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Going to need a follow up on this one. Hot-headed prick.




Ptsd is hell, but that whole article was written as if it was a legitimate excuse for the assault. Like he was the victim.


Yep! I also suffer from PTSD, but that doesn't at all justify what this prick did. Decommission him and put charges on him. You have to still maintain a sense of professionalism through all of the struggles, especially when dealing with civilians. Especially senior citizens, smfh.


It's clearly not about the PTSD. You would never see someone write up a PTSD defense like that for a civilian, even though there are a metric fuck ton that suffer from PTSD that have never been in the service. The only time it's used credibly as a defense for someone's actions is when they are/were in the military. So it's clearly more about protecting an active officer than it is about caring for someone who suffers from PTSD.


Yep. Sad part of it is that it stigmatizes anyone that falls under that canopy. Mine is service related, but I fully understand that people from all walks of life suffer from it. This behavior shouldn't be protected, and it sure as hell shouldn't be displayed by someone commanding troops. That's a lot of responsibility to place in the hands of someone so unsteady.


Exactly, and it's unfortunately really effective. This is what a lot of people think PTSD looks like. Guys raging, beating people up, going into flashbacks, murdering people, all of that nonsense when really most of the time it's just crippling anxiety and depression. The violent stuff comes from underlying anger issues or other mental disorders like schizophrenia. It's definitely a problem that is perpetuated by people like that who blame all of their bad behavior on PTSD. He definitely needs to be out of the job and he honestly needs to spend at least a few days in jail. He also needs anger management and therapy. That man is threatening women and beating up old people, that's insane, he's one bad day away from a murder with anger issues that bad.


And it'll be someone like this that ruins it for EVERY veteran that is given a PTSD rating. We are just a few incidents away from being put in a class along with felons, and they strip us all of our gun rights for being liabilities. Totally think a guy like this deserves to be at least assessed.


Exactly! Can't blame being a total duche on having PTSD and assaulting an old man. He needs to be busted down a couple ranks and put on extra duty on top of UCMJ and civilian action. This is unacceptable and there is no excuse for his actions.


Yea no kidding that writer definitely had his corner.




Lets not kid ourselves; He was like this before he joined the military.


It sounds like they are doing a bit of accountability and damage control. The fact that he is in. Mental Hospital and getting treatment is the important part. For his safety and others.


The ptsd made me cheat on my wife with several hookers, get a car loan I can’t afford, lie on my resume, concoct a pyramid scheme, falsify income on a mortgage application, and tell false anecdotes about myself at cocktail parties to make me seem more interesting than I actually am. It sure is hell.


Maybe don't do 'roids if you're suffering from PTSD.


The military won't look at the PTSD as an excuse. He's done.


"Oh no! I willingly joined the military and now I'm mentally scarred! Nothing in life is my fault ever!" I don't understand this weird reverence we have for our veterans in America. They willingly signed up for a job where they might see/do some nasty shit, and then they think they're heroes just because they helped occupy a dirt-poor foreign desert?


"Oh no! I willingly joined the military and now I'm mentally scarred! Nothing in life is my fault ever!" I get where you're coming from, but the comment has a dangerous blurred line when it comes to PTSD. Police Officers, paramedics and firefighters also willingly sign up for a job where they will see and do "nasty shit" that ultimately leads to PTSD. It's highly inappropriate to discredit someone's PTSD just because they got it from a certain profession (maybe I misunderstood the point you were trying to make, and if I did please correct me). To be clear, my thoughts are regarding the issue of PTSD, but not in the defence of the trash bag in the video. The guy in the video is a total ass hat, PTSD or not. He deserves full charges to be laid against him with no special treatment.


What a hero crawling back and suffering like that /s


These mark ass bitches blamed this on PTSD?! As someone who has it, I've never terrorized a parking lot or beat up seniors. This dude might have it, but he's probably just a douche


I've known a couple people (admittedly not alot) who have taken steroids and when something pissed them off this was how they reacted. I've also known a couple people from military service with PTSD (admittedly not alot) and I've never seen a reaction like this. Mostly when things seemingly go wrong im concerned they might hurt themselves, not lash out like a wannabe tough guy.


