Beatings, buried videos a pattern at Louisiana State Police: The most violent videos languished for years, lost or ignored in a digital vault. State Police troopers & top brass alike would often look the other way, even as officers took to official messaging channels to brag about their brutality.

Beatings, buried videos a pattern at Louisiana State Police: The most violent videos languished for years, lost or ignored in a digital vault. State Police troopers & top brass alike would often look the other way, even as officers took to official messaging channels to brag about their brutality.

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When a Police officer tells you that they aren't able to do their job anymore due to the "way things are going" and they resign, that means they are upset they can't beat the shit out of whoever they want. Too many people join the force to exert control and get off on being violent. The ones who join in order to protect and serve are often bullied into resignation or fired by the violent thugs and corrupt police unions.


Too bad the 'dangerous job' didn't kill them before they quit.


I’m statistically more likely to be shot doing my job, delivering pizza, than any cop.


Them pizzas comin with an ass whoppin instead of dipping sauce.


It continues to blow my mind that this stuff keeps happening without severe community response.


Well every time there is community response all the racists come out of the woodworks and act like people are making big deals out of nothing. There was a protest in my hometown in Louisiana about police brutality and clips of it ended up on publicfreakout wherein the sub decided the protesters were being redic even though said clip was just of some people standing in a human chain in the entrance to a parking lot where a lot of people believe a man was murdered by police. A man in a truck decided to drive 2mph through them and oh the protesters were the ones in the wrong. The reason they were blocking that entrance was because they were also protesting the store for covering up the bullet holes and blood stains with a trash can and opening the next day. It was just disrespectful to the protesters and yeah they shouldn’t have been interfering with the business but you don’t drive through ANYONE even at 2mph


Have you seen how the general public responds to the community response? They prefer the cops being pigs.


That's what I'm saying blows my mind


Ah. I wasn't considering the public response to the community response to be a part of the community response but you are right that it is.


Because that county or state will call over the next county or state and you got 1000 cops with military shit going after people protesting


Idk if you were paying attention last summer but the cops showing up will just increase the community response, not subdue it.


You forgot BLM already?


Not really; I still wake up most nights around 2:30 in the morning with a brain full of memories of kneeling people getting shot and tear gassed all around me, and being the only medic in the protest crowd the first weekend. I'm saying I'm surprised people haven't started fighting back.


Lmao your privileged ass making about yourself “I still wake up most nights…” shut up guy


I guess you were out there too Maybe you can do something useful with your life instead of ridiculing the people who do but hey I'm not the one who has to live inside your head with your shit attitude


Yes I was. Imagine thinking you the privileged white guy are special for protesting Stop using our trauma for your feel good points


'our trauma' Okay troll


Me being black is trolling? You are the average shitty white protestor. You only care about your internet points


No you dumb fuck. You being a shitty and obvious troll is trolling. You're the only racist fuck bringing anything other than behavior into the conversation. You're also really bad at insults; you have exactly 2: fat, and white. I may not know you, but anyone who goes to the fat white man well for their humor as much as you is either insecure about being one, or wants to fuck one and doesn't know how to go about it.


Damn you’re the racist privileged culture vulture. And by the sounds of it fat too. Get a life scumbag and stop trying to use the trauma of black people to make you feel better about your garbage life


Are you implying that this state full of inbred southern swamp yokels has a police force of violent racist thugs? I'm shocked. Shocked, I tell you




Poor and racist, the Southern way. Some parts of the South have a lower Life Expectancy than Bangladesh, it's quite sad that some of them think they are the best of not only the country but also the world.


I literally don’t know anyone who has moved to the north that thinks it’s better down there.


The south should have been left to secede. Fuck em.


They would probably come crawling back after realizing they get more money from DC than they pay them.


"Heritage not hate!" A hateful heritage then?


I didn’t know Minnesota was in the south? Or the NYC police killing Eric Garner was in the south too. Weird.




I perceive the world as racist. Most are inherently, I mean Muslims being killed and thrown in concentration camps in China, Japanese hate Koreans, Jews hate Palestinians, Pakistanis hate Indians. Brits hate the Irish, I mean it goes on and on. Nothing bout the south, tho they do seem to be more emboldened here and I’ll give yo that.


