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Next car enters drive trough he be like; sorry for the inconvenience, how can I help you?


Lol. My last job we would get into heated arguments with shithead customers all the time, kick them out, and then do 180 and be super chill with the next one in line. Most of the time the small talk would be about the previous shithead. People get it; the ones being the ass think they're a Martyr, but everyone else just wants them to stfu and get out of the way. They don't blame the employees.


The biggest endorphin boost I’ve ever received (like pure bliss) is when the next customer treats you so well and sympathizes with you after watching you being berated by another piece of shit customer to the point of almost crying. It’s just takes away everything bad off your mind and makes you instantly regain faith in humanity.


I work in retail currently, and I live for the customers with basic human decency and manners.


I have a dear friend that recently retired from being a professor of economics at an Ivy League school where she taught for close to 40 years. After her husband died, she didn’t want to sit around the house so she took a job working at Hobby Lobby just to stay busy and get out of the house. She said working retail has been an eye opener for her. She said she recently got asked by a customer “do you just spend all day walking around doing nothing?, she said a customer said that to her after her and a number of her coworkers spent the morning unloading a delivery truck. People suck.


I used to work construction and I’ve had people approach and berate us because “we’re just sitting around wasting their tax dollars doing absolutely nothing.” Which is true but the only reason we’re doing so is because we are waiting for for the resin on the pipe to cure or we’re waiting for the jet or tv truck to finish two blocks away.


I really hope I helped the customer service rep in the airport over Christmas feel that way. The guy in front of me was throwing a tantrum and they finally kicked him out of line, and when I walked up to the counter I looked at the asshole walking away, and said "some people's kids, right?" The rep just lost it and after a good laugh helped me. I got a rescheduled flight to an airport even closer to my home, a hotel room, some meal vouchers, and a few other freebies out of that.


As someone who used to work as a fast food night shift manager, I can confirm this is EXACTLY what it would've been like lmao


As someone who, well uhh, eats fast food, I can confirm that I've been the next customer in the above scenario. I could see the guy was mere milimeters away from completely losing his shit, but also that he tried his best to compose himself as he started engaging with me. I laughed and told him something along the lines of "some customers, eh?", and then I gave him my number and told him that his manager could give me a call if he got in trouble for it. Luckily I never got the call, but if I had, I would do a Vasquez-and-Chew and defend the shit out of him! There's not a lot of people I hate more than those who harrass people who are doing their best even though they work for shitty-ass companies


I wish more people were like you. I worked at Taco Bell about 10 years ago for a couple years, I was working drive thru and had a lady come through who was just degrading me the whole time. I was always friendly, but apparently wasn’t friendly enough to her and she let me know it. Said I should get fired and what not. My manager came over and was basically like “uhh ya, I don’t believe you, she’s a good employee”. I don’t remember much of what else happened except she wanted a refund and I had a panic attack and was crying. When she finally left, the next person came through and I tried my best so suck it up and push back the tears. This asshole comes through like “this is fucking ridiculous!” I slammed the window in his face and walked in the back to calm down. People are fucking horrible.


I'm so sorry to hear that :( I really hope you have a job today which you love? I would've felt the same as you had I experience that ten years ago (as a young adult), but being an insecure boy I would internalize it and do my best not to show anyone "how weak I was" (Just one of the many complexes young boys tend to have) It's so fucked up, because I'm sure most young adults would feel the same as us in that situation, as the lesson of not taking shit from unreasonable people generally comes a bit later in life (and some sadly never learn that lesson) What's even more fucked up is that most of these people are people who either like torturing people, breaking them down to the point where they feel that they hold complete power over you. Just pure evil intent Others are not evil per-say, but instead old and bitter people with deep-rooted mental and emotional issues who are jealous with young people because unlike them, they have their whole lives ahead of them My point being, don't take shit from anyone unless you're actually at fault, and even when you are you should never accept someone yelling at you as if you were a child


