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Dudes feet are on backwards




can’t unsee


That collars gonna hurt someone


Family guy scene comes to mind


Fuckin hurt my eyes.


Yeah the moron cant even manage to keep it pointed in one direction


Uh that was weird


If he did it’s definitely in poor taste. It’s hard to tell, but their reactions and body language tells some kind of story.


You can kind of see his face pucker right before he sits down too but could just be a random mouth movement


Looks like he did it intentionally


I can't fathom why he would spit on him then sit right next to him.


It looks like they have assigned seating. Notice the placard on his chair before he takes his seat


Yeah I meant like knowing he was going to sit next to him.


watch the victim face at this exact moment. something clearly happened and he saw it


Wait, spoiled mediocre teen-pop rocker -- who's less and less relevant as the years pass -- went and acted poorly? Say it isn't so!


Are they friends? Maybe inside joke?


definitely not friends, huge drama going on with this movie lol


Looks like it had something more to do with the sunglasses... Like Harry ran to get them both a pair but he already had his... maybe they are matching pairing sunglasses... I have no fuckin idea Edit: Also what's up with all the drama and bullshit with movie lol




reddit has, it seems, a dedicated crew of guerrilla marketers for that movie


Yep. This is happening more and more on Reddit and most people don’t seem to notice.


What movie


Don't worry darling, you aren't missing anything


Seems like an odd title for a movie but hey it's 2022


No you little rascal... It is called "don't worry darling" ...I was just having fun with the title. I have no clue if it's actually a decent film, I just wanted to make some people laugh


Just came back to reverse my downvote. I hadn’t heard of this film until just now, so at first I thought you were just being an unhelpful, condescending prick 🤦🏻‍♂️


Take that award for you being so cool. No harm, no foul. You are good in my book




When people say who cares about karma farm reposters, this is why People create accpunts, age them, farm karma then sell them to shills so that they can be used to stealth promote shot and appear to be normal users


Seems like the drama is manufactured to promote the movie and detract from the (so far) mixed reviews.


But why! Other than being a douche.


Bruh, there was literally only one direction to go with this.


Obviously. OP must be one of the new kids on the block.


Whoa-oh oh ohohoh that was too far.


I genuinely laughed out loud at this


I had to look up who Harry Styles was to understand this comment and why it was so upvoted and gilded. I have to say, very clever word play, stranger. I will say that I knew One Direction was a thing, but these references flew right over my head.


I might be reaching but what if it was a spit-cough ? I saw the video from another angle and it kinda looked like a single cough, and I did saw IRL people just single coughing ( because their throat tickles or something) and mucus would accidentally come out. It’s gross either way, but I just can’t cope with the idea that a grown ass man would do that to somebody else on camera, I need an excuse at any cost because my faith in humanity is fading quickly…. Edit : can’t not can Edit 2: I’m not a Native so I failed to explain my point, I think he did spit on him but while clearing his throat ( better than spit cough haha), I just hope he never intended to have anything coming out of his mouth ( and landing on Pine) because that would be just…. Hateful. While accidentally spiting while clearing your throat and pretending everything is fine is just gross and rude


I thought that too, but then went back and watched Pines’s reaction. Once you focus there, it’s clear something happened. Not sure exactly what, but something.


Oh I agree with you, it’s just that, I felt that it was portrayed as he spit on him out of spite by other comments ( in other posts) because of all the drama, and I was hoping that this isn’t the case and trying to come up with a more "reasonable " (yet still rude imo) explanation


I don't think it was accidental because he shows no remorse, no sorry, or embarrassment. I don't think I've ever coughed and had something fly out without me knowing. You can feel it.


Oh ! I think he felt it as well, but hum, I once saw somebody blow their nose in the street while riding a bike. Like, hipster looking guy in his 30s, lifted his hand put a finger on his nostril, blow some hair to let mucus out, on the ground. Outside. And I saw people clear their throat like that and almost spit on you and walk away without a care…. That’s why I thought it could be that, but again, I could be reaching, I just trying really hard to stay in denial because I can handle people being gross but this rude ? It’s way too much …. Haha


? 😂 Spit cough?


