Haitian Refugees Endure Abuse At The Hands Of Border Patrol Trying To Deliver Food To Their Families At A Makeshift Camp

Haitian Refugees Endure Abuse At The Hands Of Border Patrol Trying To Deliver Food To Their Families At A Makeshift Camp

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How did thousands of Hatians who live on an island closer to Florida end up at the Mexican border?


I understand that a lot of them were living in Latin America previously, so they didn’t come straight here


Ok, but even if you're right, how in the hell did they end up in Cd. Acuña? In order to get to Acuña, you have to use a road that also leads you to other closer border crossings. Acuña is literally a "dead end" for two federal highways. I'm not kidding, look at a map. You have to really go out of your way to get there. It's definitely not a direct trading route between Mexico and the US.


The routes are through Central America and Mexico. The Biden/Harris administration made it clear they do not want immigrants coming so these people are left to depend on coyotes and cartels who smuggle them through the border. Texas border is the main point of entry.


Cd. Acuña is not only out of the way, but it is also not a popular area for *coyotes*. If these migrants came through Saltillo up from Mexico City, then they would have been better off going to Nuevo Laredo, Reynosa, or even Matamoros. Hell, the only road that leads to Cd. Acuña also leads to the much closer border town of Piedras Negras. This entire event seems highly sus.


Highly sus how?


It's almost as if a person or organization is organizing and mobilizing these group of migrants for political purposes. It's definitely no coincidence that all these Haitians ended up in the same port of entry far away from most major Mexican/US routes. It gets even weirder when you consider that most Haitians who arrive into Mexico just go to Tijuana since there is a large Haitian community there.


It’s from fake news on WhatsApp. It’s a big problem in less developed countries I.e. Africa, South America, India


Didn't see any cell devices in that video. Where did they get the app, and service?


Free Biden money


So I’m other words they’re already in a safe country?


Fake news on WhatsApp that made them think they could get in if they went here.


Who funded the logistics is a better question


Cartels to throw authorities (manpower/resources) off of tracking their real intentions. These poor folks are pawns in a bigger scheme


Florida border immigrantion by sea is strict and Haitians don’t have the resources to ship out on the Atlantic I suppose so they probably went across the Carribean sea to Colombia or something🤷🏿‍♂️


They would have hit Cuba before they hit texas


lol no. […many of the migrants arriving in Del Rio were originally from Haiti but had fled after that country’s devastating 2010 earthquake and lived elsewhere in Central and South America, complicating their quick return to Haiti. He noted the organized nature of this recent migration wave, in which Haitian migrants were arriving by busloads and with specific instructions sent through Whatsapp.](https://www.texastribune.org/2021/09/18/texas-immigration-border-deportations/)


Every caravan has had shady groups or individuals that organize gullible people with promises of being "welcomed" into the US. The early central American caravans that ended in Tijuana were a clusterfuck. People were claiming that they were told the US would offer them refugee status, government assistance, and other benefits upon arrival (it's like these people had never heard of Trump's anti-immigration politics before making the journey 🤨). Whoever is organizing these shit shows needs to be arrested.


Cartels/human traffickers are the main culprits. No ones going to arrest them.


They're not. This isn't cartel MO. The cartel is going to rob these people once they get near any border region. But the real money maker is crossing these people. Letting them cross like in the video above is not in the best interest of any cartel. Some of the busiest illegal crossing points are near the Nuevo Laredo-Reynosa-Matamoros corridor.


I know people don’t want to believe it’s real but other countries(some of it is US based political operations) do organize fake news on Spanish media all the time. It wouldn’t surprise me at all if whoever has been organizing this fake WhatsApp was a Steve bannon type or a foreign country just trying to fuck with us. It’s destabilizing shit for a country


The cartel must have some impressive logistics for them to smuggle 15,000 people up to a border crossing. There definitely something fishy going on and I don’t think the cartels are the ones behind it


What? Maybe you should look at a map bro 😂. That makes as much sense as flying from New York to Texas while on the way to Alaska.