God that pisses me off. I’ve been the next one in line after an asshole too many times, it fucking sucks when you’re working though because you’re basically held hostage. Like you either have to suck it up or decide if you really need this job or not. The assholes know this, they wouldn’t talk to people like this outside of their work. I have to admit though I yelled once in a fast food place. I was working nights, dealing with asshole customers myself. The city I was in basically just had gas stations open by the time my work closed. But there was one place I could grab food on the way home and at times I kinda counted on them to get me fed before I crashed into bed. So I’m in line for like 15 mins, about 10 people waiting behind me. We didn’t see a single employee in that whole time, no sign saying they’re short staffed or anything, that wasn’t really an issue back in 2013 anyway. So finally someone comes out from the back, doesn’t acknowledge anyone.. I ask “hey man is anyone working” and he doesn’t say anything, just pretends he didn’t hear me or see the 10 or so people patiently waiting. I snapped. It was quick, can’t quite remember what I even said, something like “just lock the doors if you’re not going to serve any fucking customers and just ignore us”. I never snap like that, felt really embarrassed and even if someone did come out to help us I felt like a dink and just left. I’ll never forget the time I snapped. But at the same time wtf.. kinda crazy to just ignore your customers for that long and not even say anything.


That happened to me too... a large group of family came into my cine and told me to rip the tickets faster. I had to beep them in one by one, or collect them,, phone tickets, paper tickets didn't matter. In the past I could just collect them if they came in a group. Ie family, but then they use the QC box. ughhhh. So a large family got impatient with me. And really screamy. so the dude behind me a body building dude (Bandana, sexy tan, sadly aging skin, Christian Cross). Said I saw everything... and a couple of them too, saw everything and explained to the manager what happened. Said the kids were being rude sarcastic little crotchlings, the adults being impatient and unreasonable..


Don’t be sad at our aging skin! You know what kind of sunny living it takes to get our leather this supple?!


You learn to be a bit of a sociopath working in the service industry for an extended time.


"Sir, I would like to order one extra large hug please." Let the cycle of weirdos continue, but in kind fashion.


Him being there 17hrs was all I needed to hear.


17 hours so far, two 8 hour shifts is 16, hope he's being fairly compensated


Doubt it. He’s on salary more and likely and isn’t well compensated to deal with bs like this. ALWAYS treat workers with respect. Especially fast food workers who are under paid and over worked to deal with with bs




Its McDonald's. Tf you think?


Lol "you'll lose your job" bitch this is a McDonald's night shift. I doubt he'll lose his job and even if he did, there's a Wendy's hiring across the street.


They need him to work 17 hour shifts they can't afford to fire him regardless


Facts. Assuming he even wants to work there after that shift.


Work at a McDonalds. Can confirm the more desperate we are for staffing the more lenient owner operators and GMs become.


"...and then that's when you beat the customer's ass? ...okay, gotcha. So if this happens again, please try to avoid ramming the customer's head into the ice cream machine. As you know, they're quite sensitive to any impacts... Thanks. Anyways, let's talk about next week's schedule..."


Is that why McFlurries are never available?! It all makes sense now.


They're never available because the machines are set to go into a daily cleaning cycle, and when a restaurant doesn't bother training anyone to do the monthly deep cleaning, they won't operate at all due to the system locking down when it's not properly maintained.


Assuming he wanted to work there to begin with.


this, literally lol it's terrible right now, everywhere. i think you would have to literally assault someone to get fired right now, and maybe not even then.


Oh he's fine. I've seen larger altercations at my store. We're people, too. We're not government employees (essential workers though lmao) and we defend our stores and ourselves. It's ludicrous, cos you wouldn't treat a librarian or someone at the DMV like this - but working in fast food: you're a toilet. You're *their* toilet. I don't know where that comes from anthropologically, but retail and fast food is free range to act like an animal.


As someone who's worked at a McDonald's: They would have no issue with firing him, demanding the other people on his shifts pick up the slack and when it fails, they'll switch from 24/7 to 17/7 until they hire enough desperate people to open it back up again. High likelihood of them also just firing the rest of the overnight crew when it starts to fall apart, too. There's a reason everyone I know who's ever worked at a McDonald's calls it everything from McGetAnotherJob to McKillMyself.


This. People don't realize that McDonald's corporate gives ZERO fucks about stuff like this. This store is almost certainly franchised and you know for damn sure they aren't gunna fire a night shift manager if they were able to find one that shows up in the first place lol


No store manager would dare lmao, they know they'd end up being the one to fill that shift.


Some dude tried to spit at me and I cussed him out and dented the face of the freezer that we kept the fries in while I was raging. One of a few times where I've almost busted my hand because I was mad at some piece of shit. My manager told me "you can't do that" and then everyone went back to work. It was the start of my shift. I didn't even go home for the day. McDonald's doesn't give a fuck unless they have to or they already wanted to fire you.


