she was hunched over and they were grabbing at her, it's possible they took her engagement/wedding rings (if she had some) or possibly an heirloom ring. I'd scream like that too if someone violated me and took something that could never be replaced. Fuck a phone, but if you ripped my grandmother's wedding ring off my finger, I'd cry for days.


Also, someone forcefully taking away your ring almost always results in painful finger injury, at least a sprain. I know this because I've had my annoyed sister angrily yank her mood ring from my finger, and it fucked up my finger for more than a couple of days, and I frankly deserved that. Ring removal is painful, especially if it is by a thief trying to get the job done as soon as possible without giving a f about your wellbeing.


Chicago PD has less than a 20% arrest rate, they’re not getting caught. If by some miracle they do, they’ll only get a slap on the wrist. Criminals are treated like poor lost souls


This is a prime example of why that poor woman Eliza jogging before work doesn't make a difference. So many people shitting on her for putting herself in a bad situation by literally just jogging in a populated campus, well this lady was walking down a nice neighborhood street in broad daylight and was still attacked. It doesn't matter where or when, people are at risk all the gd time if they seem to be an easy target.


I was attacked in a grocery store parking lot—broad daylight. A co-worker was beaten in the parking lot of a crisis center that is often littered with cops. Ppl want to blame the victim because they’re scared. And they should be.


America is beyond fucked


I have no idea why you would think violent attacks are an American thing. I spent most of my life on the west side of Chicago and luckily was never victimized. I did however get robbed violently in Paris and Poland. I also had knife pulled on me in Costa Rica. Not to say America is safer, but when it comes to these sorts of crimes i dont think it is much worse than other places.


100% the reason why I always have a dog with me when I run or walk. I am under no illusions that as a woman, with a pony tail, I am a prime target. Having 60-120 pounds of canine with me as eyes, ears and deterrent is great!


Yep! I have Great Pyrenees. Massive dogs with protection instincts. I don't go out without them.


Our Pyr is super protective of his Momma (my wife) and it makes me feel so much better knowing he’s out with her.


If you don't already have it, get some good quality pepper spray too.


"Putting themselves in a bad situation" is and always has been trash fucking gaslighting. They didn't 'put themself' in a bad situation. Nobody 'puts themself' in a bad situation. *Garbage human beings* **initiate** *"a bad situation."* Victims are *wronged,* not wrong. Suggesting that victims 'did [it] to themselves' indicates a basic failure of human decency, empathy, and moral character on the part of the suggester. Nobody *deserves* to have criminal acts committed upon them. Nobody *deserves* to be 'at risk'. Ideally, nobody *should* be at risk, anywhere, unless there's a natural disaster occurring that cannot be otherwise mitigated. Edit: not knocking on you, OP. My gears grind when I hear certain things.


Piece of shit humans


I've been mugged in San Francisco. It's something you never get over. Someone punched me so hard in the back of the head I just went down and my vision was blurred for a long time. I went to the police but with nothing to go on, nothing came of it. Fortunately, my phone was at home but lost my wallet along with my purse. That was 9 years ago. I still refuse to go outside at night, in the city, no matter what neighborhood. In the day, it depends where. I will not take public transportation unless my husband or a male friend is with me. If I HAVE to be out alone walking down the road, I feel insanely high alert, carry my purse across my back that has both mace in it and a brick. Worst part, after that my car was broken into 3x (twice in my own driveway) within 6 months. I had to move for my own mental health.


Same thing with me, except not San Francisco. Sucker punched in the back of the head, next thing I knew 4 guys were stomping on me. The only thing that really helped in that situation was the fact it happened on sand at the beach so their footing was bad and every time I was kicked it helped absorb the impact. They made off with phones and a credit card, which was cancelled immediately. I was originally at the beach to do some metal detecting with a friend who was an enthusiast and wanted to get me into the hobby. I haven't really ever done metal detecting since then. Ironically the most valuable thing I had on me, the detector, was left alone and they lifted the backpack I had on after I was hit in the head enough to knock me out for a few seconds. I don't trust anyone walking in close proximity anymore in sketchy places.


That poor woman will never get back the same sense of safety


My gf was robbed at 1pm in her neighborhood in Chicago. Her area (Andersonville) looked a lot like this… so scary. She was fine, but they shot and killed the next guy right after her. I think they were kids in a stolen car.


Poor girl. That is so sad.


The risk v. reward here is abysmal. You could goto jail, you could run into someone who has a firearm or someone who sees you who has a firearm so the risk is incarceration and death. The reward is a phone which you sell for pennies on the dollar, maybe some petty cash, maybe a credit card. At most $500 split 3 ways ...Just a dumb crime


Those guys are not getting arrested that why they do this.


It’s not a crime for profit, it’s a crime for entertainment/reputation.


Pretty much this. It’s like a game to these kids.


