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The comments on her TikTok are eating her alive lol


At least someone is eating outta this whole situation, cause that baby sure as hell won’t!


Her eye lashes look well fed


I could feel the air reach me every time she blinked


Good. She really thought this would help her somehow


I’m her mind she’s not wrong, and the fact that he was taking care of the three children while they were dating was an obligation that she thought would continue after they broke up, which it wasn’t. Makes me wonder if the other baby daddy/s did the same while she was dating him, if not this chick is just dumb af for trying to even shame this one guy and not the others


I feel like we have to be missing part of this story. She would have had to ask him to bring food. She specifically said she didn't have her food stamps yet. If she can't feed the three kids that aren't that guys responsibility, shes got way bigger problems. No way does the dad show up at random to deliver mcdonalds just to his kid. Only way this happens is if the mom calls and says "your kid'd going hungry unless you bring food" so fuck this shit parent and the other shit dads that arent responsible, and good on the guy for showing up to help the person he's responsible for. For all we know he's going hungry so his kid can eat.


It honestly probably will though. That’s how our stupid society is. If she keeps making a fool of herself she’ll just get more internet famous and eventually someone will side with her and send her a bunch of McDonald’s gift cards or invite her on a podcast or some shit. She’ll gain something out of it I almost guarantee it.


Cash me ousside. She got famous and is worth a few million or so I believe


I hate this timeline


All you need these days is controversy. Half the videos I see nowadays are just rage bait and everybody takes it every single time.


Lashes - $30 Weave- $80-160 Nails- $40-100 Makeup-$30-100 Eyebrows-$50-80 Seeing her dig her own social media grave - Priceless


Sometimes I feel like I’m wasting my life checking out Reddit. And other times I feel like I’m REALLY wasting my life checking out Reddit.


I agree, but I also think its helpful to me to see the mistakes people make out there in their daily lives and the clusterfuck of problems that comes with bad choices. Keeps me motivated.


That’s true. As long as you stay off things like r/NextFuckingLevel. Cause then it’s like “Man, I don’t even BASE jump.”


Everyone is capable of base jumping at least once.


Is that the girl which threw the McDonald’s away?


Yea, she’s on tiktok trying to defend herself.


She's tripling cheeseburger down


You mean Mcdoubling down, right?


I just had to GRIMACE when I read that


I laughed and broke a McRib


This pun sent my mind into a mcflurry


What a Kroc.


I hate all of you r/angryupvote


Smells kind of Fillet-O-Fishy


She looks more like Birdie the early bird with those eyelashes.


15 minutes behind you. You did good!


God somehow they did add a triple cheeseburger apparently, just a mcdouble with extra freedom cheese and grease puck


Hold the lettuce


Bring back the McDLT.


Such an eloquent address to the nation


I’m judging…


She says she doesn’t care about you judging her, that’s why she posted another video caring about not caring about her not caring.


One of the most powerful messages I’ve ever seen to don’t be a fool and wrap your tool, she probably sent Trojans stock to the 🌝


Yea look at her fingernails, that’s not cheap… she can’t afford food but can spend 100 on nails?


No shes the sloth from ice age


The fact you wouldn't let the kid eat it in the car with his dad says it all. That was a good solution but you didn't let the kid have the meal to spite his father.


That's the most egregious part. She took food out her kid's mouth just to spite the father. I mean, talk about low.


I feel ya, but I couldn’t help thinking the most egregious part was her talking about how she couldn’t feed all her kids till the next payment came in, yet I’m seeing she’s spared no expense on her hair and make-up.


well, of course. How do you expect her to hook her 5th baby daddy to take on feeding all her kids if she don't look her best? It's an investment in all their futures, really. /s


If thats her best i dont deserve her worst


And she has the gull to say he's the petty one. Absolute shit person.


Almost… petty


Have you seen the original video? She wasn't looking for solutions, she explicitly wanted to call this dude out for bringing his kid food


Here’s the full original video for context https://youtu.be/8IQOZprbaiA


I can't believe I watched all of that. Thank you.


