Tables Turned on Anti-Asian Bully

Tables Turned on Anti-Asian Bully

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She was lookin for a fight and they gave her one. That’s just good customer service!


I love how she was like "chill chill chill out chill out" after she started a fight


I know! Imagine getting your ass kicked after coming behind their counter and harassing them, then trying to tell them when they've kicked your ass enough


She’s probably so used to rage quitting from fighting games like Mortal Kombat she realized she couldn’t do that irl


Start IRL fight Get ass kicked Pull controller out of ass Throw controller at wall Escape while enemy wonders where the fuck that controller came from


So that's what [the angry WoW kid](https://youtu.be/2PmyYZqoGIw?t=70) was trying to do


I haven't seen that in so long. I knew exactly what you were referring to before I clicked the link. Thanks!


I haven't clicked it and won't click it... Is it the angry guy/kid with the TV remote 😂?




Ahhhh well aged cringe


XD I had all but forgotten this... such a classic


I just choked on my water. Gracias.


Schrodinger’s douchebag. If she was winning she’d talk shit and keep attacking however if she’s losing she will say “im joking” and act like she wasn’t acting trying to fight.


We AIM to please!


That's a she? \^.-


That ain't no lady


It's a space station.




She ain’t a lady if she ain’t 280!


The big unit kind of she.


That's exactly what i asked....yikes




She's a method actor fully inhabiting the male form for her next movie.




I heard a “chill out”, but not a “I’m sorry”.


Then you heard good


*pistol whips her* "Say you're fuckin' sorry!" *pistol whips again* "Say it motherfucker!"


I heard "we good bro" lmao. Stupid bitch.


I guess no one remember rooftop Koreans during the riots of the 90’s


She was more worried about the Gun being pressed into her stomach than about apologizing. She was so uncomfortable every time it touched her. Could tell that's the thing that broke her.


Tbh at any time they could’ve shot her and wouldn’t have been blamed


This reasoning is reasonable!


I love how quickly these pussies who start shit start begging for sympathy. Reminds me of the video where that person pulled a gun on a dude only to be disarmed, where he started saying “okay, okay, chill,” then, when body-slammed, he starts shrieking with his accomplice acting as though their target was in the wrong. These shitlickers so readily victimize others and then cry foul when they receive it in turn.


❤️ that one. That guy who disarmed him was fearless.




Link https://youtu.be/HOn-eHSji5E


Lmaoooooo he started screeching like an xbox kid hahahahahahaaa


Even better? The actual news report [left the shrieking in there.](https://youtu.be/Cof_av84qlY) Fucking comedy gold.


Baby’s first car jacking


First attempt followed by a few more. Throw those kids under the jail. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.wbtw.com/news/video-man-body-slams-child-who-tried-to-carjack-him-outside-california-home/amp/


The real hero here is you repeat.


No it was someone else.


Legend has it...




Wow that website is trash.


Well yeah, the NY Post is basically the American version of the Daily Fail.


It really is. Modern "news" sites are just dumpster fires like this now.


Please. The NY post was trash long before the Internet. Don't lump them in with amateurs. They printed a photo of a man pushed onto subway tracks with the headline "THIS MAN IS ABOUT TO DIE" https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation/2012/12/04/nyc-subway-death-push/1744875/ There was another headline that went something like "headless body in topless bar"


Made me watch a 15 second ad just to see a video posted on 4chan...


"another user commented 'wow he slammed the sh-t out of him!'" Modern journalism at its finest lol, quoting the comment sections.


The NY Post is a tabloid... always has been. Akin to the Enquirer and often sold alongside it.


Oh how the tabloids have toined.


Screaming "Okay okay". After getting punched once. Said it all.


Damn that was satisfying as hell haha


It was not a guy it was a kid lol a 13-year-old i think. Those little fucks went on a robbing streak and after they got their ass kicked they continue to try to rob other people but they got caught. That guy should have stomp that kid's face two times so that he can remember that fear that's what fixes a person like that.