George Soros


Where is the Mexican government throughout all this?


Grabbing popcorn and watching


my government is encouraging it


the minister of foreign affairs just told us not to worry about the refugees, as they are on their way to the US and won’t stay in méxico


Is it any different than the US just telling them to go back to Mexico, and that it's not their problem?


is say that yes it is the same


Making money with their feet up, just like ours.


Doing Jack fucking shit because they don’t want them but yea America bad. It’s also not like these guys are absolutely inundated with about 15,000 Haitian migrants in one area along the border or anything


Im not sure how it works in the US, but to be legally recognized as an asylym seeker, do you need to declare it as a valid port of entry, like a proper boarder crossing? Or can anybody just illegally sneak into the country and when they get caught claim they are seeking asylum?


Depends on who’s reporting


There's lots of misinformation about asylum applications on this sub today. No you don't. You can enter illegally and apply for asylum up to a year afterwards by sending an application through mail. FAQ found here: https://www.uscis.gov/humanitarian/refugees-and-asylum/asylum/asylum-frequently-asked-questions/questions-and-answers-asylum-eligibility-and-applications


Yes. You have to go to a legal port of entry and declare asylum.


No you don't. > Can I Still Apply for Asylum Even if I Am in the United States Illegally? > Yes. You may apply for asylum with USCIS regardless of your immigration status if: > You are not currently in removal proceedings, You file an asylum application within one year of arriving to the United States or demonstrate that you are within an exception to that rule. https://www.uscis.gov/humanitarian/refugees-and-asylum/asylum/asylum-frequently-asked-questions/questions-and-answers-asylum-eligibility-and-applications You can enter illegally and apply for asylum up to a year afterwards. And to apply you can mail your application: > If you are filing a Form I-589, Application for Asylum and for Withholding of Removal, in one of the categories listed above with USCIS, you must mail your Form I-589 to: > USCIS Asylum Vetting Center > P.O. Box 57100 > Atlanta, GA 30308-0506 https://www.uscis.gov/i-589


The amount of people who are so confidently incorrect on this subject is crazy. I don't know the ins and outs but a quick Google shows you're wrong. Will you accept that or carry on spreading misinformation?


You are correct, they hate the truth and want to make it up.


What did the guard say “you use your woman that’s why your country went to shit”?


No,Hey you use your women this why your country is shit cause you use your women. You go, go, that way.


you use your women for this\*


Right after he said it, he tried to trample that little girl in the teal dress with his horse. This guy is gross.


Its apart of the scheme. Separate men from women and children. Then people go missing.


Just racist rambling. Doesn’t need to make sense.


Not racist. Maybe you can make a case about xenophobia, but even that's a stretch considering he isn't making a statement based on race or culture. It's a coward move to use a woman or child (or any other person for that matter) as a shield or for selfish reasons. At the end of the day, he isn't wrong. A lot of the caravans that came from Central America were mostly healthy men of fighting age running away from "violence". There were also a lot of incidents of theft, drug use, and migrant men "helping" themselves to donations before women and children had the chance. The sad truth is that a lot of people in the caravans aren't actually "refugees". They're just taking advantage of the situation to benefit themselves. If these Haitian men are able to walk all the way to Acuña, then they're certain capable of rebuilding their earthquake damaged country. Calling them out for this shouldn't be taboo.


> The sad truth is that a lot of people in the caravans aren't actually "refugees". They're just taking advantage of the situation to benefit themselves. *What?*


Yes. A lot of these people don't have valid asylum claims since many are just economic migrants. For example, the vast majority of central Americans who made the journey in 2018 were turned away or lost their case because they were simply looking for jobs. The US does not accept economic hardships as a valid excuse to gain refugee status. What these people are simply doing is making it hard for the real asylum seekers to plead their case. They just clog up the courts or cause mass deportations that lead to legitimate cases being ignored. It happened in 2018 and it likely happened here as well.