Right but what does that have to do with what I said, the south excoriates it’s heritage and hospitality, I pointed out the irony that this shows the backwards nature of the heritage and an inhospitable treatment of people… that’s it and that’s all, you’re the one with the red herring here.


Hay you leave my damn swamp outta this!!


No surprise considering Louisiana regularly framed people for various crimes in order to populate prisons which were then used as cheap labor for several industries who paid the state.


That kinda thing still happens all over I believe, sadly.


I wouldn't doubt it.


It is true sadly I live in the south west part of Louisiana and it doesn’t happen as much in my town but in the bigger ones I here it happens all the time


Slavery still alive and well in Louisiana I see.


Still alive in America in general. 13th Amendment didn't outlaw slavery, just made it so it had to be punishment.


We gotta put systems in place to correct this, disgusting.


Self defense laws should apply to cops. Both ways. Cops should only be allowed to do certain things when threatened. Victims should be allowed to defend themselves from unruly officers.


Just end qualified immunity. Who cares if a bunch of cops quit? Police departments are so flush with cash they can literally start over and probably end up better off. Get rid of the toxic culture.


I wouldn’t say “just” end qualified immunity as that doesn’t really solve the problem on its own


Only ending qualified immunity won’t do shit. The cop will complain if it’s ended and we’ll have more problems. We need an inter-agency accountability police force to police the police. Look at when qualified immunity was implemented, and why.


In any other country people would have started defending themselves.


That is not a solution. Because there is an element of force here. Police come armed to the teeth. Your average citizen is not. More over, this does no address the issue of escalation. How is ANY situation in which a citizen feels they have the right to defend themselves not going to escalate into a violent confrontation? Then you add weapons? Someone is going to die. And its most likely isn't going to be the cop who is not only armed, but has immediate back up either there or on the way. Go after the police union. Go after police officer's livelihoods. Go after their institution, its literally the only way. And they're going to fight it as hard as they possibly can, every inch of the way.


Police don’t even need union’s protection. Who’s going to fire them? The entire executive branch is nothing but evil bastards. Judicial branch doesn’t do shit about it. Congress changing when police can use force, and removing their protection from the self defense of citizens is the only way. You’re assuming a lot of shit in your comment. You can have peaceful interactions with armed people. Citizens should have a right to defend themselves from illegal force, which is shown in video. Cops will keep everything if we keep trying to push against the unions. Let’s show them what the second amendment is for.


Alright, go on. Give me ANY scenario you think an armed citizen is going to "defend" themselves from a police encounter and not wind up dead because the cop suddenly realized he was overstepping his bounds and backs off. And you claim i'm assuming a lot of shit lol.


I don’t think you understand how the self defense laws would apply. Officers would have to be much more tact in the first place. Never escalating to physical violence. For instance, David McAtee. In that situation, officers used illegal force against him, and then he defended himself, and the National Guard murdered him. With self defense only laws, the officers that attacked David McAtee would be arrested and no officers would be legally allowed to stop David from defending himself. Qualified immunity wouldn’t matter at that point because they would be violating his constitutional rights.


No no. I wanna hear why you think someone getting abused by a cop in "routine" traffic stop is gonna survive a situation where they pull out a firearm with the intent of defending themselves from said abuse. Lets even ignore small factors like how is someone going to defend themselves when they're not aware they're going to be assaulted until 3+ cops show up. Or lets just pretend the person isn't going to be black, because cops already shoot them for just having a gun anywhere in the car. How do you expect that is going to happen? Because your entire premise is some implied fantasy. I dunno what planet you're living on, but here on earth cops already treat everyone like they are armed and a possible threat and we see how they're behaving. So how is ACTUALLY adding more guns to this situation going to apply some fucking barrier that will deter cops anymore than it already doesn't? So i'm not about to entertain a fantasy scenario. What do you think is going to happen when a citizen pulls a gun on a cop who is going to ignore his "right to defend himself". Because I wanna see what kinda pretzel you're gonna twist yourself into


Sounds more like a fault of self defense in general. Using a gun in a scenario like this is quite the gamble as it may not be considered warranted self defense. But ideally you would defend yourself and if another officer attacks you, they would be sentenced for it. What do you suggest instead? What does no police unions do?