He should’ve held him till the cops came


Sad to have to confirm this but yes, in some cases, fear is the only way. It's fucked up when you really think about it.


“paper or plastic, bitch?!”


And take the knuckle sandwich to go.


Those hands were hot and ready.




"Face or crotch, where you wanna get shot, motherfucker?"


"Oh shit, I didnt know lead was on the menu."


Holy shit the grandpa with the flashlight at the end! I don't like violence and it's horrible that racist attacks are a *real* thing, but it made me happy to see victims know how to fight and have each other's backs


Ya the pistol whips didn't seem to really be landing but that Maglite would have left a dent in that guy's head.


I think this is the first time I've ever seen someone just like poke someone with the barrel of a pistol.


I have to say that freaked me out. I was expecting to see someone get shot right in the gut . I hope this lady realizes how close her hostility and poor judgement brought her to being shot and she can reevaluate her life.


Same. I came into the comments to make sure I wasn't about to see someone get shot in the face before I kept watching. I also can't believe they were like "oh he has a gun" and he's waving it around indeterminately but let me just stick around in shooting range???


“They got that pistol. That’s the only reason I haven’t gone back there yet.”


She won't realize anything....she's delusional!


Let's hope so, but I'm not wrong to have my doubts, unfortunately.


He probably didn’t want to seriously hurt her, just to get her the fuck out until the cops came. If he wanted to I’m pretty sure he would’ve been within his rights to shoot.


It’s taught as muzzle thumping with a long rifle . Will put a mother fucker on the ground you aim it right


It makes sense with a long rifle, but with a pistol it just looks like you're mildly annoying them while possibly negligently killing them.


Definitely I think heat of the moment he just had a heavy object and wanted to inflict damage. I would like to maybe argue sometimes getting poked in the chest hurts now imagine instead it’s a solid pipe being pushed into your chest Ultimately I don’t know if it was effective. Totally though let’s all just be happy he had the safety on lol


Just glad that no one got shot and they were still able to get some good hits in on the assailant.


Yeah rewatching he definitely landed a few good jabs and maybe a few slaps glad no lead was thrown lol good ending bully got beat not killed


Thats a girl lmao not a guy


Thats a woman.


If you say so


This thread is fucking gold man


Love it when they say chill when shit goes south for them


Lol yeah, when violent folks get the tables turned on them they always want the violent retribution to end quickly... Like they had any intention of stopping their assault.


“Wait, no, I didn’t mean for MY ass to get kicked.”


Oh NOW SHE SAYS CHILL OUT 😂kind of late now.


We're not locked in here with you. You're locked in here with us.


"That's enough, that's enough" no sir I don't think it is. Should have never messed with those gentlemen in the first place.


The guy wasn't stopping this stupid woman before she forced her way in.


Yeah, had the tables turned he would've just stood and recorded without intervention. Very typical. And now since she's getting her shit kicked in, he tells them to stop. Again very typical.


If I'm not mistaken, the camera man even says, "imma get him when he comes out" after they realize the guys were fighting back


Right? I would have told dude to keep his fucking mouth shut and that I'll decide when it's enough. I'm the one with the gun giving this bitch a reality check. A lesson in what happens when you cross the line.


Like the old saying goes "It's no fun when the rabbit has the gun" people like this are looking for easy pickings, they are looking for victims. The instant the tables turn all of a sudden they want to tap out. I say good for those three gentlemen for protecting themselves.


It’s gross that they would have jumped in and jumped the people working if they didn’t have a gun. They should have jumped in and helped subdue the lady and called the police.


That’s what I’m saying! What you mean that’s enough? It’s enough now that she getting her ass whooped after assaulting that old man? Naw fuck that. Bet she won’t do that shit again


I cannot stand the “that’s enough” shit in these videos. Like bruh you filmed it from the start and call “enough” when the victim gets the upper hand.” It was “enough” on second number 1…..