*Hm actually this cruelty is justified because--*




Good is any of that BS? Point out the lie.


> of fighting age i.e. anyone who's not elderly or a child What are you getting at with that anyway, that they're secret terrorists or something? Or is it just an automatic reflex for you types to tack that onto the end of any sentences about foreign men because using it to justify bombing weddings is second nature now?


Everything about this weird comment is inaccurate and wrong.


My favorite part is "fighting age" lmao. It's not wrong, most people are fighting age, it's just weird. They're migrants, not militants, so it's not a term you'd expect to be used, except by someone trying to paint a very particular picture.




I swear these dummies think building a country and reestablishing a democratic government is like Amish house raising.


It’s racist. The border patrol is full of racists.


You ever been to the Texas-Mexico border?


You ever been to Texas?


Yes. I frequently use both of the border crossings between Laredo and Nuevo Laredo (and on rare occasions the Colombia bridge and before the cartel violence the Falcon Dam crossing). I can tell you've never interacted with a CBP agent before.


Oh, I have been to Texas before. It is full of racists, especially the cops at all levels.


Something tells me you haven't. Texas is one of the most diverse states in the country (Houston being the most diverse town in the country, with Dallas being #4). That diversity is well represented within every law enforcement agency that operates on this state.


Texas is where the rednecks dragged a black man behind a truck for fun. Also where they accused an Indian kid being a terrorist because he brought in his science project. Yes, there are none white peoples that live there. That has no bearing on the population of racist rednecks, lol


Because he’s a shit for brains, class trading, race trading, xenophobic moron!


I agree with you this is honestly disgusting behavior


Obviously don't mean much but kinda interesting to note that homies got better clothes than I do here in NYC....that Calvin Klein shirt looks mad dope!! How tf they get access to clothes like that yet no access to food?


Well ever since Biden said that he wasn’t going to send Haitians back, in less then a month the number of refugees grew 10x what it had been for a number years at this location. It’s actually a pretty shitty situation there.


And he's now increasing the planes deporting them from the original 8 that we've used for those number of years. He's arguably being stricter than Trump or Obama.


Biden should just tell Republicans to not walk off a cliff.


We will look like Spain soon. They allow anyone to become a citizen if they live in the country for a certain amount of time. Many Spanish citizens can’t stand Africans because they come over without trying to adapt but also cause a lot of issues as well. Was thinking of traveling to Spain but didn’t want to deal with any racial tension. If we allow them into the country they need to actively work to become part of society. Otherwise we will have a bunch of people running around not learning the language but also not being able to work. Hispanics that do this can at least find work even if illegal due to many other Hispanics helping them acclimate to American life. If Haitians can’t do this it will get ugly soon. Edit: people mad about what I said but go ask anyone from Spain how they feel about the refugees coming over from Africa and they won’t say it as nicely as I did. Ps I got most of my information from a natural born Spanish citizen.


Hi Im Spanish. Shut the fuck up. We've literally have had African immigrants here forever you racist dick. Also most Africans I've met that have lived in the country for several years speak Spanish fluently, work hard and end up in decent jobs. Your ignorance is fucking appalling


Ah yes, Spain, the country that was occupied by Islamic conquerers for centuries, famous for not having any racial tension until recently XD


> We will look like Spain soon. They allow anyone to become a citizen if they live in the country for a certain amount of time. So exactly [like how American citizenship worked when the country was founded minus racism?](https://socialwelfare.library.vcu.edu/federal/naturalization-process-in-u-s-early-history/) >The first naturalization act, passed by Congress on March 26, 1790 (1 Stat. 103), provided that any free, white, adult alien, male or female, who had resided within the limits and jurisdiction of the United States for a period of 2 years was eligible for citizenship. Under the act, any individual who desired to become a citizen was to apply to “any common law court of record, in any one of the states wherein he shall have resided for the term of one year at least.” Citizenship was granted to those who proved to the court’s satisfaction that they were of good moral character and who took an oath of allegiance to the Constitution. Under the system established by the act, aliens could be naturalized not only in Federal courts, but also in State and local courts, and the children of successful applicants, if under 21 years of age, automatically became citizens.


