Tough guy driver eats grass after Father is left no choice but protect his family

Tough guy driver eats grass after Father is left no choice but protect his family

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Fuck that guy


If there was ever a time to throw someone’s car keys deep into the trees, this would be that time


Came to say this, I like your style.


My dad is a cyclist, some redneck in a truck tried to ram him off the road once, and they eventually pulled over. He was with a few friends and while they were confronting the driver, dad snuck around to the drivers side grabbed the keys and yeeted them into the woods.


Your dad faced some skyrim npcs


Lmao 😂😂😂. Fucking dead af.


I watched a show on Netflix about this idiot gang that tried to rob the Debeer diamonds in England,they had tried to rob a truck filled with money beforehand,they were unsuccessful simply because they cut off a driver and he followed them,went around and took the keys out of their truck and threw them in a lake or something. It would be more satisfying that beating someone.


My BIL did this to a drunk lady who cut us off. Dude pulled over and ran barefoot down the freeway, opened her drivers door and put her car in park so he could take the keys out and throw them across the freeway. Dude was huge, had no idea he could run like that.


I dont understand why people thing that big guys cant run fast. We can take huge strides, and have the leg muscles to kick it fast. we just cant run for as LONG like that because o2 sat in the lungs doesnt scale up that way.


huge can mean fat as well


It can but where I am at it is good to distinguish because "corn fed" big and fat big are very different [see this guy](https://youtu.be/pLIN4lUB4t4)


When I say big, I meal like 7ft 350lbs, not just tall


You mean like 5ft 350lbs... a guy that is 7ft could weigh 350 and be in great shape. but yeah. point taken. you mean fat.


I wasn’t trying to shame his spheriness


Big doesn't just mean fat. Big just means big. 350lbs is big no matter what height. Could be big fat or muscle.


I was like "take his car, by the law of trial by combat it is now yours"


all my homies say, **Fuck that Guy,** but he isn’t our… guy, friend, or buddy.


He’s not our friend guy, and he’s not our buddy friend.


And certainly not our guy buddy


Knees and elbows to the back of his head would have been warranted imo




I saw him wastefully punching his head. I yelled, "Punch that fucker in the kidneys!" Then, I saw your comment after watching the video. The guy's back was totally open for carnage and destruction! DO NOT EVER FUCK WITH A MAN AND HIS FAMILY... E V E R.


Yeah he was not a violent person you can tell. Which is good but that guy needed a few days in the hospital or a bed to think about being an ass


Looks like he had it fairly under control I think.


He had the perfect weapon to give a nut slap with too, the mighty flip-flop.


Actually i think a swift kick to the balls from behind while he was on the ground would have been a proper amount of justice and make sure he doesn't reproduce his Tiny neanderthal brain to any children.


Honestly, idk why people back off. I would have tried jumping on his chest or head


Prison is the reason people back off. The dude got what he deserved, however, it ceases to be self-defense when the other person is unconscious or fleeing.


That's not even true. You don't need to fear the law to not want to kill a guy even if he's asking for it. The dad obviously didn't want to fight, I doubt he was thinking, "boy I would love to kill this guy but don't want to catch a bid".


He was neither. When he went down he got back up and chased. That means gloves off. Kidney shots then head shots then kidney shots until he clearly hurts too much to follow again.


And this friends is why you take martial arts, for that 1 day in your life you need to prove a point


This. Those extra 15 punches to the head were absolutely warranted. Especially since the dude literally trapped him and his family and ran up to their car ready to harm them.


Yeah he wanted that confrontation he can get that confrontation, but then reddit starts talking like how reddit talks. Pseudo lawyer shit. This is not america. They don't give a fuck, and even if it was I'll take the charge for the family. Gonna just have to take that extra mile ass whipping for the trouble.


throw the keys/pop the tires, and just stomp on and break his ankle, no need to actually kill him


Anybody who cuts me and my family off in traffic, forces us to stop, then pulls open my door is going to get shot until he stops doing that. Whether or not he dies from that experience is not something I'll have feelings about either way.


