“Kevin has a meltdown on flight”

“Kevin has a meltdown on flight”

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damn, I was in the Salt Lake City airport today and actually saw this guy getting carried down the stairs on the side of the jet bridge by three cops. Was wondering what he had done.


Had to scroll all the way down for this. Thanks for the info. Found the story https://www.abc4.com/news/local-news/unruly-passenger-arrested-on-flight-into-slc-airport/


Was hoping that would say what started this… but nope


Insanity. Maybe he was drinking too but this man was already a psycho.


Yeah that was some zombie sh!t.


Flight attendants see people doing weird stuff like this when they take Ambien. They call them Ambien Zombies.


Holy shit I never considered this. Yeah, Ambien can make you do some shit you’d never do in your life before


My dad took Ambien on an international flight and woke up wearing different pants. He had no idea how or why.


Were they at least *his* pants?


Really, this is quite an important piece of information


I’ve woken up in different rooms wearing different clothes lol.


Roseanne Barr took an ambien woke up having torpedoed her career revival.


Can confirm, I was on Ambien for a while and it does weird shit to you. Fortunately the worst thing I ever did on it was pretty minor. Was on a vacation with friends and after taking my Ambien, I didn’t lay down immediately. I started pestering them past midnight to play Mario Kart with me. Critical detail I left out though: none of us had Mario Kart, let alone any video games at all on the trip.


Lol just hold the tv remote sideways, turn anything w cars on the tv, and boom mario kart


> Ambien can make you do some shit you’d never do in your life before Such as joining a prominent government list apparently


Ambien really makes me question the notion that we are truly responsible for what we do while intoxicated and that such behaviour must be “inside of us”. Especially when hearing the crazy shit people do on it


Obviously this isn't the case. The reason why you're responsible for what you do while you're drunk is because you chose to get drunk, not because whatever you do while intoxicated out of your mind is your "true self". Same goes for any other drugs that screws up your mind.


Ambien is WILD.


I'd go so far as to say Ambien shouldn't be prescribed. I have a family member who used it because they couldn't sleep. Well it helped them sleep for about 3 weeks, and after that point they were up all night, being fucking insane. You have to babysit them. And they won't remember a fucking thing the next day. I had to record this family member when I was staying at their house to prove to them and embarrass them into flushing the rest of that shit, because it's an evil fucking drug, and I do not say that lightly. I rarely think drugs deserve the bad reputations they have, but Ambien is hands down the worst behavior changing drug I've ever had the misfortune of dealing with. If you don't babysit your family member when they're on it, they might drive to the store and "wake up" in jail having no idea how they got there. They might go outside and start watering their plants at 2 am. They might be an emotional inconsolable wreck, and when you try to talk to them about what they're upset about, they will have forgotten what it was. The length of their memory in this state is less than the time it takes to finish a sentence.


It's fucking crazy, I've read stories ranging from finding their spouse cooking breakfast at 2am with no recollection to [murdering their spouses.](https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3505131/) I'd rather not sleep, thanks. >Mr A reported having only fragmentary memory of the hours before the killing. He recalled that his wife gave him his usual nighttime medications, including zolpidem 10 mg. He was unable to fall asleep, and she gave him an extra pill, presumably zolpidem, around 1:30 AM. “The next thing I remember,” he said, “was awaking in a wheelchair. I didn’t know where I was. I asked the doctor why I was handcuffed.” > >He had stabbed his wife more than 20 times. In conjunction with his lack of known history of violence, the ferocity of the attack underscored the highly uncharacteristic nature of his behavior. > >There are several indications that Mr A was confused for many hours after the killing. He remained in his apartment with his wife’s body for approximately 12 hours. When he came downstairs the next day, family members recalled he was mumbling incoherently and appeared “catatonic” with “glassy” eyes. Fucking terrifying.


I had a guy in a bar once say he used Ambien to skip the tedium of long road trips. Just drop a bunch of it before you take off and the next thing you remember is showing up where you're going. And yes, he claimed to be driving. No idea if this is true but it seems to be based on what people say about the effects of it. Scary as fuck to think there's Ambien zombies driving around.