Complete with chaps


it’s always such a spectacle when the US enforces its borders


IKR? I really feel for these people, but what are we supposed to do? I don't see anyone offering solutions, just criticism :-(


what does one do when they are that desperate?


You're right. It sux all around. More for them than anyone, but it's definitely not easy for anybody involved


Yeah, imagine if they got kids too. Fucking shity situation The irony is that I bet there are plenty of jobs near the border or in Texas that they could do. I've seen so many help wanted signs edit - damn just in Del Rio - https://www.google.com/search?q=del+rio+texas+jobs&rlz=1C1GCEA_enUS885US885&oq=del+rio+texas+jobs&aqs=chrome..69i57j0i22i30j0i22i30i457j0i22i30l7.3460j0j4&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8&ibp=htl;jobs&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwim882f9pDzAhVIUt8KHXn-DjgQudcGKAJ6BAgRECw#htivrt=jobs&htidocid=zQ1ZxxkPKP7YZhoIAAAAAA%3D%3D&fpstate=tldetail


Nothing like terrible policies to create a humanitarian crisis.


Would you swing the border gates wide open? How about the governments of Haiti and Mexico do something?


The govt of Chile already did. These are not recent "refugees".


Are you saying they travelled from Chile to the United States?


I’m not trying to be that person but they can’t get mad they there isn’t any food or toiletries for them, they came over, we didn’t invite them. It’s sad looking at this but we can’t house them all. How are we going to adapt them to American life. Spain is having this very issue because people come over and don’t even bother to adapt or learn the language. It’s rough but we have people struggling too. We can’t help everyone.


> I’m not trying to be that person but they can’t get mad they there isn’t any food or toiletries for them Aside from some of them being lied to about America (the whole compassionate nation of immigrants thing), they're actively prevented from going further into the US to work or purchase those products. They're also treated like above if they go back into Mexico to buy those products. We adapt them to American life via naturalization courses, and through submerging them into American life. Genuine question: is Spain the new go to for the xenophobes? I know y'all used to scream about Germany and Sweden, but Spain is new.


Completely irrelevant but why do horsey riders wear those chaps on the legs


South Texas brush country. There's a lot of prickly and thorny vegetation in that part of the state and chaps helps protect a riders legs. But to be honest, I've been around this part of the country (on both sides) and my biggest sorry would be rattlesnakes.


Nah we full sorry.


The US has every right to kick them out. Why the hell are they making camps in a country that they aren't legally allowed to be in? Obviously they shouldn't be abused but why the fuck are their actions tolerated either?


The US and France owe Haiti a debt that cannot be repaired. They destroyed Haiti, and punished it for daring to liberate itself. Massive waves of immigration is the least of "scourges" these former colonial powers deserve.




they have every legal right to apply for asylum


Well the US Controls the IMF which is the body that basically has been the main funder of governments with loans across the world for the last 70 years. We (US) have fucked over Haiti and other SA countries through coercion by economic means since Haiti was a country, in retaliation for their slave rebellion. Not to mention all the destabilizing we have done politically and militarily. Why is SA so poor while NA is so successful? It seems disingenuous that they’re like Africa and we don’t help them. I don’t blame current generations for trying to come here.


I don't blame current generations for trying to come here, but that doesn't mean you need to let them in. If some native american dude tried to just come live in your house you would probably not let him, despite his assurances that his ancestors owned the land 500 years ago.


I’m just explaining partially why they do it.


If they weren't breaking the law by entering illegally the cops wouldn't have to act the way they are...


It’s crazy how this isn’t the popular opinion. These people on Reddit are fucking stupid lol.


