Dude Gets Confronted For Catcalling a Woman at a Stop Light

Dude Gets Confronted For Catcalling a Woman at a Stop Light

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I like how his passenger was like "Cool down sir, he's just mentally ill".


I thought this was a joke but I rewatched and he really said that shit LMAO


He went all out on the excuse, that's a good friend lol


At the end, he just admits defeat and says his buddy is making himself look bad and for him to stop.


Lol. Reminds of the time I was driving down the street with my friend. He shouted your a bitch to a lady on a porch for no reason. I slammed on the breaks reversed down the street and made him apologize to that woman. He was so fucking embarrassed. I don't think he did it again.


I commend you, it's easy for a coward to scream shit as they're driving by, especially as a passenger, and im glad you held him accountable for that rude ass shit. Great job 👏


Good. Thank you. Seriously. ❤️❤️


That's usually the sign to reel it in a bit when your friend pulls that line to defend you


"She thinks the *monkey's* the Sultan"


No, not that doctor.


“He screwed a beagle”


You'd need at least two people to screw an ostrich


But it was a sick ostrich


Still, you'd need at least two, maybe even three guys to fuck an ostrich






Lmao that was great


At first I thought there was a passenger still in the car, and I thought "Oh, this may be awkward" but no it's the grown-ass cammer


“My problem is you,” **SLAM** “motherfucker.”


"You just brought PISS to a SHIT fight!"


This video had some all time best quotes


You get in your house and get me 5 Adderall!


Hulk SMASH!!


Man he slammed THE fuck out of that door


From what I gathered, no fucks were anywhere near the door.


Hunter gatherer with the ocular pat down


Oh he gave a fuck, just not about that door


Door: TF DID I DO!? >\_<


Damn idk who won, the dude shoving that girl at the gardens the other day or this door slam


The guy filming must be an idiot… even his friend is telling him “you making yourself look bad” He definitely was disrespecting a woman.


He looked like he wanted to be anywhere but there. He needs to stop hanging out with him. A few times in my life I've been in a situation where I realized I would never hang out with this person again, hopefully this guy had that same realization.


dude is literally a scrub, hanging on the side of his best friends ride trying to holler at women.


Passenger side, to be exact


On his (ex)best friend’s ride


That’s all I could think of when it saw this. Damn I miss left eye lopes.


Lol did he try to get back in the car😂🤣😂


i mean a man needs a ride, doesn't he? he just gonna walk all the way home?




When I worked in my first kitchen there was a douchebag trashy alcoholic party dude that was friends with the main crew, but didnt work with us. I hung out with him once, and then refused to go anywhere or hang out with him around ever again. I straight up refused multiple parties because he would be going. He would just fucking pound beers back and be a chaotic unpredictable tornado. I knew no good would come from him. This guy would go to Shambhala every year, not because he likes the music and tripping. In fact he doesnt really like that music at all, and he never really takes psychs and the like. He would drink all day and then pass out for all the shows at night lol. Went to Sham just cause his friends were going and he'd have no one to drink with at home. Some people are just better not to keep in your life


Do you guys keep in touch?