Racists are fucking braindead my guy, I assure u the person in the video thinks korea and China are the same thing


I'd bet she doesn't know any of that.


ya I bet you she retained all that from her history class.


Most Korean business owners stay strapped too.


Thats not even close to enough. Dont walk into other peoples space threatening them, and then when they fuck you up, you want them to go easy on you huh. Lol gtfo here with "thats enough"


Nope. She deserves to be sent to the hospital in handcuffs.


You can tell they all had enough. This wasn't the first time they'd been harassed. I'm black and have lived in areas like this. There are plenty of black people who are racist towards Asian Americans, not most, but definitely some. I frequent different Chinese food places and recall in one of them, a lady being extremely rude and racist towards them and refusing to pay for her food. And she had the nerve to sit down there and wait for her friends to finish eating. And they were just sitting there like it was normal. For anyone who thinks "Karens" are only white women. No, they come in all colors. And don't even get me started on how Korean beauty supply stores are treated in certain areas. The one near my neighborhood were driven away by the community and of course the very same people who drove them away start freaking out because they couldn't satisfy their weave addiction that a lot of people seem. That was a whole thing. That family was so cool too. their daughters were into punk rock...and they were all really nice people. I never shopped there because I'm a guy, but they were right next to another Chinese takeout place that's still here by some miracle (they've been robbed at gun point a few times). You'll never see the media talk about issues like this though. The reverse can definitely happen sometimes as well. It's all really annoying. A few crazy people in every group just ruins everything. And then you have these idiots who are filming wanting to defend this trashy woman even though she attacked them. I see this all the time too. Crazy black woman starts fight she can't win, so her braindead male friends/relatives get involved and all the guys involve end up dead or in jail and she gets off scott free and doesn't learn a damn thing and doesn't feel and guilt for her friends/family.


Had a friend of the family who came over with her family from Korea. They started a small convenience store in North Philly. The whole family ran the store and they eaked out a life for themselves. They liked the people and worked with them to help them as they could. Breaking open packs of things to sell in smaller quantity so that the people could afford them. Etc. they were robbed many times; but they fought through it. Then one night someone robbed them but shot the father on the way out. He didn’t survive. They sold everything and left the area. They tried, they really did. They were great people.


Black on asian violence is real. people just arent ready to talk about it


Black people are just as racist as anyone else. Just because one is a victim of racism doesn’t mean they can’t also be a perpetrator. Actually this goes for everything in life. Many people think that being victimized excuses all of their crimes, even if they started the situation. Just like the lady in this video.


Yeah, I sympathize with you, I live in a Chinese family, and they mostly see the group of crazy idiots representing all the black community, I feel bad about how most of the Asian community seeing only the bad people in your community.


Why the fuck are some black people racist towards asian people? I just dont fucking understand. I don't understand racism in general. People should be able to live without being stigmatized by anyone...


I think it's twofold. I think Black people are treated badly in America causing some to want to hurt other people. Asians are an easy target because 1) proximity. Asian immigrants live in poor areas so they live in similar areas or have businesses in poor places. That's why you see this happening in big cities where there are a more diverse population. 2) Asians are usually law abiding and are not taught to fight back (in general, you also have aggressive Asians too). But if you notice, the Black on Asian violence is towards women and the elderly so it's more picking on people that you know you can win in a fight. That said, Asians are racist against Black people too and treat Black people badly and discriminate against them but the aggression is through microagressions rather than outright violence. That's my thoughts as an Asian who is first generation and lived in the projects when we first came over in Houston and Section 8 housing in Los Angeles.


White person, born and raised in inner city Baltimore here. A lot of Korean-owned bodegas and liquor stores were recently targeted by a super racist bill that I did my best to fight against. As a result, the sweet couple who watched me grow up from a toddler every time my parents took me in to get Klondikes got booted from their establishment. They still recognized me at age 28. I'm still fuming mad.