You do this in majority of the countries on this earth and they’ll kick you the fuck out. US citizens have it so nice that one little winkle and everyone thinks it’s corrupt.


I wish these morons would travel to foreign countries, literally clueless on how the world actually works. Even third world countries will arrest and/or deport you for entering illegally


Some countries will literally shoot you for trying this


It's complicated since they are seeking asylum, which they have a legal right to do. It doesn't mean they have a right to enter outside of a designated port of entry, however, once they do, then it's not the same as other types of unlawful entry.


Their asylum case is weak at best. These people are here for a better life. It's pure economics. They're not being persecuted, no roving gangs beating people up. They are already complaining about not being provided baby diapers, milk, water, etc. Imagine how they'll be when they get in, they'll be ward of the state forever.


are you fucking stupid lol. do you know anything about haiti


Yes they do have the right to seek asylum, but illegally crossing the border isn't how it's done. So it's not really complicated at all unless you think the laws are allowed to be broken.


Yes, it is how it's done. There are two ways to declare asylum in the US, and you have to be physically in the US already for both of them. One of them actually has being detained by the authorities after crossing as the first step. Nowhere in either process does it state that you must cross at a legal port of entry, or that illegally crossing disqualifies you from claiming asylum. https://www.uscis.gov/humanitarian/refugees-and-asylum/asylum/obtaining-asylum-in-the-united-states


The correct but unpopular opinion. That said if you're not native and you live in America you're an illegal alien, likely from a family that left their native home to seek better conditions or better money.


So honest question then. If either way is acceptable, why not just go to the port of entry so that you get straight to the authorities that you need to in order to get started on your asylum status? Do you think there might be a reason they aren't crossing at a legal port? If I got caught crossing a border illegally I could say I'm seeking asylum too right? Lol


A lot of immigrants do come here through legal ports of entry, the wait times for this can be months to years though, which if you're fleeing from a country due to any political/gang reason, leaves you and your family vulnerable to the same people you're fleeing. It also makes you a huge target to human traffickers. To your second point, yeah anyone can claim asylum, but we have asylum courts/immigration judges who hears your case. I literally linked you the whole process in my original comment.


The problem is there’s a 1.4 million case backlog in the immigration court system. Our legal immigration system *does not work* Ironically, the only *realistic* way to get asylum in the US is to come in illegally. You most likely won’t make it in through our current immigration system, because it’s not functioning.


because it's usually easier to ask for forgiveness than permission, and if they cross illegally and aren't caught they can potentially fly under the radar. i understand most Americans can't look at things from another person's perspective so you can downvote if you'd like


You do know laws should be based on ethics, not dictate them, right? Saying abusive behavior is fine because of legalities is some fascist level shit.


The proper procedure for seeking asylum is to declare your refugee status in the first safe country you arrive in. That would be Mexico in the case of every migrant you see in this video. Trying to then cross from Mexico into the US is economic immigration, not seeking asylum.


[I would not consider Mexico a safe country for refugees and asylum seekers.](https://www.humanrightsfirst.org/sites/default/files/MEXICO_FACT_SHEET_PDF.pdf)


> Trying to then cross from Mexico into the US is economic immigration, not seeking asylum. And yet, our laws allow for their consideration under asylum.


"Abuse, neglect, brutality, and violence are all fine against a displaced, peaceful people. The law says so." \-- CMPilot, expressing fascist ideology.


Cops don’t have to do these things at all. They can detain and deport them. You don’t need to whip anyone from horseback


Not one person was whipped.


No one was getting whipped.


Cops don’t need your excuses to be jerks.


I didn't realize stopping ILLEGAL ALIENS from entering our country illegally made someone a jerk!? The Aliens doing illegal activity and also NOT complying with orders from a US official are the Jerks.


What would be insane is if there were some sort of physical barrier that made the situation more manageable by limiting points of entry.


