9 year-old girl demands Black Lives Matter posters removed from her school

9 year-old girl demands Black Lives Matter posters removed from her school

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It’s Anti Greta Thunberg


Greta Carlson isn't real, she can't hurt you.


Aterg Grebnuht


Sounds just like Tucker Carlson


Sounds like her mom wrote it. I'm not suggesting it's too well crafted or well worded for a child of her age, (those are fairly appropriate for her age) but more stylistically.


"Biden's supposed inauguration." She definitely didn't write that line herself.


“If you don’t know who this chick is…”. Lol


“I was so mad” principal clearly didn’t care


The funny thing to me is, that she speaks in the same cadence as Tucker Carlson. The same kind of, "I'm only asking questions" while saying something ontoward.


Yeah that’s more paranoid delusions of a crazy adult. She’s parroting what her mom taught her.


Many children in this country grow up eating breakfast to Fox News and getting driven to school with their parents only playing extremely right wing talk radio. Then when the school day is over they do they the same in reverse order. 9 seems a bit young but if the parents are really laying it on thick (as many Trump crazies have in the last 5 years) it is sadly possible.


Mom's fucking up her kid's life.


Or her dad


This should read: “Mom writes letter and has daughter read to school board…”


"Arbitrary rules about masks" isn't her either. That's right about the age political kids start parroting their parents politics. She's going hard core left in t-minus 8 years, nothing but crystals around her neck and pronouns tattoo'd on her wrist.


Or she just lives in a house where Fox is on all the time.


Can confirm. Grew up with fox, in 8th grade I ripped Obama signs out the ground during his election (was convinced he was either a terrorist or the literal OMEN). 4 years later: In 12th grade I turned 18 and voted for him.


Dude straight up paused and changed team


I'll definitely suggest it! In fact, I know it is. There are a lot of key things she says that makes it obvious it was her dad, possibly the mom, who wrote it. TOO correct usage of euphemisms ("sit on your throne"). Quoting MLK & saying "that dream has come true," i.e. racism is over, y'all. 9-year-old "deems" mask rule is ridiculous because fake news & the great reset, y'all. Virtually no little girl says "chick," mostly only millennials & gen x say that, usually only dudes. Saying something like "we all understand the meaning" in reference to a hidden meaning in line with baseless right-wing conspiracies. Most don't understand because most don't even know politics 101, let alone cultural movements. I have an 8 & 9-year old girl, nobody their age talks like this. Even the cop's kid only repeats lines her dumbass brother said. NONE of them can make a speech AT ALL, let alone an average high school-level speech like this one. She may as well have ended it with "sincerely, a concerned paren- err, I mean me, Sophie."


BLM is about getting rid of police officers, rioting, burning buildings down. yah she definetly did not write this unless she is an avid fox (tucker carlson) viewer


But in the voice of Lucy van Pelt


Omg she does. Same exact cadence. Her parents probably have him on in her house all the time- some kids mimic what they see and “try on” various personalities as they figure out who they are, especially if what they see is being praised by those who they look up to. Hopefully she figures it out and doesn’t grow up to be a huge wanker.


Good call. Eerily similar speech patterns and inflections. I’m sure Fox is on at home every night


Yeah, she seems quite political for a 9 yo. I have a feeling this is her parents speaking through the medium of their daughter.


At 9 the plot of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles was too complex for me.


At nine years old, I still thought that being a Power Ranger was a valid career choice I'd get to make one day.


While we are at it, I dreamnt of being a rockstar and I thought the only thing needed was wearing all black which my mom wouldn't let me.


I wanted to be a veterinarian at nine.


Definitely watches him. She copied his inflection exactly in the "I have [...] friends and _I don't care_" and mask mandate lines. Also the rhetoric of "why do we have any rules" is signature Carlson.


Yup, Ben Shapiro got his start at 17 and she’s got that kind of energy. She could do some real damage, let’s all hope she discovers drugs in high school.