Being in America, it's safe to assume that person is more likely to shoot or stab you in that situation before fighting you, like in this video. Waiting split seconds to see which it is can mean the life/death of you and your family. Gonna have to agree with you here.


That guy didn't learn shit, that guy most like has done that again


Probably. And one day he’ll end up messing with the wrong person and then he’ll end up getting killed because of him being an asshole.


This is in Russia, hed be lucky if the next guy doesnt have an AK-47


In America, road rage shootings kill or injure someone every 18 hours. Moral of the story is to literally steer clear of these assholes whenever and wherever possible. Swallow your pride and let them get their way. Because getting into a roadside pissing contest with some rageholic could cost you your life and it's not worth it. But that being said, if there's a justification for having a concealed carry permit, it's this right here. You never know when some maniac is going to corner you and give you no choice but to fight.


Until it's the maniac that has the conceal and carry permit...


Couldn't agree more. I always get over when people drive like that and let them over. I have had scenarios like this happen and I ended it quick by letting dude pass me. Not worth it. And yes, everyone should own and carry a gun when/where legal.


This is what I do. I just gtfo of the way and move on. Too many people at their breaking point who will shoot you over nothing. Conservatives already hate anyone driving an electric car because I’m obviously a “commie libtard” so why piss off someone who is already a ticking time bomb? That being said, this guy did what he had to do. Personally I would have pushed him out of the way with my car when he was walking up to it, but his wheels may not have been turned the right way.


He's right though, especially if your not with us good ole boyz in the southern USA. Kicking a guy when he's down is a crime in many counties if Reddit is to be trusted on this. I agree the aggressor needs a steel toe boot to the face though.


I think everywhere in the US the legal standard here is necessary force. Obviously if the dude is decked and you continue beating and kicking him, then you've really exceeded necessary force. At that point, it goes from being self defense to criminal.


The guy was overpowered but keept comming back. In that case you have no option but to ground and Pound him. Why would you give him a 5th, 6th or 7th chance to punch you. One punch can be enough to lose a fight and then you dont know what he will do to you when you Are on the ground. This dude kept coming back for more and the Only chance to stop him was to give him more beating.


I’m not a fan of trying to hurt someone after being subdued but that dude had every right to play soccer with that guys head


Yeah but it wasn't a street fight, then I would agree. I feel in this situation the moment you purposefully block someone to go and hurt them or their family. Idk I just feel like alot more things are at risk and like this guy chased down OP to come at him. Just being on the ground doesn't seem like much.


Agreed. If I was with my kids and someone who was chasing me, went around, blocked me off. And is now approaching my car in a hostile manner. I would of ran him over the second he got in front on my car. Reverse and forward a couple of times to make sure he can’t get up and chase you.


Because then the cops show up and shoot your dog


Because his children are right there and he doesn’t want to traumatize them or make life worse for them by killing a man?


Sure EDIT: "And they can hear us right now, they're listening to Kidz Bop


Usually in order to not kill somebody


I don’t know why he got out... the aggressor got out of is his big protective metal box... and he’s already physically harmed them in a “I’m insane” red flag way... seems like it would be best to tap the now-physically-vulnerable aggressor over with his car and flee with his family. Stay safe inside your big metal box with your family and have a hasty retreat option. No need to get out and hulk smash his face, as great a video as that makes.


looks like the dad was more ripped out instead of just getting out


That is actual facts


I get why our protagonist didn't have a shirt... But why was a bystander coming in shirtless?


Dude saw a scrap and figured hed skip a step


tarps off for a donnybrook. always


You take your shirts off but leave your sunglasses on? What sort of backwards fuckin pageantry is that?


You guys do cross fit? You can cross fuck off


You gonna fight with them shades or play on pokerstars.com?




I’ve never seen more than the first episode but this sounds like a quote from letterkenny lol Edit: it’s from the only episode I’ve seen.


Do yourself a favour and watch it. People say to skip the "fartbook" episode, but eh, it's early on and really the only weak episode.