Chill! Says the person who started the whole thing.


The bullet proof glass wasn't there to keep you out, it was there to keep them in...


Bitch goes behind the counter. There is no bell that stops the fight so… yeah beating deserved and served.


She keeps saying chill out after getting her ass kicked from an altercation she started. Definition of "fuck around and find out"


Then saying he’s going to get him when he comes out, she started it and they finished it lol


Working in south central Los Angeles these Korean shop owners give zero fucks. They show no fear in these communities their businesses reside in. Fact is the riots just made them harder. They have this weird relationship with the locals.


I think these guys are the last generation who will own liquor stores as Korean Americans. You could tell that they're elderly, and many of us kids who worked at these places (as kids) are professionals, and moved on.


What I see a lot of is the kids are growing the parents empire. They put there education to work they go from owning the liquor store to the whole strip mall. Then open up another location then rinse and repeat. You'll see the kids managing the other location with locals running the register or fryers whatever the business is.


Its like with any family who runs a business. You'll either get kids who will grow into their parents work or they will shift away into other endeavors of their own.


If you have never seen the short “rooftop Koreans” docu on YouTube it’s definitely worth a watch.


Yup. LAPD protected west of Western Ave. (Santa Monica, Rodeo Dr. and other rich areas), and left K-Town to fend for themselves.


Oh you mean the elites private security force only protected the elites properties?


Yes. AKA our publicly funded police departments.


Thing is, a lot of Americans seem to have this attitude about them that because it's the hood, everyone else should be afraid of them. In most Asian, Hispanic/Latin American, and eastern european countries people deal with shit 100x worse. So they WILL fight back if you try to pull some shit.


“Wait I’m losing?? Chill out bro chill out!”


Yeah, where was this need to chill five minutes ago? In the words of the late philosopher DMX, "don't start nothing, won't be nothing".


Asking them to stop after she went in there swinging lol


Dude even said the only reason he wasn't going back there is because they had a gun. And that he was going to get them when they came out.


She got most of what she deserved. I hope they called the cops


"that's enough that's enough"... Oh funny how that wasn't being said before....


She chose the wrong dudes.


It's a woman I thought?


"that's enough, that's enough" funny you weren't telling her that shit when she tried using her size to intimidate the staff. Deserved all of those hits.


Immigrants who own bodegas do not fuck around! They are used to defending themselves and their livelihood and will not be wasting time calling the cops for ‘help’. These must be new customers!


Someone never heard about the roof Koreans


Yeah these are "down on the ground" Koreans, but same folks.


She learned that day


"we good bro" Lol no the fuck we not, smh dumb ignorant ass mf


The Asian man in the white shirt was whooping that ass !


The crazy part is I’ve seen this posted on social media with a different narrative making the black chick the victim.


Damn, link it if you find it




Whoever runs that Twitter account can go fuck themselves


I love Twitter. One of the comments in response to how the “black man abandoned that black queen instead of fighting for “her” ” is pretty funny > A Black Man can't win from losing now she goes behind the counter talking mad shit gets her order of Kung pow chicken with hot sauce(gun) and the Black Man is called out for not being a threat....Wow!


Fucking hotep


i figured they were going to show just the video of them hitting her and cut out the rest, but they showed the whole thing and expected people to be on her side?




She was begging for a right after taking so many lefts.


Whoop her more.


They had bullet proof glass. Why did she think they won't have a fucking gun?


If you're provoking a fight, you don't get to say when it ends. This isn't sanctioned boxing


Bitch ass cameraman remarked that he would go back there if not for the man with the pistol? Like really, you feel the need to intervene and help that arrogant bitch? She’s getting what she deserved and she should get every bit that’s offered. Edit: Unless he’s saying he’d help whip her ass some more, then by all means.


