"Protest" in front of the house of army sgt. who harassed Black kid

"Protest" in front of the house of army sgt. who harassed Black kid

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Cant forget about his wife who also was a part of it. Neighbors must hate this man to only have moved in 10 months ago and have their area spotlighted like this.


Sounds like the type of dumb thing that would happen in my neighborhood. Last year a store owner 1 min away from me said something about how black people should be used for target practice and all hell went lose. They’re closed down now. It was nice seeing people come out and protest peacefully though. I’m moving soon, and it’s not even just because of that. All of my neighbors are dumb and/or weird, and there’s crime everywhere. Someone stole a dumpster last year... Edit: and I didn’t even tell y’all about the **Killer Clown Incident of 2016!** Picture this: I’m getting out of the house for some fresh air, and I sit on the porch. I was barely out there for 5 minutes, and I look to my left, and, on another street I see this crazy dude on a bicycle with a clown mask, looking around and carrying a knife. I promise you that I’ve never ran and whipped the door open so fast. Scary stuff. And it wasn’t even on Halloween


Who steals a whole dumpster?


I’m still asking myself that question, among others. How did they transport it? How do you steal a dumpster without getting caught? Why not steal something smaller, like a trash can?


Oscar just wanted a bigger house.


I dont know how, that can was a freaking tardis...it had a pool and skating rink


By trailer. Did it late at night. Cause trash cans are for beginners.


I mean if someone is loading up a dumpster most people would just think that guy was loading up his dumpster and move on with their lives and not pay it much attention


Yep, as long as you act like you are supposed to be doing it you can get away with an incredible amount of stuff. I mean, allegedly.


One can also leverage props like; * Clipboards * Hard hats * [Safety vests](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GyvRamX1VyA) * [Ladders](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NiEMcjSQOzg)


Can say, back when i was teenager, I put on dress pants and a nice ish button up shirt grabbed a clip board and went to a tv station downtown....walked right in, walked right onto the set area, stood and watched and then walked around the whole area, no one ever said a word, no one even questioned me. Not sure if i could get away with that now,


Yup. Also, if you ever want to passed security at places easier get yourself a pizza driver uniform. I delivered for years in a downtown city area and the amount of places people just let pizza drivers waltz into or just wave by is crazy.


I apparently need sleep because I read that as “security clearance”.


Yknow, that’s actually a really smart way of looking at a dumb situation. Thanks.


Well it started with my neighbors bathroom trash can - they’re gateway receptacles. Then I nabbed my best friend’s kitchen trash can - beautiful stainless with foot operated lid. Before I knew it I was dumping trash on the street the night before trash pickup just to steal the Rubbermaid 50 gallon cans. It got really bad when I couldn’t walk past a city barrel without stealing it - sometimes in broad daylight. Dumpsters were harder, because I needed to steal a garbage truck, and needed access to a place to store them. I hit rock bottom after stealing a garbage barge 20 miles of the coast...


20 miles is 32.19 km


Like an R2-D2 life-size drink cooler from 7-11, some people steal random things just because they want to.


That’s the funniest thing I’ve heard all week! Thanks, random dumpster dude!


It happens fairly often. Had mine stolen a few years ago in a shitty small town.


If you are paying a private company for garbage pickup they are likely also charging you for dumpster rental.


Is it more feasible to just steal a part of it?


Have you seen the prices of a new dumpster??! Outrageous I say.


I'm with this guy. I don't always aquire dumpsters, but when I do I like to find them especially affordably.


>Someone stole a dumpster last year... Nah, I think one of your neighbors just moved away...


That gave me a really good laugh, thanks


We call these loud mouth wives a “dependapotomus” in the military. They like to wear the husbands rank and yell at people like they have authority. Name her too!


I also like Tricare-atops


It's really sad when a dependapotomus acts out in public especially since her military husband is the one that takes the most (if not all) the punishment just from association. Looks like in this case it's the soldier acting like a Karen dependapotamus.


I feel like there is no escaping the dumb people where I live, because no matter where you go there's even more dumb people, who are worse than the people before them. ​ Somebody set a dumpster on fire outside of my work last year, so I feel you there.


Was that Long Island? I remember something like that happening on Long Island


That's the irony of it all. He's the neighborhood pariah who needs to "get outta their neighborhood" now


If you want some more irony just know that The Summit, which is where this took place, is this sprawling collection of interconnected suburban neighborhoods and it's at *least* 70-75% Black. I guarantee you plenty of the people protesting right now literally walked to the protest from their homes mere blocks away. This dude moved into a majority-Black neighborhood, does nothing but see Black people walking and driving every single day and he's acting like it's the 1950s and this kid used the wrong restroom.