Maybe its hot!?


I mean that guy probably started the day out shirtless.


Road ragers deserve all the worst karma has to offer. Literally so unnecessary most of the time and it only ever makes the situation worse. I hope it’s legal to turn these kinda of videos into the police in whatever country this comes from. Here, videos of drivers being unsafe on the road can actually lead to a fine/warning/loss of licence if it shows enough details (location, time/date, number plate, etc). It’s very satisfying seeing people like this get in legal trouble for their actions, though it’s also great watching them get beaten the shit out of.


Sounds like it's in Russia or some other Baltic state. Chances are if the cops saw this video they'd pat the dad on the back and thank him for taking care of the situation for them.


It's Russia. You can tell by the number plates and the language.


normally i'm not a fan of anyone getting hit while they're down but this guy deserved it. i almost said out loud "i saw him twitch, hit him again"


To his defense, he did try getting away from the situation multiple times. The other guy was down and he tried to leave, but the idiot kept coming back for more. Not much else you can do at that point.




If someone attacks you, keep going until they can’t come back at you.


Bullshit. Keep hitting them until you're safe. Them starting it isn't carte blanche to wail on them until they are a pulpy mess, but for sure if they keep getting up to go for you like this guy did, you need to hit them until they don't get up.


This. I kicked someone twice (couple minutes apart, long story) and there was still an investigation to be sure it was self defense. Do the minimum to make you safe.


I have a theory that road ~~racers~~ ragers are also assholes when not behind the wheel.


> Literally so unnecessary most of the time and it only ever makes the situation worse. # Just curious when you think road rage is necessary. Not being argumentative, genuinely curious.


I suspect there isn’t a good example, but if you claim “all” of something in a comment some people will take it as a challenge and try to come up with the most extreme, absurd edge case that might apply, and then argue that your comment has no merit. Basically, it’s just a CYA move.


When it is those damn meddling kids!


There was that guy who was driving his friend who'd just had a chainsaw accident to the hospital when an old lady decided to block him from speeding. Hazards on, horn blaring, trying to pass on the shoulder. If it wasn't road rage, it was something akin to it.


I am really curious about this phenomenon of road rage. I live in Hong Kong, there are lots of cars here, but things like road rage is literally unheard of. Idiot drivers, yes, I have absolutely had heard my earful of drivers cursing each other on the road while I ride as a passenger (I don't drive), but there just aren't things like road rage anywhere in Hong Kong, not even on the news. So I am really curious, what's going on in these idiot's heads? Is this a culture thing?


In the US, people work long days and have long commutes. The roads are overcrowded because America doesn't have good public transit (cars are the only way to get around, so everyone needs one) and people are already living on the edge due to their crappy life situations--crappy health care, crappy housing, crappy jobs, crappy love life, crappy family situations. Whereas, rush hour is psychologically, emotionally the crappiest time of day. In the morning you dread going into work. In the evening you dread going home due to traffic conditions, mental exhaustion, errands, family drama, etc. AND it's dinner time, so you're likely hangry at this point too. So we're talking about a time of day when already unhappy people are at their very un-happiest. But in general, I believe social cohesion and civility is breaking down in the US in radical ways. And Russians have it even crappier. It wasn't that long ago that their entire political system and economy collapsed with the end of the USSR. Conditions in Russia are better now but far from great, and the nation is still scarred with many ongoing traumas both from the past and present. All these factors create fertile ground for a lot of crazy driving.


This. Plus people instigate and are extremely rude and self centered when driving. Instead of waiting in line at a merge they rather drive around a long line of cars and cut in last moment....because they are more special than everyone else waiting their turn.


There is a certain narcissism and sense of entitlement that seems to be rife in American culture. My mom is from Canada and one thing she observed in her time living in the US is, in her words, "Americans don't know how to queue." As in, they don't form lines. They cut in front like a-holes. When I've visited Canada in the past, I noticed people are very polite about lining up and yielding when they are supposed to. In that sense, this is a cultural issue. Americans have a very libertarian mindset. Always looking out for #1. That isn't really a compliment.