Yeah my last therapist tried to predictive me ambien when three other things didn’t work for my insomnia and I told them fuck no cuz exactly what u said. I’m already forgetful and out of touch with my emotions(adhd and autism) there’s no fuckign way I was gonna a take a behavior changing drug jsut for a few hours of sleep I’d rather be adhd extra than ambien zombie


>flushing the rest of that shit On a side note, you shouldn't flush medication down the toilet as it can [cause pollution](https://www.pca.state.mn.us/featured/dont-flush-medicines-down-drain). Pharmacies should be able to dispose of it for you.


We had a next door neighbor house watch for use when we went on vacation, afterwards we know it was ambien but she went in our kitchen and ate an entire cookie sheet of bakers chocolate LMAO


Ambien walrus!


I guess that I'm not the only one that saw the beginning of that vid and thought "destroy the brain."


“Remove the head or destroy the brain”


100%. I was honestly wondering how this guy is anything different from the walking dead.


What was the racist part, thought that dude was just mentally unsound.


Are bath salts in again?


I assume he took something to help with the flight and it didn't react well with him/harsh come down.


“They later provided an update that the man was taken to a hospital to be checked out and was then cited for public intoxication.” [source](https://www.fox13now.com/news/local-news/man-arrested-at-slc-airport-for-unruly-behavior-on-flight)


I'd bet my car it's Ambien.


Drugs are a hell of a drugs


his legs had that slight yellow-failing-liver tinge to them so maybe




> According to Dennis Busch, who witnessed the man's behavior and arrest, he yelled at a woman of Asian ethnicity, telling her to sit down while she was standing up "to deal with a back issue." >He then told flight attendants that the woman and the person she was with “didn’t belong here,” Busch wrote in an Instagram post


Ah was wondering about the racist part. Makes sense.


Yes, but with the part about him growling and eating his mask- as well as intimidating the pilot- he can be welcomed into the magical world of no-fly lists. Lol


Dude was on something, right? At least drunk? Or mentally ill.


>Dude was on something, right? At least drunk? Or mentally ill. A venn diagram of all to none of those variables is possible.


I'm going to go ahead and say that alcohol started this considering that the asshole couldn't stand without stumbling.


Seems like he took a drug maybe to calm his nerves and maybe mixed it with alcohol. He sounds inebriated.


"our European visitors are important to us" so we won't show you the article...


You’re not missing anything. It’s basically this video chopped up into 3 parts, no identity and essentially a non-story. Dude seems like he needs some help


"We're not wasting money on being GDRP compliant because won't make any money from it."


As a Europeen I can't visit this site. Well fuck.


"Our European visitors are important to us, which is why we won't show you anything because your governments won't let us scrape every piece of advertising and personal data we possibly can about you without asking permission first".


So that’s what it means! TIL


Lazy companies avoiding GDPR compliance work: ya played yourself Me when I have to click a cookie banner on every website before reading content: ya played all of us


I've seen this morning that the cookie banner thing is being discussed within G7 so it's less annoying. Looks like they will, try to, make a global privacy setting which then selects cookie preference automatically when you go to a site.


That crazy guy we all see that’s a threat onboard a plan? Only cited for Public Intoxication. What a joke.


That's the only crime, but he'll be receiving a juicy fine from the airline for having to ground the plane and possibly get on a no fly list




I’m just mad he had all that leg room


Right? I was thinking those seats had to cost a decent amount and now your acting like a drunk loon?


You can buy first class but you can’t buy real class.


Can’t spell class without ass


AssClass was sad :(


The one and only time I flew first class the drunk guy in front of me puked all over himself. The smell was not classy at all.




For all we know, he could have been drunk


More than drunk. I think our boy mixed some benzos with a couple bloody marrys for his flying jitters and had, as OP titled, a complete mental meltdown. Good thing no one was hurt


I'm thinking Ambien.


Yeah this just screams Ambien and alcohol. The ol Roseanne cocktail.


I agree. I'll put 50$ on booze and benzos. He is drunk, but more than drunk. Its not stimulants because he is not aggressive, or talking a lot...he can't really even talk. He is uncomfortable being still, like something is kicking in and he feels weird and needs to move around. Like when drunk people rock because they are getting sick. Then he goes downhill fast , seems sedated, repeating words, but not full thoughts or sentances and he is surprised by the cops that are not sneaky, like they woke him up, but too tired too argue or fight.