It's South Carolina, you maybe shocked at how ass backwards that state is.


Guy is from Idaho. Even worse.


I have family in Idaho, and I can confirm they take their racism very seriously up there.


Now look who's in the wrong neighborhood!


they shut down access to the neighborhood and evacuated the d-bag and his family last night after the protest got a little wild. someone threw something through his windows and vandalized it, ALLEDGEDLY


The HOA should impose a daily fine until he's able to remove all the racism from the property.


Hopefully the neighbours will tell him this is a safe neighbourhood and he is not welcomed here because he seems "dangerous". Could you imagine?


its highly likely its a military housing community. either way this dude isn't going to just suffer at home with this stuff. Trust me he's in a world of hurt at work too. dudes gonna be regretting his actions for years


Surprised he didn't come outside and ask them to keep walking, I wonder what changed....


To busy looking for a new job! Probably in security!


shit, that's a new sheriffs deputy right there.




Depending on the timing of things he could have already been taken into custody and these people are standing outside of an empty house.


his wife was probably still in there lmao


Oh ya, forgot he got arrested.


Wow! This dude is truly fucked


[Arrested, Feds are also looking into this case.](https://twitter.com/fortjacksoncg/status/1382454819122663429?s=21). Props to the lady who partly filmed the encounter, when she realized the boy was being harassed. Edit: [There is a large group of protesters on this dudes lawn.](https://twitter.com/eaglesfilmstudy/status/1382487746275639299?s=21) [Arrest article](https://www.abccolumbia.com/2021/04/14/live-richland-county-sheriff-leon-lott-updates-the-community-on-incident-in-the-summit-community/) [This is the lady that recorded the video ](https://twitter.com/shadaemccallum/status/1382148349227364352?s=21)


Shout out to that Commanding General who immediately addressed it and took action. That's how it's done!


Pretty sure less than 24 hours at that and anyone who’s been in the military knows that arresting an e-7 that quick means volume. I hope this prick gets everything thrown at him and sets precedent to cesspool of toxic military leadership. Shout out to that base CO!


And he won't be an E7 much longer.


I think he was just a Staff Sgt. I’m sure he will be an E5 shortly, but I doubt we will know. They don’t release details for Art. 15. He needs to find a new job, but at least with this, he won’t be tasked with training new recruits. Good thing his CSM and Commanding General were tagged on Twitter with the video.


Oh he might be E-5, I’ve seen several videos and he only one I saw his tank said E-7 regardless I concur and glad he’s being punished


Honestly I'm hoping that the members of the military, especially in the upper echelons that oppose racism are able to use very public exposure of this incident as a some key ammunition in implementing and acting on policies to help root out more bigotry and other issues in the armed services. Brigadier General Milford Beagle's quick response, as well as the quick response of his staff, show just how *fucking easy* it is to get good PR by simply doing the right thing instead of trying to cover it up. Especially true in light of this particular racist making such a public clusterfuck right after a Caron Nazario exemplified the actual expectations of an officer when being abused and threatened by police officers.


The US military already has numerous equal rights programs, sensitivity training and other outlets. A lot of people do not know that the military was one of the leaders in desegregation and integration. This was done out of need. Try having a US military without women or minorities.....you can't. Unfortunately the military does not attract the best people and this is not discussed enough. A lot of people join because they have few other options. I will get downvoted for this but it is also one of the reasons there are so many homeless vets. Many of these people were not ready for other jobs when they went in, functioned well and even exceptionally in the military but find their skills do not always transfer to the real world. I think it takes years of sensitivity training start helping people understand, not one class or one speech. I feel everyone has biases and it takes lot to acknowledge those in yourself and then to address them. Even if this Sgt. gets off light in military justice his unit will know. This will follow him. He may choose to not reenlist even if he can.


"I'm not Racist...My Commanding General is Black" \- Former Military Jonathan Pentland (probably)


You know you done fucked up when I type "J" into Google and you the second result


I saw that joke.in the original topic as well. I want some of that stolen karma! /S btw


If only the police departments would do what military command is here. Then again you are putting a institution that believes in honor among men vs one that believes in protecting the corruption to keep the status quo going.


Let’s not act like the military still has some pretty big issues, rape and sexual assault constantly swept under the rug.


It has it's own corruption. There is no authority that isn't corrupt on some level.