No one is entitled to US citizenship just because they’re poor or fleeing their home country. It sucks for them, but we’re not a humanitarian organization. Homeland security for 300+ million current citizens is more important.


You’d be surprised how much of, refugees seeking asylum, is directly our fault.


Exactly. mAyBe iF colonization didn't happen we wouldn't be here. But HERE WE ARE.


Yep, like when the United States slaughtered all of the pigs that Haitians had and forced them to buy American pigs that were super expensive and were an invasive species that did not do well in Haiti at all.


Says the same people who refuse to takes any action to actually take care of the 300 million citizens.


I don’t completely understand the situation but if they are getting food from Mexico to feed the people in the US camp, why not just go back to Mexico where they have food? It seems like they just want to try and get a free US citizenship to me


You say free like you did something spectacular to earn it.


Yea he was born here. That’s how it works. They weren’t.


You realize it costs quite a bit of money to migrate to the US legally right? Not only that you have to have a job and prove you are going to be a productive member of society.


They're seeking asylum. You have to be in US soil to apply for asylum.


You got that right.


You are correct.


Isn’t Kamala supposed to be in charge of this mess?




“Do not come”


Agent: You use your women....This is why your country is like this. Yeah about that the reason why Haiti is the way it is now, because of the United States policy. Thats not even going into Europe policy before the United States.


"Theres not enough food, diapers, sanitary supplies here"....so to me it sounds like Texas isn't equipped to take them in. As a Texan, I couldn't agree more. Perhaps Mexico or any number of other countries are a better choice. Send them back.


Reinstate Trump’s remain in Mexico policy. It was working.


It was. But because US politicians operate on a "do the opposite of my opponent" platform, the Biden administration will continue to erase Trump policies as much as possible (just like Trump tried to erase everything Obama did).


And if they do work together they’re accused of being traitors to their party. Unfortunate system we have.


When are they going release the Cossacks?


All that fucking trash. Only took a few weeks to look like Haiti. Can’t wait for my neighborhood to be full of litter.


Who gives a shit? They're crossing the border illegally. They shouldn't be there in the first place.


Get them the fuck out. They are a strain on our economy. They won't work


You aren’t a part of the 1 percent. It’s not your economy; it’s theirs. You are just a cog that thinks they are entitled to something because you have white skin. You are less than worthless


All I see are people abusing the immigration laws and the integrity of the United States border.


Wasn’t trump going to build a wall there and make Mexico pay for it? What a failure he was.




Racist like yourself are getting huge boners looking at this


Fuck them .....no sympathy card here ...people wanna paint a sad story but it’s the citizens that live on the border where they have to put up with this daily .and fuck the government for allowing this to happen




Looking at it objectively, All this video shows is a bunch of illegals who are actively invading the US. They really shouldn't even be anywhere near this country anyway, so fuck them.


F** these illegals


you can curse on here lol.


I agree fuck anyone whos not native american.


Fun these illegals?


Truly amazing policing right here. Thank god that ~~pig~~ cop saw the threat that little girl posed and almost trampled her. Clearly a jihadist seeking entry to do the crime. Awesome shit right here I mean it not at all a demonstration of the inherent violence of borders.


My heart dropped when I saw that little girl so close to being trampled.


So what is a better way to stop them from entering illegally? A wall?


Make it legal lol


So your policy would be open borders?


Not the previous guy, but actually yes. If I was in charge of immigration policy it would be much easier for people to immigrate the the united states. There would be reasonable limits of course, but I think America with a population in the hundreds of millions and the most wealth of any country ever can afford to feed, cloth, and house a quite a large number of refugees. I also believe that due to our nations history with Haiti we have a debt to the nation. The reason Haiti is such a poor nation is because its progress was intentionally hampered by the international community from the revolution and to the present day. See the "independence debt" France imposed in the nation as an example. If Haiti was allowed to develop it would likely be in a much better spot politically and economically. It might even have been wealthy enough to earthquake proof its buildings, but that is not the reality and America, while not the sole bearer of blame, is at least partially responsible. So...ya, I think America is not doing its part in accepting refugees, I think we are too strict on legal immigration, and I think a lot of these refugees are in the situation they are in partially because of our nations actions. So in my opinion the American government has a moral duty to help. They should be helping these people, not sending cops on houseback to whip black people and trample children.