So you have no answer. Now if ONLY you'd accept just how fucking stupid your idea is while ridiculing others. You go after the police union because it is one of the largest unions in the country that actively lobbies our government to keep/put in really questionable practices. Ever wonder why weed took so long to become legal in states and still not at the federal level? Go check out how much money the police union donates. And if you had bothered to read ANYTHING else in OP you'd have seen that i offer more than just "POliCe UNioNs". So i'll say it again here. You-go-after-their-livelihoods. If they wanna misbehave, make them pay the civil settlements that devour almost entirety of a city's budget in some cases. Make cops self-insure so they have to pay for damages. The real heart of the issue is that this is institutionalized in police work from the get go. There is no amount of training or extra funding that is going to solve this problem. Its going to take actually relooking at the laws we've passed and seeing where we've gone wrong in allowing police so much leeway in how they are operating/trained/funded.


So police unions are a problem because they lobby against legalization? Legalizing weed isn’t the end-all-be-all, it’s honestly irrelevant to the topic. Self-insuring isn’t going to do shit either. Police departments cover shit up like shown in post and what then? And do you really think taking their money is going to stop them? I have a history lesson for you. The only people to successfully limit police brutality were local gangs, militias protecting their communities from the police. Police officers are real kind when there’s a black panther putting a shotgun to his back. But they got shut down because self defense laws didn’t apply to cops.


>Victims should be allowed to defend themselves from unruly officers. "The suspect involved in the slaying of Officer Fuckface was killed after SWAT teams surrounded their home and killed them with remote explosives."


the system is already in place and the beatings will continue until morale improves




There is no reforming these animals. We need to get rid of the police.


it is the mindset of the police that is the problem...in that what THEY think/feel/assume what their job is....is not what WE think/feel/assume their jobs are. the goals are different, the acceptable methods are different, their motivation is different. what we really have to decide is....which of us is in charge..them or us.


Lol what does that even entail? How do you propose we keep people from breaking the law?


if your car breaks down...you don't stop driving, you get a new car. the police have been broken and no longer perform the job we want them to. so maybe it's time to get a new one. the idea of continuing to do something that does not work because "that's how it's always been" is not only wrong but lazy.


Thats not what the commenter meant at all tho. Sure you can start a new agency and call it a different name but its still law enforcement


Police don't actually stop people from breaking laws. That said, you can help keep people from breaking many laws by having a strong social safety net, including education, healthcare, housing, etc so people don't fall into illegal behavior out of a need for survival. That would be a start.


What's the theory behind this? What books should I read to find out more about this idea? It just seems wrong at face value to say that 100% of crime could be stopped with social supports.


You should check out the book Until We Reckon by Danielle Sered. She talks about her time working for the restorative justice organization called Common Justice, based in New York, and about how to have a justice system truly focused on victims and reducing harm, as opposed to one focused simply on punishing those who cause harm.


Well, not 100%. Crimes of passion or greed, for example, would not be stopped that way. But I said "many" crimes, particularly ones done out of necessity for survival.


I'm an anarchist, so I don't believe we should have laws either.


Ahh cool. Maybe you’d like living in Antartica, international waters, or Florida then cuz you wont find that amongst the civilized


Lol Florida is closer to fascism than anarchy, but ok, sure buddy. Anarchists definitely aren't civilized, we just run around causing mayhem, is that what you think?


That’s nice sweetie.


It would be the fucking purge if we had no police bro


That's what the police want you to think.


The police want you to not identify that they are doing the purge daily


Not with that attitude. Yes they’ve made mistakes, but we need a holistic approach. There’s a very real danger of finding large quantities of drugs then things turning violent. I’m sure we’ve seen plenty of videos of those interactions with police getting gunned down. A short answer of ‘deal with it, you signed up to get shot in the face’ isn’t the best approach. Granting Humanity to both sides of the encounter is the path, not demonization. If I can transcend beyond ‘fuck those criminals’ I expect the same across the convo.


