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wow he needs jail


He committed three moral crimes, the least of which is adultery. Adultery assumes two consenting adults were involved. This was statutory rape of a minor. And it may not be a legal crime, but using your position of authority over that child to take advantage of her is an absolute morale outrage, as the third crime. He deserves jail and some sort of legal impact like a monetary punishment at least.




If he got her pregnant you can be DAMN sure he would’ve pushed for an abortion.


Well yeah. They want abortion gone but not for their rape victims and mistresses.


That exactly.


Or just have the abortion done quietly in a state that allows it and pretend nothing ever happened, while preaching the same "abortion is bad and should be illegal". The rich and powerful do this. I would assume pastors of certain congregations are rich and powerful too.


Is it too late to abort the priest?


nah, I'm pretty sure there are some late abortion pills around. the ones that works really fast if used correctly. Because they travel really fast. And I think they're made out of lead or something


Gotta buy the special applicator, though. It’s always something. /s


Also the same ones insisting we need to protect the kids from the gays!


And calling everyone that doesn't agree with them "groomers" It's all projection with these people and I'm so fucking tired


Just like all the election fraud claims, than all of the investigations have turned up only republican voters. Listen carefully what they accuse others of and start investigating, they're literally just confessions.


Majority of them are hypocrite. They wonder why some refuse to go to church.


These are the people saying liberals are grooming and raping their kids.


Its all fucking projection. That why. They want to make abortion illegal but are fine with kids getting married at 12 https://www.robertreeveslaw.com/blog/12-year-olds-married/


These are the people that present themselves as moral authorities


Growing up in a church environment has permanently soured me on anyone who calls themselves a "christian". Things like this aren't the exception, they're the rule. They commit whatever vile, evil act they want to and then immediately run and hide behind the cloak of Jesus saying their sins are forgiven. They use it as a cover, a get out of jail free card when they get caught. Physically assault someone - Jesus forgives me. Rape your daughter - Jesus forgives me. Defraud elderly people of their life savings - Jesus forgives me. No matter what, they believe they will go to heaven, while making everyone else's life complete hell.


Born and raised Jehovah's Witness. Can confirm.


Yup, right there with you. 20 years of Christian upbringing and 12 years of catholic school has educated me enough on their "system".


And the same ones who insist that they get their morals from their religion.


And that child marriage is ok




They want the states to decide because they know california won't budge and they can send their victims/mistresses there


Trump supporters are unashamedly, savagely hypocritical in every facet of their lives. Their whole rotten ideology is a snake eating it’s own tail. I cannot even feign surprise anymore when I hear that yet ANOTHER hardcore Trumper is being exposed as a rapist pedophile. This is the norm for them. This is what the Republican Party is. This is what they want when they talk of “family values.” They are horrifically evil.






My grandma used to tell a story about how when her mum was young, their priest had been caught doing "unspeakable things" to a girl in the village. But he was the priest, so they couldn't get him prosecuted. And even if they did, it would tarnish the name of the church. So a group of men, my great-grandmas dad among them, kicked in his door, dragged him into the woods, and strangled him with a piece of rope. Then they buried him in the paupers graveyard and told the girl and her dad. When any outsiders asked where the priest had gone, they said he'd emigrated to America, to preach for other swedish emigrants, lest they be lead astray by baptists. She told a lot of stories, and I never quite knew which ones were true. But this one stuck with me.


> So a group of men, my great-grandmas dad among them, kicked in his door, dragged him into the woods, and strangled him with a piece of rope. Then they buried him in the paupers graveyard and told the girl and her dad. When all lawful means to obtain justice are proven impossible, only unlawful means remain.


Damn this is a level of cruelty I havent thought of🙈


Glad I could help lol. Like in the Matrix free your mind Neo lol.


I believe that's called the "Enumclaw Special"


Stuff his dick hole with fiberglass and let him live with that as a reminder for as long as he can take it


But some for real shit to put him through, just like he did. I like your style... Fuck this guy, figuratively and literally


Good for her calling him out


When she became brave enough to come forward, I'm sure other victims will feel more empowered and do the same. Spread this shit out


They already have. His son, Jeremiah, has been accused by countless women already.