Maybe allocating a 2'x2' space to put a punching bag for employee use would increase morale


It was an unspoken rule at my McDonald's that if you needed to go in the back for a minute to beat the shit out of some empty fry boxes, you were allowed to. Worked surprisingly well.


> I cussed him out and dented the face ... Oh yeah, come on! >... of the freezer oh


Dude I used to work at McDonald’s and the night shift employees literally shut down the store to have sex and they didn’t get fired. My manager was just “extremely disappointed.” The only way you get fired from McDonald’s is if you straight up steal, but a shift manager like this is not getting fired for having a bad night. They need him since he works night shift and can handle the store on his own. He is not getting fired.


and he looked like a pretty big dude. I'm sure he could put up a hell of a fight if he came out of there pissed off! That mcdonalds is lucky to have him working night shift.


Yeah those arms took work. My man is spending 17 hours at McDonalds and the other 8 hours at the gym


He'll sleep when all the customers are dead


With guns like those it won't take long


When I was 16 I got fired from mcdonalds because I busted a bunch of eggs in the walk in ceiling and they looked like stalagmites


Do you mean that you threw the eggs at the ceiling?


Yeah I love people who say that. "You're going to lose your job" cool like there isn't 17 places on the same fuckin street that will hire me day of because they're so short staff shut the fuck up and just leave cunt.


“You’re going to lose your job!” *”Probably not, my manager likes me and so do my coworkers and most of our customers. I think the problem is you. In fact, we cordially invite you to not come back - you’re banned. NEXT IN LINE PLEASE.”*


“We’re offering you more to stay”


As an ex maccies night shift employee, yeah he's not getting fired, probably a high five or two from other staff for finally going off on a rude customer, maybe a bit of a warning but overall he won't lose his job unless he physically attacked them first.


Yep. It's not the argument-ender that she thinks it is.


McDonald's would fire him and hire him again within a month.


Ofcouurrrse the video starts AFTER they’ve been cunts. Hate people who record this shit and pretend like theyre the victims


I feel no empathy for people who give fast-food workers a tough time. It's such a shit job, which is amplified by these type of cunts you meet DAILY. This manager at least stood up for himself.


And at the start of the video, it sounds like the manager says he had been there for almost 17 hours. Which means they were probably short staffed and they are running their asses off.


i appreciate the fuck out of my local taco bell that has a sign tapped to the menu saying that they are short staffed/overworked and to not get angry. The service is slow as fuck but i don’t even care cause i read the sign.


Middle of covid I waited an hour for my Taco Bell. I had already paid so I was kinda trapped waiting for my food, but I dodnt say shit ither than thank you


Man, a few years ago, pre covid, I decided to get some late night tbell. The line was long but there was only 1 or 2 other options within 10 miles or so, so I stuck it out. Line was moving very slow. People honking, yelling, one dude was just about screaming. Finally I get to the window and its a younger guy, maybe 18-20, and you could visibly see he was disabled. It was just him and one other person and he was still really nice and looked like he was trying his best. Felt so bad for that kid.


My brother worked at Starbucks for about 4 years. The shit I would see just while I’d be in there working on freelance gigs on my days off or something was appalling. Seeing him come home sobbing about he doesn’t know how much longer he can do it broke my heart and infuriated me. He’s such a good dude and works his ass off and has struggled with severe self esteem issues while also exuding an infectious confidence. I genuinely believe it can easily be quite a traumatizing job. I’m never anything but overtly courteous to fast food workers since then. And a good majority of them respond in kind. There are bad days where I will rant and rave in my car at anybody and everybody on the road while I’m driving. But the second I hit a drive through, or grab a to-go meal, I know my worst, absolutely miserable, I’m-about-to-walk-out-of-this-fucking-joke-of-an-office, want to put a fist through a wall as a pacifist day would be a welcome reprieve for most of these badass workers who are willing to give the rest of us lazy fucks meals who can’t be bothered to not just *not* cook, not just not walk into a place and be handed a hot plate of food, but to not even get out of our fucking cars. It blows my mind that we’re able to drive to a window and he handed a meal to take home and eat and people are *still* able to find a way to be angry about anything at all related to it. How entitled can people be? That’s, that’s pretty fucking admirable in my eyes.