Hell yeah!!! Beagles getting it done


Probably, but people yelling at him on his front lawn is likely going to be the least of it. If his military career isn't over, it's going to take a severe hit.


> it's going to take a severe hit. His command just announced they will be publicly tweeting any shareable information they can on his case as it gets updated. He is fucked.


And he was arrested


~~I'd only heard he was cited for property damage. I mean that is technically an 'arrest', but I don't think was handcuffed and booked into jail or anything. That'd be great, but I haven't seen that anywhere.~~ Just saw he was charged with assault and battery. Noice.


Right? Ya gotta love how fast this story progressed. The army ain't happy with him either.


Cancel that motherfucker, yo!


For real though. I’m not about cancel culture but mother fucker acted like he has lived there for decades. They moved in less than a year ago in 2020 but the dumb cunts acts like he owns the neighborhood. His neighbors probably hate him On top of that he kept telling the kid to leave then blocking him and telling the kid to get out of his face when he was getting in the kids face. Dude is a class act piece of shit and doesn’t should be let known he is a piece of shit.


I mean, getting arrested for assaulting someone when there is video evidence that you assaulted someone seems fair


He forgot to turn his Drill Sergeant act off. Drill Sergeants are normally nice when you're not being taught by them...but this guy...Holy fuck he is a POS.


If you listen carefully about 75% through the original video the victim days he smells drink. If he had a BAC it works explain the behavior. Doesn't excuse it though.


I'm not for or against cancel culture. I'm for motherfucker who have had it too good for too long getting what's coming to them. It's case by case. I'd be glad to see this mother fucker canceled


This isn’t cancel culture. This is JUSTICE. And rightfully so, BTW.


This is the cancel culture people whine about. People whining about cancel culture are the same people arguing this guy should have gotten away with no consequences


I guess it's a case by case scenario. In this case this man represents the United States army (apologies if it's a different branch but you get the idea). When you stand for something bigger like this you give everyone involved a shitty name. If this dude worked for like Walmart or Subway I doubt the consequences would be as severe but it's 2021 so they have fired him all the same. Bottom line is this dude had like 3 cameras on him and still decided to be a fkn bully. His loss.


You, sir and/or madam, are very cultured.


There is no "cancel culture". There's just consequences. When people find out you're shitty, they sort of don't want much to do with you. And boycotting sponsorships have been around for a century, at least. Shitty people have to give it a label and attach some negativity to the term with the hope of negating consequences for their bullshit. I hope the Army boots him.


> Just saw he was charged with assault and battery. GGs military career.


Here's what the neighborhood looks like now: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/Ey9vyR-WgAUMmCt?format=jpg&name=orig Here's some video: https://mobile.twitter.com/NewsDrewWIS/status/1382464099171307521 Edit: ah shit, someone broke out the windows on his house (pic is a ways down on this thread): https://mobile.twitter.com/SSaJC/status/1382446535229726724


Sucks someone broke his window. Now they just gave the right wing propaganda sphere meat to sink their teeth into


True. It's important to point out, if you watch the videos, almost everyone there is nonviolent. Here's a long video from earlier today that shows the mood of the crowd. The energy is up, but later some guy in yellow pants came in and went nuts. One lone vandal gives the wingnuts all they need to start screaming about riots. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Bh31RO9CCY


I have a theory that there are certain instigators planted by certain other people who want to start a riot. I've thought that for years... way long ago when protesting the war in Iraq circa Bush 2003, there was a couple guys off to the side who were starting to pick fights, pull cable cords from the news vans, break off mirrors of cars, and screaming about "the government doesn't care what we want so we need to show them". Myself and 2 of my friends went to calm down the 2 guys, when we were blocked by 4 HUGE, very fit men getting out of a taxi form a kind of "line" to block us. Not a word was said, however the nuance of the head shaking no, let them be, ect was super sus to me. The 2 friends I was with didn't really notice as much as the march was moving on, but damn was I on the look out after that. Every time a group got physical or violent or destructive it was one or two people riling up the crowd who weren't a part of the original group. Idk; maybe I'm tripping. It would behoove the "powers that be" to have us fighting and un-united. Imagine what the world would be like if we all wanted the same things that benefited all people.