Lock. Your. Doors.


If he did that the video would be far less satisfying


ur the kinda guy that would thumbs down at a gladiator match


Did you know that a thumbs down meant late down your swords, fights over. Thumb up was followed but a dagger motion to the neck, which meant kill the other guy. Throughout time though the meanings have been switched h so thumbs up is good abs thumbs down bad.


Against this guy yeah maybe 😏👎


Turn steering wheel left, reverse when guy grabs door. Now he's down a leg and you're no longer obstructed


My car automatically locks after driving for about 10 seconds (older car too.) Do most cars not do that?


Some do. Some don't. Really depends on the manufacturer and type of car. It's like a safety features, so some manufacturers don't include that in order to be cheaper, or to sell this feature as an extra. Ofc usually modern family cars do offer this, but not all brands do that.


Mine locks when I hit 12mph. Idk why the manufacturer choose that number but ok I guess. My moms car locked when it went from P to D


Fucked with the wrong one today


Or the right one


People say both now and it confuses me


Right one to deliver punishment. Wrong one to mess with.


Thought he was Billy bad ass, UNTIL he met Billy bad ass


His dumb ass deserved every second of it. Tailgate someone for like 30 seconds, slam your brakes in front of them, try to pull the driver out of the car, get your ass beat. He's lucky he was still able to get up.


I have this one easy trick to get rid of tailgaters. My windshield gets really dirty somehow when someone is 2 feet off my bumper. I have to wash it every 30 secs or so to maintain safe visibility. Bizarrely, theirs seems to get dirty just as fast, because I usually see their wipers come on, and then after no more than 3 or 4 times they back off. If I can move I do, but if you are going to ride my ass while I've got no way to get out of your way, hope you didn't just wash your car.


My grandad used to press the brake lightly hut suddenly to make the lights go on. Now I don't condone such driving methods, but it does work more often than not


Perfect. This is the content I’m here for. Good camera coverage, context, fight, conclusion. No questions after. Good job.


In other words, it will be uploaded again next week as a 15 second TikTok video with some stupid unrelated subtitles which starts and ends somewhere in the middle.


I hope they set it to fix you by Coldplay. Then seacrest narrates the ending set to “so you’ve had a bad day”


I mean, this has been reposted a million times already on this sub.


Moral of the story: don’t start a fight when you are a fat uncoordinated dumbass


Here's a good reason not to be a raging cunt: A day will come when you **will** fuck with exactly the wrong person.


Plot twist: he’s nobody’s dad. Just an Uber driver with hands


He’s that guy’s daddy now.


It’s one of the many perks of having a Russian Uber driver. Quiet car, little-to-no annoying small talk, maybe some very soft techno music in the background… And if someone fucks around with him, they’re gonna find out.


Five stars?


Should have taken his keys and thrown them


hahaha omg that'd be great


I was thinking have the wife take the car, he takes the other guy's car, and leave it a mile away, then throw the keys.


The ultimate dad joke


Just throw a road flare in his car and go on about your day.


Had a friend in college who was a farm boy, all sorts of strength. You get pretty strong carrying bales of hay and feed etc. Anyways some guy cut us off and blocked us, then jumped out, my buddy Chris got out the car the other driver took 1 look and ran back to his car......


My dad and his brothers were like this, only meaner. People weren't too intimidated by them on looks though, because all of them were under 6' tall. That didn't stop them from messing people up. One uncle took the other guy's car, and intentionally sent it into a tree, totaling the car. Another uncle forced the other driver to break out all the windows and lights of his own Corvette with a ball bat, while uncle held a shotgun. It's amazing none of them ended up in prison.


You could start your own sub reddit with those stories LOL scary, sad but true.... thanks for the read 👍


Joe Pesci and Rob DeNiro


I Know people like your uncle's good people but you don't screw with them or family.


Did your friend so happen to grow up in Smallville and suspiciously get adopted by a man and woman who owned a farm?