Many years ago I worked at a family-owned Italian restaurant. There was a cook in the back we'll call Denny. Denny was in his thirties, still lived with his mother, and did not have a car or a driver's license. He relied on a ride from someone at work to get to and from work each day, or he walked the \~12 miles. I was a server, but another one of the guys working in the kitchen went to jail, so the boss asked if I wanted to learn how to make pizza and replace him. I did so. This came with an additional responsibility of doing deliveries on the weekends. The deliveries were catering for doctor's offices 99% of the time. (Pharm reps bribing doctors, basically). Anyways, when Denny would learn I was doing a delivery, he'd give me some money and ask I get him two bottles of vodka. I'm talking reach as far down to the bottom shelf and get the [Popov Vodka.](https://www.totalwine.com/spirits/vodka/vodka/popov-vodka/p/1825750) He'd want two bottles. When I got back, typically around 2pm, he'd immediately start drinking, and finish a bottle around the dinner rush. Then he'd get too drunk to work and have to sleep on the bench out the back door to sober up. I stopped getting him the vodka after this happened a few times. One time I pulled in to park for my shift. While walking to the back door Denny comes running out and pukes behind the building. Apparently earlier that day he had a couple of patches that were used to treat heroin addicts. He had the bright idea to suck on the patches (I don't know what the drug would be, methadone?). Well one patch fucked him up pretty good, but he could still somewhat make salads and fry potatoes. But he wanted to "double-up" but everyone told him no. He didn't listen. So he gets sick and can't work and the boss is all, "oh just take the rest of the night off Denny" but it's not like he can go home. He waits until the night is over for his ride home. One day I go into work and the boss informs me I am going to the courthouse to bail Denny out of jail. That was my job that day. He gave me two envelopes: one for bail money, one an advance on Denny's pay. I get to the courthouse and realize I only know him as Denny so it takes a while to make sure I'm bailing out the right guy. Get in the work van, and guess what Denny wants to do? He uses his advance pay to buy three cases of beer and six bottles of Popov vodka. "Don't tell the boss, okay?," he says. Sure, it's your money. Wtf, though. Denny still works there, last I checked. I would get written up if I was five minutes late to work but Denny can literally ruin an entire batch of Eggplant Parm because he's high as a fucking kite and the boss just give him a juice box and has him take a fucking nap.


Is he having sex with your boss or something? What is going on with his continual employment.


Related to someone who the boss can't piss off.


. . . "Remember that time the restaurant got cleaned top to bottom-- you know, right before Salvatore *'went back to Italy'*? We thought Denny caught a ride but apparently he was waiting around to get a ride with Sal, so . . . ."


Nah, I always chalked it up to the boss knowing Denny isn't going anywhere. Denny may only be reliable 75% of the time, but it's not like Denny's working on that MBA and will be leaving the nest in a year or two. Denny had been there about five years when I showed up and it's been over a decade since I worked there. Denny was still there when I visited a few years ago.


The way his own friend said "Stop bro" quietly while putting his hand out


And on top of it all, he posted it. Crazy.


At the beginning he literally tells big dude "sir.. he's just mentally ill"


Whenever people show how much of an ass they are in public spaces, you should believe them. I can count the # of people I regularly want to hang out with on 1 hand.


I can count them on no hands. I dont have friends. :(


I know exactly how you feel. It gets to you every now & then.


He’s is a super pussy, got his card called, and folded like the bitch that he is. Love this video.


And then he uploaded it.


Imagine recording someone calling you out for being a punk ass bitch and not deleting the video.


Not just the guy, his friend too! And not deleting it, but uploading it


"Stop Bro!.. stop!..."


“ tHEre’s dA poLIcE, tHEre’s dA poLIcE, “- Need them sexual harassment charges


Daddy chill




Honestly I still laugh no matter how many times I watch that video


And not only uploading it, but thinking that you're the one who looks good in it.


Because he sees nothing wrong with his actions and everything wrong with the other persons.


This 100%. How dare this man harass him for errr harassing someone. How dare he make him feel uncomfortable and unsafe, for making a woman feel uncomfortable and unsafe.


Seems like a bitch move


Camera guy took a L on that one. What a bitch.


And actually posting it


"Look at this loser, totally intimidating me while describing my antisocial behaviour and telling me exactly what I did wrong"


Just shows what an moron the catcalling guy is.


Not only did he not delete video, but he also fucking made it viral. What did he think was going to happen? Did he think news headlines would be "Terrible man harasses and threatens poor & honest catcaller, horror on the streets"???


Bro I’m watching like why post this is does not make the guy recording looking good at all it makes him look like a pussy.


More like imagine recording someone exposing you for harassing women in public and not deleting the video.


