Parents in Maryland protest LGBTQ+ material in schools today



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Whenever people start chanting "Religious Freedom Now!" they really mean they want you to surrender your religious freedom to theirs. True religious freedom means that I can be completely free of ALL religions, and there is nothing they can do about it, and THAT'S what this country is actually founded on.


Having grown up in Maryland, I can say with confidence that books are not the threat. Indeed, half the kids I went to high school with still can’t write a complete sentence. It’s sad.


Speak for yourself. MoCo what up!? #literate


Me fail English? Unpossible!


Somebodies teld me you failures the engrish test tadoy


Be best!


Take my upvote Ralph


Ewww, tastes like burning.


Facts. Silver spring in the house. I know how to red and right.


But driving? Not so much.


I can drive, I cut through the Georgia-Colesville intersection with my eyes closed easy


Rockville represent


Gburg wuddup


Ya seriously. I live in Nova but a bunch of the counties in the DMV area are some of the richest and most educated in the nation. But not sure where this is exactly and to be fair most of Virginia is nothing like Nova. The bottom 2/3rds of the state is a diff world.


The DMV has simultaneously some of the best and the absolute worst schools in the nation.


Silver Spring vs Baltimore city. Or one side of PG County vs another side 😵‍💫


PG County has entered the chat.


Average incomes in PG are on a pretty steep rise. This will result in the public schools receiving increased budgets and hopefully in turn result in higher quality education in the county.


This is in one of the wealthiest counties, Montgomery County. Closest this (literally/physically) to VA we have here.


Howard County is also very wealthy and had a good school system.


I'll believe MoCo residents are literate when they demonstrate the ability to read traffic signs.




Montgomery County definitely has an advantage on PG lol


But can they cross 4 lanes of traffic without turn signals going 20+ over flow of speed on the beltway? Damn right!


What in the Dundalk are you talking about?




Muslim Fundamentalists 🤝 The American Fundamentalist right


Don't worry, as soon as those gays are defeated the American Fundamentalists will go after the Muslim Fundamentalists again.


We gays will never be defeated, sweetheart.




defeated? no. retreated? more likely. I for one, am not a hypocrite. I criticize the U.S. vehemently, but its more trouble than its worth. Caanada 2025 (or Germany, Norway, finland, Iceland)


You call that muslim "fundamentalism" when intolerance toward LGBTQ+ community by muslims is VERY mainstream.


Yea, until 2010's, intolerance toward LGBTQ+ by Christians is VERY mainstream. Still is in MANY states, especially Republican states.


The only thing that can bring nazis, Muslims, Jews, and Christians together.... THE GAYS












They are welcome to pay for their kids to attend a religious school of their choice.


I doubt most of those people have kids in public schools there.


Exactly. Nothing says that they must enroll their kids in public schools. Also, they're not able to point out exactly what "LGBTQ+ material" they're mad about other than vague gesturing in school to be accepting of others that aren't like them.


Nothing screams acceptance quite like fear.


I want to protect the children from religious indoctrination.


Religious folks are always trying to prove they are more religious than the next person or group. You can’t compromise because you might say, “Fine, we’ll remove these books then they will be happy.” They will keep going to prove how holier than thou they are.


Yep, take one step back to accomodate them and they just go ahead and take another step. It never stops.


Religion is the most harmful thing you can expose a child to. Let them decide once they are 18.


By the time they're 18, they would never pick religion. That's the point. They have to be indoctrinated from birth to have a chance for this fairy-tale bullshit to stick to them.


“Please acknowledge respect and protect our religious freedoms” What about the freedom of those who don’t think and believe the same shit as you? religion shittin’ on everyone since the beginning of times


That's what I don't get. "Let parents decide what their kids can and can't see/do/learn about." "Ok." "No no, let me tell you how this will go." They want the government to be hands off...but soooooo want to be hands on and tell you how to take care of your kids.


That’s always been their plan.


Good ol' "Rules for thee but not for me".