I just wish we saw em getting smoked more often




Bring more to our cause! Nothing like the secure knowledge that the degenerate lowlifes that think they're above others and can harm people as they see fit will never harm another person again :)


let's not call them kids...


The scum of our society


You are right about reputation. Most of the time, gang members are doing this.


Dude Chicago cops don’t give a fuck. Guarantee this was called in and they came out and searched the neighborhood for 10min and left


Carl Winslow cared


Cops are like this everywhere. You can give them names, license plate, home address, hq pics/vids of the robbery and a GPS location of your items and they'll tell you there's nothing they can do.


My mom had her trailer stolen from her yard. She had security camera footage. Clear views of their faces. She knew their names and addresses. She gave all this info to the police and they told her there's nothing they could do. WTF else do you want?!


But if you show up with some friends and take your shit back you better believe the cops will be going after you for something


If you steal from Academy, like my sister did, they’ll get your plates and a detective will call the owner of the plates (me) to talk.


True. The brass ousts cops who do a good job and nobody wants to hear the story of a fired cop. The only ones left are the ones who will do whatever the brass wants, nothing more or less.


Chicago Police arrest rate is literally less than 15%. Unless you point blank murder someone right in front of their eyes, it’s not likely you’re getting arrested. Factor in the attorney that pretty much let’s everyone go unless they’ve murdered someone. The dudes in this video, I guarantee you, have done this to at least 5 other people that same day


where is this? looks like a nice neighborhood


West Lakeview. 2900 block of N Seeley


It’s Lakeview. A nice neighborhood.




Could be a different guy with a hammer but, the man who killed a Chase employee previous to the stabbing was locked up for hitting someone with a hammer.


I just dont get it.. what are they gonna get from her of value? not many people carry cash anymore, if you steal her phone its really hard to transfer/sell it .. unless its so kind of initiation


I live in Chicago and I got robbed once. All they took was my phone, and a wallet that had no money in it(I had my money in my backpack and the idiots didn’t take it lol) it’s basically a guessing game of them just driving around and hoping to hit someone with something good.


When me and my bf were walking in chicago we got approached by 2 dumb youngins asking to hand over our phones they saw we got 2 lg phones and said nvm. 😂 lifes good i guess


It's like that time someone stole my credit. They tried giving it back. I said no bitch now you owe those people.


Credit card is what they are interested in, sure you'll report it stolen, but they'll likely get a few things by using it first, especially if they have your phone.


I’m sure they are in a nice neighborhood and took that extra time because they wanted her engagement/wedding rings and it’s hard af to get them off someone that’s unwilling to hand them over, or willing and terrified.


These are kids with 10 cent brains and million dollars balls. They don’t even think past risk vs. reward. It’s a rush and thrill & in some cases an initiation.


Lakeview/Roscoe village. Many of the homes on that block are over a million dollars.


In Chicago it's not concentrated to any neighborhood anymore. The opportunistic "drive by" thefts are happening in every area of the city. Bucktown residents pooled their money together and hired private security. Really makes you think twice about walking anywhere. At night, Uber from your location to your front door.


Well… that makes sense to me, rob someone in a poor neighborhood.. or a nicer one?


I have no sympathy when people like that catch lead. If you rob other people you don't deserve to breath.


Hope those 3 become a statistic real quick!!


Being robbed sucks. Poor lady. Fucking pieces of shit.


That must be so scary. If I got jumped by 3 people coming out of a running car I wouldn’t think that they want my wallet, I would think kidnapping, rape, murder.


I live in Chicago and these guys target rich white affluent areas because they know people there are easy targets.


Fucking garbage people. Hopefully they crash their car into a pole


Don’t worry, lightfoot is turning that great city around


This shit right here is why I keep my head on a swivel when I’m out walking. And I also never wear headphones.


I feel like she couldn’t have done anything different


Yeah in this situation I think you’re right.


This is why I walk with my penis out 24/7. No dudes gonna touch me


Fuck robbers


A nice Glock would have taken care of these 3 teens.


Arm yourselves and take out the trash, doing so is a service to the community.


Boy that makes me mad.


Man all I could think was thank god they only robbed her...


10% they get caught If they get caught, 90% chance they'll be released the next day.


Same Day if they pay their Prime membership


10% is giving too much credit to the CPD.


If you were wondering what’s going to drive the pendulum swing back to traditional “tough on crime” politicians, this is it right here. For the rest of her life she’s going to have a built in bias for doing whatever needs to be done to stop the crime. Even measures that some would argue trample on the rights of the less fortunate. When that pendulum swing happens, think back on this video when your life is a little less free because of lowlife thugs like this. The mass theft, the catalytic converters, et al are going to hit a wall with the upcoming economic turmoil surrounding climate change and global economic contagion. The leniency will end and be replaced with what will have to be done out of cold hard necessity.