The last bit was hilarious. "Running away...What the fuck, You think I wont catch you"


Right? Dude followed him into a parking lot and got out of his truck. CLEARLY he has decided to whoop some ass. He gave you a chance to beg for your life. The kool-aid man doesn't run to a wall and calmly walk away, this man WILL beat someone's ass.


One hundred percent chance that kid videoing went home and told his friends a completely different story than what actually happened


For a man who wasn't scared he sure was scrambling around that car fast


Look at the size of bearded dude lol. I'm guessing camera bitch is roughly his friend size. He'd get manhandled.


I find the most fascinating thing about this is the fact that the guy videotaping this must somehow feel he is in the right.


4chan logic. "I made someone mad which must mean I am right."


Its more like: "im the one filming and since i uploaded my side first, that means im right."


4 the lulz amirite?


I don’t think he did - people pull out the “I wasn’t talking to you” when they need to excuse their actions but don’t have an actual excuse. I wonder if he videotaped to feel safe and didn’t mean for it to be uploaded.


THIS. Whenever you call someone out for being a prick and they just say “I wasn’t talking to you” it means they know they fucked up but won’t admit it. Bitch, I don’t care who you were talking to. You’re being an asshole and I just happen to Be the one calling you on it.


> I’m being called out and can’t defend my actions > better pull out the old “I wasn’t talking to you”




Totally. We need a subreddit for that.




That was so satisfying lol. I’m glad the DARE kid made that gofundme after getting fired. Hope he gets some better job offers from it.


I was cycling home using the bicycle lanes when a BMW pulled into the bike lanes and stopped. I thought they were pulling into the parking spots next to the bike lane but after a minute I could tell dumbass wasn't going to move. With my open hand I slapped the trunk and told them not to block the bicycle lanes and instantly two guys in their late 20s early 30s hopped out asking if just touched their car. The passenger pulled out his phone and started yelling "WORLD STAR HIP HOP!" and narrating how I, a 5’3” Asian guy, is going to get his ass kicked for touching his friends BMW. He was flipping his phone back and forth and daring me to touch him like I did the car while getting inches from my face. Meanwhile these two jackasses, are now fully parked in bicycle lane forcing cyclists in the 2 vehicle lanes. Idiots recorded themselves breaking the law, making racial jokes about me not being part of "this" community, threatening to kick my ass and getting in my face... because I touched their car and told them not to park in the bicycle lanes. Idiots will be idiots. Even the police that showed up told them not to park in the bicycle lanes and laughed at them for thinking I could damage a 15 year old worn out BMW that was in desperate need of a paint job.


That would be a hate crime where I live.


That would be a hate crime. FTFY


He thrives on being hated and wanting attention. Worst type of scum out there.


Dude sporting the South Carolina state flag shirt bout to whip that guy’s ass.


Definitely happened in Del Mar California I know that shopping center like the back of my hand down the street from Torrey pines high school


Thought I was on r/sandiego for a sec but never would have guessed to see the god damn highlands of all places on public freak out. I was back there last week and i was glad to walk into rite aid and find out nothing has changed and high schoolers still very obviously try to steal alcohol and loiter despite the ridiculous remodeling to the center


Dude was about to go South Carolina all over his ass


Like a fine cream


I like this guy. Wish the video was longer.


Said what needs saying and hopefully that trashbag will think before he speaks next time.


> hopefully that trashbag will think before he speaks next time. Yeah, that'll never happen.


You think I won’t catch you?


I started laughing at that part. Go man go.


Video cut out too soon!


lol my immediate reaction too.


To me it’s a good thing, no video evidence of what comes next.


Me too. I laughed BECAUSE the video ended real quickly right there! Lol


He didn't wanna film the part where he took off running at a sprint haha.


His buddy said “he’s mentally ill” at the beginning. I’m assuming this wasn’t the first time he’s had to deal with this guy doing stuff like this


Assholism =/= a mental illness. It's not the first time shit-heels try to hide behind some illness when they get called out for their shitty behavior.