How about him bringing his kid food allows her to spend more of her food stamps she gets on the 11th on her other 3 kids? I understand what she's trying to do, she doesn't want her other kids to feel bad. Well intentioned but do the math lady. Meanwhile she makes this follow up with all that makeup and eyelashes and the whole package. She's looking for kid #5 instead of spending whatever she does have in the 4 that are here. People like her who think they have a point but it's all wrong, I don't suffer them. If I were that dude I'd be, goodbye and take custody. He seems good.


Agreed he should file for custody, at least get more time with his son. I mean picking the kid up and letting him eat in the car for ten minutes would work fine too I think. This woman is handling it all very poorly


The lead attorney on YouTube did a video on this last night. He explained that if this guy somehow came up with the thousands of dollars to take her to court even with this video as evidence she would probably only get sent to parenting class and the only thing that would change is the guy is out thousands of dollars. The family court system doesn’t really care for men.


This always surprises me, one of my friends as a kid was was raised by his dad having custody. His mom was in no way a deadbeat, had a super nice house, plenty of stuff for the kids, but dad had primary custody.


This would be such a good ad for condoms lol


“Ma’am please put the shovel down and STOP digging”




Her babies are going hungry but she's got her brows laminated, goddamn.


Brows done, lashes done, nails done… but kids ain’t got no food and the stamps don’t come until the eleventh!!!!


Don't forget the weave.


Yooo… lace front, most likely human and 22+ inches??!! That wig is not cheap. No wonder she can’t provide for her children.


I watched ten seconds of that and feel like I’m having an anxiety attack.


The worst kind of person


Can’t forgive you when you threw that food on the ground


It really make you realize she puts her ego above her children. It's really all about her.


Yeah like I wouldn't want to buy food for all her kids either when only 1 of them is mine and she acts like this. No reason to go out of your way to help her, he only wanted his child to get some food and he should be allowed to do that


Anyone with more that 3 kids, with different partners is going to be a narcissist. Their children are merely play things, and pawns.


Honestly my biggest problem. Say your peace and let the son come out and enjoy the meal w/ dad since he already bought the food. Doubt she brought this up to him before based on his reaction.


Lol she calls him petty repeatedly but doesn’t let the son come down and eat in the car and throws perfectly good food for her son that she can’t even afford to feed. Petty as fuck


r/trashy and a big don’t care


It seems to me that this kind of drama is among the inconveniences that come from making babies with different partners in relationships that don't work out.


Ask the other 3 dads to get McDonald's


She has a fresh set of lashes and acrylic nails, I’m sure she can door dash/grub hub 3 more happy meals.


I was trying hard not to stare at her eyes... she can barely keep them fully open with them lashes. Looks so fucking weird.


And her eyebrows are too high up on her forehead. That threw me.


[It’s all I can see now.](https://imgur.com/a/61VLCqH) Thanks I hate it.


It's to cover her 6-head


Her eyes make it so that she looks like she's wearing a mask


The lashes and nails are an investment to get another baby daddy


THIS! Lol. Her lashes said all I needed to know before she opened her mouth. Her words just lowered the average internet iq


Ya, people may not realize how expensive her face and hair are lol. She can afford McDonald’s and more.


That's probably why she can't afford McDonald's because she spent all her money on herself. I know a few baby mommas like this. They're always looking fresh and done up but their kids look dirty.


And that hair don’t look cheap either


Forreall man, literally by the time they had the argument in the street over fucking McD's the other kids would've already had some dropped off. The entitlement is fucking wild, but unsurprising if youve been able to trample people for your whole adult life. Edit: Stanza


Yeah she conveniently did not address that part.


She could’ve asked him to get the other kids food and gave him cash. That seems like the normal way to handle this so the other kids don’t feel left out. Seems like she’s trying to get internet famous from these ridiculous videos.


I don’t imagine she’s the type to offer up her own money


She has eye lashes to buy, not food for her kids.


And don't forget the hair


"Nailed" it.


The way her lashes had to be nailed to her fucking head. Seriously, how are those staying on?