Yep, Greta Turdburg.


That one actually made me laugh so hard I downloaded the official reddit app to gift you the free award just cause you earned it.


More like a full blown Karen prodigy, at nine years old. After she found out the council distributed the poster(s), she wanted to speak to the school board’s manager.


She's parroting her parent's bullshit. They are encouraging her behavior.


She is just 9 years away from being the next Lauren .... Do you guys remember those twin nazi girls..? The ones who used to sing at rallies. They abandoned those ideals when they grew older and realized their parents used them.


I thought maybe you were exaggerating with the "twin Nazi girls" but [holy shit you weren't kidding](https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Prussian_Blue_(duo\)).


On the last documentary they did before they completely left the movement, you could tell they were both completely over it and embarrassed of their mother. I believe they mentioned making friends of different backgrounds at school and realizing they were born into a family of idiots.


Greta's new arch nemesis. I see a new Marvel comic book coming!!


Let's all watch the left attack this girl and post weird fantasies about harm coming her way. Oh wait.. no that won't happen because we're not fucking psychotic.


We got our fair share of psychos, the difference is that we don't protect them.


To all of the fourth graders out there, don't smoke weed around this chick. She's a narc.


She’s the one who says she can handle her shit then starts having a panic attack after 1 hit then calls and snitches on her and her friends to her parents.


holy shit, i know this girl in my neighborhood like that and i fucking despise her, take my upvote. i love you


“Biden’s so called inauguration”. 🤣 I would be willing to bet her parents are Q people


I feel bad for this girl. Imagine her parents? Fucking at…


When I was in middle school I'd wear my dad's ties he got from Rush Limbaugh. The reactions from the teachers made me think "dunno much about Rush, but the adults seem to react that I like listening to him with my dad!" Decades of mind bleach to get that nonsense out of my head.


Yep... These aren't her words. At 9 you are mimicking what you see I feel very sad that she got brainwashed


Likely the whole speech was written by mommy and the kid doesn’t even get why she’s supposed to believe this


Lol nailed it.


It's so sad to see parents weaponize their kids like this. No doubt they monetize this crap on social media and are frantically calling up Fox News, Newsmax and OAN for interviews.


Welcome to the age of Greta Quntberg


I'm a bit worried about how to pronounce that.


Cuntberg. There you go, not so hard!


That's the part that started my laughter session.


She’s definitely their little puppet, poor girl probably just wants to play with makeup or something


I hate when people use their kids to make their political arguments for them. Nine year old should be jumping in sprinklers right now not worrying about politics


Look at her Mum on the left hand side. She Wrote this for sure, look at the smile on her face, goddamn I hate people like that and was the only one going to clap at the end to. Poor kid


As soon as I hear the governor line I knew it wasn't the kids. Ask the kid what one policy the governor's office has put forward and see what she says.


I bet the parent that helped her craft this rant wouldn’t be able to answer that either.


>the parent that crafted* this rant FTFY


I don't think that's her mom. I think that lady is trying not to bust a gut laughing at the audacity and absurdity of this child.


Could be but have a look at the start. This Lady was smiling even before the kids started the speech, she was laughing because she thinks she sticking it to school, look at the other people in the clip. Mouth open lady in red on the right. Lady behind her has your arms folded this is a very defensive stand. 2nd thing is it not really funny to watch a Brain washed kid did it make you laugh or feel bad for the kid. It’s the Mum for sure.


Lmao true that, I didn’t even know the word politics at the age of nine


Ya, a nine year old didn't write that.


Tokyo Rosita hit every riech-wing talking point!


Republicans have this weird obsession with "precocious" children supporting their ideology. There's this godawful right-wing Malcolm in the middle clone called 'The World According to Billy Potwin' that Kevin Sorbo is currently starring in, and it features the world's most intolerably smug and obnoxious ten year old everyone keeps calling a genius because he can repeat Fox News takes verbatim. I don't think the approval of smug tweens is the endorsement the Republican party thinks it is.