Oh, my bad! I should have considered a 'holistic approach' when I was eight and cops were called to our family birthday party at a public park, because we pissed off some white kids somehow. The kids and their trashy mom showed up shortly after, and my cousins and I got to see grown ass cops with their hands on their weapons already, because I (the eight year old girl) was obviously the biggest threat, with the maybe ten inch twig I'd picked up off the ground, because we were playing knights. Gosh, if only I'd thought of the holistic approach when the cops showed up at our house in the middle of the night and stampeded into our house with no warning and no warrant because they suspected someone in our neighborhood of being a drug dealer. Golly, if only I'd thought of the holistic approach when I was 19 and homeless and a cop woke me up screaming at me because it was illegal to sleep under that particular bridge's staircase. Maybe if I'd thought of the holistic approach, he wouldn't have groped me so hard while he was allegedly looking for weapons under my thin hoodie and skirt. The holistic approach really would have helped, I bet, when he was screaming in my face so aggressively that there were flecks of spit hitting me on the face. I guess I just didn't approach the situation 'holistically' enough


Those are clearly not “mistakes”. There is a culture of aggression and violence created by the majority of police forces and perpetuated by people acting as if officers facing danger excuses any of this kind of behavior. It doesn’t. Being a pizza delivery driver is more dangerous than a police officer. A couple years ago I may have agreed with you, but at this point I have seen way too many videos of officers abusing their power, specifically with minorities, to think we could ever reform this system.


Spot on, comrade.


We need police, but just start over. The toxicity is self sustaining and needs to be cut out.


We don't need police. I certainly don't.


Who/what should I read to learn more about this idea? At face value it seems like a bad idea to completely abolish the police but I'm willing to explore it some more. Any recommendations?


Any of the anarchism subreddits have a load of information and further readings on this topic. Specifically a lot of new comers to this idea post in r/anarchism101. You'd be more than welcome to post specific questions to real anarchists there. Edit: I meant r/anarchy101


Is there a specific anarchist writer that deals with abolishment of police?


Crazy how these places are where “live PD” goes to film and it makes the officers look all nice and “just doing their job” but when the tv station leaves they do this shit.


"The land of the free" In which 25% of all incarcerated humans are imprisoned In which 70% are imprisoned for non-violent offenses. In which 100% of citizens are having every private communication collected. Why do my idiot countrymen still insist that we're free? Fucking children in grown bodies.


Siri. Play Prison Song by System of a Down.


🎸 🎸 🎸 🎸 🎸 🎸 🎸 🎸 🎸 🎸 🎸 🎸 🎸 🎸 🎸 🎸🎸🎸🎸 *they'retryingtobuildaprison*


'For you and me to live in' Whenever I get stopped by a pig I feel lucky to be white. After BLM I get it... people of color are fucking terrified every time. I've got Serj Tankian's lyrics to remind me that SOAD called it out decades ago.


Hell yeah, the US government rigs elections. I love this song.


Only about 1 in 5 prisoners in the US are locked up for drug crimes. Not sure where you got those numbers. https://www.prisonpolicy.org/reports/pie2020.html


And where exatly did he say something about drugs in relation to a incarceration? You do realize drug offense is not the only non violent crime out there right?


The person I responded to appears to have Ninja-edited out their sourceless claim that 70% of prisoners are in for drug crimes.


Fair enough for me to give you the benefit of the doubt. I reclaim my downvote. Good day sir or madam.


No worries have a good one


Police can never be trusted again


Should have never been trusted?


Institutionalized racism. I don’t think I want to travel in America anymore and have my money be taxed and given to organizations like that.


Relax you're arm or I'll break it off he says as he uses his taser on him... How doesn't he know getting electrocuted activates the muscles involuntary... You can't actually relaxed while being tasted...


[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OflGwyWcft8](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OflGwyWcft8) Here's a really fucked up game of Simon Says. Ended with the cop shooting the man who was sobbing while trying to listen to his insane instructions. Nothing they are yelling makes sense in these situations, because they are so jacked up on adrenaline.


First I'd heard of that one. Took me down a bit of a rabbit hole reading up about it. How in the hell was that murderer acquitted? The victim's sobbing is fucking heart breaking.