Their religions don’t tolerate gay people, and tolerating intolerance is not tolerance.


it should be a parental permission slip, FOR ALL THIS BULLSHIT THEY ARE WHINING ABOUT. if you dont want your kid learning evolution, they go to study hall if you dont want your kid seeing a movie, they skip the movie and go to study hall if you dont want your kid learning "GENDER THEORY", they go to study hall they wont accept that though, because this is about controlling what OTHER KIDS see and learn too.


Even that is a pathetic cop-out. All children are entitled to a robust and comprehensive education.


Yeah, it's not really the school's job to cater to everyone's suspended-reality fairy tales. "Oh, Billy's parents don't believe in gravity? Let's clear a room to shield Billy's ears from physics" If they want to indoctrinate their kids, they can do so in front of the facts, not hidden from them.


The frustrating part is this was already solved. When I was in school one girl in our grade was a jehovas witness. That religion had a bunch of rules. So when something in school clashed with her religion she just stayed home and made up the work. For example she'd stay home on Halloween because they don't celebrate that. She also had a few alternate reading assignments.


Time for The Satanic Temple to join the protestors.


I recently decided to become a Satanist after reading thier 7 tenets Unfortunately there is no congregation in my state


Isn't satanists just athiests with religious rights


The Satanic Temple, yes. But satanist in general can mean a lot of different things, including (but not limited to); sarcastic atheists, fans of old gods that were vilified by newer religious texts, that one group that worships themselves, and the occasional mentally ill Catholic who actually seeks the favor of the biblical devil. And of course it's also used as shorthand for "someone who doesn't subscribe to the same religion as me"




sounds like a job opening to me.


Make one!


If their religion preaches hatred of a specific group just because of who those people are then they can take those freedoms and stick them straight up their asses. Also interesting that some of those people appear to be of a religion that was persecuted not too long ago for things they had no control over and Americans stood up for them and their rights. Now it’s their turn to do the same and they do the complete opposite? What a bunch of horseshit.


Tolerating the intolerant leads to intolerance.


Freedom of religion also means freedom *from* religion. Hence, separation of church and state (even though that’s BS and they get special tax breaks). And hence religion-agnostic education.


Ok fine. Then put your kids in some bullshit private school that conforms to your brainwashing. Public schools serve all members of the public including gay and trans kids and kids that have gay and trans parents. Don’t like it? Go fuck your self.


This is why religion is shit. You know what played a role in every war ever? Gods and religion.


Not all wars. Falklands War (1982) for instance.


Also, 50 years earlier, the Emu war. That was just about humans fighting dinosaurs.


Ngl and It may sound bad. But this has to be my favourite war. The fact that there were that many emus is amazing. That they accomplished victory over the Australian army is the absolute best.


No shit no one knew an emu can take 4-5 303 rounds to the chest and walk it off but we sure as hell do now and next time where nuking them


And war of the worlds, not the boring 1953 one, the cool Tom cruise 2005 stunner.


lol, although we don't really know the motive behind the Martian invasion, they could have been coming here to convert us all to Martionism.


That's a lie. It's usually money and land.


It's funny how wildly incorrect it is to anyone who knows even a wee bit o history, but hundreds of redditors are like "yep this".


I thought the American Civil war was over freedom/slavery….? Vietnam war over politics and South Korean alliances American Revolution and war of 1812 over the oppression from the English… Man have I been misinformed …😏


WW1, WW2, Korean War, Vietnam, Sino-Japanese wars, China-Vietnam, US Revolutionary War, US Civil War, French and Indian War...I don't feel like listing every war in the world that had nothing to do with gods or religion, because there are so many.


Tell me you know nothing about history without telling me you know nothing about history


Oh look. Oppressed minorities want to oppress minorities.


"It's fair when *I* am doing the oppressing!" /s


Whats the point of the /s? Im ex muslim, and yes these fuckers do this all the time. They use the excuse that they are “oppressed” but when you shit on them, dumbasses defend Islam.


As someone who leans liberal what do other liberal people think about welcoming all religions but then realizing that you’re also welcoming their conservative values ?