Yeah I have seen loads of drunks, as a bartender and a taxidriver, and this is not (just) alcohol at work here.


He seemed drunk when he stumbled back to his seat.


He did. I think it’s safe to assume that he was drunk.


I watched a guy in first class pop a xanax from a few rows behind, while waiting for the bathroom on a 14 hour flight in june. He proceeded to not even try to sleep the whole flight. I couldn't sleep either and took note of him a few times whilst walking around. Dude was saying the most incoherent shit all while in the lap of luxury. Drugs man, some people can't handle 'em


If he had even a taste of alcohol with that Xanax, he was blacked the fuck out. Definitely don't mix those.


So many dont realize this !! Xanax and alcohol is probably the most dangerous mixture someone will probably ever do without even realizing it. That or trying to take cocaine and pain meds together.


Did he just randomly yell “Joe Biden”?




That was the best part! Like he was totally shocked that the cops were there and none of the other passengers were surprised at all.


Far right chuds think the election was stolen from their cult daddy and they are the "silent majority" so when they find out in real life that they are actually a minority of violent ideologically backwards and broken sociopath cultists that most normal people despise, they usually have some sort of metldown, eg. this clip.


I saw a “Trump won” flag yesterday. In London.


London, Ohio, you mean, surely.


Sadly not.


Well, thankfully you weren't in London, Ohio!




Man, I work at a grocery store and recently had a customer ask me for some mason jars. I take him to the section, he points at the biggest pack of jars we have and says, verbatim "18 DOLLARS FOR SOME GODDAMN JARS? WELCOME TO JOE BIDENS COMMUNIST AMERICA!" before storming off and I stood there for like 3 minutes processing what he said


>"18 DOLLARS FOR SOME GODDAMN JARS? WELCOME TO JOE BIDENS COMMUNIST AMERICA!" There are like... Ten different ways that doesn't make sense. lol


Tell him Classico Spaghetti Sauce costs less than that and comes with a free mason jar.


I'm nowhere near a spaghetti sauce snob but classico tastes like it costs less than a mason jar.


I think he's calling the guy "Joe Biden" because he thinks he's acting like him, as if that's some sort of end-of-the-world scenario to be compared to Joe Biden


That's a damning and awful insult to call someone in his version of reality. Of course it was Hillary, Pelosi, Obama, Soros, B. Clinton, Ginsberg, etc before it was Biden. I'm sure in another few weeks there will be a new chief boogeyman of the right. Meanwhile the left has pretty consistently just pointed to Mitch McConnell for the past 10+ years, until we had to point a second finger at Trump. Now it's pretty much back to McConnell.


Oh how trump and the GOP has poisoned the minds of so many people. I really wish I could have my dad back. I haven’t been able to have a normal conversation with him that hasn’t been just a few meager exchange of words, or an escalation into an argument.


My step dad gets visibly angry when joe Biden or bill gates comes up in discussion.




Haha if only it was for that reason. He honestly think Bill Gates is trying to put computer chips inside you so he can mind control the population.


I’ll take a computer chip, but I’ll be damned if I’m going to run Windows Vista.


In the future, that will be a punishment.


They now believe that Gates is blocking out the sun with forest fires. Hard to keep up with all the conspiracies.


Tell him he's a snowflake and Joe Biden is living in his head rent free


Or “you may not respect the man but you must respect the office” which was all the rage 2016-2020 but conveniently not before or since


Wait, are thoughts in my head supposed to be paying rent? Can I evict these embarrassing ones that keep randomly popping into my head right when I'm about to fall asleep?


Best you can do is sedate them. Not a great long term strategy either, though.


Can’t even have a discussion with half my family without the fear of politics coming up anymore. It sucks.


Lost half my family on facebook cause of BLM, cops, the election and covid. I don't regret standing up for my beliefs but I do wish it didn't have to come to that. Really fucking sad to see the decades together mean fuck all cause they'd rather sit in their circlejerk.


Its really disappointing learning that half your family are complete trash people isn't it? When you say "politics" I know you aren't talking about tax rates or other bullshit. You are talking about them being racist, misogynistic , xenophobic, trash people. We are talking about people who want to cleanse the liberals in a Q anon hellscape. ​ I feel for you .