She’s on food stamps for the kids but she has her lashes, hair, and nails done? That shit is super expensive. What a garbage human being. Who prioritises these things over food for her children? Absolutely vile


She's not gonna find a man to feed her kids without all those though and it sounds like that's all she really wants. Someone else to pay for her responsibilities while she does what she wants. I've known a few women like this when I worked in the restaurant industry. They would spend all their money on themselves looking better to meet a man to get out of having to work. I could be wrong for sure but that's the vibe I get.


Half the lashes, none of the food budget.


And 💅


Her food stamps would be available until the beginning of July - watch the first video she uses it as leverage


she spends all her money on bullshit, she’s hood rich, she has to spend her food stamps on her kids, it’s sad. the way she looks and the way she can’t even go buy her kids mcdonald’s.


Its an investment, to lure in the next idiot dumb enough to date a woman with multiple kids from multiple fathers.


Sadly we see this in dentistry everyday. Mom parks her new BMW 5 series, slams her LV purse on the counter to complain about having to pay $600 for her kid’s infected tooth. People love to pay for what they want, but hate to pay for what they need. Sorry for eliminating your child’s writhing pain.


people just don’t deserve to have kids like it’s fucked up man


I don’t support this type of behavior but I believe dentistry should be on the same level as healthcare. It’s connected to overall health, yet dental insurance for some reason is only like a 5% off coupon when it comes to coverage.


Yep, that's why I'm just letting my tooth be fucked up, I'm just hoping when I die from the infection I go quick.


Her hair, nails, eyelashes, and makeup in this one video could buy four kids McD’s dinner every day for the better part of a month.


When making babies is your full time job but the pay and benefits suck


“Benefits suck”. Well played


So if I’m understanding this correctly, when/if she gets pregnant again, then the father of the new child has to buy McD for all 5 kids and the guy in the original video is off the hook completely?


Sounds like a Ponzi scheme.


A little like It Follows.


It'd be better for everyone involved if It Swallows




Heh just watched that last night. Was rad. Not sure about the whole pool scene but entertaining never the less


That movie freaks me out!!


Sounds like a pussy scheme…




One of her kids is named Ethereum.


Etherum, stop pickin' on Equilibrium!


"Ethereum, stop eating Shiba's fries"


She STILL doesn't get it. I mean, maybe take your kid out to the park or McDonalds etc then give it to them so the other kids are not salivating over their brother eating a McDonalds but no way he should be buying all them McDonalds if he wants to treat his own son lol


He even asked her to send his kid out to the car to sit and eat with him. Very reasonable suggestion in my eyes.


oh i didn’t know that, yeah shes too entitled




Her eye lash extensions are probably more expensive than the cost of giving those kids McDonalds.


Those wonky things are cheap strip lashes


Yeah the whole time I'm looking at her face, I'm thinking about how she didn't trim them, just glued the whole length of the strip on, and the size honestly makes her eyeballs look like they're pointing out toward her temples. Not sure if that's what she was going for but that's what's happening.


*Ratchet chic*


Ponzu scheme


Why you did you buy a Christmas present for your kid and not the rest of my kids. Now they are gonna see him getting extra presents...


You mean she could have kept quiet and stayed anonymous but she decided to post another video of her face???? This is just next level dumb.


She just doubled down on being the internet biggest dipshit of the week


Shit was so outlandish I thought it was outrage bait


No sweetie...It doesn't work like that. You let the dad take his son and eat the food alone or you got get your other kids some food and they can all eat. He is not obligated to provide for your other children if you guys aren't together. Either way what you did was rude af and I hope none of your children saw that interaction.


Definitely the most adult thing to do, kid isn't shown preferential treatment in front of the others. Dad and his kid get to spend a few hours together.


I agree completely, he can buy his kid McDonalds but he should take the child with him instead of just dropping the food off. Personally, that's usually what I see dads do anyways.


She has her hair, eyebrows and nails done up for this vid, so fuck off. Buy your kids food and lay off the guy who wants to take care of his kid, not all of your’s.


Excellent observation, realize though that she has to look a certain way to trick the next idiot with a chubby into not pulling out




Yes that's usually when it happens.


Don't ever go the last quarter inch.


you have a whole quarter inch? Damn


And she's on food stamps and lives in subsidized housing. Skip the cosmetics and buy your other kids McDonald's yourself.