I just watched part 1 after watching this. Fucking wild everyone standing up and clapping for the pastor after his speech but dead silence for hers. The pastor ruined her life that sick fuck and all the sick fucks applaud him.


Here is another video that has it all. It is not split into parts like this. this cuts off some important stuff, my guess is for karma farming for part 3. The congression does eventually get the pastor to say how old she was, and you can hear one person say "you should be in prison" Link: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=KTXnUHbmsSU EDIT: updated the link because the one I had was not the full video. Thank you for the link, r/Interesting_Total_98


[The full video](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KTXnUHbmsSU). Some were upset, but the last part of the full video shows that many supported him.


I hate the world we live in sometimes. Anyone who supports him is just as bad as him.


Sadly, it happens a LOT in churches. I was raised Christian, and last year a member of the church I attended as a child was convicted of molesting young girls in the late 90's. She would tell them that it was how they could grow closer to God. The school she worked for covered it, her husband covered it, and the church ignored it. Many people in the community supported her through the trial and refused to believe that "a woman of God could ever do such a thing". It's absolutely heartbreaking that often times people tend to protect those in authority in a church, and the victim is shamed and told they're in the wrong. That they need to feel guilty for "their" mistake. This video just showcases the blind following of a lot of people. For anyone that cares, the woman from my community was convicted and given max sentence. So some justice was served, but the pain of her victims will never go away.


That guy at the end in the blue shirt right in front of the camera who looks like he is going to go up there to pray for the pastor, then looks like his wife or something said, "Get back here you better not dare" and then he kind of walks backs.


I don't understand why they're using phrases like "committed adultry" and "having sex". It's rape. He raped her. He's a rapist. He's not an adulterer, he's not a fornicater, he's not a transgressionist, he's a rapist. Why dance around the fact that this subhuman sack of putrid, festering cat vomit is an admitted rapist?


I saw it too. I think the reason they applauded was because he was twisting the narrative similar to Jimmy Swaggart back on the 80’s when he got caught w/ a prostitute and then this brave lady and her husband came with actual facts and folks were like like, “what? This guy whose been telling how we should think and live was out here molesting a 15 yr girl in the congregation?”. Now the question is what happened afterwards


I can completely understand your point but would you honestly applaud after hearing that awful account? She is so brave, but you’d probably be in shock after hearing that initially, no? Edit: for context I have not seen the first part. This part is clearly much more important and I hope justice can be done and the congregation do the right thing. Edit: spelling


You need a part 3: a couple ask if it's true and he fumbles around admitting as much, then asks for forgiveness a few times, a couple of WOMEN shout "we love you pastor!" and then the vast majority walk to the front to surround him and pray. CULTS. THEY ARE ALL CULTS. Start at 10:50: https://youtu.be/KTXnUHbmsSU


Part 3 was fucking gut wrenching to watch. Psychos


I wonder if those people saying they still love him would let him chaperone a high school church trip with their kids




I mean...how else will they get their kids raped?


Creepy fucking people. "We pray you guide *us*." Group blame for one guy's rape...like, they subsume his specific illegal action in with all their "I said the lords name in vain" fakecrimes to lessen the impact. I hate every person in that room that isn't yelling out that he's garbage and demanding justice.


Damn… that was weird


Maybe my comment wasn't completely understood. I was more pointing out my disgust that the all of the church goers applaud the pastor for "being brave for confessing his sins" like the sheep they are. Then this brave woman gets up infront of all of them to tell the traumatic truth of what really happend to her. She said in her speech something about people knowing about it but covering it up so I'd assume some of those people there knew about it but did nothing. This part 2 is definitely more important. By watching part 1 you get a bit more context. I hope justice CAN be done too but hoping that this congregation of sheep do the right thing is wishful thinking. This type of bullshit most likely would have been going on since these religions first began.


Sorry if I misunderstood. I think you’re right. I’m Sure it would have helped if I watched the first part beforehand, but to be honest I’d rather not watch this man speak.