Lol!!! Asked for that one hunny




Hahahah! Mfs wanna say that’s enough?! Shit they’re not done yet, what you gonna do? You wanna start shit and support but when the tables turn “ that’s enough!” ? Fuck you!


They fighting looks like tryna bring a mammoth down.


"That's enough" Lol fuck you, they'll decide when it's enough.


How about don’t be a total piece of shit and you won’t have to worry about saying “that’s enough. That’s enough” while getting your ass beat.


0:34 “he’s got a pistol, thats the only reason I ain’t go back there yet. Ima catch him when he comes out” why not try and calm down the one starting drama before this situation even escalated? 🤦‍♂️


The body shots, man knows how to work the body


Maybe I'm not understanding what she's saying well, but is she saying something anti-asian or racial? Don't get me wrong, she's a bully and deserves what she got, but I feel like I'm missing something.


like how the narrator is like i woulda did something shut ur mouth biatch


None of you seem to understand. I'm not locked in here with you. You're locked in here with me.


If these dudes are Korean immigrants... you couldn’t pick a worse target Stoic country... at war constantly.. mandatory draft.... all the men know how to throw a 1-2 and stay calm in the face of combat.


Always heartwarming to see someone take advantage of a buy one, get one free sale on those hands.


Serious question. Did she say something anti-Asian? Or, was she just a regular cunt? I couldn't hear if this was race based


Hurry up and buy!


Dude that’s filming and saying that’s enough. Fool u didn’t tell “it” to not mess with these folks. So stfu and keep the film going so “IT” can get famous


Fuck racists.


You get what you fucking deserve


I wish one of those guys had a Go-Pro on. He mixed up the head and body punches perfectly.


Why didn’t those dumb cunts filming stop her it’s only when they fight back and pull a gun he chimes in. Fuck this shit right here.


Ain't no chill out lol you fucked around and now you're finding out


She’s lucky she didn’t get shot. The store owner was holding a firearm and would have been allowed to use it given that she was putting their lives in danger with her assault


Fuck around and find out. Old boy was throwing them upper cuts like mortal kombat.


It's NEVER enough when the person who starts a fight is being beat down. Don't want to get hurt, leave folks alone. Pain is the best lesson.


She may as well grab one of those Tylenol they smashed her up against.


She's lucky he didn't blow her dumbass head off


She asked for it. You know damn well she was not gonna give mercy to some old people. Such disrespect. Her moral compass was already broken from the start of the fight.


Didn’t we learn not to mess with the Korean owned businesses during the LA Riots?


Ojisan went IN with the mf kidney punches


This is what happens when you want to shoot an enemy and roll a 1. *jab shoulder aggressively with gun*


I love how the man filming says "that's enough" yet he didn't say anything when the bully started assaulting the man. Always the same scenario, the bully assaults someone, people don't react but when the tables turn and the bully gets his ass handed to him everyone starts to scream "Hey that's enough stop!".


Deserved for sure you can’t be out here bullying folks


Anti-Asian Bully? You mean a racist?


I don’t actually think that was enough


They handled this perfectly. Didn't even use excessive force until he came up onto them.


That dick recording didn't do anything to stop the person starting the fight. They were hoping for her to win.... But when she loses they want to step in. Dudes a racist POS.


Kinda ironic for black people to hate and try to beat on asians.


What a piece of shit bitch


"that's enough, that's enough" That is in fact, not enough


There is nothing especially anti-Asian about this, just a punk bitch acting like a fool and store owners standing up for themselves. I suppose balancing media race-baiting with more race-bating is still more realistic than their narrative.


For real, I didn’t see anti Asian language, I only saw two people fighting to be honest.


“Thats enough..thats enough..” Koreans: “come join usss..lets go!! You dont get second chance next time to beat ur own wife/sister/gf/random girl at the deli” 😎😎😎


MF didn't taste the 90's


At least the one guy asked nicely for her to not get shot.


Those were some big nasty uppercuts being landed by the old fella