He is sitting next to his girl…


Right? I was watching Olivia’s face and I think she picked up on the tension as soon as Harry walked up.


Harry looks at the camera and realizes it is on him while spitting on Chris Pine..


Yes! The little oh well shrug.


Didn’t notice that


[Alternative Angle](https://twitter.com/RaminSetoodeh/status/1566852504595349506)


Is that Nick Kroll sat next to Florence Pugh?


Yeah he's in the movie too. This must be at some premiere


Yeah it’s THE premier. Florence brought her nan and Nick was posting all about it on IG.


Don't give me any more reasons to like her even more


Venice Film Festival. All of the Oscar hopefuls are starting to premiere. Unfortunately this one appears doa. Could have a decent opening with all of the bts drama though.




It doesn’t look like he spit from this angle.


Yeah, not at all from that angle. Seems like something is going on between them, but I don't know what.


Kind of looks like he's saying something aggressive to Pine in that as well... Typical brit "u wot m8" look on his face.


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Good bot


Definitely a loogie


Yea Chris shoulda kicked Harry in his fuckin chest cuz wtf


Damn! This really really helps!


A lil background lore, A video leaked of Olivia Wilde complaining about Florence Pugh to convince Shia Labeuf to stick with filming (theres debate if he was fired, or left the project) , Pugh also claimed that Olivia has been under-paying her in comparison to co-star Chris Pine, Pugh has also bashed the way the trailer for the movie was presented and wouldn't really shill or do interviews for the movie. Chris Pine sort of backed Pugh in the drama, but not really by that much. Harry Styles happens to be dating Olivia. Queue the drama theory that Harry is unhappy with Chris not siding with his new GF and some tension on set.


So much drama... like the shittiest soap opera ever...


Encore des hérétiques de la Région Nord


Passive aggressive and weak.


That's straight up aggressive. Nothing passive about spitting on someone.


It's gross and stupid. I lost all respect for Harry Styles.


I mean, the timing of Harry's "spit" face and Chris' reaction definitely read like it really happened. Olivia stares on then clenches her mouth as she turns away. Such a bizarre series of events. This is like Mean Girls level pettiness. If this really went down, i cant imagine Wilde making a ton of connections moving forward with future productions. Follow up, sounds like Chris' reps have fully denied anything happened, so there's that.


I agree, although after reading some of what Wilde has said about directing this movie, I can't help feeling like she's just a female version of the male gatekeepers of Hollywood, the slimy producers and directors that push for a specific actor because they're sleeping with them. Or derail careers of actors that piss them off. Just because the roles are reversed doesn't make the situation any better. And it makes Wilde look like a shill for the studios by accepting this lame role reversal and championing it like it's progressive.


Florence Pugh has never claimed that she was paid less than Chris Pine. The unfounded rumor - which she has yet to address whatsoever - is that Harry Styles was paid more than her.


I have no idea what these names mean.


1) Woman on left (A) made a movie. 2) Man in the middle is in the movie, and supported a co-star complaining about (A)'s treatment of the cast. 3) Man on the right is dating (A), so spits on man in the middle.


A) Thank you for the deft explanation. As an idiot, it was genuinely helpful. B) Who the fuck spits on someone, knowing full well that they are in the public's view at all times?


Nobody can tell if he did spit on him or not, it looks sus but it's not cut and dry Edit: [Chris' publicist came out to confirm Harry styles did not spit on him](https://consequence.net/2022/09/harry-styles-spit-on-chris-pine/)


Hmm yeah, it's definitely not dry.


Who spits on anyone at ANY FUCKING TIME? It's what a five year old does. Edit: Sexy times get a pass.


>Who spits on anyone at ANY FUCKING TIME Sexy times get a pass, no?


Not to mention the man on the right started dating (A) while she was still married and had her husband and kids visiting her on set.