I could have been a bit more clear with what I meant at the start. You are right, it's best not to listen to the grub speak trying to manipulate the situation. I just went and watched the first video to see if there was anything else said by her but it was only him spinning a web of lies.


>"being brave for confessing his sins" Some denominations put a weirdly heavy emphasis on how bad you can be before finally being "saved". Yeah, its great when people turn from bad ways and honestly repent and change. Most of those bad ways dont include major crimes though. So yeah, kudos for confessing you fucked up and committed adultery, but the other side's story likely left them a helluva lot more speechless.


Hindsight is 2020, everyone in the room was reacting to the information they had at the time and how he presented it: an affair years ago that he was “courageously” confessing now. A huge indication of what a piece of shit this man is.


At the end of the whole video, after she leaves the congregation gets up, surrounded the fucking *pastor* and prays over his...I shit you not..... *his* "broken body". This whole thread has filled me with so much fucking anger and sadness, I should've just went to bed instead of opening reddit one more time.


Because the victim told the truth and the pastor told them what they wanted to hear. The truth is ugly and most Church going people can’t acknowledge the truth because it directly conflicts and challenges their world view.


It wouldn't surprise me if a bunch of people in that congregation actually blame the 16-year-old for seducing their pastor.


In the end of the whole video people were somehow able to still say “we love you pastor”. So probably. I can’t imagine what that woman is going through.


Oh I guarantee there are! Their religion blames women for being kicked out of paradise by seduction. It’s the woman’s fault the man did what he did, because women are inherently sinful unless controlled.


Weird how they blame Eve for being weak by being seduced by the serpent, but somehow Adam isn't weak by being 'seduced' by Eve? Woman bad because she was fooled by serpent due to her innocent nature. Woman bad because she was able to 'fool' Adam due to his innocent nature. Got it 🙃


That’s a side effect of men being the ones who wrote the book they base their lives on.


Oh yeah, that's obvious. If you want to be able to consolidate power, being able to cut off half your population is a great start.


So true. Most hypocrites. It’s fine to have a religion but don’t shove it down everyone’s throat


When I attended a Baptist church, the older and less evangelical crowd was my favorite. They were far more open minded, and accepting that we werent Baptist and eventually joined another denomination. The newer more evangelical leaders, you would have thought we pissed on their cheerios and abandoned them.


If you didn't know the details you'd assume he was apologizing for cheating on his wife 20 years ago (clearly his intent). They might have reacted differently if he was outright confessing to rape.


*Pedophilic* rape of a member of his congregation. Incredible abuse of power


If the lord didn't want the pastor to rape her, why did he make her so god damned hot looking? Bunch of sick fucks


All members of organized religions are victims. Unfortunately most just keep signing up for more of the same abuse.




Please let there be enough to send this MF to jail and be put on a sex offenders list or something.


One down, 780.000 to go. It's evident from this video that pastors and the church are just a part of thd problem. Here you have a pedophile forced to aknowledge his actions and almost the whole congregation ends up beeing on his side. The whole thing is fucked to the power of infinity


Rot, in, Hell.


Something similar happened to a friend of mine. She spoke up after she went to college. The pastor tried to claim it was only an "emotional affair", despite evidence to the contrary. He did the same shit as this guy. Get in front of the church, ask for forgiveness, but not really say sorry, confess to the "sin", but only half of it. Eventually, they forced him to not only step down as a pastor but to leave the church entirely. So many people told my friend later that they absolutely believed her, but think she should have stayed quiet because it fractured the church. They thought she should have never told just so things could just keep on keeping on. What happened to that pastor? Went and started a new church where no one but his enabling family is aware that he grooms teenagers.