OR, maybe, not McDonalds but good food instead.


Yeah maybe everyone involved should forget about McDonald's.


I came here to say this. She didn’t have enough food for her other three kids, but she somehow has money to get nails, lashes, and hair done (maybe lip injections too, but she might just be blessed 😬). I’m a firm believer that single moms should still pamper themselves a little and keep their own identities outside of just being a mom, but I think in this case, she’s got her priorities all kinds of messed up.


She really wants to show off those nails as well.


I was just about to say. The hair, nails, brows and everything were professionally done and probably cost $500 or more... but you on food stamps. Like, ma'am.... where are your priorities? He wouldn't have to bring McD's to the house for just the one child if she let his child spend time with his father. You're not a couple anymore and he has no obligation to feed kids that are not his. Period.


I was a single mom of four kids. I was on food stamps for a period of time. I was also working, and in school for my bachelors degree. I also didn’t get my nails done… nothing. I worked my fucking ass off. People like her piss me the fuck off for real.


People like her are why Republicans have thrived off the ‘welfare queen’ trope for the past half-century.


People like her are the reason we got shamed for using food stamps at the store when we were actually struggling. My mom worked her ass off to make sure we were taken care of and this bitch is over here with fancy ass nails, hair and giant lashes bitching about McDonald's.


who in their right mind would make a child with someone like this? 🤷‍♂️


I highly doubt their child was planned, but I don't know for sure. This is why you should always wear a condom or use any kind of birth control methods. Remember people: 1 night of fun is not worth 18+ years of stress, migraines, financial & legal battles. Be smart. Practice safe sex. Wrap it up unless you're married and/or ready to have kids or you could end up like this guy.


I agree or just get you a stable internet connection and have at it!


As a guy who came very close to the above situation, thankfully abortion is legal in Australia, it would have FUCKING RUINED both my and the partners life (the relationship was highly toxic and dysfunctional, and she was an alcoholic which took shit to a whole new level, a kid born into that would know only suffering and hate). It would have also caused unending drama to ufold for our families too, what a terrible situation for a kid to have been born into. Now I’m pretty fucking defensive about safe sex, it’s seriously not FUCKING WORTH IT MAN.


Let alone 4 children…


Dumb as fuck... and the funny thing is, in her mind she's right. Can you imagine being in a relationship or have a business partner that thinks like this? FML


To be fair ... A relationship appears to be a business partnership in her mind. She's effectively a sex worker. Only... You know... Trashy.


Sooo you can afford lace fronts and lashes, but not groceries? Oh ok girl.


The lace fronts and lashes are an investment... she has to trap her new BD somehow, number 4 clearly isn't working out for her lmao


ahh as the saying goes. "5th BD's a charm!"


She really thought this was her comeback video.


How can anyone be against abortion


Ight this made me laugh cause I thought the same during the first video


I'm the youngest of six, and think my parents were stupid as hell to keep going. Love them, but they couldn't afford us. Bye bye college and hello vocational school I paid for on my own.


You made the right choice tbh. Just look at all the poor suckers (myself included) paying a mortgage worth of student loans


They made the right choice with their circumstances, but lets not pretend like college is a bad idea. It's just not the "do whatever you want" fairy tail that gets fed to young kids. For the most part (depends a bit on state): Pick a program that has good outlook, go to CC for 1-2yrs, maintain a 3.5+ gpa, and then transfer to a state school. The stigma around CC is thankfully dying off a bit. It's extremely effective at cutting a HUGE chunk of $ out of tuition if you use it for gen-ed classes


The mother of my child tried to say I should take her other two kids from another man out when I took my kid out. I shot that down quickly, I am MY child’s parent not theirs. I am not babysitting other kids while I am spending time with mine and I sure as hell wouldn’t buy them food or clothes.


Someone reposted that picture earlier today of the visual signs of fetal alcohol syndrome and I'm seeing more than a couple similarities.


That's what I thought immediately! Now unfortunately it's something I'll think about whenever I see a new person.


Damn, you’re right.