Such scum


Absolute scum


I hope they catch those bastards. They can survey the whole damn neighborhood to trail them.


Smh. Dusties. That poor woman.


Fuck these cockroaches


It's sad that as a woman in America, my first thoughts after watching were, Whew, she's so lucky she didn't get beaten to death or raped. Like, having 3 guys attack and rob you in your neighborhood is a good day in America. Fuck everything.


Idk where you live in America but where I live getting attacked by 3 guys is a pretty bad day.


This was in Lakeview for those wondering. https://abc7chicago.com/amp/chicago-robbery-lakeview-north-seeley-avenue-woman-robbed/12199764/ Just about 2 weeks after a similar attack in Bucktown https://abc7chicago.com/amp/chicago-robbery-bucktown-north-winchester-avenue-violence/12157772/


That's fucking depressing.




I’ve been robbed at gun/knife point downtown Chicago. I was very mad at myself for a few weeks. Such a shitty even though I didn’t do anything wrong. I hope the scum get what they deserve in any way possible.


All I’m thinking about was, that could have been me. I would have never thought twice about walking by myself in the daylight. Living in Chicago as a single woman for a decade, I was only “prepared” if I thought I’d be out late at night. Living in a “safe” neighborhood doesn’t matter anymore.


This is why when ever im in Chicago i get a gun


How much could 3 dudes possibly split between one robbed lady


Thankfully the NYSRPA v Bruen decision allows us all to carry a firearm now. These criminals that have previously had free reign are going to try this to the wrong person at some point.


3pm on Sunday afternoon on a decent block on the north side of Chicago. Crime like this is never solved and is getting out of hand quickly. Foxx (SA) Lightfoot (Mayor) and Brown (Police Chief) all need to go. They are not helping the city in any way whatsoever


Chicagoan here. As my CPD friend has said so eloquently: “The hood don’t stay in the hood anymore.”


For people not from Chicago this isn't just about the robbery gang recruit this way, if you cant do the crime then gang wont trust you with a pole or respect. pretty much this is Gang recruiting and The mayor here doesn't give a fuck and ignores them. as a person from Brighton park this always happens and the main targets usually woman and elders. But when they get shot or killed their whole block starts crying.


I’ve been to these Chicago neighborhoods where a young banger gets shot and the mother or aunt goes around asking everyone for money for the funeral. Candles are lit near a tree where the kid was murdered. The news crews come out for their photos and it’s done and forgotten about until the next one and the next one. Chicago is ridiculous with the murders. I used to take the 36 bus there on the north side but stopped because it was so fucking violent and shady.


A regular day in Chicago


Screaming while being robbed is quite rare. Also this lady won’t be able to sleep for at least a month. I hope the $150 bucks was worth it to those idiots


why is it rare? When I got robbed, I screamed bloody murder, kicked and flailed. They ended up leaving me alone


Why's that rare?


Say Bettlejuice three times and Lori Lightfoot will save you.


Fucking animals


Not surprisingly, this probably happened in a fairly wealthy neighborhood. A lot of robberies have been happening in booming neighborhoods in Chicago.


Based on the slew of sarcastic comments here already, I would love to hear an honest conservative take on how to prevent random street crime. Like what policy changes would have made this specific situation less likely to play out the way it did?


I’m not a conservative, but I’ve lived in a red state, red county, my whole life. I’ll take a wack at what they might say…here it goes: Crime is usually done by a multiple offender. If someone does a crime, chances are they committed way more than one. If you lock up one criminal you stop multiple future crimes from happening. Conclusion? Lock them up more often and longer sentences. Keep them out of society.


Mandatory minimums for violent crimes.


I am not a Republican, but I’ll take a shot. End the war on drugs.


This is the opposite of the conservative viewpoint. The very opposite. And don't try to tell me Libertarians represent conservatives.


Actual jail time sentencing would be nice.


Why doesn’t anyone go outside to help her? When I was robbed like this in my own driveway all of my neighbors immediately came out side to help me and the thieves quickly left


This was all over in less than 30 seconds…




I’m at home currently, if this happened I’d call the police. I’m not finna get stabbed or shot because someone else is getting robbed


100% not taking a bullet from a teenager to save someones iphone


If that happened outside my house I definitely would not hear it


This is what you do when you grow up without a dad.


wow... how low are people willing to go these days... just sad.


Northside for sure.


This is one of those times where I’m glad I have too much social anxiety to go outside alone


Things are and will continue to get worse.


Very very upsetting to see/witness. Hope they caught the fuckers.


Cowards 🤬


Typical Chi town shit heads


She gonna start walking with a Glock after this.


It’s too bad we never got to see what they looked like


She will never take walks again . She is stripped of everything. What over a phone maybe a watch


She looks like she’s in sweat pants with no purse on a casual walk. What was there to rob from her?


Dont even have to put the city in the title for me to guess where this was.


Those robbers each deserve to get shot.