The shit Apple doesn’t fall far from the shit tree


Ngl, the last 3 seconds had me rolling 😂


"My problem, is YOU.. MotherFUCKER"


“You’re looking bad bro” had me off my chair


His friend is speaking so soft for the situation too it’s great


The Michael cera of diffusing an argument lmao


'"You dont think Ill catch you bitch"


My girl was following me in her car while we were on the phone and some dude was trying to holler at her during a red light. I rolled down the window and called him out and he was like "I didn't know I'm sorry" like that excuses harassing random women. Can't believe there are guys that think random women are gonna fall for them acting like weirdos.


they think it excuses their harassment because they only see men as people worth respecting, like how to get a creepy dude off your back you have to say you have a boyfriend even if you don't because then they're like "oh. this ones claimed." it's actually really sad


Had something similar at a nightclub once. We bought a ‘private room’ for the night for my mate’s bday, it had like glass windows all around it, so you have people stood around staring in at you lol. There was a group of guys stood right outside of the room and one of them was doing some weird gestures and creepy dancing aganst the glass at my mate’s GF and his sister who were sat together, they noticed and said they were avoiding eye contact and trying to ignore it but he was continuing. Another friend wants to go smoke a joint in the outside area so I go to join and on the way out ask to stop so we can shoo the guy off. So we turn left, he’s still going and I say “Hey mate, why’re you staring at the girls like that?” And he turns puts up his hands and goes “Oh I didn’t know they were yours.” And slinks away elesewhere. It burned in my mind cause I was like they ain’t ‘mine’, I just wanted you to stop door camping them you could harrass them on the walk out.


This is why women will often act like their friends are their BF. I've even seen women in random situations approach another stranger and act like a SO so they would help deter the pervert. Sometimes we forget that we are animals at the end of the day. We're smart enough to know better, but we are animals, and sometimes we watch men act like the animals that they are. Zero excuses for the behavior though.


Yeah, I never used to understand why I heard women claim there was all this sexual harassment, but I'd never seen it. ...and then I realized that the assholes *specifically didn't do it when men were around*. I kind of want to dress in drag and surprise the shit out of some cat-callers.


Not even sure they see women as people at all.


He wasn't saying "sorry for harassing a woman" he was saying "sorry I didn't know this particular woman was your property"


I once was walking out of a grocery store and a man was walking near me. Another dude asks him “hey is that your girl?” and when the guy nodded no catcaller started aggressively asking for my number and talking about my body. I was so fucking enraged. Like I don’t belong to anyone. Why not ask *my* permission to talk, not my perceived partner. UGH.


They don’t think they will fall for them, they just want like to harass women that would never go for them.


I don't think it's ever been effective as a means of getting positive attention from a woman. I think the men that do it know they are often intimidating or that they can cause fear and humiliation. Often they yell very specific things about your body. Like other women have said, no one helps you. No one does anything but pretend it didn't happen or look at you like you caused the man to do it.


Causing discomfort in others gives some people a lot of joy. And the rush of feeling powerful. Otherwise they wouldn't start when you're 12 years old. Although I've been catcalled (and chased down the street and followed home from busses) by plenty of men who really did think that was a good way to get a date.


"My bad, bro, didn't know she belonged to you. Ima find me an unclaimed one."


Why would you upload a video of you looking like a little bitch


It’s amazing how many people do this too (posting video of them looking bad) they really delude themselves into thinking otherwise.


I love the energy.


Same. I want South Carolina guy to walk me home every night so I don’t have to be scared all of the time.


When your friend had a canned response for your behavior of “he’s just mentally ill,” it’s probably time to take a good look in the mirror.


Damn bruh posted this 🤦🏿‍♂️


Good! Cat calling is stupid af






bro what the fuck like 6 cats showed up outside my window thanks alot


They answer only to you now, use this power well my child.


Shut up dude I just got the cat to sleep!




Cats: You just have to ignore them until they come sit on your lap


The guy: It's just a compliment, why can't you just show some appreciation that I said something nice to you? The compliment: hey girl, those are some nice fucking tits, I wanna rub my dick all over them and cum on your face.