I don't welcome any religion, and I don't have to. It is their right to honor their religion however they see fit as long as it doesn't infringe on other people's rights. Our government must stay out of their religion, and their religion must stay out of our government. This should be the end of the story for any American. The reason for the separation of church and state isn't because Christians will discriminate against Muslims. It's because ANY religion in a place of power will discriminate. I can't for the life of me, as an outsider, tell the difference between Lutherans and Methodists, but sure as shit, if you put one in charge they'll fuck with the others. Throughout history, it happened over and over again. Two religious sects (or more) band together to fight other religions that are more different, and once that foe is subjugated, the two winners turn on each other. Nobody is ever pure enough for any religion. If the US turns full on christofascist, it's only a matter of time until some denomination turns on the other Christians. It doesn't stop. Religion is rotten to its core. But it's their right.


>Religion is rotten to its core. But it's their right. This singular quote is how I know the world will end one day. We as humans are going to be the end of ourselves, and it's going to be because of religion.


I can assure you, humans will find a way to hate despite religion lul.


Religion might not be the flint, but it sure as fuck is the biggest fire we've ever started. Want to spread hate? Dress it up in religion, watch that shit spread like you just doused it in gasoline.


Put simply, the solution is to make sure religious rights end where personal freedoms begin. You can practice whatever religion you'd like, so long as it doesn't infringe on someone else's rights. If your religion dictates that you should strive to erase a people from existence, your religion has no right to be protected. Practice it if you wish, but be prepared to face consequences for doing so. My right to travel freely doesn't mean I can plow through a crowd of people in a semitruck, and it definitely doesn't mean I will be free from the consequences of doing so.


I don't welcome any religions.


Yup. Like they say to the lgtb collective: "Do those things inside your 4 walls only." All of these religious people pray to an "all loving god", then behave like absolute maggots. The irony.


They are all narrow minded, constraining, and oppressive.


Freedom to practice their own religion. Not freedom to unitarily dictate how the public sphere is handled.


I can accept they may not agree with our lifestyle, but they must accept they live in a society that largely accepts our lifestyle and that we have deemed it important to show children there is nothing wrong with loving who you want to love and being who you want to be.


The biggest question one faces as a liberal is 'should you tolerate the intolerables?'. I prefer not to.


Lol, same people who are demanding tolerance towards them being intolerant to anything they don't like.


Yeah it’s fucking ridiculous. The Muslims in this video, I cannot believe there nerve. They moved to a western country to have the freedoms they have. Christians moving to a Muslim country and demanding things like they do, what happens? They’d be incarcerated or killed.


They are Muslim what do you expect?




In the wake of 9/11/2001, Muslims across the U.S. were the target of countless hate-crimes. Many were racially profiled, illegally detained, and denied civil liberties simply because of who they loved (Mohammed). 20 years later, I’m so glad to see that they learned the right lesson and decided to stop the cycle of hatred.


Don’t hate them. They can love their god. Christians too. But the moment their love influences negativity to women or children, I have a problem. Christians too. Enjoy life but allow others that freedom also. One big blue rock with made up rules and made up gods. Enjoy the big blue rock while we’re here.


Fuck. This. Nonsense Quick question. Are these the same people I have defended for 20+ years since 9/11 and here you are being dicks to the gay community? Oh No Sir. I have no patience for your Muslim community or a Christian “love”. Y’all on your own now. Peace be with you!


We could pray for them!


I definitely don’t hate them. But it’s infuriating to see how often the most disenfranchised groups fall prey to the same bigotry that they themselves were victimized by.


They just want the opportunity to turn the tables, not fix the situation.


Did a drag queen crash a plane to a building or something? What are they protecting the children from? Having they hair in the open? Curious


They’re protecting the children from having a normal healthy lifestyle free from religious trauma and sexual abuse, the way Abraham would’ve wanted. Religions written by pedophiles for pedophiles.


This comment gagged me 😭😭 Absolutely feral , I love it


Back in my day, this comment earned a 2 week suspension from reddit. Glad to see some sense is returning.