Is he the guy who moved to birmingham alabama? Can’t remember his name


This is horrifying. As someone who has been raped, it is so hard, so very very hard to speak out about it to anyone, let alone confront your rapist in public like this. This woman is amazing, the congregation makes me sick. They should have been marching him out of the building and straight to the police


I am so sorry that you have experienced such trauma. I agree with your entire comment and it’s frustrating that the groupthink is so prevalent nobody even tried to show any compassion or care for her (thought y’all were Christians?). it does make me a bit relieved to see that she seemingly has a very supportive and deeply compassionate husband who loves her infinitely. I cannot imagine the trauma a rape victim has endured and I know it’s something that will always be with the victim but I am thankful that she seems to have at least one person fully in her corner willing to support her and advocate for her until the person who subjected her to that trauma and those complacent in it are called out


The normalization of women being a instrument for a man is getting way out of hand. For anyone that has followed the Handmaid's Tale -- videos like this are chilling. The congregation goes up and lays hands on the least a man who cheated on his wife and possibly a rapist of a child. The cult like behavior is especially chilling too. Notice the men went up first? Why didn't the women immediately speak up to condemn the pastor? They did/said nothing until the men signaled and then they followed. I guess this is how religion dies, while priests and pastors lie, cheat, molest and rape. Then slowly the 'religion' becomes the rule of law... Next let's give the rapist father's rights and make all pregnant women wear red. What is happening to us? This is sickening.


Even when confronted with the truth, his congregation does nothing. Not a word. Not a question. Sounds about right. Sigh.


Look how those men came up and surrounded her. Amazing that she had the guts to do that while those pedophile protectors tried to intimidate her.


Yup that’s the first thing I noticed… and that husband of hers is a better man than me… he said what he said well and with a dignity I don’t possess. I don’t know if that’s good or bad but I respect it. This is a mindmelting video… it’s both very sad and disgusting and oddly hopeful and uplifting. She just did years of therapy in mins. I hope preacher man gets dealt with on whatever level is suiting.


Yeah, I wouldn't be able to walk past the pedo without showing him the afterlife.


In an article it said right after this people asked the pastor if it was true, etc. but yeah, apparently they all surrounded him for a prayer circle after that. Fucked.


Actually, after the lady and her husband speak, you can hear multiple people in the background upset with him. I want to believe a good number of them were in shock having just realized they applauded that piece of shit. Then again, some are saying many people surrounded him afterwards for a prayer circle.


The law can override the congregation’s acceptance. [email protected] is [email protected] no matter who defines it.


Most states have a statute of limitations, which I will never understand.


Shit in the South in most states 15-16 is legal to sleep with! Preachers and cops regularly prey upon 16-18 yr old girls as they are naive and vulnerable and they are used to getting away with it! Why I left the day I got done with college!


>Even when confronted with the truth, his congregation does nothing. The sheep wouldn't know what to do without a shepherd, so they'd rather accept their shepherd's atrocities than to go without.


If I were to give them the benefit of the doubt, it probably needs time to process things. Pretty shocking.


Nah conservative Christians are all about fucking kids. It’s their go to hobby.


Conservative Christians are also really big on blaming women for being sexually assaulted.


US evangelicals are the same people that call anyone they disagree with pedos except when it’s literally one or their own. No more different than taliban religious leaders that rape.


In the video that I watched there are a good number of people who approach her and comfort her. The quiet minority, but there were some good eggs there.


I heard a couple people literally call out in anger “is it true?” to him. It takes time to process these kinds of events especially after the guy went up and falsely tried to present it as a courageous moment for him to confess an affair. They shouldn’t have let him speak at all honestly. He was able to poison the well and pollute the truth before hand.


And then some shouted "we love you pastor!"




It’s a cult.


Always has been


Cults gonna cult


Sorry I fucked a child but god brought you here so tithe accordingly


words spoken only from a true man of god


I hate how all those men are standing around her with their arms crossed.


Honestly the husband cutting her off with the “that’s fine” was rough. Everyone in that room was super wack, the girl in the Jean jacket with her hand raised? I see people doing that in churches to “receive the message” But like yo she’s talking about being assaulted, put your hand down.


I've seen people do this as a way of "sending them the blessing that they need", regardless of what her intentions were, it definitely felt inappropriate.


Awful and no sign of support from anyone there either


[The full video](https://old.reddit.com/r/PublicFreakout/comments/uwa1dk/part_2_of_pastor_confessing_sin_of_adultery_to/) shows that she did receive support from some of the audience, but many sadly went to support the pastor.