Right there with you. They always bring up “liberals” at the most random time and then rant for an hour. The shit that comes out of their mouths is insane. I hope one day they all snap out of this shit but honestly I can only see it getting worse. I’ve had to cut off all contact with my grandmother because she was spamming me with messages about how the vaccine was a weapon designed to kill off people. It’s sad because her and I were super close growing up, but since around 2016 she has gone completely off the deep end and it’s made her impossible to deal with.


And Trump cultists used to always say the left has "trump derangement syndrome"


We recently cut ties with one of our family members over this. My uncle on my moms side has always been very friendly at gatherings and we all seemed pretty close but recently he stopped communicating with everyone. So my mom went over to their house after about a month of him not responding to calls and when she got there he freaked out on her and his own mother (my grandma) so they left. Turns out after finally getting a hold of my aunt she explained that he's fully bought into all the Trump stuff and he basically said he wants nothing to do with any of us anymore. He basically thinks we're evil now. It's really fucking sad tbh...


I have a family member who believes everything Tim Pool says ugh.. Don't let your loved ones deep dive into these toxic political commentators who constantly give out misinformation. They only do what they do to collect more followers for more MONEY. They don't care about the real damage they cause in the world.


I’m not sure how to convince my dad to look the other way. It’s like he’s been brainwashed. Anti-vax, conspiracies, you name it.


I’ve seen him on the Walking Dead.


He was doing the walker sound/voice to perfection! My first thought was “someone better stab his head before we have the wayyy less fun outbreak”.


You mean more fun. Covid is a boring pandemic. All or nothing baby.


Hahahaha. Your comment made my day. Thank you.


I don’t understand how people who act like this can also have the wherewithal to go online, book a flight, pack a bag, make it to the airport on time, get through TSA, and get on the plane… like it takes some amount of mental stability to do all that stuff but then they’re capable of this?


He could be a normal guy who took a nonbenzodiazepine (z-drug e.g. Ambien) for a long haul flight and had an adverse reaction (known side effects can be hallucinations, confusion and cognitive impairment). This is extreme enough for me to think drug-induced medical episode rather than someone just freaking out big-time


Yeah. Everyone is claiming the dudes an asshole but there's clearly something else going on. Drug induced or just mental breakdown I don't know. But this guy is not in control.


He does appear to be mentally unwell. But the dude is also pouring some asshole shit out of his mouth so I think he might normally be an asshole, albeit probably a quieter asshole.


He’s also growling and snarling like a dog, while being legitimately unable to put a mask on his face. I don’t think this guy is remotely in control of his actions.


right he looks like a rabid animal


Dude if it's Ambien and he was non violent I'm inclined to forgive him. I had a script for that once. Holy shit you can be completely out of your goddamned mind on that shit. Know how dream logic doesn't make any sense once you wake up? Imagine dream logic, but you are still awake. Scariest shit is I fucking drove on that shit once. I just wasn't in a state of mind to even know I shouldn't be driving. I stopped taking it after that. Give me a benzo any fucking day. I don't care that it's addictive at least I'm coherent on benzos and know not to fucking drive.


The one and only time I took an Ambien I fell asleep on the couch, my wife came to get me to go upstairs to bed and I fell asleep halfway up the stairs and she caught me. I got upstairs and had to pee so I went to the bathroom and peed, except I was 2 feet to the right of the toilet and peed on the wall/floor and my wife cleaned it up.... Never again... Also my wife is a saint


2 feet is the length of like 2.76 'Zulay Premium Quality Metal Lemon Squeezers' laid next to each other.


Used to sleep drive on it too. Scary waking up in a ditch after laying down in my bed.


At least I made it back home. Somehow. I remember being completely out of my mind getting cigs. Don't know how I made it past the off duty cops at the local gas station.


How is that stuff legal and how are doctors prescribing it and people taking it after all the horror stories? Just drink until you pass out like the rest of us.


I took 50mg of it once and ended up having gay sex with a stranger from an online dating site. Imagine waking up to *that* memory. "I don't think that was a dream!"