Abrahamic religions are just reskinned versions of each other


Worst DLC ever.


They all follow yahweh, who is clearly evil in the Bible.


And probably reskinned versions of previous religions that we know less about. There are at least a ton of very similar things from far earlier religions


western muslims want to be protected and heard meanwhile in islamic countries, anyone who isn't muslims and as a women are targeted for oppression and even killed. source: i was born as an muslim and raised in a islamic country.


Yet despite all that, the amount of man on man/boy buggery is through the roof. Turns out gender segregation doesn't stop sex. Source: I lived in an Arab country


The fact that man/boy is more accepted in some areas than man/man is just incomprehensible to me


Thank you for your honesty at least. I do have to respect a lot of Muslims for outright saying "we don't believe in women's rights and LGBTQ rights, you Americans are the ones who keep saying we do, we don't."




Yeah this is why I get itchy when people say religious freedoms need to be “protected” and given more of a voice in parliament etc. Your beliefs are fine as long as you keep them to yourself and don’t try and impose them on me. It sounds like some of them have immigrant backgrounds, imagine coming to another country for a better life and then actively trying to oppress the people who live there. I fully believe people should be able to practice their religions (in a way that doesn’t hurt or oppress anyone else), however people also have to realise that when you move to a new country (or are even born here) you cannot force everyone else to practice your way of life. Also the irony of people who have actively been oppressed and victimised doing the same thing to others is not lost on me. Intolerance cannot be tolerated, even if it steps on your religion. Your beliefs to not trump my or any one else’s right to exist or do what I want with my body, and I take extreme fucking umbrage to being told otherwise.


I see they have assimilated well into the United States religious rhetoric


What just 1 religion does to the malformed brain. Religion, not even once.


Protect our children from any and all religious influence in public schools.


*Republicans having that awkward realization that they have more in common with radical Islam than they thought.*


This isn’t even radical Islam lol


This isn't even my final form


This is standard islam not radical islam.


Is this seriously "radicalism" to you? I'm assuming you don't come from a military background. _You haven't seen_ **"radical"** Islam...


Uh. He said, "more in common with". Not "exactly the same as".


Calling this radical Islam shows how poor of an understanding you have of the world.


Man its great to see Christians and Muslims, Blacks and Whites and Arabs, all fighting for common cause for once.




the people understand "the queers" the people do not understand the long list of words you wrote before that.


I love how religion shits on gay people and then cries “discrimination” because it’s not popular to be openly bigoted anymore.


Ask them if they support gun control, they'll stop shouting "protect our children" real fast


Holy fuck, go back and throw gays off of building in your own country. Over here we try to love everybody. Religion of hatred leaking out of the desert.




Muslims don’t like gays. That’s pretty well known and has nothing to do with “right wing propaganda”.


Whoa, whoa. Muslims are allowed to say they hate gays, but you aren’t allowed to say muslims are intolerant; didn’t you get the memo?


You can say whatever you want. That’s why we have free speech.


Fuck Doritos, they are the worst ![gif](giphy|1AIhd2nz8temTBXcgK)


I’m more of a sun chips guy myself.


Show me an Islamic country that isn't right-wing, lol. The way you think your bullshit is unique, just shows how you got there in the first place.


Yeah, that was my first thought…not “parents” as in a mix of races, religions, etc but Muslim mms being coordinated by a male. Shocking, /s


Right wing doesn't just mean traditional American conservatism.


They are right wing as fuck, what are you talking?


Right wing propoganda? Most muslims hate gay people. It’s common knowledge.




My rare reminder that Maryland DOES indeed… exist.


We created old bay *drops mic*


Conservative Christians Muslims ![gif](giphy|2HtWpp60NQ9CU) Bonding over their mutual hatred of LGBTQ+ folks




“Religion poisons everything.”


We need to protect our children from religious indoctrination.


Religious fundies don’t follow their own religions properly, or particularly care about those values. It’s all just an excuse to justify an oppressive society and treat other humans like garbage No surprise that they are now joining forces with each other.