Thanks for sharing the video I read an article about cover ups in these ministries - quite horrible!


You know what would have been a beautiful show of support? If every woman in that church had gotten up and stood behind that brave girl. But nah, they let her be surrounded by men.


you can't expect a common sense act from them if they follow a book where women's only value is to be subservient to men.


How not one person in that room started beating Pastor Pedophile's ass is beyond me - dude admitted it.


"See, he only admitted to adultery. The whole pedophilia rape thing is just her story" -Some pedo apologist


The guy in green right behind the pastor has a gun plus there's like 3-4 other "security."


Where is this and how do we do something about it?


Don't need to. https://www.wndu.com/2022/05/23/kosciusko-county-prosecuting-attorneys-office-confirms-investigation-into-warsaw-pastor/


Why's the one lady holding her hand up praising the Lord as the victim is speaking? Tell me that she's praying for the victim and I'm gonna laugh harder. Everyone in that room should be outaged.


Maybe she has a question?


Nonsense. It’s only pedophilia if it comes from a democrat controlled state/city. Otherwise it’s just Christianity.


Oops, did a little sin. But I confessed to God, so it's all good.


I live here. There are more people coming out against this guy, saying he molested them. He only did this because the woman in the video started speaking out. Sadly, this isn't a new thing in my community. The churches run this town. Look up Hepzibah House. It is really awful.


fuck that shit. put that man in jail. there is no excuse for rape and paedophilia. and shame on the congregation for not doing anything.


Look at all those sheep advocating for a child molester. Isn’t religion nuts.


I've got no love for any church/cult that big, especially the pastor hero-worship-y kind, but a para-social relationship is one helluva drug. People in Michael Jackson's entourage & Cosby's inner-circle obviously knew. The #metoo movement was full of hollywood creeps saying that Harvey Weinstein was an "open secret". Hell, people still simp for our founding fathers who married at fourteen, or even Mohammed with his 9 year old bride. Don't worship humans, you'll only cover up for them and make excuses for their behavior.


Small correction, 6 year old bride, 9 when he consumma.... raped her.


Like who the fuck is this pastor why do they care so much about a peice of shit human like lies and cons people. It says dont worship false prophets why the fuck do they even go to church? All these pastors do is read the bible then twist and manipulate it into their own opinions and beliefs


Notice how he interrupts her but not when her husband speaks.


UGH, that infuriated me.


I mean, to be fair, her husband interrupted her too… and made it all about things he doesn’t want in HIS house, so… just kind of a crappy culture all around.


Yep, this happens ALL the time. My stepmom's brother "Reverend Eugene" was raping HIS own grandkids for years. The family was PISSED at the kid's dad for calling the cops. they thought it should have been handled "in family" FYI, he killed himself after getting bailed out of jail.


Took the coward's way out


That’s a church for ya! Always looking the other way….


[Part one. Pastor admits to "adultery" with then 16 y/o girl and resigns.](https://www.reddit.com/r/PublicFreakout/comments/uw981p/pastor_confesses_sin_of_adultery_to_his/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=web2x&context=3) Edit: The mods removed part one of the live stream. Edit 2: [Here's a link to the full live stream.](https://www.reddit.com/r/PublicFreakout/comments/uwf5jn/full_stream_of_pastor_confessing_sin_of_adultery/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=web2x&context=3) [Here's a link to the church's statement.](https://ihavenewlife.com/new-life-statement/) [Link to news article about an investigation.](https://www.wndu.com/2022/05/23/kosciusko-county-prosecuting-attorneys-office-confirms-investigation-into-warsaw-pastor/) This is from 5/22/22 at the New Christian Life Church in Warsaw, Indiana.


*"Twenty years ago I committed adultery"*. Fuck You, you raped an underage girl. *Adultery...Fuck You.*


The guy makes it sound like he's going through a religious trial. He puts the focus on himself as though he's struggling for his own transgressions, and instead of apologising to the underaged victim he's on the stand apologising to a crowd of people who were not perrsonally affected by his actions. It's so narcissistic and self-interested. If he really did care he would have stepped down quietly and faced criminal charges, but most importantly he wouldn't have done it in the first place.