Thanks for that. Glad he was arrested. Dudes a coward trying to hide behind his military service.


He was ‘roid raging and his lawyer suggested this nice PTSD story. He’s really a ‘hero’, ya see? Lolz. Hope he gets his ass sued off and loses everything. What a dick!


Jesus Fucking Christ! A total shit show all around! But seriously as he now understand there will be consequences for his actions in the court of law. Also I am relived he’s getting the proper help now and that he realizes the damage he’s done.. Bit then again this article seems like they are normalizing this stuff and making excuses.


Oh nooo he doesn’t get to spend Christmas with family after clocking an old man?!? Boo-fucking-hoo Maybe his kids and wife actually got what they asked Santa for: a Christmas without their piece of shit dad.


That was not ptsd, That anger and rage. Lock him up and get get therapy while in jail.


What a pathetic article.


He seems like a sob story to me before getting admitted and diagnosed


Staight to the PTSD blame. Jesus Christ. I know friends and family that suffer with PTSD and that’s an insult to them.


I hate when people use PTSD as a "be an asshole and get away with it" pass.


Yeah that’s basically what I meant. This is just a military asshole piped up on steroids. Nothing more nothing less. For that article to say ptsd is an insult to people who actually suffer


of course he’s in a crossfit shirt…


This is BS, why does the perpetrator get to explain his story first? Why is his stupid profile picture up? Are they trying get sympathy for him? Fuck him, do the crime do the time.


"I could FUCKING CRUSH ALL OF YOU!" *gets in minivan*


He probably says that same shit in the minivan, to his wife and kids.


Sadly this could be very accurate


Well that just made me sad.


He thinks people are beer cans. Nobody seems impressed.


He was getting into the passenger side too. Had to have his mom drive him.


Turns on ignition, baby shark starts playing


No lie, this just describes a hilarious intentional scenario. Imagine saying "I could crush all of you" while rocking out to baby shark in a minivan.


He's not even driving, he got into the passenger seat.


Crush you all... do do dooo doooo I'm bad ass ..... do do dooo doooo ​ Love this comment Thanks for the laughing cramps :) !!!


Of course I just sang that out loud. HAHAHA


Someone that big in the military, dude is definitely on juice. I was in for 7 years and literally everyone like that was on some form of it.


And yet he's skipping leg day. My dude is not living up to his potential, physically or otherwise.


Now I’m not taking up for this guy at all, he’s an asshole; But legs are completely genetic dependent whenever it comes to calves. Not so much with quads and hams but I’ve know people who train legs (including calves) 3x a week and they will never grow. Edit : caught myself, They are 90% genetic dependent. Being on gear would definitely help but you can’t fix bad genes (For all I know this guy trains like Johnny bravo. I am not saying otherwise)


if you walk in your toes for an extended period of time I guarantee you will grow monster calves. stop training and just walk on your toes.


Lmfao the kids that did this in school always had monster calves.


Friend's kid pretty much always walked on his toes since he he could walk. In school he was friken fast.


Or walk in heels you trendy transetter


But then you’ll walk around lookin like you got something up your ass…which might be a fair trade off if you really want calves.


I found Johnny Drama's Reddit account.


Goddammmit. My parents calves are mediocre at best.


This is the truth. In MMA there are a lot of chicken legs that throw absolutely lethal kicks.


That’s mostly in the hips with the obliques, Abs, and serratus muscles. You can have tiny legs but strong core and still throw a mean kick.




5 years here. Same thing on my experience, they use syringes and needles like a drug addict. Sticking the needle in between their toes so it's not noticeable when they are required to roll their sleeves up past the elbow. This guy is a god damn disgrace to the military.


Someone that big period.


Was that like a Chris Farley parody?


I just need to pick up little Billy at soccer practice first.


And THAT is how you lose your military pension.


The amazing raging-power of steroids. Half our police are on them too.


What a tough guy. Punching an older man. Fucking scum


Should be easy to find and send him to the pen. Fuck that piece of shit.


They did almost immediately after it happened






“Turned himself into the VA hospital?” Sounds like he tried using his military status to get special treatment instead of just turning himself into the police


That's pussies usually do.