I remember the Oprah clip with the child preacher who knew how to shout and pace onstage just like a televangelist. Once Oprah asked him what the words he was saying meant, he started shitting himself.


Poor kids never stand a chance. The disadvantages their parents heap on them with religious dogma and conspiracy theories are just really hard for the average person to break free of, especially when it's been drilled into them since childhood. It's why southern states are so impoverished, have no infrastructure, and no business. They've never been taught to advocate for themselves, just for God and business owners. Don't get me wrong, states like Kentucky have a shockingly progressive streak when it comes to labor, but they fucking hate neoliberals, which is precisely why the Democratic party won't run anything else. We can't win too many elections or they might actually have to start doing the things they promise, and that's so not what their donors pay them for.


On the plus side, it looks like that kid escaped the bubble once he got into his late teens.


Tried watching even 5 seconds of it, it's basically impossible... that kid character is the worst. I do think it'll be funny when conservative parents let their kids watch it to try to brainwash them, only to realize they've basically given their kids a role model of a kid that is incredibly disrespectful to everyone in his life - especially his own parents.


Greta Thunberg child bad. Child repeat fox News good.


Pretty much this. The Republican bar for childhood giftedness is basically how convincingly a child can repeat talking points. I used to work for this private school for rich kids and military brats, and right-wing soccer moms were the bane of my existence. They'd absolutely destroy their kid's critical thinking skills to indoctrinate them into religion and right-wing politics, then I got to listen to them rage on the phone when their kids got rejected from the gifted program. It's like, "Lady, you told your kid dinosaurs never existed and that the Earth is like three weeks old. What the fuck did you think was going to happen?"


A 9 year-old rarely uses the word chick


Gotta use some youth's slang.... that'll trick them...yes, that'll trick them all


Hello, fellow youths.


HoW aRe YeW DoInG FeLlOw StUdEnTzz


Lol....we all had kids like this in our classes. Tweaks dad definitely wrote this speech.


A 9-year-old girl calling someone a "chick", yeah.


Yeah, instant red flag. Mom has her hand up so far this kids poop chute, she's become a shit for brains puppet spewing Fox News taking points....cringe, sad, failed state, western decline, get the boat, and all the rest of it! Its all just about owning the libs...zero fucking substance


Mom's likely a Karen who wrote it all for her


I think the mom is the Karen behind her trying not to laugh in the beginning. She’s soooo proud of Karen, Jr.


It’s child abuse.


The “chick” line made me physically cringe. It’s so sad to see kids inherit this thought process from adults.


Also the "I'm 9 years old and I know that"!


...or a 9-year-old calling an adult "some girl". 🙄 I feel blessed not having anyone like this girl's mother in my life.


I had a girl in class this year that was totally like this. She was doing research on gun control and said that communist and democrats were trying to take our guns. Her dad gave her a source for it and she forwarded it to Me. Of course, it was some right wing nut job who literally said “democrats are communists” trying to take your guns. I’m turn, I gave her a quote from Karl Marx about his views on guns, which is basically if the government tries to take your guns, keep them by any means necessary. It was hysterical when she handed in her research paper discounting the right wing nut job and her dad using the quote. He got so mad he had a meeting set up with admin and tried to get me kicked out of student teaching. Fuck that guy, I have my M.Ed now.


I’ve been hearing the Democrats will take our guns thing for decades now. It hasn’t happened, nothing even remotely close has happened. It’s all fear mongering.


Obama even said in a town hall he didn't want to take them away, but he did want the CDC to do safety testing and republicans wouldn't even allow it You can't trust any of their rhetoric when they refuse to back any of it up with studies or proof


Yea, with this last election, my dad brought that up. He said he will bury his guns in the back yard before he lets them find them and take them. I just simply asked, how long have they been coming for your guns now? Seems like since late 90s. He has been saying that for as long also. Just told him, they aren't coming for them, relax.