This is very real. They're called *Agent Provocateurs*. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Agent_provocateur Here's a real life examples of a well known one from recent events https://m.startribune.com/police-umbrella-man-was-a-white-supremacist-trying-to-incite-floyd-rioting/571932272/


Some agent provocateurs got caught in a Canadian protest too, they were encouraging the crowd to throw bricks at cops. They were outed by their boots, same kind the cops wear. I’m sure there were some apologies for getting caught but there is proof the cops/intelligence agents themselves use these dirty tricks to influence the public


Who the fuck cares what they say honestly their minds were made up as soon as they came to protest


Not just right wing, it's stupid behavior. The Army was handling swiftly as we're local and federal authorities. The protest and breaking windows is just a bad look. That said he's fucked. Never let your base commanding general know your name, nothing good comes of it haha.


Not cool to be breaking windows...not cool at all.


Agreed. There's always that one asshole.


Let’s hope this doesn’t escalate any further.


Why do I think it won’t. Edit, I’m wrong! [They are apparently on it.](https://twitter.com/fortjacksoncg/status/1382163654561333248?s=21)


And while he's getting reamed during his pre-hearing, he can do nothing but stand at attention and take it.


If this is the new normal, its gonna end badly


Occasionally, the wheels of justice turn swiftly. Happy cake day too!


In this climate, he has to be a real moron to think he was doing nothing wrong. Future police academy cadet.


If he doesn't go to jail, first fucking thing he's doing is police academy


Luckily it looks like the top disqualifier on the police academy background checks is being dishonorably discharged.


I'd ***love*** to be wrong but I highly doubt he gets dishonorably discharged.


When I was in they always let us know - if we got in trouble with the civilian police we were going to get royally punished afterwards by the military. Not getting discharged, but spending potentially the rest of his enlistment term in a military jail or with some absolutely shit duty, plus a reduction in rank and pay, is probably worse for him than if they just throw him out.


considering he was arrested by the feds... chances may be higher


He was arrested by the county sheriff, not the feds.


If he *does* go to jail, he will still likely head to Police Academy. > Sean Sullivan was fired from his police job in Oregon in 2004 for sexual contact with a 10 year old girl; in 2005, Cedar Vale, KS hired him to be their police chief, where he was accused of having sexual contact with another young girl, and eventually convicted of burglary and criminal conspiracy — he's currently doing time in a Washington state prison for meth possession and identity theft. https://boingboing.net/2016/09/12/its-really-easy-for-fired-d.html/amp Sean Sullivan was arrested, tried and convicted for his initial paedo offense. One of his sentences was to never be a cop again. Then he became CHIEF elsewhere.


Racist people truly don’t think they are racist which is what makes them all the more worse than openly racist people. At least they realize it’s racism. Don’t believe me watch as trump supporters spew racist shit to prove they aren’t racist.


The funny Steve Guttenberg police academy's or the shitty 4 5 and 6 with carrot top?


My guess is, it won’t be HIS neighborhood for long.


He'll be in court on the 1 year anniversary of moving in


Too loud


I'm sorry but I've missed this news story and can't find it on any of the main subs, can someone catch me up? Edit: Just watched the video, fuck this dude


https://www.reddit.com/r/PublicFreakout/comments/mqi8b4/not_sure_why_they_thought_filming_this_would_be/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf It’s on this same sub


Oh nice! I literally just watched this video 2 mins ago thinking "_what a cunt, hope justice gets served_"


He’s basically Karen, but bigger and more threatening. I’ve had a lady do this interrogation “what are you doing in your own neighborhood?” thing to me for dressing like a punk. Sure enough some black guy came up laughing because it had just happened to him. I said, “I just like punk rock and he’s just black, it’s not a big deal, lady.” I had to explain to her just how rude it was to interrogate people at their own homes.




The sgt. (white man) who lives in that house was threatening a young black man who was walking past; the sgt. said to him, among other things, “you don’t belong here”, despite it also being his neighbourhood. He was threatening him with violence if he didn’t walk away and interrogated him over his address.


He also shoved the kid on camera, demanded to know his address, and seemingly threatened him with more violence, saying "you want to know what I can do?" His commanding general, a black man, weighed in on the matter and yeah this guy is 100% fucked. Hoping he gets a dishonorable discharge and some jail time for battery.


He's been arrested and charged with assault


The "you don't belong here" statement may have turned it into a hate crime 😎😎😎


~~The sgt also battered the young man by knocking his phone out his hand and was only charged with damaging property.~~ Outdated info, thanks for the update /u/thargoallmysecrets .


The guy living there harassed some young black dude for being in 'his neighborhood'


"The wrong neighborhood" according to tough guy.


He also assaulted him.




I'm surprised this doesn't happen more often with cops. The system is obviously broken.