This dude is a man baby raised by the military. He doesn't know anywhere else to go but the VA hospital.


Probably claim PTSD.


If that's the case, with that ego, dude's probably a paper pushing terminal junior officer whose PTSD was caused by a paper cut


I've seen the VA fuck up a lot of veterans lives, most of whom are great, honest men. It's a shame this piece of shit was not one of them.


I'd give you gold for this comment if I could


Oh so this is recent recent. Hope he gets what’s coming to him. And can any athletes/bodybuilders chime on their opinion if this could be related to steroids or no way to actually know? Others saying PTSD. Either way I don’t have too much faith in that anger management class…




That old man may never be the same and is most likely going to suffer from this for the rest of his life. A hit like that to an out of shape old man could have easily killed him. He deserves to be locked up for at least 10 years and hopefully the old man can sue and get something from that meat head. This guy went nuts over a parking lot dispute. Who the fuck cares so much about parking? Just move your car and park like a normal human. It isn't that hard.


It's absolutely inexcusable, but the older guy should also have walked away. Not worth having your life ended by some idiot. Even if it feels like a loss to walk away, take the loss. Some people that threaten people will actually try and do what they say they'll try and do


I take gear, roid rage isn't as common as people think it is. In 99.9% of people on gear, you really only have roidrage if you're already an asshole and tend to pick fights in the first place. This guy is most likely just a dick, add steroids to that and he's an unhinged dick.


This. Steroids intensify your personality. You normally somewhat depressed? Life on steroids won’t be fun. Angry? Good luck staying out of trouble. I don’t think this was roid rage, just an asshole.




>And can any athletes/bodybuilders chime on their opinion if this could be related to steroids No it's not. Steroids don't make you act crazy. Some, in certain doses, can cause mood swings. But they don't make you punch out random people.


>Suarez was booked at St. Tammany Parish Jail. i dont know why this sounds so weird to me, having a Saints name for a Jail... Could you imagine Jesus. H. Christ Penitentiary? Saint John of God Prison?


The county (Parish in Louisiana) is named St. Tammany. The jail is just using the name of the county it operates in.


Our Lady of Immaculate Conception Orphanage.


Jesus H. Christ Home For the Criminally Insane


Same thing as (insert-county-name-here) jail. Louisiana doesn’t have counties, they have parishes. This one is called St Tammany


Does the victim get any money as compensation to this?




It’s in the comments just scroll


Followup: [The guy fled the scene and checked himself into a VA hospital for PTSD immediately after this incident. Police found him and took him into custody. $250,000 bail and mandatory 26-week anger management courses. Charges include disturbing the peace, second-degree battery and simple assault.](https://www.wdsu.com/article/mandeville-police-investigating-assault-of-man-in-northshore-parking-lot-1639508791/38517091#) Another article says his attorney [told WDSU he has PTSD from his time serving in the Louisiana National Guard. He says Suarez recently came back from a nine-month combat deployment in Northern Iraq.](https://www.wdsu.com/article/attorney-explains-what-caused-viral-parking-lot-incident-in-mandeville/38638416#)


How did I know that he wouldn’t take responsibility for his actions? Not only that, he tried to hide in the VA hospital. Cowardly. There are plenty of people returning from 9 month tours in Iraq that don’t act like fucking assholes. He should be shamed for using his military service to bully some senior citizens and women. There’s no excuse. Hopefully, UCMJ will hem him up as well.


UCMJ does not apply to Guardsmen/reservists not on orders.


Correct, UCMJ is only for those currently on orders. Though, if they retire as active, UCMJ can still apply. EDIT: I should clarify, a retiree can be called back to service and then prosecuted if they retired as active. A reservist retiree would not qualify.


Hopefully the elderly man’s family will “shame” tf out of him. If it were my dad/grandad I’d be calling up a few friends


You misspelled *sue


No reason that can’t happen too


Combat deployment in 2021 ? What was he fighting? His demons ?