I got confused, i thought the bearded guy was the one who catcalled at first. Yes, I judged a book by its cover


Same. I was pleasantly surprised. Cat callers deserve this energy, especially when they come out of the gates with “do you want to fuck”


Yea I was scrolling on mute and thought the usual would be someone recording someone else's bad behaviour...not recording how much of a bitch they are.


The guy who recorded this is a little bitch


Paper men crumble when confronted with real adversity


Paper men lol


When I was 13, I was out walking my dog with my dad. As we walk over a crossing, 3 men in a black BMW lean out the windows of the car and whistle at me and yell "NICE ONE, SUGAR DADDY!" at my dad. My dad is the calmest, most collected person I know. He's THE guy people comes to for help with various issues, he never loses control. That time however, he just snapped. He *roared;* "SHE'S MY DAUGHTER, GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY SIGHT OR I'M SENDING THE DOG (rottweiler/GSD mix) IN THROUGH YOUR FUCKING WINDOW TO RIP YOUR THROATS OUT!!" Translated and a bit toned down from what he actually said in Swedish, just as a sidenote. The men's windows went up real quick and they floored it out of there. I have not seen my dad that worked up before nor since. Don't mess with the papa Lion and his cub.


That's amazing. Your dad is the OG BAMF.


Your dad is a silent badass. Also, 13? WTF?


Ask your female friends when the cat calling started. For most of us it was while we were still children (in my case, 11).


I have a tween daughter. That's scary. Thanks for the insight.


Wow man reading the comments made me realize there are many shitheads that believe catcalling is alright.


disappointed but not surprised. there were people here defending dudes taking creepshots of (sometimes underage) girls when the girls called them out and caught them on camera.


Yeah people sometimes forget that reddit is mostly anonymous and redditors are creeps. I saw like triple digit upvoted comments saying "IT'S MY RIGHT TO TAKE CREEPSHOTS OF UNDERAGE WOMEN AND NO ONE'S GONNA STOP ME"


Oh yea there’s a reason the mainstream media constantly lumps Reddit in with 4chan lol


And that’s why dude’s energy in the video is based.


and they'll only have the balls to say that online.


Total incels


Del Mar CA. Been in this shopping center many times. Probably some rich kid who has never had to face any sort of consequence for their actions.


Living in a bubble like many


I'm a big fan of actions meeting consequences.


I was confused because the guy is wearing an SC shirt and I’m pretty sure that is a Charleston River Dogs hat. Anyways go dogs. They are in the playoffs.


He got taught a lesson and then he uploaded it


r/amithebeta lmao, catcalling was a good idea for this guy until a man called back at him


Why would the guy who cat called a woman and Also got punked, then post the video


Jesus why would he post this vid thinkin he was in the right


Catcallers need to die off.


As a women who has no car and can't walk around in certain areas without being cat called (or momentarily followed, ugh...) I gotta say, I love this guy for going out of his way to call out that asshole. Like seriously, Thank you!!


I love men who aren’t afraid to confront other men on their behavior and don’t cower over fear of being called a simp or whatever else.


Perhaps this needs to happen more often? I for one was confronted by a female friend for catcalling women in front of her. Needless to say it was much needed for me to “grow up”


Glad you grew out of it. Some men double down


I am genuinely curious, why did you catcall girls in the first place? Like I, personally, can't even get into the mindset of doing that, so I'd like to pick your brain if you don't mind.