But fucking Beto had to say it on stage like it was the party platform. It honestly made me think he was a Republican plant.


Yeah, that was dumb as shit.


Bernie said gun grabs were unconstitutional. https://www.wsj.com/articles/socialist-against-confiscation-11573689765 I vote Democrat as a gun owner knowing that nothing will EVER convince Americans to give up their guns. I just wish they’d STFU about it because a lot of people who vote R actually hate Republican policies but… muh guns.


Yeah, single voter issues ruin this country.


The turd doesn't fall far from the asshole. It's sad that losers are even allowed to procreate.


You know what. I’m glad i had her. She’s a great kid who I would often present with evidence to refute him and she turned the corner by the time we were done in May. It’s why I got into teaching- to clean the turds up a little haha.


u/DialecticForMurder I was a university professor so I got them after you. It was astonishing some of the crap they were brainwashed with and parroted to the world. Let me tell you with all sincerity, you are doing EXTREMELY important work and I, for one, commend you. Learned hate needs to be deprogrammed from an early age and the schools are the only way (unless the parents are connected to reality too). It's the first time in my life where I genuinely despair for future generations coming up in an entirely digital world where the masses are confused and don't know what to believe. Enter in Fox Noise, Noise Max, OAN and what chance do people have when major media outlets have zero morals or ethics and people still buy into the mantra "if it's on TV then it must be true....because they couldn't say it on TV if it wasn't true right?"


Thank you for your service.


clearly she’s not racist: she has both Asian AND Chinese friends


That made me laugh too. Sad laugh, but still. My whole life I've heard white people say "I don't care about skin color. I love Orange people, Black people, Purple people, Silver people. Blue people. I don't see color." Or "I love all colors, black, brown, yellow, white." Show me the fucking purple skinned people Rebecca. I'll wait. Anyways, whenever people start listing the races of their friends I consider them off the deepend because they just tokenised all the people they supposedly treat like human beings and care for. In my 35 years I've never heard any of my good friends with a ready list of racial identities to spout off as a passive (it not tho) flex.


Yeah, even when I was very young and living in a tiny community in Ireland I never, ever felt the need to say “I have an X friend” for any reason, I don’t understand why anyone thinks this helps them.


It’s always really telling when they start listing colors starting with yellow or red, which is already racist against Asians and Native Americans.


"I don't care if you're black, purple, Mexican or normal-- I just don't like blm. Ok now here's an MLK quote out of context..."


All I can say is I'm SOOOOO fcking happy I'm not a 9 year old kid in today's school system dealing with this shit 🤯


I'm so glad the inspirational quote poster with Martin Luther King on it in my school wasn't considered 'controversial'. Also all the pro-voting stuff.


I'd have gotten into a LOT more fights as a kid if these QJuniors were attending my school. (I do not endorse fighting children. I merely understand that as an aggressive young fat kid, I would not have been able to control my baby-temper around this kind of idiocy)


Guys , conservatives HATE when little girls get political. They are gonna destroy this poor little girl Lol. To the deranged hateful parent that wrote this, it is awesome that you’re so delusional that you equate saying that black people matter with your kid needing to wear a mask to not get others sick.


Mom sitting in the back smug and proud of that speech she wrote and had her daughter practice for a couple days.


Mommy's little shithead


*Mommy's little abuse victim. I legit consider shit like this child abuse. Your kid shouldn't even give a shit who the president is before 10, if then.


/rconservative would like a word. They think it's an orgasmic beat down.


They're such fucking hypocrites, wow! When a kid says something they disagree with they're brainwashed or stupid, but when they say something they agree with, clearly they're intelligent and wise beyond their years...


Go call them out on it. Oh wait....you can’t. Fuckin snowflakes🤦🏻


https://www.reddit.com/r/Conservative/comments/o49u21/i_was_told_no_politics_at_school_you_lied_to_me/ Yeah...