I had to stop taking Ambien because I would end up online shopping for myself, albeit with the dream logic you mentioned. I would delete the order confirmations so I had no way of knowing what was going to show up and when. The last straw was when a skid of Trix cereal was delivered.


But why would someone pop an Ambien on a daytime flight from LAX to SLC? It’s a 90 minute flight.


Some people have serious anxiety over flying.


Just because it targets GABAa receptors doesn't mean it's in any way an anxiolytic. They're almost exclusively used as a very powerful sleep-aid. With that being said, I wouldn't be shocked if he did take zolpidem for whatever reason.


Have you never known someone who has had a psychotic break? They aren't like that 24/7.


This old guy was *growling*. Literally *growling*. Wtf?


Me thinks he is on some strong meds and the Doc needs to reconsider the doses.


Yeah, this is literally something that you could just wake up one day and do if you have a mental illness and you don't take your meds or you take meds with the wrong dosage.


I never did this but missing your meds for a few days, when you've been on them for a while, is hell. It's seriously the worst I can ever remember feeling and I've experienced some shit. My skin was made of bees, I could feel all my teeth, I constantly felt the need to throw up, pretty sure my body decided to stop digesting cause poop was just liquid and I could not get hydrated enough, I was constantly hot and cold all the time and didn't even have a fever, felt like I couldn't breathe, I couldn't sleep and the few times I did I had those stupid looping task dreams, my head forgot what equilibrium is, had the weirdest headache, and I couldn't hold a thought beyond like 3 words. Careful with this shit peeps, it gets real weird on you if you're not responsible. And yes guys, I talked to my doctor. She said I'm an idiot and to remember to take my meds, and if I actually want to stop to taper off at her direction. But in more doctory words.


Yea. Everyone's going "ahahah what a fucking Kevin. Douchebag" ...etc dude looks either mentally ill as fuck or is on the effects of some absurdly strong medication or both. Meds and make you do some weird ass shit. But no, he's just "a Kevin having a hissy".


Why isn't this the focus of this comment section?


Dude must be a dog, the captain must've thought so too by the way he was ordering him to "SIT!".


It’s actually starting to get concerning how off the rocker people are. This is becoming next level craziness….


Yeah, that was disturbing as fuck. If you told me 10 years ago people would act like this on an airplane I'd have a hard time believing you.


Something is definitely up in terms of overall crazy. I don’t think there’s ever been this many incidents in such a short amount of time maybe ever. Far as I know, at least. https://www.travelandleisure.com/travel-news/faa-unruly-passenger-incidents-2021 Edit for more context: https://www.businessinsider.com/the-faa-has-investigated-more-than-600-unruly-incidents-in-2021?amp Edit pt. 2 cause I’m seeing these replies saying it’s because we have more access to these things w phone cameras and social media. *“Of the nearly 4,000 reported incidents, the FAA said it had started investigating more than 600 — nearly double the combined number it investigated in 2019 and 2020, according to the Associated Press.”* I encourage you to read the last link I posted. There is factual data from the FAA saying there’s been a wild uptick in this shit. This isn’t some anomaly, people are steadily losing their collective minds it seems like. And we should all be concerned.


It isn’t just on flights. It’s customers across all areas. The normal, calm, responsible, and empathetic people have mostly stayed home. It’s the folks lacking morals and self control that are basically roaming free and causing all of the problems. And since, to them, the pandemic is fake, they are full to the gills in Dunning-Kruger and have no incentive to get their shit together. Edit : thanks for the gold, kind stranger!!


All of this 👆🏼 Someone posted it’s because of cameras now and while that’s a part, it’s a fraction of the issue. The constant bombardment of misguided and malicious information has done a number on our collective psyche (I feel). Throw in this pandemic situation, and people being manipulated in the same ways about that, mental illness, self medication, stress from traveling in general, and it makes for a perfect recipe. I don’t know how to fix this, but it’s something that needs to be addressed in a major way.


It's not just because we have cameras now, the first iPhone came out almost 15 years ago. And here lately, over the past two years people have been absolutely losing their mind, on camera in front of the whole world to see. It just concerns me thinking about what isn't being caught on camera.