Went from the only starbucks around with a drive thru to a cafe starbucks downtown and no drive thru at the beginning of this month. Fucking drive thru starbucks was ALWAYS backed up because thanks to the wonderful world of the INTERNET people have FOUR points of ordering (mobile pickup, uber, drivethru and in store at the register) and they only have TWO espresso machines! And usually one person picks up multiple drinks! And espresso shots take time to pull! So if someone orders a venti iced americano with extra shots in it... just one... it takes about 6 minutes. Just 1 drink. That slows down EVERYTHING and people get incredibly angry. I would go home crying most shifts, and I wasnt the only barista that was having severe mental health issues over it. It's really does chip away at you eventually, no matter how thick your skin is (I'm a crybaby ball of mush though so it was hard). Theres literally nothing anybody can do when its busy. They just try to get it done properly and as quickly as they can. The more customizations you get the longer it takes because we usually have to go back and reread the tickets to double check everything. THANKS TIK TOK. FUCKING TRENDY DRINKS HAVE 20 CUSTOMIZATIONS NOW. Cafe stores that are all closeby to eachother are way chiller. Less traffic in a single location because theres more of them around, and no drive thru make it WAY easier to manage. I'm functioning way better now at my current store, but theres ALWAYS bad customer stories. Ask any staff member at any food place. Tldr: if the Starbucks has a drivethru and is the only one around your area, its gonna be a wait. It's not the staff's fault. Please be kind to them. Signed, Your local barista


My Mother In Law actually gloated about the time she made a McDonald's employee cry after he messed up her order. She went all Super Saiyan Karen on him and he started crying and gave her "some sob story about his mom being deported that day". What a fucking sociopath. That poor kid, fuck anyone who treats customer service employees like that.


I sure hope you gave your mother-in-law some shit for that


We don't talk to her anymore because she's so toxic.


Wonder if she's friends with the guy who made me cry the other week? NEVER have done that in front of any customer before but this A-hole came up and gave me such a hard time. Calling me "kid" (I'm nearly 30) and "don't quit your day job" repeatedly. All because I missed a dime, which in hindsight I dont think I did but he just wanted to give me hell. Id shut the drawer and needed a manager to reopen it, while he moaned about his meeting sundaes. Of course you could guess what stickers were on his vehicle.




Any rational person would realize that the guy who literally got out of his car to punch a drive thru worker, is the instigator.


Exactly. Baldy could get in trouble.


it's as if these people think that fast food workers just like to blow up for no reason. and think other people will believe them. Every time I see a video like this, I know who the asshole is


Happens with every video, people only start recording something when it will benefit themselves. If these couples started a fight on the street, than started recording after they got their shit knocked theyd start recording and play the victim card. that is why I believe nothing on the internet for Freakouts or fights. 9/10 times the people with the camera are at fault


“I’ve been here for almost 17 hours I don’t give a fuck!!! Get the fuck outta my drive through!!!” That shit was delivered flawlessly, so good


The removal of the glasses was quiet suave as well. Not his first rodeo.


That's when the other guy should've known to just get back in the car. Employee was fully prepared to not have vision insurance for a bit after getting fired for whooping that customers ass.


The "you know what? Suck my dick" also had perfect execution.


I think she respected that and probably went back later.


Then realized she'd have to actually use her legs to walk inside and decided against it.


No one should have to work that long for that low pay. Anybody would break. How is anyone supposed to be happy.


What kind of loser do you gotta be to fight w McDonalds workers?


A fuck'n bald headed ass apparently. At least that's what he's known as in the video.


Bald man mad he didn’t get his buttplug toy in his happy meal.


*You* try keeping two mcgangbangs in without one


Somewhere out there is a parent giving an oddly-shaped pacifier to a toddler that came with a Happy Meal.


“Honey, did you get junior’s Happy Meal from the Pleasure Chest? Again?”


Any toy can be a butt plug if you believe in yourself






I can agree. As a fellow bald person, not all of us are horrible people :)


Bald lives matter


Guys stop saying you’re bald you have to spin it in a positive way. Like instead of saying “I’m bald” say something like “I’m just taller than my hair”


I don't wana start one of these but the fat community doesn't claim this guy either. We prefer being jolly.