“Life is messy. Believers are messy. Church is messy. God is not.” Yeah I don’t think raping a teenager multiple times should just be brushed off as “messy” but then again I’m not a god fearing Christian. These people are moral-less.


Oh man, you beat me to it. I read that nonsense too! They had me in the first half, where they use the "we teach forgiveness, so we have to forgive, right?". But that ending was way too nonchalant. That, and like one sentence prior to that it talks about the "eternal plan". Like God has some mystical 4d chess reason for this girl getting raped by her pastor.


Another reason against 'Organized' religion


Seems that faith is far too easy to preach these days, too much of a tax write off and haven for some of the most deceitful, incredulous and duplicitous people on the planet. Easy solution, we tax the fuck out of them. There is zero reason why in the 21st century in modern, secular nations we should allow these "Churches" to spring up like vape shops and gold buyers. People want their God, that's cool and you can keep em but we don't need this shit.


These days? They've always been snake oil salesmen.


Turns out the global pedophile ring was the Christians all along.


Funny how that works, huh? Sorta' like the people screaming about "freedom" are the ones wanting to take freedoms away.


Projection. Every accusation is a confession for something even worse.


you smelt it you dealt it


Did you see the report about the Southern Baptists today? Turns out they fuck kids, cover it up, and transfer the abusers to a new church. Where have I heard that before?


The black pill is an uncomfortable percentage of men are okay with this, religious affiliation irrelevant.


There is an evil cabal of pedophiles that cover their tracks and silence victims. It's called the Catholic church.


Catholics are certainly guilty, but almost every other major religion is guilty of this as well. It’s men in power with the opportunity and desire to take advantage.


I have a friend who was in a Buddhist congregation (don't know what they're called) with about 40 or so other people, but it broke up because the head monk guy (again, don't know what his title was or if he had one) had a bad habit of touching children... It was apparently covered up for a long while.


I think the special thing about the Catholic church is how high up it went and how systemic it was. It was massive scale pedophile bullshit. It happens at smaller localized scale in most organized religions, but Catholic church was special in its kid fuckery.


He fucked her in the head so bad that when his son says why didn't you get counseling she responds with if I had got counseling your father would be in prison. As if to say I did the right thing defending him even while attacking him. I don't know about the statute of limitations but I hope that the authorities investigate


Read thier statement on thier page addressing this. It's ... wow.






Church values


From the New Life Statement on their website: "As with the church in general and the public at large, we too are responding to this without anticipation; praying and striving only to see that the Lord’s good, perfect and eternal plans will ultimately and visibly prevail. **Life is messy. Believers are messy. Church is messy. God is not.**" I don't know what fuckhead wrote those last sentences, but absolutely fuck off. Messy? This is sick, revolting shit, and their still finding a way to weave faith into it. This is why I couldn't stomach another Sunday in church.




One of the main reasons I do not trust and believe organized religion is a cult of hypocrisy.


I presume the statute has run. Given the conspiracies and cover ups that we see time and time again, the system ought to account for that and increase rape statutes of limitations. Statutes overview by [state ](https://www.rainn.org/state-state-guide-statutes-limitations)


There’s an article posted elsewhere about the investigation. There’s an exception to the statute if there’s clear evidence like a public confession - quite possibly the case here.


Wow, who would have imagined that it was the “Christian” pastor that was the groomer…


The cult members actually fucking gather around the pedo and start praying for him. Lol. These types of blind followers want to make laws based on their b.s.! So absurdly insane.


If either the woman or husband have not chose to share their identify publicly, I hope they know this is one of the most courageous things I have ever witnessed. I can’t imagine how scary this is to testify in front of their community. I hope she knows that she is believed, loved and supported.


Nothing to see here…let’s get to the collection!


If this is church count me the fuck out.


This pastor gets a standing ovation while she gets no support from anybody other than her husband.


There was big applause after Pastor Pedophile gave his "So sorry" speech. Not a peep for the victims. Fucking freaks. Religion is a cult. The end.