Anecdotally, according to my therapist, her patients who had dealt with years of anxiety were doing a lot better with the pandemic and lockdown than patients whom were alone with their thoughts for the first time in perhaps their entire adult lives.


When you've been suffering your whole life this is just another layer of the onion. If you've never had any real suffering then this is probably excruciating.


Moreover I feel better about myself after seeing how people can't handle the social isolation for a couple years that I've been subjected to (outside of work-related strictly business interactions) since college. I'm awesome and more resilient than I thought.


Mental health has been steadily declining wordlwide https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5316796/ https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2019/03/190315110908.htm https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2996208/ A possible reason for this decrease From IShotReagan13 I think lack of real community is more important than all of these. We evolved over hundreds of thousands of years to live in small intimate groups of about 30 to 50 people, with maybe another 150 closely related people in neighboring bands. The fact that mental illness is virtually unknown in extant hunter-gatherer societies should tell us a lot about how we evolved to live. Our current lifestyles are further removed from that original community-based existence than ever before in history. A lot of people have done good work on this subject. I particularly recommend Sebastian Junger's book "Tribe; on Homecoming and Belonging," as being short, very readable and as with all of Junger's work, written with lapidary precision.


A&E has a fucking show about this type of shit now. That's how often this shit's been happening.


I didn’t care for the growling. Being seated in an airplane next to someone doing that would scare the shit out of me.


This guy is mentally ill. Not any kind of figurative crazy. He knows he’s going over the edge and I can see him fighting it. It’s heartbreaking.


I have a loved one with bipolar type I. Before diagnosis, they had a severe manic episode where they experienced hypomania and psychosis. Days of little to no sleep devolved into paranoia and hostility. It looked exactly like this, minus the political stuff. It ended just like this too; the police took them to the hospital. ​ These days, my loved one is doing very well. Psychiatric treatment, a small amount of meds, and a lot of therapy and self care. I sincerely hope this man gets the help he needs for his mental health.


Everyone keeps pointing out he was charged with public intoxication as justification to not believe this is a mental breakdown. Sure, he may have been drunk but they are not mutually exclusive. If anything, drinking can trigger and exacerbate metal breakdowns. Drunk or not, this guy is having a serious mental health issue. Hell, we’re getting close to 2 full years of this pandemic and I’m not surprised people are losing their shit.


I feel the exact same way. Most videos like this, I walk away thinking "what an asshole." But this video, while the behavior is still unacceptable, makes me sad about how much of a mental health issue we still have in this country... and it's a mental health issue that this guy could very well be perpetuating depending on how he votes.


Welcome to the no fly list!


America is undergoing a mental health crisis.


This is a global problem, saw the same sort of shit being pulled on a flight in Russia earlier. People all over the world have mental health issues and governments and medical facilities all over the world fail to provide appropriately for those people. Mental health is a taboo subject across the developed world.


Thanks, Ronald Reagan!


Can’t believe I had to scroll this far to see the correct answer. We stopped funding solutions in the 80’s, which just happened to coincide with suffering of Vietnam vets. Fuck Reagan, the third worst president in modern history. He and his voodoo astrologist wife are hopefully burning in the hell the sent their political “others”.


I've long considered Raegan the singular worst. Who's worse in your mind? Presumably Trump and W? I'd put Reagan as worse than them. W made a misstep and lied and it's as deplorable as it was predictable, but he I dont think he was a piece of shit. I hate him and his administration was garbage but he's not a Trump or Reagan. Trump is a miserable person. The worst person to be president, for sure. He wasn't lame duck, but he was pretty ineffective, all things considered. We got lucky that he was so incompetent. Outside of inciting violence and hatred, and the immeasurable damage he did to public trust, he didn't really do much. Judges, I guess, but that's more Mitch than Trump. Wait until his 2nd term though, I guess. Reagan, though, was a disaster and continues to be one 40 years later. His administration put us on the course that we're still on wrt dishonest economics, institutionalized wealth disparity, refusal to fund public services, drugs, etc. The singular worst presidency. It marks the moment America abdicated any ability to lead on a international level. Give the fallout of Trump another 35 years and we'll see. Maybe he's worse. Right now though, it's Reagan for me.


waiting patiently for a bit of heaven to trickle down


And they have all banded together led by the propaganda that they see on the internet daily.


oh man, was hoping for the duct tape.