As a follicularly challenged person I completely agree. We are always portrayed this way. I am sick of always being the bad guy who gets killed in a John Wick movie!


He looks like he should be the manager at Jack'd in the Box 💪🏽


“👏 you know 👏 what, you can suck my dick 👏 “ - All Jack in the Box Managers


We're all just folks trying to survive with the little scraps the wealthy throw at us. They keep us angry and hungry like rabid dogs fighting over bones so we are too busy to notice what they are taking. McDonald's employees are folks doing any underappreciated service serving your fat ass a cheeseburger, all so they can just avoid being homeless.


I don't eat much fast food, but when I do I try to go out of my way to be as nice as possible. They work way to hard, and make way to little to deal with assholes. I have never understood the whole talk down to service workers thing? It's not a lesser job than yours and without them, you couldn't enjoy your food, have clean spaces, have your trash taken away every week etc. Be mad at the people that aren't doing that, because while I still don't agree, at least it makes a little bit more sense from an argumentative point of view. "You just flip burgers!" Yeah for you to eat. And it's not the best job but it's being done by someone who showed up and did the job.


My conclusion after a couple years in the biz, including management, was: Apparently for some people, this is the only opportunity they ever get to "power trip" on another person, and they're willing to take full advantage of it, despite it making them a huge asshole. It's plain ole abuse; you just know that they're not happy people in general, and they take it out on the few people with whom they can get away with it.




You know how I know this is a lie? He wanted them out of the drive thru. If they were closed, he would just lock the window and let them sit there. Obviously he wanted them to leave so he could serve other customers, but they don't care about other people. Source: Used to work in fast food. Ignored hundreds of people sitting at the window while I cleaned.


Just to add on. I worked at McDonalds for a short period and there were many times where we would close down 30 minutes early because it was just me and my manager left to do all the end of night cleaning and shutdown procedures. People would then come knocking on the window demanding service. No way we were going to stay open that additional 30 minutes for your damn munchy induced need for those 4 hr old meat patties and McFlurry.


Same deal when I worked at Papa John's. The classic retort when we closed a little early was that they were going to call corporate. Corporate couldn't give less of a fuck, they'll give them a coupon or something, but they wouldn't bother contacting our store about it. Shit happens, sometimes you have to close early.


Daily Mail also says two very different things; first that the drive-thru was closed, then that the restaurant was closed. Which is it? Someone else mentioned that it was that the drive-thru was closed so they would have to go inside to pick up their order.


I wish we could see what lead up to this.


From what I read, they ordered at the drive-thru, were told they had to go inside to get it because the pick up window was closed. Gave him a hard time & he wasn't having any of their BS. Pretty much set him off then started recording to make it look like he was the asshole.


And I thought he didn’t got his kids menu


You mean his Sad Meal? I’m sure he gets it every night at home in his bedroom. I hardly every eat fast food but I never treated any workers like this. Plus I once worked for McDonald’s as a student which feels like a century ago, only for a month and I was never treated by anyone like this. Maybe back than Karen’s didn’t exist? The only issue I remember is one single guy who complained that his beer was stale. The policy was to replace the beer. He kept doing this for free beer and drink some of it and leaving a little so he could complain and get yet another one. He kept doing this until he was drunk. But we were not allowed to kick him out. A quick edit: The same trick worked for burgers. Half eaten, complaint, new burger for free. For some it was a lifestyle. All you needed was the cash to buy an initial meal and a drink and you could get overweight for cheaps. It was/is policy at McDonald’s in Europe. You literally couldn’t kick anyone out and had to wait for them to be full and drunk enough to leave on their own will. Maybe it is still like this. I haven’t been to Germany since the pandemic, so I can’t confirm myself. I will travel back soon though. I’m COVID-19 free for 2.5 years now and most restrictions are lifted. As a side note, any burgers not sold by closing time, you could take home as many as you want. I had many in my fridge back home but we all know any McDonald’s food once cold and then reheated is sadly not the same experience. But I was a student and didn’t give a damn. I am mentioning this because I saw a post here on Reddit where a note to staff said that they are not allowed to. Apparently, they bin the unsold products rather than handing them out to underpaid staff. I might be wrong. The only “cheating” I’ve witnessed was the breaking of the 5 minute rule (I don’t actually remember how many minutes it was - it’s been ages). Any burger not sold would have to be taken off the shelf. But most of the times they just changed the timers so the burgers were back within the time bracket. But to be honest, those burgers were still good anyway and that part of the policy was nuts. The shelves are heated. The burgers were perfectly fine.