This whole video is like a weird nightmare. Pleading to a hall full of people and no one even reacts to the things you’re saying.


I'm surprised they let her speak at all. Baby steps, I guess!


Religion has always been a con, happened when it 1st started and it happens to this very day, power and control is their main goal and sex with minors seems to be one of their main goals, fuck religion


Fuck preachers, pastors, nuns, popes and all those other fuckers...fuck religion...fuck ignorance .....


That couple is badass


shit like this keeps happening, because christian conservatives live in a alternative reality, where good means just being christian, no matter what you do. And the only bad people are the "demonic" left. When this woman told the crowd about being raped by that pastor, most of them were probably thinking: "what a slut" etc Christianity is becoming such a huuuuge problem, i wonder when normal people will reach their limit and revolt against this garbage


I’m glad the church (religion, broadly) is dying. It’s rotten from the inside already.


These Christian pedophiles are the same people pushing to ban abortion.


Fuck the christian church and religion. Idc if your a good christian or pastor. If you stand with this religion you stand with pedos groomers and rapists. There is a reason they are going after public schools, teachers, lgbtq students, and using the word pedophilia at every turn they can in their politics…. A christian is a Republican and they all need to go to their “hell” and pay for the shit they let happen and support with a blind eye or actively partake in. Bunch of mouth breathing inbred pedo rapists


What’s scares me is that after hearing that, the only people that left were the victim and her SO. Why don’t Christians understand their religion? Did Jesus ever have sex with a child?


Waiting for the day when christians start holding each other to the same standards they try to shove down everyone else's throats


Religion is just a cult at this point.


Religion is mind poison.


Is this the grooming the republicans talk about?? Remove the tax exempt status from ALL religious entities.


stay away from churches! dont go there! dont take your kids there! there is nothing to gain going there but everything to loose!


Wow wow! And wow again! I wonder how many people of that congregation and possibly other victims will speak out about this testimony. Sad thing is in the long run this will be overlooked by these christians.


I genuinely loathe the church. They were using the tithing collected each sunday at mass to pay the legal defense for priests who were molesting alter boys. There are people starving 5 miles down the road but they build these stupid fucking mega churches as opposed to a utilitarian block building so that they could provide more for the people. What is insulting is that they look at me like I am some kind of asshole for wanting nothing to do with it for me or my family. They have strayed so far from what they preach that its sickening. They need to forget their abortion outrage of the week and instead breakout the pitchfork and torches and go find Olsteen or any of those other clowns.


I hope she files charges and the pastor has be a registered pedophile and put in jail for his actions.


When she said she thought she was the one in the wrong and didn’t realize she was a victim. That one hurt.


and the church just moved him to a different country for "Mental Recovery Help"


This girl with her hand up thinks this is a prayer for far too long.


Remember people these fucking morons only understand pageantry. Use rocks


9 years by that point you clearly knew what you were doing.


This is why I can't take religious people seriously


This is the reason I'm somewhat afraid of religious people. These guys are fucking lunatics. This congregation apparently applauded the pastor after his speech but not this abused woman. How people can go along with that is just fucking baffling to me. It's based on so little rationality that it all feels so brainwashed. I'm scared of having people like this in power and these people slaving to these irrational ideas. It's nothing but pure lunacy. That being said, confronting your aggressor in this passive way is very brave but feels really really weird.


How can any sane, rational person believe in organized religion when time and time its shown as a tool for the worst of us to take advantage of simple people all over the world, throughout ALL OF RECORDED HISTORY? I'm sorry but anyone who believes in this shit can't pretend they are a rational, objective person, which is fine - believe what you what, but at least admit it.....


In his head she wanted it, and she is the sinner who seduced him. And I guarantee you that many other people in that church feel the same way. He sees himself as the victim.


These rape institutions really need to start paying taxes


Standing ovation for the pedophile, rapist pastor but when the victim speaks out… just silence. It really does add credibility to her account that they covered it up and no one would help her. Come on folks, we don’t need these cults and their mythologies to guide us through life. We can do much better than learning from the very righteous man Lot on how to treat our daughters.


Who is he? What church?