I didn't hear about this story so I looked it up, only found this link with emotionally manipulative music (hate that shit) but it gives a good recap: https://youtu.be/deLlROkphCw Absolutely horrific footage, however exemplary in its portrayal of power tripping police entitlement. They have absolutely no ability to deescalate, they only ever escalate.


The way he was holding her arm is horrific. It dislocate everyone’s arm/shoulder that way. He was so quick to throw her to the ground. You can tell just from the way she is cloudy that something is off. But I’m glad that female cop can laugh about it. Both of them deserve to be fired.


I'm kind of a nurse . I've worked with incredibly violent patients before . Patients that were 100% going to kill me if they were able to . If at any point I did something to them that resulted in the damage this woman recieved, I would have been fired IMMEDIATELY. I would have also most likely had serious assault charges filed against me and my name and all of my pertinent information would have been entered into a system to prevent me from EVER having a job like that again . When a cop does it? Nothing. At worse he gets a paid vacation. At extreme worse, he has to find another job with another country.


They deserve jail time. Then their department needs some fucking education on mental health, deescalating techniques, recognizing people in distress, etc. Maybe we need to start branding (not tattooing, cattle-fucking-BRANDING) "protect and serve" on these fuckers before they even get to the academy. If they make it through that, then and only then do they get the chance to wear a badge. There used to be honor behind it. It's disgraceful how many pigs there are now. Not just the ones that abuse, but the ones that let it happen. Lawsuits are not getting the job done.


not only do they assault an old woman with dementia, but bark and lash out at a concerned citizen looking out for someone being abused. they’re like wild attack dogs that literally can’t control themselves in any way


Cops can have their home not listed on IDs and License Plates. Makes it harder to find them.


Except the ones who leave a patrol car in their driveway. They're advertising.


They are cops. The military will actually doing something. Those cops will get promoted. Don’t forget a off duty cop shot a mental challenged kid at a Costco like a year ago and got away with it. Even shot the mother of the kid in the leg. Why you might ask? Because the kid was having an episode the parents where handling and he wanted to get involved and strong arm the situation making this way worse. Yeah that guy is still a cop. So good luck with those cops getting any time or losing a job. Fuck the police.


Here's the story: https://www.nbclosangeles.com/investigations/police-video-shows-chaotic-moments-after-man-with-intellectual-disability-killed-in-costco-store-in-corona/2539306/ Cop lied, said he saw a blast and passed out. When he woke up believing he was shot, he thought he saw a weapon so he shot the guy. And his mom....And his dad. As soon as he realized his story wasn't adding up, he decided that he needed a lawyer present before he could talk. The department/union believes he acted out of line. But didn't charge him. Instead, they just fired him. Anyone else would've been arrested and abused on their way to the car.


I'm curious what would happen if I was at walmart and just randomly opened fire on a group of people and then later said I thought I got shot in the head . Oh that's right, theres consequences for my actions, my bad. Have a good day officer.


Only thing we can really hope for is that their neighbours never forget and to never let them live it down. Being universally shunned would be pretty traumatizing I think.


Public shaming has been PROVEN effective at curbing and changing people's actions. I don't know if it actually changes their opinions and ideas though..


I think it just teaches them how to publicly apologize and how to hide it better until someone more powerful opens the door again. Hence why we're still where we are in 2021.


People still think they can get away with anything in an age where everything is filmed and all of our personal information can be found online.








https://mobile.twitter.com/Angry_Staffer/status/1382435481997090816 You might enjoy this follow-up.


Fantastic. What an absolute twat.




Is that for the property damage charge, or did they add anything?


The charges tab are something like this: Name | Charge Description | Original Charge | Disposition Date -------|-----------------------|------------------ | ------------------ Pentland, Jonathan Eugene | 3414-Assault / Assault & Battery 3rd degree | 3414-Assault / Assault & Battery 3rd degree   So they added Assault & Battery to the charges but no property damage. EDIT: charged -> charges




I did enjoy that. Thank you


The maximum penalty is a $500 fine and/or 30 days in county jail.




Another reply shows a post he made on instagram claiming he's being a victim of racism because he's white. How fucking sad do you have to be lol


Make his neighbour’s love him for all the positive attention.


What in the world did this man from this "tight knit community" think was going to happen? Really with all thats going on. Absolutely amazing 👏


He has lived his life with zero problems up to this point. Couple that with thinking he is a big shot for his service. He probably thought he'd get praise for confronting a man he considered "suspicious".