Lol it was for a month, Karen’s definitely existed back then


>From what I read, Where did you read that?


I used to work there with him and had a shift with him the morning after this happened. Super busy night since their was a game at the local university so a ton of people were coming through. The people taking the video ordered food through the drive through even though they told them they were closed. They then came to the window and demanded their order. What unfolded is what you now see. As for what happened he got transferred to another store, not fired. I don’t know that much more since I left a couple months after this. I still have him on snap though lol


Snap him and tell him he has Reddit's support.


How long ago did this happen? I didn't realize this wasn't recent.


Fast food is so understaffed he can get a manager position literally anyehere else lol.


Yep. If he got fired, he'd have another job by the end of the day.


I used to be a manager at McDonald’s and they certainly to cop a heap of shit. I once had a woman refuse to be served through the drive through by my colleague who wore a hijab. When I told her to get her racist ass the fuck out of my store, she told me she worked at head office and my job was as good as gone. Funnily enough, I never heard from her again.


What’s funny is if she actually worked at head office and told that story, she would 100% be the one to get fired on the spot.


Yeah, I really don’t know how that was supposed to work out in her own head


“If I say I work for corporate they will be afraid and think about it all day. Therefore I win”


what a sad little life jane


That's when you ask them what is corporates address? And they will draw a blank for challenging their lie.


Like a motherfucker can't walk down the street to a different McDonald's and say "please abuse me for basically free".


Or the Burger King right next to it, or the Wendy's over there, or what ever regional fast food chain is in your area.


They don't think. They just act and speak. People love throwing out "Oh I know (insert name of owner)!!" I ran multiple kitchens. This is so common and 95% of the time when you mention it to the owner later they have no idea who the fuck that person is.


You think anyone that works at the head office of McDonald's eats at .... McDonald's??


Well if it‘s about money, I‘d think you can also just be a janitor at the head office and technically say you work there.


Haha "I clean the toilets at the head office, your job is about to get flushed down the drain.".


I work with McDonald's on the corporate side. I can honestly say most of us on my team, and most of the people I work with on corporate side, are pretty pro McDonald's and have at least a few things we regularly eat there, in addition to being happy to try any new items thry roll out. Mine: sausage McMuffin with egg, McCafe coffee (black), the fries, and the occasional QPC. Also - I swear to God the Coke at McDonald's tastes better than anywhere else. I know it's pretty popular to hate on McDonald's - especially the generation who grew up with super size me - but as a fast food chain they're my favorite for a quick bite. Also, I know most of the franchisees in my state on a personal level and they're all fundamentally really good, honest, hardworking people who care about their employees and customers. That's just my state and my experience.


> I swear to God the Coke at McDonald's tastes better than anywhere else. As a lover of McDonald's diet coke and one who would have died on that hill in the past let me tell you the taste has gone down on my rankings since they moved to these new machines that use the same nozzle for multiple sodas. It mixes the tastes and ruins the once godly drink.


Yes what is it with the Coke at McDonalds? It’s better than anywhere else.


Honestly, no one has ever been in the right while screaming at McDonald’s workers. No way you ordered your chicken nuggies and waited patiently, and then this happened. Sit down, shut up, and wait five minutes for your box of cholesterol you trash bag


same shit at starbucks-- had an insufferable twat customer who hovered at the bar like a screeching seagull and wouldn't take her drink if she saw anyone who looked less than 100% white touch her cup at any point during the process of making her 12 syllable bullshit high maintenance drink


I would 100% ask the darkest employee in the store to make the drink for her. If she doesn't like it she can throw it out and go somewhere else.


Idk I wouldn't want to set up that employee for abuse.


"Oh, you work at the main office? then you'd know never to fuckin' eat here. Buh-bye."


If they fired you because of that you are gonna be rich.


You know what SUCK MY DICK hahaha


Best McDonald's employee right here. Think he's gonna be fired? Fuck no, they don't have enough people to replace him. Employees aren't gonna be taking any shit from customers anymore. Fuck the customer is always right mentality.