He was obviously going after the man. Why you lying bro?


Oh shit bro ya got me. Your right. I'm wrong.


So you’re saying he’s just unable to control the horse as he’s trying to use it as a weapon right beside a child?


I’m not trying to convince you, dude. I’m sure there are plenty of people who see it from both perspectives.


I guess the Hatians expectations aren’t being met?


Someone told me biden basically invited them in and said there would be accommodations, and now they’re here and theres no accommodations. Is that true? (Very rough summary obviously)


so much for empathy.... what the fuck Biden


This is so sad. I wish there were more border patrol agents to help them against this invasion.


They are here illegally and aren't compiling with law enforcement. They are abusing our laws and disrespecting the country as a whole.


They are criminals braking our laws


You can stop the bullshit.


Just because a law is being broken does not mean a person is committing an immoral action. Morality and legality are not one and the same. There are times were the law itself is immoral and wrong. When I see these people, I see poor starving people with no home and no were else to go. Yes, they broke the law and illegally entered the USA, but I am not so sure if breaking that law as an immoral act on the part of the refugees. Maybe in this case its the law that is wrong.


Sad situation all around.


US authorities were overwhelmed? No they weren't. The government failed over the last 8 months to give the authorities the resources and man power they needed and now we have this cluster fuck. Send in the fucking National Guard!!


Abuse?!? Those are boarder guards wtf are they supposed to do?


Fucking racists. This disgusting. And the people here are more worried about how they came to the border than how these racist pigs are abusing them. Makes me feel sick on my stomach


Literally the absolute worst among us go on to become border agents.


All the people who would have been in the KKK decades ago are now cops, prison guards, and border patrol.


That shit spewing racist asshole almost trampled a little girl with his horse. What a tough guy.


Could not fucking watch after an OFFICIAL OF OUR GOVERNMENT used his horse to charge at a child. Gut wrenching.


Ahh the border patrol, the most corrupt and inept law enforcement group in the country


Not sure why you're being downvoted, but there has been a lot of claims of corruption against the CBP in the Laredo and RGV area.


It can go in waves, this sub has one of the most diverse demographics in terms of politics. Everyone from far left to far right stop by to see the public freaking out. Whenever you make a statement about cops or whatever people chose sides and vote their team regardless of the accuracy of the statement. Sometimes you get downvoted by one group and then up by another. Sometimes you just get downvoted to oblivion. I take what I get with no complaints. [But CBP does have the highest rates of corruption and misconduct](https://www.cato.org/blog/corruption-criminality-discipline-performance-problems-border-patrol)


Wow, this is so racist it makes me sick, but it is Texas.


Biden is really fucking up the border I bet Kamala is laughing her ass off like usual


Fucking stupid border patrol agents


Blowback from decades of US interference in these country's. It's a hard pill to swallow but many western countries benefitted from the destabilization of the Caribbean & South/Central America. Many of these countries never recovered . This is the end result. People trying to get away from countries the US/Western countries fucked up for generations. Russia is just as much at fault for the destabilization in some of these countries. I just feel empty for these people . You have to wonder how many never made it this far dying by murder or illness etc.


You're getting downvoted but you're speaking facts. These countries have been fucked over for decades. I'm sure these people would much rather stay in Haiti but their country is a mess and they made the hard choice to leave it behind to try and help their families live a better life. The comments here are disgusting.


Why are Americans such racist pieces of shit?


What country are you from?


I hate this country this world man I hate to even be a human at this point that’s saying dumb man


Get them out!!!


Those Border Agents are Fascist scum!