Chris was from a very small town in Michigan, was adopted...


Bodybuilders have nothing on farmer strength. My dad told me a story of a local guy who is 6’4” and skinny as a bean pole, one time a full grown cow refused to go into a trailer and stopped dead in front of the door, he put his shoulder under her ass and heaved her inside by himself.


Years ago, my brother was driving in a little Honda and sort of cut off some guy in a shitty Pontiac sports car. It was wasn't a great move on his part but certainly nowhere near the worst thing I've seen on the road. Guy catches up the us at the first traffic signal in town and gets out looking for a fight. I opened my door and stood up; I'm just under 6 feet and was probably around 225lbs at that time. He scurried back to his car real quick! Being stocky seems to scare people off, I've never had anyone actually step up and try to fight me.


Geeeeeeeetttt fuuuuuuucccccckkkkkkeeeeeddddd


Good work by dad, but also, when someone's tailgating, just let them past, because there's always someone out there that no amount of "dad strength" will be enough for.


Yes. The whole time dad could have just went into the other lane and let the guy pass. I really don't believe he did his best to protect his family. Now his kid has trauma because he couldn't be a bigger man and just follow basic road rules. Move over if you are slower.


Actually looked like he blocked the guy from passing by moving over to straddle the dotted line. Twice. Surprised this was not a lot farther up in the comments.


Don't fuck w/a guy when he's got his family to protect


This is why I go to the gym 5 times a day....just in case something like this happens, I have a few badass Pokémon to back me up.


I almost downvoted you lol


Nice....asked for a dust up and got one.


Kick his ass dad!


Yeah you wanna take off my shirt…. Punch punch punch punch






Where I live in the US, there's about a 50% chance your chest would have a few holes the second you opened that driver's side door.


I thought the same thing when I saw it My parents taught me never to flip someone off on the road cuz here in the US, people have guns.


I know a guy for my entire life he does nothing but get hit by cars on his bike and flips off absolutely everyone. He's getting older now I think someone got him an electric jazzy scooter.


Do you live inside a police cruiser?


Lots of americans carry guns in their cars.


Are you lucky enough to atleast also be lucky enough that the bullets also fly right over your head? Or just unlucky and just jokes fly over?




kill him dad


Well, it definitely looks like the 'big man' got a lesson beat into him... as he should


I think this is the longest video I seen of this. Was the "dad" changing lanes to prevent the rager from passing, or did I see that wrong?


Also, the driver seat is on the right but he is passing cars from the left? I'm starting to think the dad did something provocative here intentionally...


This is in Russia, where they drive on the right. So passing on the left was correct. The reason why the car is right-hand drive? This video probably took place in the east of Russia, (Vladivostok, for example) where sencond-hand Japanese imports are very common.


Came here to say this. Looks like the dad was maybe hogging the overtaking lane. That pisses me off too. Not enough to do what this mad bastard did, but enough to make me mumble "arsehole" under my breath.


I mean all the guy did was try to pass (albeit after tailgating) and then the driver tries to swerve into the car that’s passing. I’d be pissed if I was that car too (not enough to get out though, I’d just gtfo).


He was definitely hogging the overtake lane. Everyone is praising the dad but they're both assholes. If he wanted to protect his family he should have carefully moved over The aggressive driver is a complete asshole too but it doesn't excuse why the dad tried to endanger his own family too.


Yeah, just before they stopped it looked like the "good guy" was trying to cut him off by changing lanes. Also, there was another option. Drive around the car when the guy got out. Everyone here is an arsehole.


Fucked around and found out


"Remember that time dad beat that road ragers ass?" "Yup"


Would love if someone could translate


Why is there always one guy or all of them have their shirts off and you know something is definitely not going to be going right. I had some guy stopped right next to me after he almost ran into me and I had the audacity to honk my horn at him. And good thing for me I always have my doors locked cuz he got out of his car and tried to open my side door when he couldn't do that he trying to argue for me to open the door like a freaking idiot. So he decided to sit in his car with the door open until the light turned green and then stabbed my tire so I guess he either had a knife or screwdriver and his first intent was to open my door and try to stab me. What a self-righteous a hole. Had to pull over change my tire and try to call in the description of the car and partial license plate I got off him so that didn't go and catch his ass. And no I don't know what happened I had other things to do.