Since nobody is properly answering you: Shia LeBeouf: known more for his weird antics (like putting a paper bag over his head at an award show with "not famous any more" on it) than his actual acting. Was in things like the Transformers live action movies and Indiana Jones 4. Harry Styles: boy band singer from One Direction, not an established actor. Chris Pine: mainly famous as the new Kirk in the Star Trek reboot movies, but he did a bunch of other stuff too. Seems like the chillest person of the mentioned people. Florence Pugh: young actress, currently mostly famous for being the new Black Widow in the Marvel live action stuff. Olivia Wilde: most people probably know her from House, though she's been in a bunch of stuff. Basically: most of these people have one or two really high profile things you may know them from, nobody should shame you for not knowing them. Though personally I like Chris Pine and Florence Pugh, I hope to see them in more stuff.


I can’t believe you disrespected even stevens & holes like that 😤😤


> Florence Pugh: young actress, currently mostly famous for being the new Black Widow in the Marvel live action stuff. Also will be Princess Irulan in the second Dune movie.


Many thanks!


Harry styles bad boy actor = Harry was a chav before he was famous and likely still is


Same it may aswell be written in Arabic


Right (: why would any sane person give a fuck about this.


I didn't understand shit


The video was leaked by Shia Lebouef because Olivia Wilde lied about firing him to appear as some moral crusader to protect Florence Pugh but the reality is he quit and has receipts. So Olivia Wilde just looks like a huge piece of shit here, especially when you factor in if Pugh was uncomfortable she didn’t fire him she actually begged him to stay, and then told the world she stood up for her. Pugh has every right to be shitty to Olivia Wilde here.


Florence Pugh also complained that Wilde and Styles frequently snuck offset during filming to be alone. Utterly unprofessional during filming.


Adding to this that Olivia started to date Harry while she was splitting from Jason which “sources said” made Florence super uncomfortable because Jason visited the set with their kids.


Just to add another layer to this saga, Florence’s then boyfriend, Zach Braff is apparently a close friend of Jason Sudeikis.


He likes them older Wow I thought Wilde was 10 years older than she is.


Fuck these petty millionaires. Their problems are nothing.


Fr, this is some high school level petty shit. I guess you don't have to develop much when you have everything provided for you from the get-go like the vast majority of celebrities do. Not all, but most.


Well said. Fuck em


Im starting to feel like that too. I heard a celebrity on a podcast, honestly he is not even that big of a celebrity, Nick Swardson, he has mostly been riding Adam Sandler's dick for 15 years. These two fuckin celebrities on the podcast were talking about how they "survived the pandemic" Like first of all, its so ridiculous when celebrities tell us how hard something is in their lives. Tom Brady said this once about how much "adversity" he has overcome. Like Bitch you grew up in Southern California, went to school on a full ride and had millions of dollars waiting for you to knock up not one but two models. Must be tough. ​ But at least Tom Brady does the training and workouts and shit, I mean he puts in a lot of fuckin effort. He's arguably one of the best in the world at football so I can respect that. But B level actors? Get the fuck out. Nick fuckin Swardson said on this podcast that he was at a resort in Florida and just decided to never leave, so for 18 months he just decided to live at a resort. Isn't that ridiculous to hear stories about how celebrities can "survive" during these times. For most of us that level of treatment would have been once in a lifetime. Nope, he just fuckin started living there. The host Theo Von goes well how much did you drop, a million dollars? He said no but it was over $500K. Five hundred thousand dollars to live in a resort for a year and a half while most of us were stretching our $1200? Man fuck those guys.


This is the reaction I’m here for


If this is legit the world should shun him like they did will smith. chris pine held it together.


Its subtle enough that people will debate whether or not anything even happened until it blows over.


What an asshat. Props to Chris Pine for keeping his cool.


We cancelling Harry right…spitting is a low grade slap


lol, after reading your comment I started wondering if I'd prefer to be slapped or spit on.. I might go for the slap, tbh.


Yeah id rather a slap, being spat on grosses me out, id rather be in pain lol.


I have been spit on, in the face, and also slapped a few times. Never been slapped by a man but being spit on my another man was far worse than any slap. Fucker ran away too!