PTSD, from serving time in the national guard....also known as being a civilian 75% of the month and having to do drill 2 weeks a summer..... Woopty fuckin do.......PTSD from serving active duty in Iraq/Afghanistan, + multitudes of other places across the globe. This guy....disgrace. Plain and simple, disgrace. From a Iraq/Afghan Veteran, that is going through the same shit. I don't punch people in the face....in a parking lot....when the vehicle I'm getting driven around in, is parked in the fire lane.....illegally....fuck this guy.


>"All the circumstances don't excuse it but I think he felt like he was in a combat zone and it just came out," said attorney Roy Burns Jr.. [nah](https://c.tenor.com/N9yJ9gUpX48AAAAC/oh-fuck-off-go-away.gif)


I’m a vet with PTSD and we fucking hate people like this. Most of us are just quietly living normal lives and then some fuck head like this makes us all look like ticking time bombs.


[link to the story](https://www.fox8live.com/2021/12/14/man-arrested-after-reportedly-punching-elderly-man-over-parking-spot-mandeville/) Arrested that fucker


$1 million bond. Hopefully he had to put his house up for the 100k to get out. Consequences, fucker.


Fuck Richard Suarez


1 Million Bond set for this guy... https://www.fox8live.com/2021/12/14/man-arrested-after-reportedly-punching-elderly-man-over-parking-spot-mandeville/


An article linked above says $250k bond. I wonder if it was changed TO, or changed FROM $250k. It says all the charges were misdemeanors.


Damn. Knocking an old dude out and fleeing the scene is a misdemeanor!?


Depends on your shading


This is the answer


Nola.com article says the assault was a felony


I meant an article further up says that. I hope it’s a felony and the guy gets jail time.


Every single time someone in the military loses their shit and assaults someone the go to excuse is always PTSD.


What an embarrassment to the US military.


I'm not sure I buy the PTSD defense. This looks like pure ego driven rage.


It is


Solid camera work.... broke my neck halfway through


dumb bitch kept rotating it to make sure it was fucked off the whole time as well


"I can get violent with you because you're a guy." said the man with a severe misunderstanding on how the law works.


Lol if this guy is army rip, because he is getting absolutely FUCKED right now


There is a puff peace by a local news article about how his PTSD caused this. I don't deny PTSD is real, but this guy is a criminal and needs to be locked up. He's an animal no longer fit for society.


He hit the old guy hard enough to knock him unconscious. His wife was too afraid of him to drive him to the VA so his mom drove him.


I read that. This dude should have been locked in the mental home a long while before this occurred. The VA is not always great about helping out there folks.


Please please please /r/byebyejob


First time I watched this I had no idea he was an Army Officer.. absolute garbage. r/iamatotalpieceofshit


Off camera ladies are hilarious on this one. "Youre parked in a fire lane, ya idiot."


His mom was taking him to his soccer practice.


Enjoy prison.


Alright sir, get in your van...


I'm offended at the way this juiced asshole is playing the victim. I don't care how angry a senior may make a person, YOU DO NOT ASSAULT THEM !!!


I don't know, it seemed like a snap reaction the way he said gleefully, "Cool! I can get violent with you because you're a guy!" moments before hitting a senior citizen. Yep. Nothing terrible about that. /s


I'm going to bet that the people most disgusted by this are US military personal who have enough shade on them without Major Pussy running around town acting like this.


$1,000,000 bond! https://www.fox8live.com/2021/12/14/man-arrested-after-reportedly-punching-elderly-man-over-parking-spot-mandeville/


There’s no coward more cowardly than a man who feints at an elderly man.


Outstanding camera work.




Idk who downvoted you. Had to damn near break my neck halfway through the video.


Same here!


Toxic douchebag being a piece of shit


This bitch ass douche is just blaming his issues on ptsd to get out of this and making everyone else with ptsd look like a psycho just waiting to erupt and murder someone at the drop of a hat


Annnnnd now you’re going to jail, tough guy.


I'm sure he never beats his wife and kids, just a bad day lmao


That's one way to end your career.


“Do it!” *does it* “Do it again!!!” *does it, again*


Please tell me he’s serving jail time.