Bruh shoulda stayed down when it was still an option. Got his ass beat.


Fuck yeah, good on you dude. To everyone else; it’s not worth it. Be polite to each other on the roadways and off. Do not road rage, learn to let things go. Even fistfights can go very, very badly; people die from them every year. It’s not worth it to leave your family over a perceived slight and if you’re out cold or dead, now they’re *alone with the person you fought with.* Not to mention, you could also kill the other guy and possibly end up with manslaughter charges. Even trained fighters are wary of the risks. Take the recent Mayweather Jr. fight for example; was it bullshit? *Yes,* it made a mockery of the sport. But Mayweather also said “I kept my guard up a lot because I didn’t want him to get a *lucky punch;”* he wasn’t afraid of Paul, quite to opposite. He was however, aware of the fact that *one lucky punch,* even by an amateur, can mean *lights out.* Torn up/bruised knuckles, elbows and palms are the smallest of potential injuries. Bones in the hand break easily, so do noses, teeth and sometimes ocular bones. Worst case scenario is that you die, because you think someone cut you off on purpose, or because someone flipped you off. Just don’t do it, I promise it’s not worth it; fight only if there is no other option. Source: have been in fights and it always hurts, even if you win. Note the dad looking at his knuckles. Choosing *not* to fight doesn’t make you a bitch, it means you’re *smart.* I avoid them like the plague these days.


This scenario happened to my family about 20ish years ago. We were all piled in the minivan driving back from my aunts house after Christmas. Some dude passes a semi on the median as he’s merging onto the freeway and cuts off my dad. A quick detour here to describe my father: He basically raised himself from the age of 14 onward. He worked on farms every summer making hay and took a job as a laborer with a masonry company right out of high school. After that he bought his own farm and worked in the oil and gas fields for years. He doesn’t look it but he is *strong*. Even now at age 60 I’d still bet on him in a fist fight. Anyway, back to the story. Dude in the car (pretty sure it was either a firebird or Camaro, can’t recall since it was dark at this point) cuts us off so naturally dad hits the horn and the finger. Instead of just driving off the dude continues to brake check and generally endanger us for the next few miles to our exit. As dad takes our exit camaro guy slows down and pulls over on the highway so both cars stop with about 20 yards of median between them. Guy gets out and dad follows and they meet about half way. The whole time my mom is screaming for him to get back into the car as she thinks my dad is about to get knifed or worse. Dude takes a swing at dad, he dodges it and proceeds to beat the dudes ass all the way back to his car. At one point dad had pulled the guys leather jacket up over his head so he couldn’t use his arms, and was just going to town on him. Eventually they break it up and dude stumbles away screaming that he’s going to call the cops. Dad walks back to the car, not a scratch on him, and we head home for the night. Don’t mess with dad when his kids are in the car.


That behavior straight up will get you killed in the US. Individuals with concealed carry permits legally have the right to shoot and kill you as soon as you attempt to remove them from their vehicle and I’ve yet to see a case not go in favor of the individual in the fathers position here.


Serious question, legally what would happen to the driver if he ran the dude over? Specifically the part where he’d been blocked in and the angry driver exited his car to move towards the dads window. Chancing a fight like that is a risk I don’t think is worth it, so I’d go for flight and drive through the dude. Would that be worse though legally speaking?


In my mind I’m just like, *looks back to the kids*, “One second guys daddy has to take out the trash”


What a boss good for him but Holy fuck dont leave your doors unlocked for lunatics just run him over next time


Well... turns out he wasn't as hard as he thought he was. That was embarrassing 😳


So satisfying seeing cunts like this get a beat down.


Whatever, deserved, but also remeber that if you're driving in the left and there's someone behind you and you don't move. You're also a dick.