The problem is when the majority of that religion become fundies.


It’s weird that these people aren’t protesting the fact that people in the Middle East are being starved to death, being sold off as child brides, or being killed. But the moment a book about gay people shows up, they get pissed off. Also, idiots, what you don’t realize is that you don’t have to read those books, your children can choose to be uneducated in certain topic just like you are in this situation.


I will never understand how these people go home after doing shit like this, look in the mirror, and pretend to not see a clown staring back at them. Right wing ideology is literal brain worms.


I live in a very Muslim country as an atheist expat. It's ridiculous the zero critical thinking skills that are present.


Damn, stay safe my friend.


A big part of it is religious ideology too, this is an interesting crossroad where far right white Americans and extreme Islamists find each other as allies. We've never seen the two join forces before, but their shared hatred of common sense and knowledge has created a temporary soul bond.


I don’t remember drag queens blowing themselves up for their made up deity.


I’m way too high for this.


It's hard to believe this is 2023.


Nice to see republicans alongside the people they hate, uniting for a cause 🤝 fucking idiots


Fuck Islam. All my homies hate Islam.


Absolutely, but only if you’re going to fuck Christianity, Judaism, and Hinduism too. It’s all shit.


Yes. But fuck Islam the most. The greatest cancer on western ideals of freedom and individualism since the Nazis.




That secular lady has to work on her bullhorn skills. Jesus, did no one else on that side have any charisma? That said, it’s nice to see Muslims integrating into American society: by being the same sorts of myopic, dimwitted assholes the Christian right is. Bunch of clowns.


Well let's start by banning books that show heavy violence such as the quoran


In their native countries they would jail, beat and kill gay people. No one should be surprised by this. Islam is not tolerant


And yet they say Islam is “peaceful”. Yes its very peaceful for Muslim men.


Remember when they focused on like teaching your kid maths and stuff


My schools always had social studies and teaching the golden rule.


and now you can move all the way through the entire system without being able to read, but lets turn EVERY class into a kind of social studies class, amirite.


Yeah, now it’s all gay, all the time. No schools teach math.


Gay folks existing sure does bring ALL the fundamentalists out, doesn't it? Rare occasion where they are together.


Religion is the real mind virus.


Home school your kids.


So. Where are the protests for books that talk about rape, polygamy, divorces, adultery, fornication, murder, stealing coveting, that take the Lord's name in vain, that talk about football or any other sport happening on the Sabbath, etc?


What part of Pakistan area was this filmed?


Progressives need to realize that, while being accepting of people's faith is good, 99% of fundamentalist Muslims, Christians, Jews, etc... will not return the acceptance.


All these religious morons really only care to make noise but still go to church or a mosque or temple to have their kids indoctrinated and toched by a religious leader. No protests there. It’s a free for all for the pedos with religion.


And just like that, Conservatives are more aligned with Muslims than with Democrats.


and Democrats held their nose and courted their vote in the last election because its not about morals or principals or even about basic human rights - its about winning. Wait until BOTH groups (Muslims and LGBTQ+) finally realize that they've been manipulated all along by a political party that doesnt give 2 shits about them, but realizes its about to lose its universal strangle hold on black votes and is desperate for a fresh Dependent Class that needs them for literally everything.


Looks like those roided-up guys who are threatened by gays have threatened their women to get out and protest.


I love how little the comments are about religion since they’re not Christians lol


You must be blind then


Reddit malfunctions when it comes to Islam lol.


Funny how they want to be douches against LGBT rights when not that long ago (and some would argue still) nobody gave two fucks about their rights and beliefs.


“Protect our freedom of religion” as far as I know nothing about your religion has been hurt by lgtbq+, and IF even IF it has you’d be implying that many other works of fiction/social media/society have also hurt it, but you won’t see them protesting any of that.




Awww....look at that. I guess extremist Muslims and extremist Christians have a lot in common after all.


Religious people imposing their wants on the masses? What? In this era? In this country? *gasp*