The justice system is a joke. I had my skull cracked open by 2 cops many years ago in Penn Station for telling them to fuck off. 4 staples. The 2 cops had 2 completely different stories and somehow, the cameras that would have had the incident weren't working that day. In one of the most highly secured train stations in the world. lol. They pushed and pushed the court date for 2 years. At 2 years you have to decide if you are going to sue or not. As soon as I submitted to sue, a third story from the cops and a new charge of Attempted Assault of a Police Officer" was added. For up to two years after the incident, the police can change their story to whatever they want and you can't tell the court that they did this. Even though there were now 3 different stories from 2 cops. I won because I had witnesses, but I got a lot less than I should have for suing them. I lost all faith in the justice system. And I'm as white as they come, so I can't imagine what a minority must go through.


Sickening, frankly. I'm from the UK. Grew up through the late 70s and 80s adoring America. Spoon fed from TV shows and movies and MTV. All colourful and glamorous. Couldn't wait to grow up and visit. Now I just know I will never go there. Perhaps reddit paints a more negative picture than it is but just the possibility of suffering any of this injustice means I'll never see the place.


Yea, it's def a mess right now. I don't deal with half the shit you see on reddit, but enough of it to want to leave. If it wasn't for family, I'd have moved to Australia. I'm actually going to be visiting 5 places I want to move to over the next 5 years, pending the pandemic. Costa Rica is looking like the top contender at the moment.


so many videos of people getting killed because one cop was yelling "get down on the ground!" and another cop iwas yelling " hands up, do not move!" and the guy just couldn't figure out how to follow both at the same time....so they shot him.


This has the shooting if u want it https://youtu.be/VBUUx0jUKxc


No he knows, he's doing it on purpose.


Lousiana welcomes an FBI probe - https://www.npr.org/2021/09/10/1036176545/louisiana-state-police-racial-profiling-doj-use-of-force


Fucking animals. How can anyone trust a cop after seeing shit like this?


This is what happens if you recruit low IQ doohickeys from the army straight into the police force.


how small does your dick have to be?


If it can be seen by the plain eye you don’t qualify to serve on the force. Microscopic only please.




Dirty redneck police disgusts me almost as much as the idiots with the thin blue line stickers who so proudly support this nonsense




ACAB. Fuck these pigs.


Hey do you have an outside link/source to this? I am a Louisiana resident and this is all over the news, but this is the first non screenshot footage I've seen of it. I just wanna be able to pull it up when I need to because some people in the ol' local bigoted asf news stations believe these ppl all deserved their beatings (which clearly isn't true)


You can also download the video using the “redditsave” website


This investigation was done by the Associated Press. https://apnews.com/article/91168d2848b10df739d73cc35b0c02f8


You mean like a youtube link? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PVixqI6ooEk&t=1s Hope that helps!


Good enough, thanks!


I wonder if any of this abusers have the balls to comment on this section. If you are an officer why do you act this way? Are you so scared of everyone that you need to act this way. Can any officer in other state or precinct explain to us why are some of your coworkers such cowards?


Tried asking that in the cop sub a year ago and got insta banned


Oh, I'm up. This country is going to kill me one way or another. It can't be healthy waking up with all this rage so early in the a.m.


Seriously though. It feels very helpless and unhealthy when I watch these. But I feel it's wrong to ignore it.


What?? Police abusing black people??? This should be on the news


Shooting these pigs should be considered self defense in my opinion


Grew up in SJTB Parish - the state is a corrupt shithole, and the cops there are a gang of thugs




These blue idiots wonder why we don't like them.


This is part of the reason I’m happy to be an Ex-Pat.


Louisiana has some of the most corrupt police in the US.


There’s a database for: Sexual Predators, Fellons, Covid Vaccinated, WHY can’t we have one for cops that have been suspended, reprimanded or fired?


Fox News I read that Fox News was re newing cops. It reminded me that Reno 911! Was a show lmao. Since ya know civilians are recording cops everyday. The reason cops was canceled was because cameramen were killed..Propaganda incoming.


*Cop beating guy in the head with flashlight* COP: "STOP COVERING YOUR HEAD!"


Male Karens with guns and authority in these videos.