Just move out of the way people. You never know who you're dealing with.


Here i am, hoping no one has a gun


I love the wife going "Good job" when he gets back in


Beat the brakes off that dude


Everyone: Asking reasonable question that are related to the topic and are interesting. Me: Why did another guy come in without a shirt after the dad had his shirt take off during the fight.


Hands up if you think he deserved it 🧤


Dude got fucking handled lol. Literally beaten until he was cowering like a little girl, and the dad was standing over him. Can’t get much more dominated than that


Ok but here's the real question, why is the car RHD and the road is also on the right?


This is the one time I would have fully supported a kick to a grounded opponent.


This was immensely satisfying seeing that fucking potato get his skull bashed in. Hope he has permanent damage.


Imagine willingly getting out of your two ton steel box just to get in a fist fight with some retard. Your vehicle has a great solution for people getting out of their car to beat you up: the pedal to the right.


That’s a lethal force situation, I’d have shot that motherfucker.


Was the aggressive idiot wanting the Dad driver to get in the right lane so idiot could go fast in the left lane? Are their highways like ours in the US meant for faster traffic to use the left lane and the right lane is for slower traffic? Just wondering. No mater what tho the idiot did NOT need to be an idiot. Patience! Geez! Testosterone, hell of a drug!


I don’t say this to defend the douche driver, but the “good” driver had several chances to switch lanes, let him pass and get back in. You’d figure in regards to his family’s safety this would be the smartest choice instead of maintaining the same lane at a relatively fast speed (judging by how many cars “good” driver passed). I’m glad the asshole got what was coming, but preventing people like him from speeding is dangerous because you get involved in situations like what the video shows. If the dude really prioritized his family’s safety, why maintain the same lane is what I don’t understand.


Wife: Good job, Serezga!


What hood is this?! Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy, sun’s out, guns out and if you brake check, you get checked!


asshole was really laid on his ass and kept coming back for more. that’s his dumbass fault. i’m sure that dad didn’t want his kids to see that but goddamn. gotta protect yourself


Fuck that aggressive driver, and I DO NOT fault the dad for beating that guys ass in self defense and defense of his family, but never get out out the vehicle. That’s a good way to get shot.


Both drivers are boneheads. The driver of the black car for obvious reasons, but also the driver with the camera for squatting in the passing lane.


I bet none of this would have happened if dad just pulled to the side and let him go….


Or at least if he hadn't intentionally slowed down to show his displeasure with the guy.


Should have gone to his car, taken his keys and tossed them into the brush to get a good healthy lead in him.


Don't start a fight you're willing to not finish.


I fucking hate sounding like “that guy” but parent strength is real. Like I am a meek dude. I am calm and totally not an asshole. Endanger my kids? I lose my shit man.


I believe in it as well. It gets your adrenali e flowing. I've seen a few stories of parents impossibly doing things to save their child.


Lol it was like the final fight in a movie, when he got his shirt took off


What a fucking idiot. Did he think this would somehow end well for him?


I believe he had no idea this would be the outcome. Hopefully he thinks twice before pulling that shit again.


Never get out of the car though. You’re not that Dad.


I just have a question of why the dad didn't just move out of the fast lane and let the road rather pass? If you really care about your family so much, why do you risk their lives by staying in the fast lane and taking the chance that the road rager won't crash into you out of impatiently trying to overtake you? Just seems like the whole situation could've been avoided completely...


Really, what's up with the people saying they don't think the aggressor shouldn't have been kicked in his head, or thinking the dad went to far? This wasn't some stupid verbal squabble or some drunken idiocy. The aggressor was chasing a family, weaving in and out off traffic, speeding, and blocked a road, *he blocked a road*. He wasn't only endangering the family, but every person on the road around them, and when he was knocked down he kept getting back up. The aggressor could have killed numerous people with his anger. He deserved a whole lot more than he got, not from just the family he was threatening, but for every motorist who he could have caused an accident with.


That guy is clearly an asshole, but then why not just let him pass?