Low grade. I would much rather be slapped. Plus, did we forget about covid? A year or two ago we were wearing masks not to spread germs. Now, we are acting like spitting on someone isn’t that big of a deal.


Fool did that in public because he knew Chris wouldn't react, do that without cameras and I got my money on Pine.


Right. I was just thinking that if this was just two regular guys at a theater; the movie wouldn’t have been the only show.


Yuppppp. That reaction alone said everything


Boy's band douche would get his ass beaten


The entire production behind this film is just a total shitshow


A dude with Harry Styles build should not depend on expectations of social graces to prevent someone from knocking you the fuck out.


I do not get the hype about Harry Styles. He's a boring, bland Bowie ripoff with none of the charisma.


I wouldn’t go so far as to call him a Bowie ripoff. He’s not that good or original.


Less good and unoriginal? Sounds like what one might describe as a ripoff.


He’s a good looking guy who sings catchy pop tunes. Every generation has a few of those


As much as I think this look fucking stupid from Harry Styles, there’s nowhere near enough video from after the incident to determine if it wasn’t a joke. From another angle they can be seen chatting and laughing.


He aim for the cock?


Gotta spit on it before you put it in.


What a sweet couple.


Why does Harry Styles look like he's about 45?


He looks like Jack Nicholson in the Shining Chris Pine looks like one of those cats from the LIVE action Cats movie.


With his feet on backwards


Chris Pine's hair is the real crime in this.


Drugs and that rock and roll lifestyle


There's nothing rock and roll about him lol


I have seen so much press on this movie in the past few weeks. Yet didn't knew Chris Pine was in this.


But that would take focus away from Olivia Wilde, and she can't have that.




Brits don't tend to spit a lot. Source: am one. I have never felt the need to spit at anything other than toothpaste into a basin.


Also not really a spitter here.


"Brits tend to spit a lot" That isn't a thing


After this film, no one should want to work with Olivia


Chris Pine would beat Harry Styles ass. I bet you he wouldn't have spit in Will Smith's lap🤣🤣




I mean, Will Smith is already in hot water for doing that shit to Chris Rock, can we just have Mr. Smith go around & slap the people that actually need to be slapped?


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Totally see the spit!


I saw it leave his mouth that's insane. How pine did not beat his ass is incredible.


Where's Will Smith when you need him?


"Keep your damn loogie in your fucking mouth!"


Harry Spityles was so mad Chad Pine didn't react. Like shit he's a way bigger man than me, now I'm going to look like a bad guy.


Harry sure is redefining masculinity by acting like a bitch


How does Chris pine look simultaneously 55 and 25


Damn that little twink hates Captain Kirk's ass.


Be Kind Homewrecker Harry.


I read this in my head with a Hagrid voice. You're a homewrecker, Harry.


Props to Chris for keeping cool. If it were me I would have given him a fucking elbow to the face


Harry Styles looks 10 years older than Pine.


Until Pine grows his beard out. That man can look 30 or 60 if he wants to


He also looks like both DiCaprio and Pitt in this clip.


Leonarrad DiCaPitt.


why tho?


There is some actor drama that went down during the filming of “don’t worry darlings” Olive Wilde is the producer as well as actor. Shia LeBeef (idk how to spell his name) was originally cast, then ex gf started to take legal action against his abuse and he was supposedly asked to no longer be on the film. This was according to Olivia saying that, she wanted to make a safe environment support women blah blah blah Then Shia posted (or his Pr person idk who) a video Olivia sent him, asking him to do the film, saying find a way “deal” with Miss Flo (Florence Pugh) and that Florence would just need to like learn to work with him/ get out of her own way etc It’s also been rumored that there was a “difficult ” work environment on set, people judging other actors acting etc. Florence has refused to do any interviews or press about the movie, she’s appeared at stuff like this, but she hasn’t spoken at events. I don’t know why Harry would spit on/ at Chris, it seems VERY random. Harry is apparently dating Olivia Wild, so maybe there’s something going on there… but in a recent interview he said he’s never publicly dated a woman.