Ultimately he will get a slap on the wrist claiming PTSD from military. This for some reasons makes me remember when Conner McGregor sucker punched that old man in a bar for refusing accept a shot of his proper 12 whiskey . That was just a slap on the wrist as well. If your rich or in the military you can sucker punch old dudes and not get introuble


while i agree with most of your comment, it’s not really a sucker punch in this video if the guy literally walked towards him and said “do it again” lol


Yes, an abuser who had no trouble hitting someone obviously weaker; Muscles guy had no self control and no self discipline. What was wrong with the older man who kept following the abuser when the abuser stepped away? He's afraid and flinches but then advances on the abuser. Where was his instinct for avoiding danger? There was something wrong there, too.


why did they instigate him like that?




Exactly! He was walking away, let him walk away and shut the hell up. That guy is a huge piece of shit, let him be that on his own. Leave him alone.


Dude's getting in his car and bright spark says "Why don't you calm down?" The 100% guaranteed to work method for de-escalating any potentially violent situation.


Source for this man being an Army officer? If he is, imagine what it's like being under his command.




Please tell me he was arrested…


Best to give total assholes a wide berth


He wouldn’t be the first one that kills his career like this, remember that drill sgt that threaten that African American kid walking in his neighborhood


Im bigger than him and I will crush him. I wont crush anyone else though.


Thanks. Most days I don’t want to be crushed.


Me either. But this guy deserves a CRUUUSH.


Maybe instigating the guy who is obviously in the middle of a steroid fueled meltdown isn’t the best idea


This is why I carry a pistol


I'm too old and small to attack dumbass there, but I would have surely scratched the hell out of his car with my keys at least.


He is not okay.


There’s a nice cell in Leavenworth waiting for his sorry ass


Oh he’s not actually in the army. He’s just a veteran. Yea a veteran dousch bag. I’ve been around plenty of Veterans with PTSD including myself. We don’t act like this. He’s def on roids.


Dude I'm a vet, and I know better than that stupid like that after 8 deployments, I may suffer from anxiety and depression, I know better not to get stupid like that. It's just an angry prick, who probably never deployed in the first place... I always say just because you have a college degree doesn't make you smart....


Older guy is demonstrating [fencing reflex](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fencing_response). If he's not dead he's not the same person anymore.


Bad dude but as usual either could have walked away anytime.


"Im going to assault you" "Go ahead do it, go on" "OMG"


Well I guarantee he isn’t a officer in the army for much longer 😂




Someone in the US military thinking they are better than everyone else? I’m shocked




Threaten? That went *way* farther than a threat


Ha ha what a fucking man child!!!


Stupid ignorant Army grunt!!! No wonder they’re the bottom feeders of our military. 🤦🏻‍♂️


Oh boy is the Military going to have a party with this guys ass. Military prison to take off the edge & then a Dishonorable discharge which is the kiss of death when he tries to get a job. Look for this guy to be driving his lawn mowing equipment around & flipping off people. My bet is this guy has always been a jerk..


Props to that old guy. He knew he would get his ass rocked if it got physical and still stood up for those people


Did I just watch someone maybe lose their commission?


He…. Was not ok


“Why don’t you calm down”- Works every time…


$1,000,000 bond for this prick. https://www.fox8live.com/2021/12/14/man-arrested-after-reportedly-punching-elderly-man-over-parking-spot-mandeville/


I’m glad this pos has ptsd and hopefully a number of demons torture his mind for eternity.


He was in fact… not okay.


For a tough guy, he sure does come off as a little bitch




You all handled this situation stupidly


Yes this guy is an asshole but he was about to leave and than like 3 other people feel like they have to chime in and further aggravate this guy. All those other people just made the situation so much worse.


Guy: is leaving Everyone else: GET OUT OF HERE BITCH YEAH YOU BETTER RUN Everyone in this video is awful


Old man won’t do that again


The guy is clearly unstable and should be severely punished for doing shit like this. However, little old men should be wise enough to know not to write checks with their mouth that their ass can’t cash. ‘Not being afraid’ of the juice head did him no favors


So much pro military propaganda in America. We would be better off gutting their budget and fund social programs instead.


Have fun with a ruined career and jail time.