For me, I found them attractive and thought catcalling them would make them find me attractive. I felt superior and dominant because I was sitting there spilling out these words about how they looked, that they were attractive enough to “deserve me,”etc…and they just walked away as if they “couldn’t handle me”…that’s how it felt like. Made no sense how those sensations came about to me…but I’m truly glad that whole behavior and mindset are gone 🙏🏻


I feel like it was normalized for a while. Not like "celebrated" or outright encouraged, but you often saw it happen in movies and, at worst, it was just considered "silly" or something, you know what I mean? A lot of machismo culture isn't really given much deep thought, so people just imitate shit. It's embarrassingly stupid, but the truth is that I doubt most guys have any vision or plan of what they're doing when they catcall. Like maybe 3 guys out of 10 actually believed catcalling would get them laid, the rest just thought it was "harmless fun," as absurd as that shit sounds. Pure speculation on my part, though. I ain't an expert on assholery, just a common witness to it.


This is literally what that Gillette commercial was about a few years ago. "Hey men, be better" And fragile men everywhere cried and cried lol


My sister and I were catcalled last weekend while walking back to our airbnb in Chicago. We had planned to take the Kedzie Pink Line but a man tragically fell and died after coming into contact with the third rail. Anywho, it's after midnight and I was walking across the crosswalk with my fiancé and sister when a car with some dudes catcalled my sister and I so my fiancé turned and rubbed his nipples at the dudes. This triggered something in them because they proceeded to pull into the parking lot next to the sidewalk we were on to get out to fight my fiancé. It's pretty anticlimactic because an older man saw this and scolded them, saying "Now I KNOW you're not about to beat some white boy's ass for something so stupid." And that was that. Thanks to those who call out this behavior.


As a woman, we need more men like this. Thanks angry dude


If you know you’re gonna be this much of a pussy when someone confronts you, maybe you should just keep your mouth shut in the first place.


I wish there were men like this around every time this happened to me. Most people do absolutely nothing, especially when men get aggressive and violent when rejected. I've had to defend myself alone from unhinged men with everyone either idly watching or pretending that I don't exist. I would have loved for a guy like this to have my back just one time. Or anyone for that matter.


Same. The worst for me was when I was sitting on a crowded train, and the guy next to me reached up my skirt and started to... touch me. As I sat there in shock for a couple of seconds, I saw everyone around me watching but not doing anything. I grabbed his hand and threw it back onto him and said "Don't touch me" but again, I saw everyone watching but no one said or did anything. Similar situations have happened to me a lot on public transport. I have been able to hold my own, but it's always nice when you know the people around you have your back, just in case things get ugly. Even a simple smile or nod ("are you ok?") can go a long way.


Who is this total bad ass motherfucker. I want to buy him a beer, let’s make catcalling a thing of the past!


If that guy charged me I'd probably poop my little pants cause I'm just not a fighter. However, I'd never put myself in a position to have that guy charge at me cause I don't do BS like that guy. Love how the other guy was like "we're looking bad bro". His friend should not be his friend anymore.


Plot twist, he was actually catcalling the dude.


man it isnt often that the person yelling in the videos on public freakout earn my respect, but this guys a top bloke


I sincerely expected this dude to leap over the car


Damn I made a big assumption thinking the guy on camera was the catcaller until I turned on the sound


I was talking to you bro. So you want to fuck or what?


As a woman who started getting cat called at a VERY young age. THANK YOU to this dude. And before I get any comments defending cat calling there is a huge difference in respectfully giving a compliment and rudely sexuliazing.


Call out and shame these toxic men. Good on ya


We need more men like this who’ll call out other guys for doing Shitty things like this.


This 100%. Men always say they don’t know how to help, but calling it out when you see it helps us so much.


This one took me for a fucking roller coaster ride. I thought dude filming was going to be the one doing the call out. The guy being filmed may have been aggressive but straight up dudes gotta learn to stop harassing women on the street. Hats off to the guy being filmed


Imagine catcalling a woman at a red light and running away when confronted, he is the definition of a bitch.


i wish there were more men like this


When I was a young lad a group of teens catcalled my mom in a parking lot. My dad was there and went over to the teens van. He grab the cat callers arm and slam the sliding van door causing him to break the dudes arm. It was awesome and I’ve always been proud to be my fathers son. Fuck that kid.


Is angry guy accepted dad applications? We need more guys putting these beta boys in their place