Or the zip ties!


Something more going on here than just an asshole. He acts unwell. Drugs or psychotic break.


People in comments above were suggesting a bad reaction to Ambien or something similar. I'm no expert, but that dude looked like he was completely out of it. He was either REALLY drunk, on something, or having a severe mental breakdown. One thing is obvious, there's no way he got onto the plane in that condition.


He also could have pre-existing mental issues. Not sure exactly which one, but he reminds me of some of the special ed kids at my school in the past. Probably got left to his own devices after he got older


I literally just got a call from friend who told me he got kicked off a plane in Dallas by the police for being too drunk . In my head I was hoping, “Please don’t let this be *****. Please don’t let this be ***” Whew!!!!




What kind of parents name their child \*\*\*\*\*? Thats just cruel.




Can someone please help me understand why people like this can afford first class


He frightens the others at work creating job security.


I'm adopting this strategy tomorrow


He struck me as someone who was having a mental health crisis as opposed to just a run of the mill asshole. Maybe he stopped taking his medication?


Is that really first class? Looks horrible for first class.


It’s called Xanax and alcohol.


Alcohol or mental illness or both?


At the end it was like his propaganda bot was uploading right wing phrases into his brain and he was trying to render them in real time lol


I've actually witnessed this. A guy was walking at my local park. Phone on blast. Repeating over and over "Don't get the vaccine, Democrats are demons etc etc. I was watching him like a hawk. People are becoming unhinged because they are being brain washed. Sounded just like he did at the end.


Did he have to smoke all the meth cause he couldn't bring it on the flight?


I was more thinking the condom in his ass bursted open given the sudden reaction


first part was hella scary.


Where was the racism?


[According to this article it happened before the video](https://www.fox13now.com/news/local-news/man-arrested-at-slc-airport-for-unruly-behavior-on-flight)


I think that guy had some mental health issues. That chanting at the end kinda weirded me out.


His growls sounded like Stitch :)


As a first responder, my first thought is altered mental status.


Speech is slurred, he is growling, twitchy, can't sit still, incoherent rambling, yeah, his mental state aint right


Another commented the same and it actually makes sense.


So im thinking the zombie apocalypses is going to be a slow boil than a quick rash


I’m 100% convinced that the first year of the zombie apocalypse, life will be going on more or less as normal in a lot of places. Small, American towns with guns? Pretty insulated at first. Country folk may hate masks and think it’s bullshit — or, as life has followed art, they’ll be extremely excited. Either way, they’ll be more than willing to shoot their fellow infected civilians. They’ll be lining up to hunt people like in Dawn of the Dead. Cities will have it worse. People will think it’s a hoax. Wal-mart will still be open way longer than it should. There’s a reason they almost never show the beginning of the outbreak in zombie movies: because it makes no sense that society could go from zero to completely infected in like three days. Also, when it gets bad people will be wearing body armor and motorcycle gear, and not fucking tank tops made for TV. The power will be on for a while because those systems are automated. There’s no way the President and top government officials don’t get whisked to a secure bunker, so the chain of command won’t be an issue. Besides the stupidity we’ve seen with this pandemic, a zombie outbreak doesn’t make sense to have legs. There’s a reason we don’t have rabies outbreaks — the army is trained to hit intelligent, moving targets that are firing back; a bunch of idiots will be child’s play. The zombies won’t even be what kills most people. It’ll be the water. Or people slowly starving to death in their homes. There won’t be roving mad max gangs for a long time, that’s for sure. Oh, and when it actually goes to shit and the supply chain breaks down, the gasoline will either run out altogether or go bad REALLY fucking quick (6 months). Ammunition will also be a huge issue, if people can even use guns at all - for everything TWD does wrong, they’re right about the fact that it might be like ringing a dinner bell. Remove your stairs, people. That’s the key.


Fox News and mental illness aren’t a great mix.


First few seconds looked like a shot-for-shot remake of World War Z...


He was an extra on The Walking Dead.


It's hard to tell if he has an intellectual disability or is a part of q.


This guy is like Randy Marsh saying “I thought this was America”


It rubs the lotion on its skin…


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Gee, look. A 50 year old toddler