That phrase is always used incorrectly. “The customer is always right,” never meant that any old asshole that comes through should get his/her every demand met, regardless of the cost. If you sell 3 items, and the customers only buy 1 of them and you’re constantly running out of stock of that particular item, you adjust inventory so that you can sell more of that 1 item, even if it means stocking less of the other two. That’s what, “the customer is always right” means.


*The customer is always right in matters of taste* is the complete quotation.


And they conveniently started filming when the manager lashes out so we have no context is to what happened before that and they try to make it sound like they did nothing wrong. Yeah sure the manager lashed out for no reason at all. Fucking idiots!


It's very sad that there's so many people here who are calling out the manager. Just because he works as a service manager he's suppose to have an extremely high tolerance for bullshit. What about having some minimal level of decency as a human being and not get angry because you can't have your burger. Service facing workers have the right for atleast 1 blow out per week considering the amount of cunts they have to deal with on a daily basis.


Recording your partner assaulting a service worker isn't the great footy you thought it was.


I’d hire him.


I’d hire him and pay him extra when he treats shitty customers like this.


Did anything happen to the manager feel bad for him and hope he didn't lose his job


for what it’s worth, I found a comment on another site that said he just got transferred to another location and that the asshole people were trying to order food when they were already closing the restaurant. no idea if that’s true but I like to believe it is, this guy is a legend.


Yeah that’s what happened. I used to work there with him. It’s kinda nuts how accurate that is, like where did you get that from? I’m so curious now


it was a comment of yours in another thread actually! it was from Reddit after all, not another site as I commented earlier - it showed up on “Libreddit” which is apparently a separate front-end for Reddit written in the Rust programming language, so I mistakenly thought it was a separate site. anyway, if you see that dude, tell him he’s the man!


Lmao, that’s the first time I’ve seen someone answer a request for a source with “You’re the source!” Lol what are the odds.


Where did you get that from? I'm so curious now.


He could’ve hopped through the window and fought baldie in the drive through without losing his job. Restaurants are so short staffed they’re not going to fire anybody who regularly clocks in within a half hour or their shift time.


Even though this video starts with the guy freaking out I never once assumed it wasn’t the customers fault.


I don't think you would flip out at some random well behaved costumer. And also the start of the clip is clipped: I suspect there's a reason for that as it is filmed from the costumer's view.


Been there. Seen my share of CUNTstomers over the years. Good on him for not taking their shit. Food & retail workers are not other people's doormats.


Fuck McDonald’s for making this poor guy work 17 hours. And then have to deal with bald headed ass POS people.


I was offered a position of Breakfast Manager at Burger King. I turned it down, even though it would have tripled my monthly pay. Once you become a manager, you are basically on call 24/7 (at least at the store I worked at). There were a lot of unreliable crew members at that store, who called in sick all the time, or who just wouldn't show up. I knew I would inevitably have to cover their shifts. No thank you.


Yeah, the money isn't worth the stress and the hours. Better to make less with less responsibility than be stressed and a bunch of money you can't enjoy


Your gonna lose your job. I instantly hate people that say this


I showed up to work at a fast food job one day and the drive thru had been backed up for 20+ minutes. First thing when I show up they tell me to hand out an order, so I open the window and hand it to a woman and tell her to have a good day. About a minute later she's honking at the window. I open it to ask what's wrong and she starts yelling about how her order is completely wrong and she's waited such and such amount of time. I told her I literally just showed up so I don't know what's going on, but if she tells me what she had I'd go correct it. She throws the bag at me and it hits me in the chest, so I immediately turned off the customer service shit and told her to fuck off, and she responds with the classic "you're getting fired for that" "No I'm not, I fucking quit. Bye" turned my shit in and drove home.


bro if you were gonna quit you shouldve thrown two cups of soda through her window


Nah, might get an assault charge for that, shit ain't worth it


If it wasn't a hot drink there will probably not come a lot from this but yeah, save yourself the hassle.


Good for you. People are fucking pos sometimes.


Lol I had someone tell me this before. "Oh honey, I won't lose my job. I'm the only one who shows up to work and I work 65 hours a week. The owner would rather lose one crappy customer than one of their hardest working reliable managers. Have a nice day though!"


Anyone who says this imo is instantly at fault (unless there is already content behind the incident)


Your autocorrect is insanity.


I’ve seen McDonald’s workers put up with a lot of shit without losing their composure. I’m sure this couple was extra rude to get this guy to lose his cool


Did he say he was on shift 17 hours? That may have been a contributing factor.