That's a lot of politics in a speach about not having any politics.


1) Wears a star spangled shirt- check 2) takes MLK quote out of context- check 3) "I am very disappointed in..."- check 4) "I have_______friends"- check 5) anti-masker- check 6) "courage is contagious" [but apparently not actually COVID]- check lollllll


It's so unbearably obvious this wasn't her original opinion that it isn't worth commenting on, but what is worth it and is also disturbing is how animated she is over these fucking bullshit bad faith lines. God I hope she doesn't buy into this already cause of her folks, cause she'll be a future hard-core white nationalist and make so many people's lives hell cause of her parents inherited trash (and objectively wrong) ideology.


Not to say kids are unaware, they are more than we think, but I believe she is just going through the motions like those child preachers do. They are simply too young to have strong beliefs which usually develop in adolescence.


100%. Hopefully she is able to break out of the small bubble she has grown up in and is granted some perspective. She seems smart, just needs to understand that her parents have the capability to be as dumb and wrong as anyone.


10 years from now she'll probably shit herself at a frat party.


Do they have frat parties at Liberty University?


"I have black friends" Well, maybe not anymore.


President of the Future Karens of America


Her parents programmed her pretty thoroughly.


Absolutely, she is 9 and has nowhere near the required brain development for that level of critical theory


Ben shapiros kids probably come out the womb citing black crime rate statistics


Biden’s “so called” inauguration?! Holy shit the alt-right gets them young these days.


Exactly right. "So-called"... as if a 9 year old is mature enough to have an educated and informed opinion on any of this. Do the math and the kid was only born in 2012 and started kindergarten in 2017 when Trump was already in the White House. As if there was enough time and mental capacity to understand any of this. Clearly just a video of a child reading a script written by her Q-Anon, Trump-loving, Fox watching mother. Fcking sad 😢


When I was 9 years old I knew that we were invading a country called Iraq for some reason, and that it was bad because my parents attended the protests against it. That’s more than most kids know, want to know, or should know about politics at that age. Explain to them how to not be racist, be nice, gentle, and considerate, and leave it at that until they are mature enough to listen/read the news or openly talk about world events.


This is disgusting. Calls Gorman “some chic who read a poem at Biden’s so-called inauguration”. Meanwhile this little shithead is reading a speech her parents wrote to a small time school board meeting with a cocky attitude. This is what happens when parents use their kids as puppets.


100% she is jealous and seems very entitled so I can’t even imagine her being able to comprehend what was said in that poem.


I'm pretty sure the girl's mom (idiot laughing on the left) wrote 95% of this speech for her daughter. This isn't something a 9-year-old would write. It's all regurgitated from her parents. Let's hope she learns to think for herself as she gets older.




I want to cry. This isn’t her fault, it’s 100% her parents brainwashing her


Parents don’t want politics in their school, then proceed to write their child a political monologue far beyond what the child actually comprehends and employs them as a political tool.


This kid's mom is an average writer at best.


Marjorie Taylor green @ 9 years old bahahah


Needs more Jewish Lazers.


The way she speaks is annoying


It’s like the purple rich girl in Willy Wonka.


Veruca Salt? Violet wasn't the rich one


Sounds like Tucker Carlson


She has Asian and Chinese friends... Girl needs to spend a little more time in geography.


Even more embarassing - her *parents* need more time in geography.


/cringetopia r/cringetopia


Their parents fucked them up real good. 9 years old and already shilling for evil.


Sounds like she’s going to be a fun person to avoid at a bar.


Correction: she HAD Mexican, black and Asian friends. Not anymore bahahah


Asian \*and\* Chinese friends


I like how she wants BLM out of schools because it promotes not listening to the rules but says she will not listen to their rules


Her deeply enslaved republican parents are turning her into daddy’s little racist.