I guess he's dating Olivia and she was being a bia to the cast and the dude who got spit on didn't back her up...sounds like he mostly stayed out of it and gets spit on.


Why everyone assuming he did? This video isn't exactly clear evidence


I too randomly stop mid-clap, look down concerned, and smile in disbelief.


Explain why, without looking at Styles, Pine looks down at his seat in a shocked manner? He saw something causing him pause and a shocked reaction.


Well looking at his face and the immediate reaction of Chris Pine it’s pretty safe to assume that he did. Now sure maybe he didn’t but he makes a spit motion and Chris just randomly pauses and looks at where said spit would’ve landed.




I was expecting another slap. What a disappointment.


Fuck Harry Styles.


Is that not assault and it's filmed?!?


It’s cute that you think wealthy and famous people follow the same laws we do.


It does when they do it to other wealthy people, as the saying goes, there's always a bigger fish.


Yeah I just heard Will Smith was charged for… wait


Police didn't do anything about a slap broadcast-ed to the World. What would they do here?


It makes me uneasy to see how assertive and full of himself Styles feels for such a passive agressive act. And the smile at first on Pine, how can you think its funny in any way ? I feel like im not from the same universe.


Pine smile was more from him being dumbfounded at Styles clear lack of respect in public. I think he made a smile as to not create more trouble around Wilde film. Styles and Pugh are good for one another, two insipid dipshit i dont care about and that seem to be highly aroused at the scent of their own farts.


Don't you mean Styles and Wilde?


Chris Pine is reacting to _something_.


All the discussions remind ne of the Seinfeld episode where Keith Hernandez spat on Kramer and Newman.


Coming from the uk I have never understood the hype around this boy band member, now I’m just embarrassed he is a representative of this nation in anyway at all. Truly pathetic and childish, what a prick.


Are we sure they aren’t flirting?


What a coward. Spitting on someone is one of the biggest bitch moves you can make


Spitting on his cock for a bit of foreplay. How nice of him. 🤗


Thats assault…where is the outcry….


This dude kissed another dude, the media coverage is now skewed.


I’m positive Chris wanted to pull a Will Smith.


Riveting drama and definitely demanding of most of my attention for the rest of the day!


They beefing or what? Spitting is a very bitch move


Can anyone give a quick synopsis about all the backstage drama surrounding this film?


There are quite a few comments near the top that do


I literally can’t see any spit


The press that happens for this movie, the more I want to watch this train wreck


Sure it does look like that is what happened from Chris Pine's reaction, but watch Harry, does it really looks like he spits? Do people seriously think he would spit on him knowing there are cameras on them? Is it not more likely that people are seeing what they want to see and conflating normal actions into something bigger?


Why are his pants so short?


He keeps having to throw them in the dryer


Damn that be where he lost his socks too


It’s summer so he’s not wearing dress socks and the hems of a well-fitted pair of pants with will rise when you sit so you are seeing a lot of leg. This looks like a low-sitting seat so it’s even more exaggerated


It’s increasingly been the style to have shorter dress pants (as opposed to what was popular some decades ago, very long pants that sag on top of the shoes). The fact he’s sitting down just makes it ride up and make them look even shorter


It’s actually called a break not sag


Reasons why I think he actually spit: - Harry’s face/mouth spitting movement coincides with Chris looking down his pants and he stops clapping. Reasons why I DONT think he spit: - Chris doesn’t wipe away the spit. If it actually was spit, no one will let it just sit on their clothes. - Chris doesn’t look disgusted. His reaction isn’t clear and can be due to a number of things. - Olivia was too close to Chris for Harry to spit accurately. - The female fan behind Harry doesn’t react to ‘spitting’. I don’t think he actually spit.


Who are these people? Am I getting old?


I have no idea either.


The sockless loafer thing makes me want to vomit.


They are chatting and laughing later so it definitely wasn’t an aggressive thing whatever the fuck it was. https://twitter.com/tracesofswift/status/1566859141905321992?s=21&t=urmEktFWiG71647lemT8aA