It also means they can’t find help. If he’s working 17 hour shifts they aren’t firing him.


At the very most they'll pull him to the side and ask him to not do that again.


She's such an asshole. People filming this thinking they are in the right is so annoying to me. This man is at work and you're harassing him. Some wild shit


Wtf did they order?




Ice Cream


If I had to work inside of a McDonalds for SEVENTEEN (17) FUCKING HOURS I'd be ready to swing on a bald headed ass mf too


Yup. Dude might be the calmest, friendliest, nicest person on the planet. After 17 hours, I'm gonna give him some understanding here. Poor guy just needs a Snickers and a nap. You just ain't yourself after such a long day dealing with crap like this.


Poor guy needs a snickers edible. Props to him for being sober


This is why nobody wants to work in the service industry anymore cause of cunts like the ones that made this video, wonder if they regret posting it yet


I hope they post it to something that can identify themselves because they assaulted a person first, that's a instant misdemeanor in some states.


I used to work at McDonald's. Some customers will seriously have you like this. I had to pretend I was an underage girl to customers because people kept asking if they could "have my secret sauce". I got called a cunt one time because we were cleaning our ice cream machine. Dairy queen was across the street. If you wanna see how ugly people are just go to a drive thru.


Yeah any customer facing job will show you real quick how much people can suck. Food industry in particular will show you people are absolute assholes when they’re hungry and angry


This is how shitty customers should be treated.


Maybe because I came up poor but I'll never understand people not looking up to those in the service industry. Seriously though. You KNOW that it's hard work for low pay and often with little if any support from management. It's the modern equivalent of having someone dropping grapes in your mouth, FFS. You conveniently pull up, hand over little money and people serve you food and you drive away. What fucking more do you want from life??


PSA you can't threaten a minimum wage employee with losing their job. It's a blessing.


17 hours sounds like a store manager shift. Been there and I can confirm I was very ready to curse out everyone.


He’s under paid


There are in the wrong now, bc they just assaulted him first


“You’re gonna lose your job” That’s cool your friend here is gonna lose their *freedom*


I feel more inclined to take the side of the manager in this case simply because it seems like they purposely started recording after they riled him up to get a reaction. The lack of context behind the video makes me naturally suspicious of the people recording


Look. Ive worked at fast food on and off multiple times. Not one single time ever in my existence of working have i seen an argument instigated by a worker. Videos like this piss me off. That guy said hes been there for 17 hours and I believe it at that point you just cant deal with anybodies shit anymore. Like your in a vehicle. You can drive away. Go somewhere else it doesnt matter. Everybody thinks they’re entitled as soon as they get into a drive thru and act as if they should get the service of a 5 star restaurant when the majority of workers there are probably under 19. people being rude to fast food employees really makes me lose a lot of respect for them. Just shows what kind of person you really are


This dumb bitch posted this, (somewhere) but her (male companion) threw hands first. This video can be used to arrest and prosecute him. Talk about stupid!


I feel bad for him, lots of people treat fast food employees like shit because they have "real jobs" that they're obviously miserable at otherwise why would they feel the need to bully others?


You must be a real piece of shit to push someone to this point. As long as you act nice while you record how fucked off you made someone you're pretty much always the victim. It's sad.


After 17 hours of dealing with the fuckers like those people, I'd be willing to give him a pass if he pulled out a gun and shot them both. Nobody on Earth should have to deal with the public for more than 4 hours a day.


i dont even care to look up the context. I'm automatically siding with the mcdonalds worker


Convenient how the video starts after what they did to piss him off


Usually does, he probably didn't get fired if he was really there for 17 hours there's probably nobody to replace him.


“You’re going to lose your job” As a manager at McDonald’s. I’ve worked i fast food enough to know that getting fired for this isn’t that bad. He will find work elsewhere.


This poor dude, 17 hours? That is unacceptable.


Lol, The whole "you can say goodbye to your job" doesn't carry as much weight with fast food workers. If you're a high level manager at a non-profit caught being racist to a group of nirgerian orphans... Yeah that'll be pretty bad. If you're a manager at fucking McDonald's whos in the middle of a 17 hour shift... You're gonna be fine. Plenty of other joints are ready to pick you up.


my man is a savage 💪😂