Guilty till proven innocent around there


Cops are often sociopaths, they don't care because it is not their money, their time, their resources on the line if something would happen and to top it off they will try to cover it up, and if it goes to court often the cops are absolved because the system is set up like that. Oh you can give me anecdotal examples, but out of all the complaints and trials, how many end well for the victim?


Louisiana Burning


I can’t even watch this- but it NEEDS to be seen.


I support police reform, but not disbanding or defunding. However, there are certain organizations that need to be taken down entirely and the LSP is one of those groups. They are one of the most disgusting police forces in the country. There is no reform that could save them.


Defunding is a form of reform. It wouldn’t really change anything in these scenarios. Defunding the police is more so to stop our protesters from being attacked like Hong Kong protesters.




water is wet and the cops are basically the KKK!? next youre going to tell me barney isnt even a real dinosaur...


Water is actually not wet; It makes other materials/objects wet. Wetness is the state of a non-liquid when a liquid adheres to, and/or permeates its substance while maintaining chemically distinct structures. So if we say something is wet we mean the liquid is sticking to the object.


I would've been shot 3 times in the USA for this


"Troopers and their bosses concealed or ignored video evidence and impeded efforts to root out misconduct" \*Surprised Pikachu face\*


Fuck the police


I left America 7 and a half months ago and I have said this so many times when friends ask why and I always give them the same answer "America keeps shooting itself in the foot and the police brutality, corruption, and racism are getting worse by the day" America for those of you who still are under the age old piece of propaganda "America is land of paradise and the american dream etc. nonsense" Hopefully you will wake up and realize this isn't unique in the USA at all. Feel so bad for the forefathers all the sacrifices and effort they put in just for this barbaric landfill with large billboards to cover it all up.




Fascist dogs


A person has a right to protect themselves at all costs.


Once I was heckling some street preachers in new orleans and they were getting pretty aggressive with me. Louisiana state police got waved over and said if I caused problems I was going to jail. I said that's fair im not here to be violent. Then they said if anyone hit me, I would also go to jail. After that I said alright I guess I'll hope for the best and im not even gonna hit them back if they do, so they told me I was being ordered to leave that area and not come back.


Normally I'm on the side of the cops but this is pretty yucky. smh Louisiana.


Not surprising, they’ve been known to brag about the shit they do and get away with down here . Brag that BLM should be scared to come here , brag about wanting riots so they can shoot people


Louisiana is corrupt


These Klan members just traded the white uniform for a blue one.


Imagine seeing all the corrupt evil shit cops have done over the last two years and *still* wanting them to own a monopoly on force by advocating for gun control.


We need more Dorners


It baffles me that people still come up with ways to defend police that beat someone who's already handcuffed


Its a bag of weed not fucking explosives… his bag or not thats stupid


Small town cops Louisiana next please


All Cops Are Bastards ACAB


Oops all bad apples.


The cops in NOLA beat the fuck out of me once for smoking a joint I bought from a "weed world" truck openly selling them at Mardi Gras.


Cops breaking the law and beating on people for no reason? Is a bear Catholic? Does the Pope shit out in the woods?


body cams don’t mean shit when the cops control who sees the footage


I’m shocked….shocked I tell you /s shouldn’t be needed


Government funded lynching's and highway tax collecting is all these cock suckers do. I am in no way advocating for violence, but we need more people like Micah Xavier in the United States.


Geeee im so surprised




Someone out there thinks this is ok


We laugh when Ben Wyatt freaks out around cops...his reaction isn't that unrealistic.


He has some weed and they treat him like they just found a kidnapped child in his bag






And they say Cops aren’t the worlds largest gangbangers hah. So many of them are on a huge ego fueled power trip.


I’m sure cops get criminal burnout. When you deal with so much constant crime, abuse, heckling, fear of getting shot 24/7. Your life sure wouldn’t be peachy. For the people who think it’s an easy job. What is your excuse for not becoming a cop and making a difference? It’s very easy to become a cop and you can have stuff on your record. You also earn 25-30$ an hour. So there’s no excuse for not going out and becoming one and make a difference in your community. Are you just talk and no action?


Are you using burnout as an excuse for the actions you viewed in this video? And maybe some people just have no desire to be cops lol


There’s extensive screenlng of potential recruits in the academy, you won’t make it far if you display obvious signs of being a decent person.