So you just gonna pay child support for your kid? And not my other kids from other dads? What’s my other kids gonna think about their bum dads not paying them child support? When they see you actually caring about your son they are gonna wonder why there dads don’t. Yeah go ask them why they aren’t bringing McDonald’s to them.


for those TL;DW: they broke up, she mad coz he ain't buyin her kids no McDonalds but he does buy McD for their (his/her) kid and her kids now get upset. Boohoo.


Yeah, they dated. Past tense. I would understand her point if they were still together, where the right thing to do is get all the kids Mickey Dee's. They are not together any more, the other baby daddy's need to step up and feed their kids, which they are clearly not. She should be greatful that he is taking care of his kid.


She is going to run off the ONE baby daddy that gives a shit.


She looks like the female version of Sid the sloth


When your eyes are the widest part of your face


That's an insult to Sid, he had better parents skills than this bitch.


She’s Looking like she just spent $200 at the salon but can’t feed her kids.


There's no way those eyelashes were professionally applied. One goes all the way to the corner and the other starts halfway down the eyelid. It's distracting.


Bitch YOU need to feed all your other kids McDs. YOU need to get off your lazy entitled ass and do for yours. Only one of those kids is his and he should take your petty dumbass to court to get custody.


Maybe it will teach them not to be entitled?


Did she think this explanation would change peoples minds that she’s trash??


Sadly. Yes.


think about it, she literally can't afford mcdonalds and counts days for her food stamps, yet acting so entitled. Clearly there is something wrong with her, she is clearly out of her mind, she believes she is special and world owes her.


U right but she can afford make up, hair and nails …. Jesus I feel bad for the kids smh


So she's waiting on her food stamps to come in on the 11th. But she's got enough money to have her eyebrows done. Extensions. And a steady supply of make-up. Now I'd advocate the hell outta a girl looking good. But if you have 4 kids maybe you should shift your priorities a bit. edit: also nails and lashes


I didn't have the courage to unmute this video. 😂😂😂


Nails done fake lashes ton of make up...there is your others kids food! Its stuck on your face and hands. 'Oh no sorry kids no food for you lets just hope somebody else will pick up that responsibillity while i get my nails done'. Mother of the year right there.


Stfu, you made yourself the villain. You have zero accountability and all indications are that you’re a terrible mom. Would it have been nice for him to buy all your kids McDonald’s? Sure. Is he obligated to? Absolutely not, you entitled B.


The trick is to not be the last guy to stick his dick in her.


Hair did, nails did but no stamps until next week. Girl bye


He needs to take this video to a judge and file for custody of his child. She is deliberately preventing him from providing for his child as blackmail for supporting her other children. Also his kid is the youngest. He absolutely signed up for this madness. Guys absolutely have to do a much better job of protecting themselves from these situations.


Sad part is that she actually believes what’s she saying.


‘WHEN WE WERE TOGETHER.’ We not together no more boo. Handle that stuff. Want me to pay your rent as well and get your hair done too. What’s else boo…


Damn this was a bigger L THAN the original video 😭😭😭😭


Did she really get her eyebrows, nails and eyelashes done just for this video?


I know right! Fucking kids want mcdonalds!


I just feel bad for the kids in all of this. If you are a child, you probably don’t fully understand that a man who used to buy you food actually has no responsibility towards you and was doing it out of kindness, you’re just seeing a man show up with food for one kid and not everyone else and your child brain probably struggles to process that.


This dumb bitch needs a job and to stop expecting society and everyone in her life to cater to her foolishness


Looks like nice clothes, nice car, nice makeup but on food stamps and can't afford food for her kids?


She probably trades her food stamps for that bling. Fiddy cents on the dollar.


First of all Gabby, you have some caterpillars above your fake ass eyelashes, your sitting in what looks to be a decent car, meaning it is not some hoopty, so we know you must have some money, so buy your own damn McDonald's for Your kids, and unless your the Madonna immaculate conception is not what brought those 4 kids into the world, so get off your soap box, and support your kids, go after the fathers of those kids for their share of responsibility and stop trying to shame the one man who cares enough to try to be with his child and get him a meal that you threw on the ground.


Sad this is just sad.


She’s getting roasted on tiktok as well. She’s one of those professional breeders who’s entire personality is being a baby mama it’s repulsive loool.