He only lived there for 10 months. You can see him hesitate answering when the younger guy asks him how long he's lived in the neighborhood. He says is none of his business literally seconds after demanding to know where the younger guy lives. Crazy white supremacy.


someone dug it up and he moved in May 2020 lmao




He was right about that neighborhood being a tight knit community. The community came together to demand justice for the young man he attacked.


For starters, he clearly has no idea who lives in his neighborhood.


I love it when public freakout stories get a sequel


What happened? Where can I read about this or is there an original video? Edit: nvm https://www.google.com/amp/s/abcnews.go.com/amp/US/wireStory/army-probing-video-black-man-harassed-soldier-77069063


Good, fuck that racist family.


So happy to see this and to hear he is facing charges. My heart broke for that kid when I saw that this morning.


Honest question. What could this guy and his wife possibly have been thinking? It's clear they felt 100% justified in their behavior, which is just so ass backwards. Is this a result of cognitive dissonance? How did they arrive at this life altering moment so completely unaware of reality? So much so that they captured and posted the evidence themselves convinced they were superheroes or something!!!!


It wasn't recorded by them, but by a passerby who saw and started filming for the kid's protection.


Dude racism is a learned thing. They learned from their parents and so on and so forth. Or if not from parents, from the radically idolism that can be possible in certain military situations. Get into the shit with a group of guys who already have that mentality and they are responsible for your life as well? Damn straight you may take on some of those same beliefs. I'm not saying that the military is racist, its just fucking everywhere..


That’s what I always wonder (although I think a bystander took and posted the video): do these people think they can just get away with this stuff in 2021? Are they that comfortable in their privilege?


Now he knows the consequences to be a fucking racist bully in the social media era. And there's plenty more out there who needs to know.


Bring out the mariachi band!


He gonna have to move now


Funny how proffesional a Lt. that's a minority behaved during the police encounter, imagine how this prick would be treated or how the Sgt might lose his mind and say shit to the cops. I bet you the cops that pulled over the Lt would act like this Sgt was some God. Also glad he's getting what is coming to him.


It's weird that after all these years we still haven't had a dateline style show try to capture that scenario with police. Like why not set up the same scenario the black Lt. was in but make him white and see how the officers behave whilst on camera. I doubt it'll solve anything since the cops would dead ass cry "entrapment" or "wasting police resources" if we tried that.


The actors wouldn't want to risk getting shot. The police would also arrest everyone involved if the production team tried to stop them or explain the situation. Don’t interact with the police any differently than you would interact with the mafia. Both are criminal organizations that operate with reckless disregard for the law.


Good, fuck him.


Off camera the taller guy slapped the poor dudes phone out of his hand and stepped on it, and pushed him several times.


Fuck Yeah


You see he should have just raped a cadet or private on base instead of being a racist at his home. That way he wouldn't have ever gotten in trouble. /s


Make Racists Scared Again


Is this the aftermath of the bald tattoo guy getting in a kids face on the sidewalk? Looks like the same hood.


Why is the word protest in scare quotes?


why is protest is quotes?


Is this the same Sgt who lived in a tightly knit society?


Good. Fuck that guy.


The guy’s house is like 50% car garages.


https://www.wistv.com/2021/04/14/soldier-charged-after-viral-video-surfaces-confrontation-with-black-man-outside-his-sc-home/ Update! He’s been charged


God those houses are so ugly


Right the fuck on


Where was the freakout? The army guy threatening the kid surely was.


I think the OP is cheering the protestors. Still a public display. But a good one.


Good. LOL


“Wha u ganna du? Stay in there everyday?” Ummm yeah, I live here.




Don't get me wrong, I love that this douche is getting what he deserves. But I find it funny how the police have no problem stepping in when it's not one of their own.


That black girl doesn’t want to talk to him


Fuck this guy but not cool to be breaking windows. Not cool at all. There’s always an asshole to give the media their talking points. Dipshit.


What do you mean?


I think he means, "Now the assholes who always say 'mostly peaceful' in quotes when they deride the BLM protests, and who try to pretend all protesters are looters will have something to latch on to to criticize this entire protest as vandalism, when in reality it was almost certainly a very small number of people who got out of line and did something they shouldn't have. As a result, it weakens the moral high ground that these protesters had until one or more of them crossed that line, because now we'll be arguing about whether they were vandals instead of what we should be talking about which is the asshole who lives there."


God that first video mad my blood boil. Dude is fucked now


Good. The law can't remedy this, hopefully public shaming will.