I hope one day this child grows up and realizes how indoctrinated she was by her shitty racist parents and feels mortified by this video and spends the rest of her life as a SJW.


If she’s like me, she will. And she will grieve every moment she denied the voice within for the words of the adults around her believing they were right and loving and kind and Christ-like. And one day she will wake up and realize they only were (at best) when they were on “top” and got to honor others with their grace and generosity.


Can you imagine this girls mother... My God. Guarantee she bitches about politics being pushed onto her kids.


She was probably the one behind her smirking the whole time.


Patting herself on the back for the speech she wrote in the words of a 9yo.


I hate to say she's a little cunt but...


Her parents are definitely


This is just some funny shit to laugh off right? Ah, no it's the voting future of the nation. Think the *present* is fucked up? These little ones were born into the madness. They've never seem or understood different. Future is gonna be wild.


Fuck this kids parents


Its weird to think wanting a normal life is political in some way shaoe or form.


"No politics in school!" *draped in a flag*


Dumbass rascist parents using kids to further rascism... DISGUSTING


Tomi Lahren has an heir.


Can you count the logical fallacies and argumentation errors? I will post my count tomorrow. ps Most of them are the same ones I regularly hear on Faux News and OAN.


Little christian fascists


Future white supremacist


Her awful mother sitting there is a terrible writer, and this mis guided young girl is a terrible performer.


a bright future of a karen here


#Matt Gaetz entered the chat


She lost me at "so-called inauguration".


Completely discredited her.


I kinda feel bad for her, she was clearly told to recite what her parents wrote down. If she grows out of this when she is older it’s gonna be something very embarrassing to have stick with her.


My dad had me eating up all kinds of right wing conspiracy bullshit for a good solid decade. Finally got away from it by the time I was in my latter 20’s. Tried to have a relationship with him, told him we could as long as he keeps politics out of it. Took him all of a month before he was forwarding some qanon shit on FB messenger, not to just me, but my fiancé as well. Warned him again. Then he jumped all over a comment I had made on someone else’s fb post. When I confronted him in response he gave me some holier than thou bullshit, he’s the victim of my anger towards him and has no idea what he’s done. I’ve since cut ties with him. So happy Father’s Day, dad…. Go fuck yourself.


Exactly. She's 9. Fucking 9. And getting fed all this conservative bullshit. If liberals are supposedly getting brainwashed by COVID vaccines and Biden, what the fuck do you call this? This is so infuriating to watch, no blame to this poor girl but man, fuck her psrents spouting all this hatred.


She is on the fast track to having no friends


I literally burst out laughing when she said "I am NINE YEARS OLD and I know that". Like kid, who's gonna take a 9-year-old seriously? Her parents must be fucked up man


Poor Kid. Her family members must be full of hate


Girl say she has black friends. 😂


Probably not anymore…


Biden’s So called inauguration….. wow


Youngest Karen on record here


The lady laughing in the back is brilliant


Tuckerina Karendaughter


She’d like to speak to the manager of the school


That poor child is a spokesperson for her crazy ass parents. Bigotry is a virus that spreads from infected parents to their children


She will get a full ride to Liberty University


Wow. Quit after 30 seconds. What an entitled asshole kid.


Future Fox Opinion host right here.


This is what indoctrination looks like.


Pretty sure I saw mom in the background mouthing along during the “speech” 🤣


I think her parents wrote a bunch of that.


I hate when people have their kids parrot political stuff even if I agree with it. It's just cringe.




Her parents are clearly grooming her for conservative politics


She's 100% getting beat up regularly.


Yo, I hate kids


Her mother wrote it, point blank. Or her mother has brainwashed that poor little child so much, poor dear.


"King Governor Walz" - Gov. Walz is from Minnesota. It's so sad to see this brainwashing in a 9 year old. Let kids be kids.


Awwww, her mom can write and she can read. Fucking parrot.